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8104 Dykersburg Road 618-694-6797
Stonefort, IL 62987

Food service focused and innovative professional with extensive experience in the food
service industry, supervising high volume kitchens. Highly motivated and efficient individual
with working knowledge of techniques in supervision and training and proven ability to work
in a fast paced environment. Seeking a management position with Steak N Shake in Marion,

Shawnee Correctional Center (Vienna, IL) 6/2011 to
<Corrections Food Service Supervisor II >
Estimate and coordinate requirement of food supplies
Direct employees and residents in preparation and serving food
Evaluate food quality and acceptability by the food consumer
Make reports of meal served
Maintain records and complete special reports
Inspect kitchen and dining area to ensure good sanitation practices
Maintain perpetual foods inventory
Approve or disapprove of quality and quantity of food and supplies received

Shawnee Correctional Center (Vienna, IL) 1/2007 to

6/2010 <Corrections Food Service Supervisor I >
Instructed and directed residents in the cooking and of serving meals
Instructed, directed and participated in the cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of
kitchen equipment and utensils
Maintained perpetual inventory of food and supplies
Specified quantities of foods to be prepared and served
Inspected food and supplies received; assured their proper storage; checked quality
against grading certificate

Shawnee Correctional Center (Vienna, IL) 10/2001 to

<Correctional Officer >
Stood guard in a tower armed with firearms; patrolled yards, grounds cell house or
corridors, dormitories and work areas; assisted in searching for fugitives, and their
capture and return to the institution
Escorted individuals or groups of residents to work assignments; maintained order
and discipline in workshops during bathing, meals and recreation; required residents
to meet standards; kept perpetual count on residents assigned
Inspected quarters, facilities and work locations for unauthorized objects or materials;
checked on sanitary conditions, fire and safety hazards, such as unsafe tools,
equipment or machinery; reported irregularities
Issued clothes, provisions, tools and other commodities to residents; controls use
and preservation of same
Johnson Drywall (Stonefort, IL) 1/2011 to
<Co-Owner >
Estimate labor cost
Estimate material cost
Provide necessary tools
Application of drywall

C Johnson Drywall INC. (Stonefort, IL) 3/2003 to

<Vice-President >
Estimated labor cost
Estimated material cost
Provided necessary tools
Applied drywall
Ensured adequate manpower
Assisted with timekeeping and payroll

Mid Continent University Associates Applied Science
Missouri Baptist University Bachelors Applied Business, In Progress
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Certified Food Safety Manager
State of Illinois Department of Public Health Certified Food Service Sanitation
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