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Nama : Ni Made Inten Kusuma


Natural Environment of Our School (SMASTA)

Good morning teachers (Ms. Hariyati and Mr. Sudarya) as a jury for practice exam of
First, lets pray and thanks to the God who has been blessing us, so I can attend the
practice exam of English. Second, thank you so much to jury who has giving me time to speak
for 5 minutes.
Standing in front of you all, I would like to deliver my speech under the title Natural
Environment of Our School (SMASTA).
The natural environment that means a space which encompasses all living and non-
living things have interaction that influence viability or life force. In our country, Indonesia
we celebrate the natural environment day at June, 5 th. Generally, we always have interaction
with them in our life and we often not conscious about that because we are busy to fill our
requirement and desirability. Slowly, you know, that our natural environment become not
enjoyable because our activity.
Nowadays, the natural environment become a popular topic is criticism by
environment activists over the world. They think many problems that happen in the earth
since advancement of technology because natural environment does not balanced again. That
causes many problems appear and irritate our living life. It started when ecosystem does not
balance, so that impact is invisible and slowly appear concurrently.
Okay, we can see and look around our environment such as our school (SMASTA).
It has distinction from year to year. Because many students have studied here, indirectly that
impacts the natural environment of our school. Many facts you can find about our
environments damage, but there is not seriously damage as we thought. In several years, the
environments damage of our school will be felt and to be serious problem that make students
uncomfortable to study there. As you know, it begins because our behaviour does not
concern to respect our environment. We always do something that contradicts with what is
learned and taught. Our bad behaviour as a student such as:
1) We always throw trash anywhere, so make our environment is dirty and unpleasant to
see it. But we do not care about it.
2) We do not care about plants in our school. We do not realize that our behaviour can
break that plant, such as pick leaves mistakenly, break their twig, and let weeds grow
that disturb plant development.
3) We do not care about non-living things such as mossy wall and cleanliness room.
Mossy wall can make the wall crack and break faster than at a guess and a dirty room
does not suit to use study or to do something else.
After we know our bad behaviour, we should try to change this. We must realize the
natural environment of our school is so important for us. If it does not balance, we can
imagine the problems that appear will be started. So to prevent it, we must follow the rule of
our school about cleanliness natural environment such as:
1) Throw rubbish in right garbage. Tell apart between organic and inorganic rubbish.
Organic rubbish is from all living things. Inorganic rubbish is from all non-living
2) The program of Trash Bank must be activating again and the implementation must be
controllable. The program can make students conscious to collect trash from plastic,
can, and paper and they will get some money.
3) Try to follow and doing the program cleanliness every week. We can clean the wall
from moss, root up the weeds from plants, cleans the gutter from trash like plastic or
leaves, deregulated the room, garden in front of class and the other place of our school.
So that makes our natural environment more beautiful than before.
That is the little things we can do to keep our natural environment of our school to
be better than before. Thats why we must change our assessment from now to make our
environment more enjoyable for next generation.

Thats all my speech. I hope my speech will be useful for us. As human being, I realize that I
cant avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all and thank you so much for your nice

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