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Jurnal Populasi Tujuan Intervensi Metode Hasil

Pengaruh teknik Populasi dalam Teknik hend Teknik hand Design penelitian Tingkat nyeri pasien kanker
relaksasi Hand penelitian ini massage massage lebih ini menggunkan pre payudara sebelum diberikan teknik
Massage terhadap adalah pasien bertujuan untuk ditekankan pada eksperiment one relaksasi hand massage memiliki
nyeri pada pasien kanker payudaya mengurangi masase di group pre-post rata-rata 5.09. setelah diberikan
kanker payudara di yang mengalami ketegangan pengguna tangan design. teknik relaksaasi pasien kanker
yayasan kanker nyeri sebesar 12 meningkatkan dan pergelangan Sampel sebesar 11 payudar megalami penurunan nyeri
Indonesia surabaya orang. relaksasi fisik tangan karena di responden yang denga rata-rata 3.09 sehingga teknik
Sampel sebesar 11 dan psikologi. dua tempat diambil secara relaksasi hand massage dapat
responden yang hand massage tersebut terdapat probability menurunkan nyeri pada pasien
diambil secara dapat membantu titik meridian sampling dengan kanker payudara.
probability kemandirian jantung yang teknik simple
sampling dengan kilen dan melewati random sampling.
teknik simple keluarga dalam dada.terapi hand Analisis statsitik
random sampling mengelola nyeri massage dengan yang digunakan
khususnya bagi dilakukan selama adalah paired-test
pasien yang tidak 5 sampai 10 dengan teknik
ingin mengatasi menit dalam kemaknaan x= 0,05
nyeri dengan sehari selama 6
menggunakan hari berturut-
terapi turut,dan yang
farmakologis terakhir
responden diukur
kembali tingkat
nyerinya pada
hari ke-6 dengan
mengisi kuisioner
yaitu skala
intensitas nyeri
numeric (NRS).

Pengaruh teknik Jumlah Mengetahui diberikan Penelitian ini relaksasi genggan jari dapat
relaksasi gengam populasi pasien pengaruh teknik perlakuan menggunakan mengendalikan dan
jari terhadap laparatomi relaksasi relaksasi metode Quasi- mengembalikan emosi yang akan
penurunan dalam 1 tahun genggam jari genggam jari Experiment dengan membuat tubuh menjadi relaks.
intensitas pada terakhir adalah terhadap selama + 15 rancangan pretest- Perbedaan rata-rata
pasien post operasi berjumlah 168 penurunan menit sehingga posttest with intensitas nyeri pre testpost
laparatomi orang. Sampel intensitas nyeri terdapat control group test pada kelompok
yang akan pada penurunan design. Kelompok eksperimen adalah 1.764
digunakan dalam pasien post intensitas kontrol dan dan perbedaan rata-rata
penelitian ini operasi nyeri. kelompok intensitas nyeri pre testpost
adalah 20% dari laparatomi eksperimen test pada kelompok
jumlah di RS dilakukan kontrol adalah 0.117.
populasiJadi berdasarkan acak
peneliti akan atau random
menggunakan 17
eksperimen dan 17
kelompok kontrol
dalam 3 bulan.
Sampel diambil
kriteria inklusi dan
Effect of hand Study participants Explored and Procedure for A quasi It is reasonable to expect that HM
massage on comfort were from 2 evaluated the use palm side and experimental design can meet comfort needs of nursing
of nursing home nursing homes of touch in the procedure for to measure home residents. Results of this study
residents located in the form of hand dorsal side diffences in show that HM is easily learned,
Midwest.power massage as a comfort and noninvasive, simple to
analyisis for comforting satisfaction administer,and enhances satisfaction
sample size caring between treatment with care. The lack of nursing
determinan intervention for and comparison assistant participation, however,
indicated that 25 resident in long groups of nursing points to the need to promote this
subject in each term care home residents. simple comfort intervention among
group would be frontline workers who are in a
sufficiet position to affect quality of care.
Nursing management and other
administrators may need to make
interventions such as HM a routine
expectation in daily care, there by
enhancing not only resident comfort
but also satisfaction with care in
general. With appropriate support
and motivation to provide quality
care, HM can be a valuable tool to
integrate into usual care routines and
even used with residents by family
members and friends.
The effect of Dilakukan pada 24 To determine the Volunteers Analysis of Conclusion: In patients receiving
effleurage hand pasien yang cemas effectiveness of trained in premassage and chemotherapy, effleurage hand
massage on anxiety akan tindakan effleurage hand effleurage post-treatment data massages performed by trained
and pain in patients kemoterapi massage massage gave 10- was performed volunteers effectively reduced
undergoing performed by minute hand using one-tailed anxiety and pain similar to
chemotherapy trained massages to 24 Wilcoxon signed previously reported results with
volunteers on patients at the rank tes massages administered by massage
reducing anxiety beginning of their therapists. These findings could
and pain in chemotherapy have important future implications,
patients receiving session. Baseline allowing for training of family
treatment at a and post- members and caregivers in the
chemotherapy treatment vital technique of effleurage massage
signs were
completed VAS-
A and VAS-P
scales before
massage and after
the chemotherapy
The Effectiveness A total of 79 The objective is Pain intensity, They will be This study will be one of the first
of Hand Massage patients who are to evaluate the unpleasantness, randomly allocated randomized controlled trials to
on Pain in Critically 18 years or older, effectiveness of anxiety, muscle (1:1:1) to standard examine the effect of hand massage
Ill Patients After able to speak hand massage on tension, and vital care plus either 3 on the pain levels of critically ill
Cardiac Surgery: A French or English the pain intensity signs will be 20-minute hand patients after cardiac surgery and to
Randomized and self-report (primary evaluated before, massages provide empirical evidence for the
Controlled Trial symptoms, have outcome), immediately (experimental), 3 use of massage among this
Protocol. undergone unpleasantness after, and 30 20-minute hand population
elective cardiac and interference, minutes later for holdings (active
surgery, and do muscle tension, each intervention control), or 3 20-
not have a high anxiety, and vital administered minute rest periods
risk of signs of critically within 24 hours (passive control).
postoperative ill patients after postoperatively
complications and cardiac surgery
to hand massage
will be recruited.
Twenty-four Self report Studies of Study descrption This article provides a summary of
The value of
massage theraphy in studies were measure of at combined and findings for findings of peerreviews research on
located in which least one approaches controlled between- massage therapy showing beneficial
Cancer Care
at least one symptom or side (massage group comparisons effect associated with massage in
symptom or side effect was combined with or where no term of easing symptoms and side
effect was administered to acupuncture, controlled result are effects in cancer treatment
assessed by patients before manual lymphatic available, for
patient selt-report and after drainage were within-group
before and after massage. massage (prepost)
massage efeleurage, comparisons
reflexology or
Forty To asses the After being A pilot, quasi- Of the 40 participants, 19 wera men
Hand massage for
chemotheraphy feasibility of approached by a experimental, (mean age, 59.5 years). Significant
cancer patients
introducing hand trained volunteer pretest-posttes improvement after hand massage
massage therapy from a hand study was indicated by VAS scores for
chemotheraphy as
into an outpatient massage team, fatigue, anxiety, muscular
outpatients : a pilot
chemotheraphy patients discomfort,
studyhand massage
unit and tp consbeted to nervousness,stress,happiness,energy,
for chemotherapy
evaluate the receive a 20 relaxation,calmness,and emotional
effect of the minute hand well being (P<.05). pain scores also
therapy on massage before improved,but the difference was not
various symptom chemotheraphy statistically significant (P=.06). all
experienced by that was patients indicated that they would
cancer patiens individualzed recommend hand massege to other
according to patients,and 37 were interested in
patient preference receiving it during their next
and expressed chemotherapy treatment.
Nurse- A pre/ A positive trend was seen in all
Administered Hand postimplementation indicator. Patient who received a
Massage on group hand massage had a statistically
comparison design significant improvement in comfort.
was used. Patients
in both groups
completed self-
reported measure of
stress, comfort,
satisfaction, and