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The Hands of the Protest, the Prayer and the Cry

of the Ecuadorian Painter Guayasamin

Quilumba Vernica
Velasco Byron
Zambrano Iskra

Yachay Tech University

ELP L6 018
Fall 2016
The Hands of the Protest

Through the painting, we can express our

emotions and the reality in which we live.

The main purpose of Oswaldo


Through the artistic movement "The
Cubism" succeeded in translating into
each of his pictorials works the social,
political and personal problems of the
human being.

The Hands of the Protest

By Oswaldo Guayasamin
Image Source:
The Hands of the Protest

The message that Oswaldo shouts in his

paintings throughout a career is dedicated to
the sensitivity for the most unprotected beings,
and for that reason The Hands of the Protest
is a mixture between a prayer and a cry.
The life of Oswaldo Guayasamin
Son of indigenous father and mestiza mother.

Was born in Quito on July 6, 1919.

His talent excelled at a tender age.

He studied in the Escuela de Bellas Artes in


When he was 20 years old, he won a

scholarship to study arts, and the opportunity
to expose his pictorial works in Mexico. Oswaldo Guayasamin
Image Source:
When he was 36 years old, he won the Great
Prize of the Spanish-American Biennial in
Barcelona and later the Great Prize of the
Biennial of Sao Paulo.
The Hands of the Protest

Expresses pain and misery.

Marked the tendency of the social


Is a reference of Ecuadorian painting.

The Age of Wrath

Despair of human beings

The image of our indigenous people.

The Hands of the Protest by Oswaldo Their future is taken away by those who
Guayasamin believe themselves superiors.
Image Source:
http://vidayobradeoswaldoguayasamin.blogspo Struggle for equality and liberation
The Hands of the Protest

What the painting reflects for us?

The Age of the Wrath.

It reflects the catastrophe.

The color at the bottom of the picture

gives us a feeling of sadness.

A cry which protests for freedom and

justice for all.

He shows his sensitivity.

The Hands of the Protest by Oswaldo
Guayasamin We believe that his pictorials works leave
Image Source:
us a legacy of love for art.
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The Hands of the Protest by Oswaldo Guayasamin

Image Source:

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