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Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Makkah Clock Tower
Date of Application:
October 2011
Area Coated: Exterior & Interior Structural Steel
Market: First Coat: Carbomastic 15
Fireproofing - Commercial Second Coat: Thermo-Lag 3000-P
(International) Third Coat: Carboguard 1340
Fourth Coat: Carbothane 133 HB
Project Description:
The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is the second tallest building and the biggest clock tower
Surface Prep: ever built in the world. It stands at an impressive 1,893 feet (577 m) tall. It is part of the
SSPC-SP 6 (Commercial Blast)
Abaj AlBait project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is comprised of hotels, apartments, offices
and retail stores.
Exterior Weathering - mild - urban or
The complex is located directly in front of the Grand Mosque (Islam's holiest shrine) where
rural exposure
all Muslims must face to pray. The clock tower itself will be used for the call to prayer
within the city of Mecca. The project was designed by SL-Rasch Gmbh with the Saudi
Binladin Group as the general contractor.

The Makkah Clock Tower project was a 50,000 ft (4,500 m) project that required over
10,000 gallons of Thermo-Lag 3000-P. The specification called for a 2 hour UL 1709
hydrocarbon rating for the structural steel beams and column supports. Thermo-Lag
3000-P was able to meet this specification at 310 mils (7.9 mm).

All the steel was primed with Carbomastic 15 and the Thermo-Lag 3000-P was topcoated
with Carboguard 1340 / Carbothane 133 HB for superior weather resistance.
Project Challenge:
This project is a very visible, high profile application. Attaining the highest quality and
aesthetic finish possible was paramount. The specification called for a smooth consistent

Coating Selection Explanation:

Carboline's Thermo-Lag 3000-P was selected based on it's superior thermal efficiency and
it's proven track record of achieving high end aesthetic finishes on a variety of projects.
The low thickness requirements of this material enable it to be quickly applied and finished
to achieve a superior surface appearance in minimal coats and minimal time.

This low thickness requirement translates into tremendous labor savings to install and
overall weight savings to the structure. Thermo-Lag 3000-P had at least a 40% thickness
advantage over closest competitor giving savings in weight and enabling our overall
material cost to be attractive.