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Note: This question is copied from a book

Understanding Solids by Richard J. D. Tilley, John

Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Ignore the statement in Question 3.1. Instead read

it as as given above

The boiling point of argon is -185.9 C.

Calculate the cohesive energy of copper (ccp structure) given the bond energy between two copper
atoms is 56.4 kJ/mol.

The surface of a solid has unsaturated bonds. Such unsaturated bonds give rise to surface energy
(Joule/m2) . Determine the surface energy of a (111) plane of Cu.

Calculate the bond strengths between all the atoms in the following compounds

Find the coordinates of all the octahedral and tetrahedral sites in the BCC Metal.

Calculate the total magnetic moment of the unit cell of Fe3O4 crystallized in a normal spinel structure. If
all the Fe2+ in this structure are replaced by Zn+2 what would be magnetic moment of the unit cell.