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Greetings from the 2016

Scottish Rite Workshops!

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ad el ew

In March and April, brethren from all over the Southern Jurisdiction
Br st-s h N

gathered in Houston, Phoenix (shown here), and Charlotte to

be wit

enhance the Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP)


through a series of small-group discussions.


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A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Scottish Rite Watch supports the RiteCare Childhood Language Program.
Ronald A. Seale, 33 ARTICLES
Managing Editor

Photography: Bro. Larry von Weigel, 32

S. Brent Morris, 33, GC

Publications Committee
Gary W. Kuney, 33, Chairman
John L. Farmer, 33
David O. Martinez, 33
Charles I. Ottem, 33
C. James Graham, 33

creative director
Elizabeth A. W. McCarthy

Graphic Designer
Bethany J. Rowe 18
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published bimonthly by the Supreme Council, 33,
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,
Rusty Returns to DC Face-to Face with Commander
Southern Jurisdiction, USA. Matthew T. Szramoski. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Pike Joshua Aaron Poole . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
The views expressed in the Journal (formerly
titled The New Age Magazine, 19031989) do not What Have You Done for Me Ancient Metallurgy & Masonic
necessarily reect those of the Supreme Council Lately? Matthew T. Szramoski . . . . . . . 4 Symbolism David R. Sandy . . . . . . . . 10
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Have I Got An Opportunity
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Assoc., Devon, Penn.
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Bethany J. Rowe

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1year; $105 for 3 years; Single copies$3 each (domestic checks only). SUBMISSIONS & GENERAL INQUIRIES: Scottish Rite Journal, 1733 16th Street, NW,
Washington, DC 200093103; Fax 2024640487; Submitted articles should be 700 to 1,400 words, and whenever possible, relevant
high-resolution images with proper usage permissions and credits should be included. Articles are subject to editing and, if published, become the property of
the Supreme Council,33. No compensation is given for any articles, photographs, or other materials submitted or published.



Have I G
ot an
unity fo
Ronald A. Seale, 33
ver been asked to serve this is unacceptable and needs immediate attention.
on a committee? Maybe at Coming out of this process, your committee was formed. It
the PTA or scouts? If you is called the Valley Membership Achievement Project, com-
are like me, you run for the near- monly known as VMAP. Its task is to improve the member-
est exit and escape the committee ship experience at your Valley level so that each man will get
chair while exclaiming, Whew! the best benefit possible out of his Scottish Rite membership.
That was close! He will find his Valley a welcoming place with activities in
Perhaps youve been on the which he is interested, degree work that is meaningful, and
other end of the stick and found tasks needing his participation. He will always receive a smile,
yourself trying to secure volun- a firm handshake, and a sense of pride in belonging every time
teers for a committee. You know Ronald A. Seale, 33 he enters the door. In essence, its HIS Valley and one that he
how hard that can be. Youve is seeking to share with other qualified men. The idea of quit-
heard the common questions. What do I have to do? How ting never enters his mind.
often do we meet? When is my term over? And the worst, This is the task of VMAP and early reports are very en-
Cant you find someone else? Unfortunately, we know that of- couraging. Our resident statistician and all around good guy,
ten the quickest way to clear a room is to announce that you are Dr. S. Brent Morris, tells me that our membership numbers
looking to find someone to serve on a committee. The common continue to move in the right direction at the end of year
perception is that committees often are a waste of time, meeting 2015. For instance, Brent notes that while membership con-
at inconvenient times and getting very little done. tinues to decline for our Supreme Council (as it does in gen-
Im acutely aware of all of this as I tell you that I have a com- eral for chapter-based organizations), there has been steady
mittee on which I would like you to serve each of you all improvement over the last five years. Our annual increase
of you every member of the Scottish Rite Southern Juris- of new members comes from initiations and reinstatements,
diction reading the Journal. Yep, thats the dealIm looking and this number has held steady at 3% since 2011. Our an-
for you to be on a committee. Now hold on before you run for nual decrease of members comes from demits and non-
the door and rev up the excuses. Hear me out. payment of dues, and this has declined since 2011.
For the longest time the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction
thought that our steady and persistent decline in membership Annual Net Loss = Increase Decrease Deaths
was due to mortality (a nice way to say folks were dying by the
numbers). And to a degree, thats true. But we also found that Alas, we cannot control death, but our annual net loss was
the real killer here (pardon the pun) was not the deaths but 6.6% in 2011 and steadily declined to 4.9% in 2015. Were
the suspensions and demits resulting from men joining and moving in the right direction!
electing not to continue their membership. Any retailer will And your Valley VMAP effort could really use your help.
tell you that the customer bought a years worth of Scot- VMAP assists each Valley by setting self-determined and self-
tish Rite membership by sending in his dues payment. At the imposed goals for improvement. So how can you help? Check
end of the year the customers evaluated their membership, in with your Valley leadership and ask how you might partici-
and some decided their money could better be used elsewhere, pate. I would be surprised to hear that youre turned away.
so they didnt re-up. In 2015 that number was about 6,000 This Committee? Not a waste of time! It has a proven
men, a little over 3.5% of our membership. The leadership emerging record so far and is vital to the success and survival
throughout the Southern Jurisdiction has correctly surmised of Scottish Rite. Please help.



Rusty returns to dc
2016 Celebrating the Craft Co-Host, Rusty Garrett, encourages his fellow brethren across the
Southern Jurisdiction to tune in on May 21, 2016 at 6 pmMidnight ET for a great evening.
Matthew T. Szramoski, 33, Director of Development

usty Garrett, 32 KCCH has when he passed, I vividly remember his Military and Masonic fu-
Photography: Courtesy of KWTX News 10

held the position of chief weather neral at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio.
anchor for KWTX News 10 since Scottish Rite Freemasonry was passed down to his sons, and now to
1989 and heads up Central Texas most me, and I think he would be proud of the heritage he left behind!
advanced forecast center. This hallowed fraternity has become an important part of my life, and
the invitation years ago to serve the Southern Jurisdiction as co-host of
A proud native Texan, Rusty has been
Celebrating The Craft marked a milestone in my Masonic journey.
a student of weather science longer than
The Craft is worthy of celebration! As I stroll the halls at the House
any fellow broadcasters in the Waco area. of the Temple in our Nations Capital each year and marvel at the his-
Bro. Rusty Garrett, 32 His broadcast career began in high school
tory contained there, I realize how fortunate we are to be a part of this
in his hometown of Victoria, Texas, as a radio announcer. Brotherhood. The thousands upon thousands of children whose lives
After a decade working radio stations from Victoria to Corpus are being affected through RiteCare along with the many other charities
Christi, Rusty launched his television career and has since been the OUR generosity makes possible, leaves a true mark on mankind.
head of weather departments in Longview/Tyler, Lufkin/Nacog- My fellow Brethren, it is such an honor and privilege to serve as
doches, and now for almost a quarter centuryCentral Texas! your co-host again this year! That old portrait of Grandpa Gar-
Rustys community involvement has made him one of the rett now hangs in my hallway and serves as a constant reminder
most recognized and popular personalities in the area. He to me, that by active support and participation, each one of us can
has actively served on the board of directors for the United play an important role in changing lives for the better!
Way and the American Red Cross. Please support your local Scottish Rite body, and especially this
years Celebrating The Craft effort on May 21 and make a donation
For over two decades, he has tirelessly spearheaded Project
to help the House of the Temple and the many children with speech
Tornado, a sixteen county school weathersafety program and
disorders through our RiteCare program!
is in constant demand speaking to tens of thousands of chil-
dren throughout school districts around the area.
Each year, he serves as local Chairman for the U.S. Ma-
rine Corps Toys For Tots Christmas campaign.
Rusty is also very active in the Masonic fraternity. He
holds a 32nd degree endowed membership in the Scottish
and York Rites, and in 2007 was installed as District Deputy
Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Texas. He is Past Mas-
ter of Wacos Fidelis Masonic Lodge No. 1127.
His love and commitment to the community and especially
its children are obvious to anyone who watches News 10!
Rusty has been a tremendous help to our annual Cele-
Photography: Bethany J. Rowe

brating the Craft (CTC) webathon where he has served as

co-host for four years. Recently, we asked Rusty to reflect
on the Scottish Rite and why he assists with CTC. Here is
what Rusty said.

While a child at my Grandmothers house, my first exposure

to Scottish Rite Freemasonry was an old portrait which hung in Above: Co-Host, Rusty Garrett, applauds Robin Olivier, Executive
her hallway. It was of my Grandfather, James McFadden Garrett Director of the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center in Richmond,
(18961964). I would stare at it occasionally and wonder about VA, after she shared about her centers extraordinary effort to help
that odd Masonic cap he wore. While I was only nine years old children through the RiteCare program during CTC 2015.



What Have You Done For Me Lately?

How the Scottish Rite Foundation, Southern Jurisdiction, USA
benets local Orient and Valley 501(c)(3)s
Matthew T. Szramoski, 33, Director of Development

b ly already kn
o ba ow
P r t


The Foundation provides
1 start-up funding for new SRCLP
The Supreme Council, facilities and lends support to opera-
33, created the Scottish Rite tions of existing facilities and offers sev-
Foundation, S.J., USA, Inc., (Scot- eral scholarships for higher education for
tish Rite Foundation) to support phil- students seeking a college degree or voca-
anthropic endeavors. Each year, through tional license. Our scholarship programs
the Development Office, the Supreme encourage the pursuit of higher learning
Council seeks donations for the Scottish 2 in all categories, including the study of
Rite Foundations three major programs: speech pathology and education.
RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Lan-
guage Program (SRCLP), scholar- The Foundation is also
ships, and national disaster relief. dedicated to helping victims
of natural disasters such as fires,
floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.
Through the Foundation, the Supreme
Council provides direct relief to disas-
ter victims and works with other
Masonic groups to provide
additional assistance.


Celebrating Ill. John Lunt, 33,
the Craft, our an- President of RiteCare
nual webathon, has of Washington,
distributed more than presenting the check
$233,470 to Orient to Ms. Angelique
501(c)(3) charities. Leone, Executive
Director of RiteCare
of Washington.

Previous Scottish Rite

Has Talent performer,
Frank Raines pays
tribute to Elvis during This month, March 2016,
CTC 2015. Raines we presented a check to the
was one of nineteen Orient of Washington for $279,888
perfromerances from the estate of Robert Bourgaize,
that kept audiences 32 for the purpose of expanding
entertained through RiteCare in Washington State. The
out the evening. Development Office worked with
Brother Bourgaize for several
years to bring this to fruition.
Did you also know the Foundation helps ley charities. In addition, we have more
local Orients and Valleys with their 501(c) than $18,000,000 in planned gifts that
(3) charities? Many of the Charitable Gift will eventually benefit local Scottish Rite
Annuities, trusts, wills, and bequests set up charities. The Development Office re-
by the Supreme Council Development Of- mains committed to educating potential
fice include local Scottish Rite charities as donors about giving opportunities at the
beneficiaries. This work is done at no cost Supreme, Orient, and Valley levels. All of
to the local Orient or Valley. It is a part of our work is donor driven; we follow the
the work done by your Supreme Council lead of the individual giver as to who they
Development Office in support of all Scot- wish to designate as the beneficiary of a
tish Rite philanthropic efforts. For example, gift. Donors are educated about the vari-
our Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) pro- ous programs under the Rite and that the
gram allows a donor to make a gift now and gift can be split among different Scottish
obtain a substantial tax deduction as well as Rite 501(c)(3) charities.
a fixed income for life. The Development The Scottish Rite Foundation, S.J.,
Office prepares proposals for these breth- USA, Inc., is a non-profit Maryland
ren (and their wives) to review. If the donor corporation recognized as a tax-exempt
decides to proceed with creating the CGA public charity under Section 501(c)
we handle all of the paperwork and then (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of
the funds are invested and managed by a 1986, as amended. Its tax identification In 2013, the Scot-
consultant reporting to our Chief Financial number is 526054737. Contributions tish Rite Foundation
Officer. This process saves Orients and Val- to the Scottish Rite Foundation, S.J., sent a check for $771,789 to
leys a significant amount of expense in legal, USA, Inc., are tax-deductible to the the Texas Scottish Rite Hospi-
management, and investment expenses. It extent allowed by the law. If you would tal for Children from a trust set
also ensures we are maintaining our chari- like to make a donation or have any up by the Supreme Council
table giving in a manner that is consistent questions please contact Matthew Sz- from Brother Marshall R.
with federal, state, and local laws. ramoski, 33, Director of Development Smith, Jr.
Since 2012, we have provided almost at or at
$2,000,000 in funds to Orient and Val- 2027773143.



Items and Services Provided to the Scottish Rite

Members, Orients, and Valleys

William G. Sizemore II, 33, Grand Executive Director

rand Commander Ronald A. Seale, 33, recently Unlimited Sentinel Data Base System training and techni-
asked me to prepare a summary of the services the cal help for all Orient and Valley leaders.
Supreme Council provides to members, Orients, and The new and improved Sentinel II Data Base System will
Valleys. As I started working on the list, I surprised myself as to be provided to all Orients and Valleys in 2016 free of charge.
how much is provided. I thought Id share it with you, and see Membership cards for new members, reinstated members,
how many of the services you or your Orient or Valley use. demitting/affiliating members, and new Honour Men.
Comprehensive Annual Membership Reports.
Dues notice mailings (159 Valleys use this service).
Scottish Rite Journal, Scottish Rite Website, Presenting the Scot- Valley Senior Member Exemption Program execution.
tish Rite recruiting booklet (offered at cost), Transactions, new An automated system for SGIGs and Deputies to enter
member patents, Statutes and updates, Supreme Council Honours nominations along with free training and sup-
and Scottish Rite Research Society books (by subscription), port in using the system.
graphics support*, video and photography editing support.* Masonic education (offered at cost) via coordination of
VMAP Program Administrative support to include the Master Craftsman Program and organizational admin-
workbooks, electronic newsletters, correspondence istration/support of the Scottish Rite Research Society.
and documents, plaques, coins, and pins. Archival resources and research assistance*
Management and administration of the WSB Club, the Library resources and research assistance*
Brother-to-Brother Program, 80-Year Old Calls, the Education and consulting assistance in establishing Ori-
Scottish Rite Journal insert program, Scottish Rite Chirp, ent and Valley capital campaigns.
Scottish Rite Facebook accounts, the Tylers Place Pod- Education and assistance in setting up Orient and Val-
cast, the Scottish Rite Member Portal, the Freemason ley trusts and bequests.
Network, and production of various Scottish Rite videos. Management, investment assistance, and oversight of Ori-
New Member Packets with Introducing the Scottish Rite ent and Valley Charitable Gift Annuities.
booklets sent to all new members when they are entered Orient and Valley Planned Gift management via Inten-
into Sentinel. dant of the Building Society.
Management and administrative oversight of Leadership Supreme Council Staff education and assistance with
Workshops, Fellows Conferences, Biennial Session, and Orient and Valley major donors.*
RiteCare Conferences. Help on inquiries for Supreme Council trademark licensing.*
Unlimited Orient and Valley Membership assistance.* Research and advice for Member and Orient/Valley legal
$5000 donation to each RiteCare Center or equivalent questions pertaining to the Scottish Rite.*
every eighteen months.
Supreme Council leader/subject matter expert assistance
and visits to Orients and Valleys.* There are probably a few I missed, but you get the idea. The Su-
The Sentinel Membership Data Base System with all hard- preme Council staff works year-round to support the activities
ware/software upgrades, data storage, and back-ups to and members of the Scottish Rite. Our goal is to maintain the
replace Orient and/or Valley standalone systems (Valleys Scottish Rite as the premier Masonic organization in the USA and
were assessed a one-time charge of $2000 in 2004). to make membership a rich and satisfying experience for all.
*These services are all available upon request.



Help Dress Me Up!
Professional binding is needed for 1,000 items at
P !
the library of the Supreme Council. See how you
can benet from becoming a donor and help
preserve the rich history of your fraternity.

Joan Kleinknecht, Librarian of the Supreme Council

Above is just a small portion of the approximately 1,000 items that With help through the Adopt-A-Book Program the items seen above
still need to be bound and preserved. were able to be professional bound and their history perserved.

he library of the Supreme Our Adopt-A-Book Program lets ery and cataloged, your name as a spon-
Council has extensive binding donors support the binding of various sor will be put into our catalog system
needs for its collection. To pre- materials. You as a sponsor can have a along with the item or items you have
serve these items for the future they must choice on which periodical, proceed- sponsored. The Library has approxi-
be bound. For example, the periodicals ing, or miscellanea you would like to mately 1,000 items that need to be
are usually one years worth of works that get dressed up, or I would be happy to bound, so we welcome donors to bind
are put in order by month or volume and select one or several for you. Perhaps multiple volumes.
then bound together. Once they get back you would like to insure your Orients Please call Joan Kleinknecht at 202-
from the bindery they will be cataloged publications are safely preserved. For 777-3139 (direct) if you are interested
and placed back on the shelves in their one hundred dollars you can help get in helping the Library of the Supreme
specific state or country. The American these periodicals back on the shelves, Council achieve this task or email ques-
periodicals are arranged in the library in and since the House of the Temple tions to
alphabetical order by state and in another Historic Preservation Foundation is Thank you so much for your help in
section of the stacks the foreign periodi- a 501(c)(3) charity, donations are tax preserving the history of Freemasonry
cals from other countries are arranged in deductible. (Please write for details.) and the Scottish Rite. The future gen-
alphabetical order by country. As we get the items back from the bind- eration will be very thankful.



One Amazing

h Pipe Organ at the
h House off the
h Temple
Paul D. Dolinsky, 33 controlled by a series of louvers facing into the room that can
Supreme Council, SJ Grand Organist be opened and closed by the organist through controls on the
console. There are many other features on the organ to assist

ne majestic highlight of the Scottish Rite House the organist in changing sounds and volume that can be oper-
of the Temple is the pipe organ in the Temple Room. ated by the hands or the feet. These include the many buttons
The Schantz Pipe Organ in the Scottish Rite Temple beneath the manuals and toe studs above the pedals which can
is #1747 and was built in 1980. It replaced a Kimball be set to provide the many
Organ built in 1915/1916. The Harp and Chimes were combinations of exquisite and
retained from the Kimball Organ and installed in the majestic sounds this fine or-
new Schantz. gan can produce.
The instrument is a draw knob design with two key-
boards (manuals) and a pedal keyboard with a total of Schantz Organ
1,417 pipes. The lower keyboard is called the Great Manu- Company

Photography: (Pipes & keys) Elizabeth A. W. McCarty; (Organ console) Bro. Arthur W. Pierson, Pierson Photography
al and includes a complete principal chorus, representing In 1873 A. J. Schantz founded
the traditionally-recognized pipe organ sound. This cho- the Schantz Organ Company
rus in annotated with flute and string sounds (stops) as in Orrville, Ohio. It has the
well as a reed stop called the Trompette. The Great Manu- distinction of being the larg-
al is further highlighted by a large mixture of high pitched est and oldest American pipe
pipes that crown the principal chorus, chimes from the organ builder managed by the
original Kimball Organ, and finally, a very powerful Fes- founding family. A. J. Schantz
tival Trumpet which completes the full pipe organ sound. originally built small parlor
The upper or Swell organs more commonly re-
Manual includes solo ferred to as reed organs and
and complimentary he used his musical and cre-
sounds to the Great ative genius to expand into pipe organ construction. The
Manual and is smaller company expanded in the early 20th century to include
in scale. It features his sons, and the quality of their instruments helped them
complete flute and successfully expand in the Ohio region. The third genera-
string choruses as well tion excelled in the skills of their trade and eventually took
as a beautiful solo oboe over management of the company. These family managers
stop. Finally, there is a harp stop from the original Kimball Organ. expanded the company and developed the national reputation
The Pedal Manual includes large principal and flute sounds they have today. The work continues with the fourth generation
as well as a very large Trompette which underpins the full pipe of the Schantz family and includes projects ranging from res-
organ sound. Many stops or sounds that are available on the toration of existing instruments to the construction of entirely
manuals are also available on the pedal. new pipe organs, and in size from modest organs of a few ranks
Except for the Festival Trumpet, all the pipes are located in of pipes, to complex designs for some of the largest churches,
an organ chamber within the dome. Volume is mechanically- cathedrals, and public spaces in the world.



face-to-face with up close & personal

Commander pike Within Pikes death
mask you can see
the bags under his
Albert Pike's appearance eyes, the impression
is well known, but his of his eyebrows and
death mask is an exact his impressive beard,
and even the pores of
repesentation of his face. his face.

masks because they show us how

Joshua A. Poole, Museum Curator a person truly looked at the end of

he death mask of Grand their life. Painters and Sculptors of
Commander Albert Pike is the time tended to idealize people
one of the most popular arti- by sanitizing their natural flaws (like
facts in our museum. In fact, I have Photoshop today), whereas death
seen and talked about this artifact masks truly encapsulate the features
more times than I can count. Most of the persons face for all time.
days, it sits on display in the Albert To create the mask, first a wax or
Pike Room at the House of the Tem- plaster substance is pasted onto the
ple, safely under glass. However, see- persons face. This substance, once
ing it there is very different from actually hardened and removed from the face,
holding the mask and literally coming face-to-face with it. would become the mold, or negative, that the mask would
Pike passed away on April 2, 1891, at the old House of the be made out of. A mixture of plaster would then be poured
Temple located on Third and E streets NW. A big spectacle was into the mold and, after solidifying, would be removed.3
made of Pikes passing all across the Southern Jurisdiction. Lodg- One of the interesting features of these masks is that you can see
es of Sorrow were held throughout the Jurisdiction; he was laid every pore, wrinkle, and feature of the face. For example, on Pikes
in state seven days. After a Kadosh Funeral ceremony was per- death mask you can see the bags under his eyes, the impression of
formed, there was a procession to Oak Hill Cemetery in George- his eyebrows and his impressive beard, and even the pores of his face.
town took place where he was finally interred on April 16, 1891.1 So what can we glean about Pike from his death mask? For
Unfortunately, this remembrance and honoring of Pike actually one, it seems that Pike died peacefully. Pikes facial features
went against his burial wishes. On February 28, 1891, Pike gave the are very serene, and although Pike had been suffering with
direction that no Lodge of Sorrow should take place, and that he several aliments for the last year of his life, it truly appears
should be cremated a day after his death with [his] ashes put he embraced death with open arms and with no regrets.
around the roots of the two acacia trees in front of the home of the And while he did not receive the near anonymous burial he
Supreme Council.2 Why they chose to disregard those wishes is wanted, his face physically reminds us of his most famous
a mystery, but I suspect they were only trying to do their best to quote, What we do for ourselves, dies with us. What we do
honor a great man that they knew was historically important. for others, remains and is immortal.
Popular in the Victorian era, when people seemed almost We could all learn a few things from this mask: live life to the
obsessed with death, death masks and other macabre memo- fullest, embrace mortality, and leave a legacy for posterity. While I
rials like lockets containing hair from a dead loved one where may not be able to accomplish what all Pike did during his lifetime,
commonplace. Though, today we are lucky to have these I know my life will be worthwhile if I live by his mindset.
1. Brown, Walter Lee; A Life of Albert Pike, 467468.
2. Official Bulletin, Vol. X, 423424. There were other directions among the ones listed here.
3. If you would like to learn more about the process of how a death mask is created or some intriguing stories on death masks around the world, check
out the History Channels special entitled Death Masks. The entire episode can be viewed on You Tube by searching History: Death Mask or through this



Ancient Metallurgy
& Masonic Symbolism

be adjusted to achieve desirable results. Hiram. The Phoenician monarch did not
David R. Sandy 32
Ancient craftsman seemed to possess seem particularly pleased with the pay-

ue to my interest in the indus- knowledge in hardening the sharpened ment. Even in Biblical times, doing busi-
trial arts, I have pursued my live- end of a chisel and coating the bronze ness with friends could be problematic!
lihood in manufacturing. While with a corrosion inhibiting patina. While in Egypt, it is probable that not
much of Masonic symbolism is linked The discovery of releasing metals from all Jews were brick-makers. Some likely
to the tools of the builders trade, we are their ores by fire and innovations in the labored casting objects from metal. Evi-
also exposed to other manufacturing arts, art of casting and forging can be biblically dence of this possibility lies in the fabri-
particularly metallurgy and foundry op- traced to the work of Tubal, a descendant cation of the golden calf idol. Mosess
erations. This paper explores the technol- of Cain. Contrary to the popular belief of return from Mt. Sinai was a day later than
ogy and symbolism related to the casting those who get their biblical history and the- expected. In that short delay, Aaron had
of metal during the period when King ology from Hollywood, Tubal-Cain was not already created the idol. When Moses
Solomon built his temple. the nemesis of Noah. By the description in angrily inquired about its origin, Aaron
Consider the Masonic use of the the book of Genesis, he was a metalsmith. explained that it came out of the fire that
words brass and brazen. Brass is an alloy Some scholars believe he was a miner. The way. That statement could indicate that
made from copper and zinc. Bronze is an deeper meaning of his place in Masonic he had specialized knowledge of casting
alloy of copper and tin. The element zinc symbolism has been suggested by Albert metals, skills he learned in Egypt.
was not discovered until the 16th century, Mackey, who tells us that he is a symbol of Wandering in the desert for forty
and although its use in copper alloys pre- worldly possessions. Perhaps he serves as a years was sufficient time for the de-
dates its discovery, there is no archeologi- reminder to all good Masons that the path mise of the original generation who left
cal or historical record of its use until the to being perfected is not by acquiring the Egypt. The nomadic lifestyle of going
Christian era. When producing the King trappings of success, but rather intangibles from battle to battle and eliminating the
James Bible, early translators mistakenly such as the attainment of useful knowledge. indigenous people was not conducive
used brass when bronze was correct. Copper was abundant in the bibli- to training new craftsman. Neither was
Bronze is a very significant material in cal region and tin was not. A consensus it an atmosphere for passing along the
the history of humanity. It was used for among several historians is how tin was tribal or specialized knowledge needed
a myriad of applications such as tools, traded by the Phoenicians who brought to craft works of art. Those who did
armor, decorative items, and weapons. it from Britain. This could indicate that learn to craft from metal probably de-
Copper and tin rarely occur together in the massive debt King Solomon owed to voted their energy to making weapons
deposits of ore, therefore, the production Hiram, the Phoenician King of Tyre, was of war such as swords, armor, and spears.
of bronze required commerce and trade. not only for lumber, labor, and precious Eventually, when King Solomon under-
The general proportion of the compo- jewels, but also for the enormous amount took the building of the temple, craftsmen
nents of bronze is approximately 8590% of tin needed for the bronze ornaments were likely in short supply. This could ex-
copper, and the remainder is tin. By vary- and holy vessels of the temple. This debt plain why he had to turn to his friend Hiram,
ing the amounts of each metal in the was so large that King Solomon repaid it King of Tyre, who sent Hiram Abiff a.k.a.
mixture, the properties of the bronze can by ceding twenty Galilean towns to King Huram-Abi (meaning Huram my father).


Casting the metal objects for the Temple,
from The Building King Solomons Temple, by Bernard P. Thomas.

Photography: Bro. Isidro G. Pentzke, 32.

Hiram Abiff was the son a Tyrian and a sources, raw materials, and labor. The sup- ald named one of the characters Daisy.
woman from the tribe of Naphtali. Naph- ply chain managers of the time would need This choice was no accident. A flower
tali was named for a son of Jacob and oc- to coordinate the flow of copper ore from a daisy has white petals on the outside sur-
cupied the region situated on the eastern large-scale mining operation, procurement rounding a yellow center. White is the
shore of the Sea of Galilee. This put them of tin from suppliers, wood for fuel, and clay color of purity while yellow is the color
in geographic proximity to Tyre, which for the molds. It seems logical to conclude of rot and cowardice. This name indeed
suggests how his mother and father be- that Hiram Abiff was the project manager suited the character because she was not
came acquainted. His deceased father of the vast foundry complex. what she appeared to be on the outside.
was a craftsman in bronze and passed on Consider some interesting fundamen- The same is there for us to find in our
his skills and knowledge to his son. tals of the casting process. Charcoal is used Masonic ritual. We are given clues and
Much attention is given to the columns, to provide the heat required to release met- clear examples of the plurality of symbol-
Jachin and Boaz, yet they are only part of als from ore. Working with clay is difficult. ism. Some things allude to the obvious
the work performed by Hiram Abiff. An It requires dedication to the task and zeal. but have a still further allusion. It is up to
equally large undertaking was casting a Releasing a desirable metal from its ore us to look for them and find the meaning
huge decorated vessel or tank or brazen requires a method of removing the worth- that fits our personal Masonic experience.
sea, which measured approximately 15 less or undesirable material that surrounds Ask and you shall receive, seek and
feet in diameter, 7 feet deep and held it. Interestingly, chalk is used in the smelt- you shall find, knock and it shall be
10,000 gallons. Its walls were 3 inches thick, ing process to alloy or combine with the opened unto you. I wish you success in
and it rested on the back of 12 bronze bulls. worthless gangue and carry it away from your quest.
Casting metal requires clay. Molds the valuable metal. In other words, chalk is
made from clay are fitted around a used to free the metal from the ore.
Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition. London:
core of clay, and decorations are carved Lastly, consider the meaning of the
into this pliable media. Molten metal word obdurate. It means adamant and Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New
is then poured into the molds. Rough stubborn. This is a word intended to York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1925.
castings can be molded using sand, but describe human behavior more so than Holy Bible. KJV.
to create the finest details, clay is the in metallurgy. Are there obdurate met- Layard, Austen Henry. Nineveh and its Re-
better choice for the molds. als in our Lodges, and is there a sym- mains. New York: George P. Putnam, 1849.
Along the Jordan River between Jerusa- bolic lesson meant to teach them to Mackey, Albert G. Encyclopedia of Freemason-
lem and Galilee is a region known as the clay yield to zeal and fervency? ry. Philadelphia: McClure, 1917.
grounds of the Jordan. Within ten miles on Masonic ritual is bursting with symbol- Napier, James. Manufacturing Arts in Ancient
each side of this area are the towns of Suc- ism. While much is obvious, some is quite Times. London: Hamilton, Adams and Co.,
coth and Zarathan, or Zaradatha. The clay subtle. We are taught to memorize the ob- 1874.
that occurs naturally in this region is partic- vious, but that only scratches the surface.
Editors Note: This paper was submitted to
ularly well suited for fine castings such as for Skillful writers embed hidden symbol- the Scottish Rite Journal Essay Contest. Details
jewelry. The operation of a massive foundry ism in their works. In his famous book, of the contest can be found in the March-April
would require a tremendous amount of re- The Great Gatsby, author F. Scott Fitzger- 2016 Journal, p. 16, or at



hidden inside, and in this Q & A, Brad discusses his new books
and how Masonry came to be a part of his work.

Without giving too much away, your new novel The House
of Secrets, details a little about the odd relationship
between Bros. George Washington and Benedict Arnold.
Are there any Masonic morsels hidden in the book?
Of course I hid some Masonic fun in there. The thriller focuses on
the daughter of Jack Nash, the host of Americas favorite conspiracy

Brad Meltzer
TV show, The House of Secrets. So natu-
rally, I based much of it on my own ex-
w/ perience hosting my History Channel
TV show, Decoded. And as anyone who
watches Decoded knows, there are always some winks and nods to
Maynard Edwards, 32 my friends in the Freemasons. As for the plot itself, Hazel has al-
Host of The Tylers Place Podcast ways loved mysteries. But when a terrible car crash kills her father

rad Meltzer is an award-winning New York Times best- and damages her memory, Hazel finds herself in the middle of one.
selling author and TV host who has frequently referenced Suddenly, the FBI is asking questions about her dads connection
Freemasonry in his work. In June he releases a new novel, to a corpse found with an object stuffed into his chest: a priceless
The House of Secrets, and later this year he releases a new childrens book that belonged to Benedict Arnold. As Hazel tries to piece to-
book, I Am George Washington. Both books have Masonic tidbits gether clues from her pastguns she doesnt remember owning,
scars she cant recallthe less she likes the person she seems to
have been. Only by solving the murder can Hazel learn the truth
Brad Meltzer, author of The House of Secrets about her fatherand who she really is.
and I Am George Washington
What can you tell us about that peculiar relationship
between Brother George and Mr. Arnold?
The last moments between Benedict Arnold and George Wash-
ington are among the most heartbreaking in U.S. history. It starts
when Benedict Arnold is revealed as a traitor. Arnold races out
of the house. He leaves his wife and child behind, jumps on his
horse, and rides away, toward the British.
Naturally, when Washington learns
whats happened, hes devastated. They say
its the only time the father of our country
is ever seen crying. But the craziest part is
what happens next: Alexander Hamilton
shows up and delivers a handwritten letter
from Benedict Arnold to George Washing-
ton. In it, Benedict asks his old friend for
three things: 1) To protect Arnolds wife
Peggy, who everyone now wants to hang
too. 2) He tells Washington that all of the
commanders aides are innocent. And
3), in one of the oddest requests a person
Photography: Andy Ryan

could make in such a moment, Benedict

Arnold asks that his clothes and baggage be sent to him.
Think about it. Benedict Arnold has just put a knife in the
back of his best friend, become one of the most hated men since
Judas and his wife is in danger of being murderedand what


does he ask for? He wants his luggage. And for some reason, Abraham Lincoln, I Am Rosa Parks, I Am Albert Einstein, etc. But
Washington obliges. Its a moment no one can explain: Wash- for I Am George Washingtonand we do it in all the bookswe
ington hates this man. He spends the rest of the war hunting dont just show Washington when hes famous and a great leader.
him and calling for his death. And whats in this so-called lug- We also show him as a kid, as someone who was good at math, but
gage? To this day, no one knows the answer. As for my theory, a terrible spelleras someone who was scared and humanas
its in The House of Secrets, of course. someone who was just like us. Thats what kids respond to: To
seeing that these heroes started as regular people. These arent the
Most Americans grow up with a larger than life, almost stories of famous people; theyre stories of what were all capable
mythical image of Washington. In your research for both of on our very best days. When we do that, history comes to life.
your new novel and your new childrens book, I Am George
Washington, how does Washington the man differ from Whose idea was it to have the Square & Compass featured
Washington the myth? on the jacket for I Am George Washington?
The myth is frustrating. There was no cherry tree that was chopped Who do you think? - Years ago, we hid a Masonic mystery and
down. But when it comes to the a treasure in the pages of my
real George Washington, the novel, The Inner Circle. This was
great reward is how human he even more fun.
was. When his father died, they
couldnt afford proper schooling, As an author, what aspect of
so he never went to high school Masonry fascinates you most?
or college. But he was commit- The rich history is fascinating.
ted to learning and building him- The secrets are fascinating. But
self. That was the part I admired. for me, I truly love the idea of
Sometimes the hardest thing in someone trying to build a bet-
life is being the first. He was the ter version of himself. Thats real
first. And even when he couldve magic. Thats a beautiful idea.
had all the powerwhen he
couldve easily been crowned When it comes to Masonry
king of these United Stateshe being used as a storytelling
walked away. He had faith in our element, not many authors go
country and faith in us. Hes my to the trouble of contacting
hero just for that. As a friend told the fraternity to get truthful
2016, used with permission
me, leadership isnt about being information. What made you
George Washington with square and compasses from I Am decide to do that?
in charge; its about taking care of George Washington, by Brad Meltzer.
those in your charge. When I wrote my novel, The
Book of Fate, I ... asked if we could hold our book party at the
Did the idea for the novel come from your research for the House of the Temple. The response was hesitant, so I finally said,
childrens book, or was it the other way around? Why dont you read the book? When they did, they realized I
Id heard the story of Benedict Arnolds final letter to George was one of the few people out there not trying to take an easy
Washington, and I quickly became obsessed with it. I knew I want- crack at the lodge. I offered friendship and that friendship was
ed to build a thriller around the secrets in that letter. But as the re- offered back. Its why we were able to film Decoded there, and why,
search progressed, details for the kids book helped the thriller, and during every book tour, someone comes up and says, Im a Ma-
details for the thriller helped the kids book. Cmon, I had to teach son and I appreciate you taking the time to write the truth about
my sons and daughter about how Washington used invisible ink. us. I pride myself on that.

With the possible exception of Lincoln, there is no American Anything else you want to say to our membership?
with more ink on him than Brother George. What made you Theres only one thing that needs to be said: Thank you. Thank
choose to add to that collection and how does your book you for opening your doors, and for being so kind when I
differ from whats already on the shelf? come calling. It matters more than you know.
I started writing the childrens books because I was tired of my
seeing own kids look at reality TV stars and loudmouthed ath- Brads new novel The House of Secrets is available June 7, 2016,
letes and think that thats a hero. To combat it, we launched a line and his childrens book I Am George Washington will be available
of nonfiction biographies for kids: I Am Amelia Earhart, I Am in September.



Death by Champagne and ChocolateAll for a Good Cause!

T hursday, January 7, 2016, the Wichita State University

Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clin-
ic, a RiteCare Clinic, received a donation of $20,000 from
the Scottish Rite Valley of Wichita.
Wichitas 14th annual RiteCare event on Friday, October 2,
2015, raised funds for the donation. The fundraiser tradition-
ally has included food, champagne, and chocolate. As an addi-
tional piece this year, Wichita Scottish Rite Signature Theatre,
directed by Deb Campbell, presented a dinner mystery the-
atre titled Murder at Venue 332Death by Champagne and
Chocolate. Dinner, a silent raffle, and live auction were inter-
laced with the mystery theatre. More than 200 brothers and
guests guessed Who Done It? by voting for the most sus-
picious character and competing with each other in the live
auction for various items including, airplane rides, Wichita
Symphony tickets, Music Theatre Wichita tickets, and lunch
with WSU Basketball coach Gregg Marshall.
Most memorable were the comments made by the guest Left to right: Mary Beasley, Clinic Director; Julie Scherz,
family. They recounted the excellent care their child receives Department Chair Communication Sciences and Disorders; Ill. R.
from the WSU clinic using RiteCare funding as the Scottish Scott Kailer, 33, Personal Representative, Wichita Scottish Rite;
Rite continues Helping Children Communicate. Brian Ray, Clinical Educator; Sandra Bibb, Dean, College of Health
Professions; and Ill. Jim R. Davenport 33, Executive Secretary,
Submitted by David J. Bernstorf, 33 Wichita Scottish Rite.

A Chain Reaction of Giving

Bro. Donald W Heath, KCCH, Ill. Bro. Larry Newsham, 33, Tacoma Ill. John Lunt, 33, President of RiteCare
Major Donor Officer (West Coast), representative on the RiteCare of Washington, presenting the check
presenting the check to Ill. Bro. Larry Board, presenting the check to Ill. to Ms. Angelique Leone, Executive
Newsham, 33, Tacoma representative John Lunt, 33, President of RiteCare Director of RiteCare of Washington.
of Washington.
Photographs by Bro. Maury Paulson, KCCH.

on the RiteCare Board.

T he Orient of Washington found an unusual way of presenting a check to RiteCare of Washingtona chain of giv-
ing! Bro. Donald W. Heath, KCCH, Major Donor Officer (West Coast) started the chain by presenting the check to Ill.
Bro. Larry Newsham, 33, Tacoma representative on the RiteCare Board. Bro. Larry passed the check to Ill. John Lunt, 33,
President of RiteCare of Washington, and finally Ill. Lunt presented the check to Ms. Angelique Leone, Executive Director of
RiteCare of Washington. The checks path may have been circuitous, but it will provide straight-forward and needed services
to the children of Washington.
Submitted by Ill. Alvin Jorgensen, 33, SGIG in Washington



Las Cruces SR Learning Was Your

Center Dedicates New Classrooms Grandfather a Freemason?
T he Las Cruces, NM, Scottish Rite Masonic Childrens Learn-
ing Center dedicated new classrooms on February 15, 2015.
The classrooms were funded by the Scottish Rite Foundation of
T he New England Historic Genealogical Society
( publishes The Weekly Ge-
nealogist. Their issue for February 3, 2016 (vol. 19, no. 5),
New Mexico, which was instituted by Duane E. Walker, 33, Grand
had an article of interest to the Craft: Researching Free-
Cross, of Albuquerque. The center is the first effort on behalf of
mason Ancestors, by Jeffrey Croteau, Director of Library
Scottish Rite Masons in New Mexico to work with children who and Archives, Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library
have dyslexia language disabilities. Language learning disorders af- (NMJ). Following Jeffs article was a survey about the Ma-
fect 1520% of our young people in New Mexico, and the Scottish sonic ancestors of their readers. A total of 4,190 readers
Rite is making great strides helping these young citizens. answered the survey, and the results were published in the
Submitted by Robert E. Northrup, 33, General Secretary next issue, February 10, 2016 (vol. 19, no. 6). Here are the
results (more than one answer could be selected).
3% I am a Mason.
23% My father is/was a Mason.
34% One or both of my grandfathers were Masons.
26% At least one of my great-grandfathers was a Mason.
29% At least one of my more distant ancestors was a Mason.
23% I dont know if any of my ancestors were Masons.
12% No, none of my ancestors were Masons.
Left to Right: Ralph A. Easley, 33, SR Foundation Board; MW Jeffery
J. Jordan, Jr. 33, Grand Master, NM; Ill. Walker, 33; Ms. Carter; Hat tip to Ill. Frederick M. Dittmar, 33, Norman, OK, for
Shanni Macgee, Teacher, SR MCLC; Wesley D. Thornton, 33, Deputy pointing out this article.
of the Supreme Council in NM; Lana Chambers, Teacher, SR MCLC

Seventh Annual Richmond Scottish Rite Friends Dinner Auction

A lmost two hundred peo-
ple attended a festive, fun
fund raiser at the Hilton Double
Cash asked the older child, what it was like to no longer stutter.
She stated it was like sprouting wings and being able to fly! Her
younger sister jumped and cheered; the audience wiped tears.
Tree, Richmond, VA. Noted in Two of the notable items at the auction were a doll house that
attendance were, Worthy Grand went for $600 and a guitar signed by CW star Brad Paisley, 32.
Matron and Patron-OES, Grand (For information and assistance in conducting a Friends Din-
Master, Deputy Grand Master, ner and Auction at your Valley, contact Bro. Robert Heffelfinger,
Grand Junior Warden, Grand Sec- 32, 202-777-3111,
retary, and Grand Senior Deacon
from the Grand Lodge of Virginia. Submitted by Moring E. Gravitt, 33
The Masonic Home of Virginia Over 150 guests
Senior Administrator managed heard the touching
the video images for the event. testimonial of a
One of the top auction items There were fifty silent auction RiteCare-sponsored
of the evening was a signed items, featuring signed sports family. The testimonial
guitar by Brad Paisley memorabilia, Scottish Rite para- brought tears to
phernalia, sporting items, and jewelry. Four great auctioneers the audiences eyes
as oldest daughter
kept the evening interesting, including Carla Cash and Chip
stated getting over
Jones. Carla, a radio personality and auctioneer, said she will be
her stutter was like
here again next year! Chip, before taking the gavel, gave personal
sprouting wings and
witness to the services Masons have rendered to his son. This re- being able to y!
ally set the tone for an eventful night!
A RiteCare-sponsored family gave a wonderful talk. Carla



Allen Smith, 32, Valley of Atlanta, GAGuitarist/Vocalist

Brent Reichow, KCCH, Valley of Minneapolis, MNVocalist
Cowboys of KintyreBand
Casey Stanislaw, 32, Valley of Waco, TXGuitarist
Bill Herridge, KCCH, Valley of Waco, TXBagpipes
Greg McEwen, 33, Valley of Waco, TXBagpipes
Kermit Brock, 32Bagpipes
Jerry Casey, MMSnare drum
May 21, 2016 Desmond Blair, 32, Valley of Dallas, TXPainter
Edwin Josey, 32, Valley of Nashville, TNGuitarist/Vocalist
We are pleased to announce FellowcraftBand
Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32, Valley of Washington, DC, Drums/Backup Vocals
the 2016 Scottish Rite Has JR MacDonald, MMVocals/Guitar
Talent contest nalists! Brandon WilliamsBass and Backup Vocals
Flavio Apro, 32, Valley of Orange County, CAClassical Guitarist
Frank Raines, KCCH, Valley of Washington, DCElvis Tribute Artist
Greg Sudmeier, 32, Valley of Atlanta, GAOrganist
Jason Charles Miller, 32, Valley of Pasadena, CAVocalist
Joshua Aaron Poole, 32, Valley of Washington, DCJazz Vocalist
Michael Gatti, 32, Valley of Phoenix, AZSwing Dancing
Congratulations, Brethren & friends! Our Oscar M. Paz, 32, Valley of San Juan, PRVocalist/Rapper
sincere thanks to all who participated, and Paul Thompson, KCCH, Valley of Miami, FLMusical Vocalist
please remember to tune in to Celebrating Comedy Duo
the Craft on May 21, 2016, from 6 pmMid- Terrance M. Schaffer, 32, Valley of Minneapolis, MN
night ET at! Lee E. Kielblock, KCCH, Valley of Minneapolis, MN

Tercentenary Conference Celebrating 300 Years of Freemasonry

J une 2017 is an important landmark in the history of Freemason-

ry as it marks the three hundredth anniversary of the first meet-
ing of the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster; the first grand
Dr James Daniel, Dr Brent Morris, and Professor Andrew
Prescott, over forty speakers from all over the world will be
delivering papers on aspects of the history and development of
lodge in the world. To celebrate this momentous occasion the Freemasonry in general, and on Grand Lodge in particular, over
members of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 are hosting the three centuries since its foundation. The diverse topics in-
a Conference at Queens College, Cambridge, from Friday, clude: Illustrations of Masonry; Freemasonry in the colo-
9 September 2016 to Sunday 11 September 2016. nies; other degrees in Freemasonry; Dukes and Kings;
The lodge was founded by brethren who were clubs, constitutions, and rituals; Freemasonry in
intent on using an evidence-based approach Asia, China, India, Italy, Russia, South Africa,
to the study of Masonic history and research Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey.
into Freemasonry. This innovative approach A meeting of Quatuor Coronati Lodge will take place
was intended to replace the imaginative writings in Cambridge on the morning of Friday 9 September, and at
of earlier authors on the history of Freemasonry. This which Dr Ric Berman will deliver the 2016 Prestonian Lecture.
new style and approach was later to be referred to as the The conference is being held in September 2016 so as to
authentic school of Masonic research. enable a collection of the delivered papers to be published later
Delegates to the conference have the option of attending ei- this year. The details of this volume will be announced shortly,
ther on a fully-residential basis at Queens College or on a non- and it will form an integral part of the forthcoming Tercente-
residential basis. Full details are available on the conference book- nary celebrations. The Tercentenary Conference Secretary,
ing website: Richard Gan, will be pleased to deal with any general queries
In addition to the four eminent Keynote speakers, John Hamill, regarding the conference:


Notes from

A Publication of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

The Van Gorden-Williams Library &
Archives, located in Lexington, MA, recently acquired
a 187-year-old document that is of great historical
significance to the history of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
This patent, dated July 5, 1828, admitted Ill. Giles
Fonda Yates, 33, as an Active Member of the Supreme
Council, NMJ.
When Yates joined the NMJs Supreme Council
in 1828, he was only its 12th member since its STAN SAVES
founding in 1813. In addition to documenting Yatess
acceptance, the patent contains a large annotation on
the bottom right corner of the back of the certificate,
A bit of sadness hit the comic shop Jay and
Silent Bobs Secret Stash when Bro. Andrew
Christopher, 32, stopped in to tell the employees
dated June 16, 1844. It declares Yatess appointment that hes lost his passion for comics and was ending
as the Lieutenant Grand Commander, an office that his comic book collecting days. Andrews decision
he would hold until he was elected Sovereign Grand was put to the ultimate test when Stan Lee decided to
Commander in 1851. try and changehis mind.Mr. Lee, as you may know,
The engraved masthead features emblems typical of is the co-creator of such iconic characters as Spider
Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor,
early Scottish Rite certificates. An image of the Camp
the X-Men and many others.
(curiously rotated 90 to the left) is the most prominent
Bro. Christopher, from the Valley of Central Jersey
and current Junior Deacon of Ocean Lodge No. 89
Bro. Yates was born in Schenectady, NY, in 1798, in Spring Lake Heights, NJ, met Stan at the shop and
and lived most of his life there. He attended Union the two had some sincere discussion about Andrews
College and later became a lawyer, and also was editor decision to close his pull box and stop collecting
of the Democrat and Reflector. A Scottish Rite Mason comic books." The conversation was filmed and aired
from 1825 until his death, Yates was one of the most on a show called Comic Book Men. Stan is seen
important and influential Scottish Rite Masons during giving Bro. Andrew a solid and honest speech about
the NMJs formative years. what comics mean to him as a creator and what they
When Yates was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector mean to many collectors.
General it was done by a representative of the Southern In the final scene our Masonic Brother shushed
Jurisdictions Supreme Council. Until 1827, the Supreme Stan and told him You had me at Captain America.
Councils of the Southern and Northern Masonic Im back. The show aired on Feb. 14 on AMC
Network and can be seen at
Jurisdictions did not have formal boundaries. Following
an agreement on borders the Scottish Rite bodies in
Albany, where Yates was a member, were directed to
transfer allegiance to the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.



Rubbed Roast Chicken
with Mango Rice & a Raspberry Mint Julep
In a small saut pan add the
Larry von Weigel, 32
coriander seeds, cumin, cardamom, and

C hicken is a staple of Scottish Rite dinners, though its too often fried
chicken from a fast-food restaurant. This chicken smells heavenly when it
comes hot from the oven with its spice dry rubits nothing like a bucket
of fried chicken! The mango rice is a nice accompaniment, and the mint julep is
refreshing whether made with bourbon or club soda.
peppercorns, and lightly toast until very
fragrant. Immediately remove from
pan and let cool in small bowl for a few
minutes. Add to spice grinder and grind
into ne powder.
Add all ingredients in a bowl
1 and mix well.
In a one-pound zip lock bag
add a few pieces of chicken
and enough dry mix to coat
liberally. Seal bag with dry rub
and chicken and shake well.
(For sanitation purposes make
sure to add spice mix to the
bag using a large spoon so that
yyou dont cross contaminate
the spice rub mix). Repeat
until all pieces of chicken
are coated. Spread chicken
evenly on an aluminum-foil-
lined baking sheet, place in
center of oven, and bake for
approximately 2530 minutes
Is your Valley or lodge going to try this recipe? or until thermometer reads
Take a photo and tell us about it: journal@ 165F
1 and all juices from or @TheScottishRite on Twitter. thickest pieces run clear.
Store unused dry rub in an
airtight container.
1 Dry Rub
b ffor Chicken
h k 3 tsp. dry mustard
Serves 30 (2-piece portion) 10 tsp. garlic powder
3 cup light brown sugar 4 tsp. smoked paprika 2 Mango Rice
6 tsp. freshly ground allspice 4 tsp. freshly ground cumin Serves 30
7 tsp. freshly ground cardamom 2 tsp. cayenne pepper 12 Tbsp. olive oil
6 tsp. freshly ground coriander seeds 1 tsp. red pepper ake 24 Tbsp. shallot, nely chopped
9 Tbsp. Kosher salt 60 total pieces of chicken, drumsticks 18 cloves garlic, minced
7 Tbsp. freshly cracked pepper and thighs 6 tsp. fresh thyme, nely chopped
3 tsp. onion powder 6 qt. chicken stock (32 oz. container)
3 tsp. ground ginger Preheat oven to 400F. 12 cups parboiled long grain rice


12 cups fresh tomatoes, medium
dice (can substitute 1 14 oz. canned 2
tomatoes, drained)
15 tsp. kosher salt (if using canned
tomatoes use 1 tsp. salt)
3 tsp. ground allspice
3 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. ground cinnamon

(Add the following ingredients to

nished cooked rice)
18 Tbsp. fresh cilantro, nely
3 tsp. grated lime zest
15 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
6 cup diced mango

Over medium heat in a heavy

bottomed 20 qt. pot add the olive oil and
when hot saut shallots until translucent.
Add garlic and stir until fragrant but
not browned. Add the chicken stock,
rice, fresh thyme, diced tomatoes, salt,
allspice, cumin, and cinnamon. Leave pot
uncovered and bring to a boil, reduce
heat to simmer, and cook covered for
20 minutes or until liquid has cooked
off. Remove from heat and let sit 10
minutes covered. Stir in lime zest and
juice, mango, and cilantro. Taste and

All Photography: Bro. Larry von Weigel, 32

season with salt and pepper and serve
NOTE: To make Beans and Rice, add 6 15-oz.
cans red kidney beans, drained and rinsed.

3 Raspberry Mint Julep

Makes 4 cocktails 3 4
6 oz bourbon whiskey or club soda
48 fresh mint leaves, chiffonade
3 oz. Raspberry Shrub 4 R
b SShrub
h b ffor two d
days. Strain
S i through
h h a wire
i mesh h
pressing to get all the precious juice. With
Place glasses in the freezer to chill so Yields 1 cup (8 oz.) a clean spatula scrape the bottom of the
the drink is perfectly frosty. Combine 1 lb. fresh raspberries mesh strainer to release the liquid that is
the mint, whiskey (or club soda) and cup granulated sugar clinging. Discard seeds and place liquid
raspberry shrub in shaker and stir for a few 1 Tbsp.+ 2 tsp. Bragg organic in an airtight container with vinegar and
seconds. Fill the mixing shaker with ice unltered apple cider vinegar refrigerate for up to a month.
cubes and shake vigorously for 8 seconds.
Strain over chilled serving glasses that are Place raspberries and sugar in a sealable Bro. Larry von Weigel, 32, is Junior Warden at
Federal Lodge No. 1 in Washington, DC. He works
lled with crushed ice and garnish with plastic or glass container. Smash berries as Assistant General Manager of the Occidental
fresh raspberries and sprig of mint. Repeat with potato masher to break skins. Cover Grill and also designs, photographs, and creates
steps as often as necessary. with a lid and let macerate refrigerated recipes for his food blog



Achieving the Highest Levels

Reections on the 20th Degree
Editors Note: This article was written by
Bro. Dan Rivers, KCCH, as part of the Master Dan Rivers, KCCH

Craftsman Program: Scottish Rite History and
Ritual. It answers to question: How have you he 20, Master of the Symbolic preservation and protection of man and
prepared yourself to be one of the few who Lodge, reminds us that the major- society which occurs in three areas; manual
accomplishes real purpose ity of mankind lives a life of labor and labor, labor in arms, and intellectual labor.
in life? For more information discouragement, but the true Master is to This takes planning and focus, rather than
about the Master Craftsmen ensure his life has impact and importance, leaving the outcome to chance.
Program, visit https:// and that he accomplishes works of benevo- In Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, we
lence that lift humanity whenever possible. are shown that all people share a tiered
His work or labor should be focused on the structure of needs which must to be ful-
filled from the bottom sequentially work-
ing our way to the top. Many factors cause
Original oil painting by Bro. Robert H. White, people to work through the first three tiers
32, of the 20th Degree, Master of the Symbolic
and then become stuck there. The current
Lodge, from the Hall of Honor at the House of
economy, job market and often failing
Temple in Washington, DC
family structure being chief among these.
When we are caught up in the struggle to
maintain a job, pay our bills and maintain a
stable marriage and family structure we do
not have the energy and free time to con-
centrate on higher pursuits. This situation is
exacerbated by the fact that we live in a time
when instant gratification is expected and
very little planning for the future is consid-
ered. In order to achieve the goals and les-
sons of the 20 we have to achieve the 4th
and 5th levels of needs. We must have con-
fidence and respect outlined in the 4th level,
and morality, problem solving, and lack of
prejudice outlined in the 5th level.
I have been fortunate to have been
placed in environments conducive to
attaining these higher levels and achiev-
ing the lessons of the 20. I was brought
up in a household where we were taught
that everyone had to work hard and earn
their own way. Following this lesson I
started work at 16-years-old in a restau-
rant scrubbing pots and mopping floors.
The fact that I had a job allowed me to
buy things I wanted in life, such as a car,
that expanded my social network and
gave me the freedom to come and go as


LEVEL 5: Self-Actualizationmorality,
Self-Actualizationmo creativity, spontaneity, problem solving,

Maslows lack
lack of
of prejudice,
judi ce, and
dice and aacceptance
which is externally focused.
ncee ooff facts. This level is a higher order of function

H ierarchy
LEVEL 4: Esteemself-est
Esteemself-esteem, condence, achievement, respect of
off N
eeds others,
hers, aand
oth d respect bbyy oothers.
nd h This focus is on a higher order of thinking
but strictly internal.

LEVEL 3: Love/Belongingfriendship,
Love/Be family, intimacy, or an
expanding off soci
social connections and development of an outer
circle off people to include in our lives.

LEVE L22: Safetysecurity of body, employment,
resources, morality, health, family, and property.

LEVEL 1: Physiologicalbreathing, food,

w sleep, the most basic functions of
human life.

I saw fit. These were early examples of people to improve their lot in life, playing of the military organizations I came across
confidence, achievement, and problem soccer with some kids who have no father met in bars and told old war stories. Many
solving. This work was predominantly figure in their lives or sharing a meal with of the religious organizations harbored
manual labor and taught me that there a group that cannot provide for all of their deep seated prejudice against all other
is an honor and respectability to hard, members. This work never failed to leave denominations. Masonry was a golden
manual labor that brings people closer me feeling a great sense of gratitude for ray of sunshine in the darkness and I truly
together, and it makes you feel you have the opportunity to help someone else find realized my entire life was spent seeking
earned your place in the world. enjoyment in life, no matter how brief. more light. It is through teaching, men-
Later I joined the military and was
taught self-discipline, determination, To meet the 20th Degrees goals, one must satisfy the 4th & 5th
planning, and a sense of social responsibil- levels of Maslows Hierarchy: self-esteem & self-actualization.
ity. I had exceptional mentors who taught
me not only to give back to my immediate In my current job, I am viewed as a toring, and contributing to those in need
social environment, but also to look out- resident expert in my field and I take great that Masonry helps us rise to the highest
side that box to the greater global environ- pride and joy in paying forward, through levels of Maslows hierarchy and fulfill our
ment. Often we worked to build or restore mentoring, the same opportunities and duties as Masons. It allows us to practice
orphanages, homes for un-wed mothers experiences I was provided. I work with every type of labor and to learn new skills.
and other deserving groups which needed individuals who are trying to improve their To reap these benefits, it is still up to each
help. Seeing the appreciative faces of the performance in their jobs to provide a bet- of us as individuals to embrace the oppor-
people we had helped was a tremendous ter life for their families. This is intellectual tunity and take an active role in Masonry.
lesson in giving. The time spent in manual labor and provides a heightened sense of We must be self-actuated and focused on
labor working with our hands cost us very caring within my organization. It takes a the goals of Masonry.
little, and the fact that this was being done lot of work to be a good mentor and I con-
by our military taught the people of for- stantly study to ensure I am delivering to Bro. Dan Rivers, KCCH is a member of the
eign nations that we were caring people the needs of the people I am working with. Valley of Denver, Orient of Colorado, where he
hoping to improve their world. This is a big part of what drew me to is the chairman of their ambassadors program
and is currently the senior warden of the Rocky
Labor in arms is sometimes standing Masonry. When I left the service I was
Mountain Chapter of Rose Croix. He is a Past
resolute at the gate, border or perimeter searching for an organization that gave Master of South Denver Lodge, No. 93, a mem-
ready to sacrifice your life defending de- back to the community and taught morals, ber of Denver-Fitzsimmons Chapter No. 37 of
mocracy, and it is sometimes working with good judgement, and responsibility. Most the National Sojourners.


A MissingT^riar?

Michael A. Halleran, 32 is therefore not These minutes record difficulties in

possible to sub- opening or closing the lodge, in properly
Editors Note: This paper was presented to the stantiate his membership despite official paying bills, and in controlling debate
Society of Blue Friars by Bro. Halleran upon correspondence, or which more below. during meetings. On one occasion he re-
his proclamation as the 105th Blue Friar on Variously known as a writer, racon- fused to admit the District Deputy for in-

February 12, 2016.
teur, and bon vivant, Bro. Brother was spection until, as the secretary recorded,
ith my election into a gentleman of means and heir to the the WM returned from being violently ill
your august body, I have Brother Pneumatic Cylinder fortune. A in the washroom.
become one of a select few detailed study of Bro. Brothers Masonic Noted for a lack of physical coordination,
Kansans to affiliate with this Consistory career, made possible not only through a horrible memory, and a minuscule atten-
and for that honor I am both humbled his published memoirs, but also with tion span, the minutes record in several
and gratified. All of you have contributed the aid of his diaries reveal a man of places the odd entry: Following debate, Sr.
so much to the cause of Masonic letters many parts. Deacon summoned to wake the WM.
Gentle, good-humored, By years end, the secretarys penman-
The minutes record in several places the and perhaps overly indul- ship, crisp and sharp at the outset, had
odd entry: Following debate, Sr. Deacon gent of good food and better deteriorated into almost meaningless
summoned to wake the WM. drink, he was, truth be told, scribblings, prompting concern (even at
an indifferent Masonic stu- this writing) for the mans health.
that any efforts on my part must inevita- dent. Raised a Master Mason in 1893, he Bearing out these accounts is a short
bly be overshadowed. served as master of Alapa Lodge No. 63 in statement in the lodge history about Bro.
And in regard to those Kansans who Kansas City in 1911. A study of the lodge Brothers year in the East. Published in
have come before me, it is only with great minutes for that year disclose that while 1971 the lodge historian claimed some-
humility that I may accept being noted Bro. Brother was certainly no great hand what charitably that although the lodge
among them. at Masonic history or ritual, his skills as burned down in 1877 and again in 1964,
Insofar as Kansas Blue Friars are con- a lodge g administrator
inistrator were a survey of the brethren aand ndd
cerned, by far the best-known is the great eat even worse. all living past masters
Forrest D. Haggard, past grand master er of the lodge
of the Grand Lodge of Kansas who as-
sumed the blue mantle in 1978. He is
principally remembered as the author of
the perennial classic The Clergy and thee
Craft (1970). Bro. Haggard served in thee
Grand East in Kansas in 197475, was
president of the Scottish Rite Research
Society, and was honored by the Scottish
Rite with the Grand Cross. Bro. Haggard
died in 2007, and at his death a great Ma-
sonic light was extinguished.
There remains only one other likely
Kansas Blue Friar, the formidable Hi-
ram H. Brother, past grand master of the
Grand Lodge of Kansas.
I use the word likely here because the
records of this society are incomplete. It


Illustrations by Ted Bastien, 32, Ontario, Canada

has disclosed that no Masonic year was gether with an Account of the Natural Flora The only known surviving copy of They
more eventful. and Fauna of the Island of Cuba (1900), Didnt Do it That Way is to be found at the
Owing to his private fortune, Bro. and a short pamphlet The Wine of Joy Grand Lodge of Kansas Library and Mu-
Brother traveled extensively in Masonic and the Porter of RefreshmentThe Case seum in Topeka. A standard-sized, leather-
circles both in North America and in many Against the Volstead Act (1919). bound volume, it is in pristine condition.
foreign jurisdictions where presumably Regrettably Under the Spanish Guns Indeed it appears, as so many past grand
his good nature, and to some extent his is not only long out of print, but also ex- master memoirs do, to have never even
unquenchable thirst for the local vintages, tinct in the biblio-technical sense, no cop- been opened, and indeed I may confidently
earned him many honors. He was envoy ies having survived into the twenty-first state that I believe that I was the first to do so.
plenipotentiary to the Grand Lodge of the century. Sadly, too, it is only mentioned in On examining the book, it appeared
Republic of Peru at Lima, the honorary one literary publication, the spring 1903 that through a printers error, it was com-
grand orator to Grande Loja Manica do issue of Earles Review of Popular Literature, piled in reverse so that the last chapter
Estado de Mato Grosso and the honorary which described the author as dauntless appeared foremost, an unfortunate error.
Grand Toastmaster to the Grand Lodge of in abandoning traditional notions of nar- Negotiating the confusing arrangement,
Denmark to name just a few. rative form and declared that the book the work is a thorough and comprehensive
Beyond his Masonic accomplish- was mildly deplorable and instantly for- tour de force of Masonry with reflections
ments, he served with Roosevelts First gettable, yet not without its uses ... provid- on best practices that are characteristic of
U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, the Rough Rid- ing an interesting diversion for the infirm, the author. Among the chapter offerings:
ers, participating in the Cuban campaign the homebound, or the henpecked. Proficiencies, Sober or Otherwise
where he was wounded in action at the Be that as it may, Brothers greatest Through Hades with the
Battle of Las Gusimas, and was subse- literary contribution in terms of fraternal Harridans, or How I Survived an
quently mentioned in dispatches. culture is undoubtedly They Didnt Do it Eastern Star Installation,
He was the author of two non-Mason- That Way When I Was Master, a rambling, Unspotted By The World: How
ic titles: Under the Spanish Guns, or The two hundred page memoir that was pri- to Repair an Apron Negligently Set
Intrepidity of the American Volunteers To- vately published in 1922. Alight. f


From the chapter on ritualistic proce- of reviews in the Masonic press, most of As is sometimes the problem with his-
dure entitled On Avoiding a Police In- them blandly complimentary, suggest- torical research, from here, however the
quest, the author described certain dis- ing only the barest familiarity on the part trail turns cold. There is no record of Bro.
reputable practices of Masonic ceremony. of the reviewer. Presumably because of Brothers travel to Washington, and just
In this jurisdiction, it is common to these reviews, we know that Bro. Brother as baffling, there is no official confirma-
award the newly-made Master Mason received a letter from the Blue Friars in tion of his being initiated into this august
with the Jewel of the South, which is, at November 1944. body. Furthermore, and perhaps most
some later point, recovered from him. In Written by Grand Abbot J. Edward Al- perplexing, while the Consistory meets
all lodges, he is invested with this award in len, past grand master of the Grand Lodge annually, and has done so since 1932,
private by the stewards. In some of lodges, of North Carolina, and renowned for his ac- there is one year in which the meeting
the much-disapproved practice is that the complishments associated with the Grand was cancelled1945which corre-
stewards, with mock solemnity, hang the College of Rights, the letter, found tucked sponds to the incidents set forth herein.
medallion about the new brothers neck in Bro. Brothers diary reads as follows: Thus, we find ourselves at an intellec-
with the solemn admonition: Dont tual and indeed an emotional crossroads.
EVER let anyone take this away from you, My Dear Sir & Most Worshipful Brother, Speaking personally, and in the spirit of
for that is stealing, which you must on I write to convey an invitation to join Masonic charity (not to mention draw-
all accounts resist! Thus, with this grim us at our annual convocation of the Soci- ing from the well of Kansas kinship which
warning yet ringing in his ears, any at- ety of the Blue Friars at Willards Hotel in I share with Bro. Brother), I am wont to
tempts at a later period to remove the jew- Washington, D.C., on the 24th of Febru- hope that he was indeed inducted into
ary next. Owing to the national emergen-
el from his person is met with refusal and the noble order, despite the dearth of evi-
cy, our nomination committee has been
in some instances with furious resistance. dence in support of that claim.
unable to meet and the task of selecting
Describing one such occurrence when On the other hand, being acquainted
a new member has fallen to me alone. I
acting as Senior Deacon, Bro. Brother have only just received a copy of your
with the nature and character of his con-
wrote that the entire result was a sordid book, but if the reviews are any measure tribution to the body of Masonic knowl-
wrestling match on the floor of the lodge of its success, please let me be the first to edge, I can only hope that after reading
and a rather undignified black eye that re- welcome you to our Consistory. Bro. Brothers memoirs, the Grand Ab-
quired several medicinal tonics. Yours Fraternally &c., bott availed himself of the only honor-
Unlike Under the Spanish Guns, Broth- J. Edward Allen able alternative and cancelled the meet-
ers memoirs did receive their fair share Grand Abbot ing rather than give offense.



... which effects the passions by Sound. There are few who have not
felt its charms and acknowledged its expressions to be intelligible
to the heart. It is a language of delightful sensations, far more
eloquent than words.

o begins the lecture on music, part of 1819. He was an extremely popular composer and flau-
the Middle Chamber Lecture of the Fel- tist, serving with as composer and musician to Augustus
lowcraft Degree. There is a long and pow- Grand Duke of Eldenburg. Among is many compositions
erful connection between music and Masonry. Ev- are two sets of six Masonic songs. One set is dedicated to
ery two or three years I like to remind our readers, the Lodge in Mnster, and one is dedicated to the Lodge
especially new brethren, about the Masonic music in Soest. This is the first recording of these works. I was
which is out there. New recordings are coming out James T. not familiar with his works prior to hearing the recording.
all the time. Hundreds of composers have been Tresner II, 33, To quote from the program notes:
Freemasons, but obviously not all their output is Grand Cross
Masonic in nature. Im focusing primarily on music Book Review We do not know precisely when and where Kaspar
of Masonic theme or intent, but there is much of Editor joined Freemasonry; but the presence in his catalogue of
value in all their music. two collections of Maurer Gesange leaves no doubts as to
his participation in the activities of the lodges Zu den drei Balcken
Frstenau, Kaspar, CD, Frstenau: Masonic Music, Delizie of Mnster and Zur Bundeskette of Soest. Between the end of the
Musicali, 2010, ASIN-B004EJUMME Available on the In- 1700s and the beginning of the 1800s Freemasonry had many
ternet from about $19. followers among musicians, especially in the countries of Ger-
Brother Frstenau was born in Mnster in 1722 and died in man language and in France. Masons were Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart, Antonio Salieri, Franz Joseph Haydn and Luigi Cheru-
bini. In December 1784 Mozart became a member of the small
Viennese lodge Zur Wohltatigkeit, where he acquired the rank of
master and for which he wrote several compositions to be played
at ceremonies, such as the cantatas Dir, Seele des Weltalls (To you,
soul of the world) K468a, Die Maurerfreude (Masonic joy) K471,
Laut verknde unsre Freunde K623 , and the moving Maurerische
Trauermusik (Masonic funeral music) K479a. Indeed the two
collections of Maurer Gesange by Kaspar Frstenau must have
served a similar purpose. The two collections are structurally iden-
tical, each consisting of six songs for solo voice, male choir, flute
and guitar. The songs have a simple strophic structure, with pas-
sages for solo voice that are taken up in various ways by the choir.

This is a truly interesting recording of Masonic Music which

has not been previously available. I think you will enjoy it.
Sibelius, Jean, CD Sibelius Masonic Ritual Music, BIS, 2013,


ASIN-B00E9HG3F6 Available on the zarts relationship to Freemasonry and self conducted the cantatas performance
Internet from about $20, MP3 edition his compositions: marking the official opening of the Vienna
from about $9. lodges new seat, Zur gekronten Hoffnung.
Brother Sibelius was one of the most . . . the ritual functions connected with mem- Shortly thereafter he was bedridden with
important composers of the 20th Century. bership in the lodge reflected the symbolism of rheumatic fever. Weakened after repeated
He brought an awareness of Finnish music the Universe, something to which Mozart would bleedingthen the sole known therapy for
to the world, and was also instrumental respond on the levels of both emotion and rea- that disease which was considered incur-
(pardon the pun) in re-establishing Free- son. His solemn cantatas reflected the profound ablehe died on 5 December, 1791, sev-
masonry in Finland after its suppression by wisdom of his personal philosophy which he ex- enteen days after the cantatas premiere.
the Soviet authorities. pressed in most explicit terms in his last letter
This is an outstanding recording. Har- to his father: . . . as death is the true ultimate The author mentions Mozarts opera
ri Viitanen is the organist of Helsinki sense of life, over the past few years I myself The Magic Flute [Die Zauberflte]. If you
Cathedral, and lectures at the Sibelius have become acquainted so thoroughly with have never seen it, Id strongly encourage
Academy. He is highly sought after as a that closest friend of man that its very image you to do so. There are many versions avail-
concert performer all over Europe, and no longer frightens me. I thank God who able on DVD, but my personal favorite is
is a well-known composer in his own gave me this opportunityyou will know the one directed by Ingmar Bergmanits
right. The tenor Hannu Jurmu, has won what I meanto get to know death as the a comic opera by one of the worlds great-
several awards and also has an exten- key to our real happiness. . . . est composers in a production created
sive concert career. The YL Male Voice The Masonic Solemn Music, K. 477, writ- by one of the best film directors who has
Choir is Finlands oldest Finnish-lan- ten in memory of Franz Count Esterhazy and ever lived. You can buy it on the Internet
guage choir and one of the most promi- Duke Georg August Herzog, is arguably the for about $17. And a second comic opera
nent male choirs in the world. Obvious- finest piece in an extensive body of Mozarts which is not usually classified as one of

ly some fine talent was gathered for this works related to Freemasonry, whose produc- Mozarts Masonic works (but to me the
recording. tion would have seemed to entitle him to the themes of Masonry run throughout it)
There are actually two versions of the status of the Vienna lodges household com- is The Abduction from the Seraglio [Die
Masonic Ritual Music on this CDthe poser. His earliest composition for the lodge, Entfuhrung aus dem Serail]. Again, there
second being a more recent arrangement the song titled Gesellenreise, K. 468, of March are many different DVD recordings, but
for orchestra (the original was accom- 1785, was followed by the Maurerfreude, K. my personal favorite is the 2005 release
panied by organ or, more literally, a foot- 471, for tenor and orchestra, to the text of of the Deutsche Grammophon record-
pumped harmonium which was all the Franz Petran who enjoyed the patronage of ing with Edita Gruberovaavailable for
local temple could provide). Most indi- Count Thun. Mozart dedicated the piece to Ig- about $19 on the Internet.
vidual sections are brief because they are naz Born, a prominent representative of Aus-
intended to accompany ritual actions such trias science and public life (and for several The Masonic Quintet of Waukegan Illinois,
as attending the altar. But the music is a years the lodges Grand Master). . . . The figure Do You Know Him? CD Baby [Quinn Re-
powerful legacy of a highly- gifted com- of Ignaz Born served Mozart and (Brother) cords] 2003, ASIN: B00008UQTB, Avail-
poser who was also a devoted Freemason. Schikaneder as a model for the character of able on the Internet for about $16. Also
Sarastro in The Magic Flute, that greatest of available for download by album or indi-
Mozart, Wolfgang, Freimaurerkantaten all works inspired by Freemasonry. vidual song.
und Lieder, Supraphon. 1994, Available on Mozarts last finished work is the Can- I admit Im taking a chance here. I
the Internet for about $15. Prague Philhar- tata for Tenor, Bass and Orchestra, Laut have not been able to find the reason the
monic Choir, Prague Chamber Orchestra. verkunde unsere Freude. Mozart dated group was named the Masonic Quintet
The program notes by by Svatopluk the completion of the piece . . . 15 No- of Waukegan Illinois. It is entirely pos-
Studen give a good overview of Mo- vember, 1791. On 18 November he him- sible that the name has nothing to do with


membership in the Fraternity (there is, pipe organ looks worrying, to say the least. tiple knobs and a pile of floppy discs with
after all, a contemporary music ensemble Here are a few basic tips for a newcomer. smudged labels. The problem is that it is
called Masonics, which as far as I can You dont need to worry about the pedals. even more difficult to create a seamless flow
judge from the music and lyrics, has no Ignore all but one. The one that matters is the of suitable music when you are not a musi-
connection whatsoever with the Craft). swell pedal. This is full foot-size and rocks gen- cian. Those who install and operate these
But even if there is egg on my face I can tle back and fore like a treadle, and is useful machines at first, soon fade away and hard-
recommend this recording as having some for getting louder and softer. It does not matter ly anyone can understand how and when to
of the finest and remarkably well sung gos- how hard you hit the keyboard, the organ vol- use them. Furthermore, apparatus of this
pel music I have heard. Songs on this CD ume stays the same; impact does not change sort has a life expectancy of less than 10
include Do You Know Him?, Cannan the volume, but this big pedal does the trick. . . . years before obsolescent sets in. How many
Land, There is a Fountain, Zion Hill, The pedals. These are set out like a key- of us can run 5 Floppy Discs nowadays?
Yes God is Real, Going to a City, Help board and played with toe and heel. If you can
Me Find the Way, Jordan River, He is pat your head with one hand and make a cir- Also, check out http://masonmusic.
Mine, and In the Sweet by and by. cular motion with the other on your stomach, org/home.html for a fine site devoted to
Dont overlook browsing the Internet you have the sort of talent than may enable Masonic music. There is research in history,
if you have an interest in Masonic music you to play with your feet as well as with your ritual, performance, and much more. Well
or a need for recorded music for your handsbut there is no need to do so yet. worth repeat visits.
Lodge. There are many rich resources. I Electronic Organs. A few of these are repli-
especially enjoy the following: cas of pipe organs, but even the cheapest have Janes, William H., The Masonic Musical
Google English Masonic Lodges, Pipe far more sounds and gadgets than are good for Manual: Containing Odes, Chants, Male
Organs and National Heritage for a PDF your health. The danger here is that you will Quartets, Solos and Marches, Adapted to all
of the paper of the same name by An- sound more like a jazz player unless you curb the Ceremonies of the Fraternity, also Organ

drew Pink. The Masonic pipe organ your passions, the excess of which deforms the Solos, social songs and Male Quartets for
has a rich history in both England and very soul. So the first step is to ignore any but- Refreshment and Special Occasions, Selected
America. Those built in England were tons that hint of dance rhythms and electronic from the Works of the Best Masters, Com-
generally smaller, chamber instruments, sounds. Keep to the church organ effects for posed and Arranged by Bro. William H. Janes,
while many in the United States, espe- our ceremonies. These are often given names Cornerstone Book Publishers, 2014 (re-
cially those built in Grand Lodges and like Grand Organ, Theatre organ, Full Tibia print of 1898 original), paperbound, 112
Scottish Rite Temples were often mas- and it is best to stick to these. pages, ISBN-13: 978-1613421789, Avail-
sive concert orchestral organs. Pinks ar- The big difference with electronic organs is able on the Internet from about $16.
ticle with illustrations is especially good that the swell pedal gives a very wide range of Seemed as if there should be a least
concerning the English instruments. volume. This might sound a good idea, but the one book in a book review column.
Google problem is that an inexperienced player will This book of sheet music is a valuable
sonic-music to find some great articles make excessive use of this and a sudden in- resource for those who interested in
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We are building a Temple, a permanent
home, in the Great Capital of the
Greatest nation of the Earth.
Ill. James D. Richardson, 33, 11th Sovereign Grand Commander, SJ, USA (Oct. 22, 1901Jul. 24, 1914)

With these words from Ill. Richardson,

thus began the story of the current
House of the Temple, headquarters of
the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ,
USA. In celebration of 100 years since thee
Temples dedication and opening at 16th
& S Streets, NW, we are pleased to offer

By Jeri E. Walker

Beginning with a narrative that traverses

the Temples timelinefrom Richardsons
dream to its modern realitythis beautifully
illustrated guide then visually leads the readerr
through this magnificent structure with over
180 color photographsmany of which neverr
have been published. Also included within
the book are explanations of the Masonic
symbolism infused throughout architect John
Russell Popes design.

132 pp., 8.375 in. 10 in.

Available at
*Plus shipping & handling
WASHINGTON, DC 200093103


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