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Ordering lnformation
catalogNo. lESLlghl
(1) Type {2)

uul143 HR 120
100 Waits
uur 153 R 240 ,L-CO
H3B Mercury
uu1103 124.248.240 277 , 480

100 Watts
uut283 Hgh-PressLrre Sodlum
ATF 120 204,244,277.444 t,M-SCO

150 Watts
uu128/ High-Pressure Sodium ATR 12a.20a 24A.2t7.484 t M-SCO
55 Volt Arc
uu1144 HR 120
175 Watts
uu1154 R 240 ll-l -sco
H39 Mercury
UUI I(X CWA 120. 208. 244 . 27 7 . 4BA

uu1268 200 Watts Reg. 120.248.240 277.4BA llr,M sco

Hiqh-Pressure Sodrum
uur 145 HR 120
250 Watls
uu1155 R 240 11 LCO
H37 Mercury
uul r05 CWA 120.204.240 277.4BA
250 Watts 120 208 244 277 480 sco
uu1265 Rell flr-M
Hiqh Pressure Sod um


uu2227 310 Watts Reg 120.208.240 277.484 l M SCO

High-Pressure Sodrum
uu2246 400 Watts
HH 120
uu2256 R 240 -M,SCO
H33 Mercury
uu2206 CWA 120,2A8,240 277.48A
400 Watts IMCO
uu2216 CWA 120 208 244,277 480
uu2266 400 Watts Reg 120,2AB 24A.277 4BO llr-M sco
High-Pressure SodLum


B c
Unidor 250 26ehr 1351.6 10s/r6 ,8
Unidor400 3O3la 15'/r'i 13,r:6 18
'Fffect ve projected area sq ft.

Additional Ordering lnformation

I Lamps not included. Options:
2 HR-High Reactance, R-Reactor CWA Constanty Waltage Pholoconlrol receptacle available on unrts rated through 277
Autotransormer BeO. Reguiator, ATR
All ballasts are high poweriactor
- Autotransformer Feactor
except rnercury hrgh reaclance and
volts Add suffix R to cataloq number. e.q. UU1 103-120,9.
reactor Level indicator Add suftix L to catalog number. e.g.: UU1103'
120R1. -
3 Specify voltage e g.: UUl'103-720
4 Standard socket setting and c/eal /amps. Other patterns ava lable Refractors:
A Acrylic - available on 100 and 1 75 watt mercury and 100 150
walt high pressure sodiurn units. Add lo calalog number e.g.
UU 1 103-120RL acly/lc
B Polycarbonate
- avaie gable
Add to catalog nurnber.
on units rated'1 o0 through 400 watts
r UU 1 1 03- 120RL polycarbanate.

Photometnie Eata
0asr'ed cutres shor !ume0 uliliratioi (ii%)
10 20 30 40 50 60

6.0 Lu,ninair.. . Unidor 250

5.5 Distribution. - . lll,

lvledium, Semicutoff
5.0 of\
5- Lamp 250 Watts, Hrsh
Pressure Sodium
lvounting Height. .. 30feet
z2 .\ 3.00 Overhang...6fet
I 2.55
d3 2.00r

RAl0 0f L0NGrru0rNAt 0NTAilcr T0 M0uNrtc Hfl0r1T

rS0l00Tl]ANDlt 0,aE,ao and Lunen l!r :allon {on taledeit)

r0 20 30 40
z' 50

Lumrnaire... Unidor250
0lstribution. . - ll, Long

Lamp. .l75Waits,
Clear Mercury

Mountlng Height. .. 25 feei

For 100 watt lamp, multiply
9 tootcandles by .52
tor 250 watt lamp, nultip y
foolcandle5 by 1.50

RAT|0 0f t0ttGtTll0tNAL 0tsIANct t0 M0ultlNG ltEtcHr
S0F00TCANDIE Diagnm and lumei Llrr zai 0n 1on palemerll
Dashed cu es sh0r lufren utiliralr0i (in
t0 20 30 40 50 60
: Lumrnaire. . . LJnidor 400

Distrrbution . . lll
Nledi!ftr, Semicuioil
-t Larnp..400\4atis,
High Prcssure Sodium

lvounling Height . . 40 fet

orrerhang.. Sfeet

Rli0 0f r0NGrTlJoitAL 0rsla|c! t0 ltounlrN0 HErGSr

S0f0oTCAlt0Lt 0 agBm ind L!meo UtLlrrali0n ion 0awmeitl

5. Lum naire . . lJnidor 400
4. Distribuiion.. ll, Mediun,
: a,
ei Lamp..400watts,
Clear lMercury

a Mouniing Height. .. 40 feel

EE 't

Sof00TCAl0Lt D agi:m 3id lumeo Ut l,1er,on i0f pavemettl

Note, Spacing curves are terrninated al a po nt resulting n an ltS rc0nmended zvelage i0 mlnimum uniJormit ratl0 ol 3:1 0r belter.
Mccraw-Edrson 4
Unidor versatility is attuned to today's lighting requirements
Unidor 250 easily adapts from 100-, 175- and 250-watt mercury to 100-, 150-,
200- and 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamps. Model 400 adapts from 400-watt
mercury to 310- and 400-watt high-pressure sodium and 400-watt metal-halide
lamps. Original mercury installation keeps your initial street lighting investment
low. Later, if light levels need to be increased, you can easily upgrade Unidor
250 to the 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamp which gives approximately 1y4
times the rated lumen output of a 400-watt mercury, or Unidor 400 to a 400-watt
high-pressure sodium lamp which gives approximately 17a times the rated
lumen output of a 700-watt mercury. To conserve energy, you can convert
Unidor 250 from mercury to 100-, 150- or 200-watt high-pressure sodium with
no loss in lumen output.
. Sturdy, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum construc- . Terminal block*Conven iently located in upper housing.
tion. Pressure pad lerminal accepts aluminum or copper con-
. Exclusive lower power deck-contains ballast, capac- ductors.
itors and complete optical assembly. Simplifies clean- . Socket-is porcelain enclosed. Adjustable for various
ing, replacement, upgrading. Entire lower deck can be light patterns.
quickly removed and replaced. . Filler gasket-Allows air to circulate in the optical
. Universal clamp-fits 1%-inch through 2-inch support assembly and prohibits entrance of external contami-
without requiring adapters or rearrangement of compo- n ants.
nent parts. . Wiring-is h igh-temperature irradiated polyethylene in-
. Channel support guide*Prevents Jalse stops. Exerts sulated, 16 AWG fixture wire.
even pressure over 5 inches ol tenon. Eliminates points oi . Refraclors-are prismatic borosilicate glass and pro-
high stress. duce IES light patterns type ll, lll and ll 4-way with
. lntegral casl hinge-Retaining spring (in upper housing) high-intensity discharge lamps.
prevents accidental disengagement of lower deck. ! Finish-is aluminum thermoset enamel.
. Pholoconlrol receptacle*Photocontrol can be installed,
removed or adjusted without tools. Simply plug in and
rotate to proper position. MEETS ALL EEI-NEMA RE-
QUTREMENTS. AppiiCatinrr:
. Level indicator-insures proper photometric perfor- Unidor luminaires are primarily designed for street lighting,
mance. Signals any variation from level. Can be seen {rom but are also well-suiteb ior such arda lighiing applidationt
50 feet. as parking lots, manufacturing plant a-ccesi and service
. Level adiuslment-Sing le screw adjusls level. Level roads, high-traffic areas, and public or large commercial
pads are molded into upper housing. building surrounds.

Eetachahis Power Feck [i?akes {".!ld!D*fi Easv to t\"4aintain

1. To rplace lamp, flip safeiy latch 2. To inspect ballasi or to replace 3. Open safely latch. Enlire lower
open, lower refractor. To remove re- lower power deck, loosen two cap- deck swings down All components
lractor-raise llft and twist. tive screws. Salely latch holds deck are visible.
in place uniil ready for release.

4, ouick-disconnec! ptug 5, To remove lower cteck, lift and lwisl, this 6. Level indicator lnsu res
rereases enrrre loser dec\' provides unirn- proper lnstallation to pro'
peded access 10 ballast, capacitors, optical duce designed optical peF
assembJy Retaininq spring prevents accrdental formance, Ellminates need to
disengagemenl of deck. ciimb pols to check level.


This specification cove[s lv]cGraw-Ed son Unidor lumina res a manner that il shall allow drculation of air through the
for use with 100, 175, 250 and 400-watt mercury amps, 100, optical assembly and eifectively frlter out external conlarni-
1 50, 200. 250, 310 and 400 watt high-pressure sodium lamps nants
and 400-watt metal halide lamps lt is wrltten so that it can Relractor shall be pr smatic borosii cate glass and shali
be modified to describe a particular unit by lining out those produce asymmetric llght patterns IES Type (ll) (lll) (ll-..,4-
ratings, words or phases which are not applicable way) wiih clear high intensity discharge larnps.
The luminaire shall be McGraw-Ed son Unidor catalog NOTEr Acrylic and polycarbonate refraclors ava lable for
number (specify) and shall include the following features: Unidor 250 l\,4aximum lamp rating for acrylic 175 watts
Upper housing shall be constructed of die-cast aluminum lt Polycarbonate availabie for Unidor 400
shall contain the mounting assembly. input terminal block Lever indicator (where app icable) shai be bullt into ower
and shall be (with) (without) pholoconlrol receptacle. lt deck and shail indicate lhe ar.rount of tilt of the luminaire
shall have cast circular bosses on top to serve as level refer' over range of 0lo 5 degrees n any drrecton. lt shai be
ences visible n daylight to a distance ol50 feel.
Support clamp and channel support guide sha lle capable Ballast shall be
ol securing the luminaire to 17a" through 2" pipe supports
without use of adaplers or rearrangement of mounting Constant-wattage Autotransf ormer mercury lamp ballast
components. Clamping and level adjustflrent hardware shall rated (r 00) (175) (250) (400) warts wirh an imput of (120) (208)
(240) (2 77) (a8o) volts.
be external and shall be stainless steel
Slipfitter bug shield shall be viny foam material and shali High-reactance mercury lamp ballast rated (100) (175)
prevent entrance of nsects and blrds through the sllplitter (250) (400) watis with an imput of 120 vo ts
opening. lt shall have an opening for 1/a" pipe support The Reactor mercury lamp ballast (normal) (hl9h) power faclor
opening shall be slotted to accommodate 2" pipe support raled ('100) (r75) (250) (400) watts with an input of 240
Terminal block for input power cofnection sha I have volls
pressure-pad terminals and shall accepl conductors High-pressure sodium lamp ballast lauiotransformer re-
throug h 6 AWG. acior type rated (1 0O) (150r) watts with an rmpui of (120) (208)
Lower powerdeck shal conlaln compiete ba ast assembly. Q4A) (277) (4BO) valisl lregu ator type rated (200) (250) {310)
optical assembly and qulck disconnect plug for conneclion (400) watts with an i.npur of (120) (208) Q4a) Q77) !48a)
to input terminal biock. lt shall be (with) (wlthout) level indi- voltsl.
cato r Metal-Halide lamp ballast Constant'Wattage Autotrans-
Latch shall be doub e-action type and shall hold lower deck former type rated 400 watts with an np!tol('120) (208) (240)
(277) (480) volts.
and refractor io upper housing io fully closed position lt
shall hold refractor to lower deck when in intermediaie posr- Photocontrolreceptacle (where appllcable) shail lle frict on
tion. lotation lype a owing proper poslonrng ol photocontrol
Reflector shall be constructed from corros on-resistant without the use ol tools and shall meet EEI-NE[,i1A requlre-
sheei aluminum, finished wlth Alzak process. lt shall be ments for 3-ternrinal. polarized. lock-in type receptacles
gasketed io provide a seal between the refractor and re Lumina res shall be connected to provide (specify)-volt
flector operatron ol the photoeiectric control.
Soeket shall be porcelain enclosed and adlustable to prop Finish shal be therrnoset ename
erlv position a (mercury) (hiqh pressure sod urn) (meia r Lamp arc raling of 55 volls
halide) lamp.
Filter qasket shall be positioned around the socket rn such


The productsshownin th scaralog are covred by Halo ot Canada Lighting, lnc. llcGraw.Edison
USA and internal ona patenls ,nrdorand 5l30 Creekbank Road 76Ot Durand AYenue
[lccraw.Ediso. are Jrademarks of coope. Missiisauga, Ontatio L4W 2G2 P.O. Box l2O5
lndlslrres 1nc Copynght 1985 SpecLucalons 416 625 2511 nacine, Wisconsin 53405 wirhour.ol ce A lnghrs Teler( (,5 961244 Halo MSGA
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