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RE Mountain

Learning Commons
Orientation 2017-2018
Mr. Beaudry
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Mr. Beaudry Teacher-Librarian Works Monday to
Friday The Learning Commons is open from 8:00
am to 3:30 pm every day.

The Learning Commons is open at Lunchtime It is

closed occasionally for special events

Mrs. Thomas Library Technician Works Monday

and Wednesday all day PM on Thursdays
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
What can a student at REMSS do in the Learning

Read a book
Collaborate on work/assignments
Investigate & Research Online
Use a laptop/desktop computer or IPad to do some

Play a Board Game

New Technology in the
Library Learning Commons
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
What can a student at REMSS do in the Learning

When you Absolutely, Positively have to know Ask

a teacher-librarian

Printing or photocopying your work/assignments

Admire student artwork
Borrow rulers, scissors, crayons, etc.
Recommend books!!!
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Resources and Materials
Informational books in Audiobooks & e-books

Huge variety of novels in Graphic novels


Popular novel series Novels for English


R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Borrowing Information
Most materials can be loaned up to two weeks
Reference materials one day
Reference copies of course textbooks in-library
use only

Please Remember to Return or Renew all loaned

materials on their due date
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Acceptable use in the Learning Commons
No Yes
Food or drinks unless it Water bottles or self
is a special event contained coffee cups
Loud noises or loud Being respectful
talking if a teacher is
speaking to a class.
Overcrowding Maximum Small groups No more
112 people permitted = that six students at any
Number of chairs table
Skipping class or no Providing a note from
note from administrator teacher of administrator
or teacher
Overdues Future Returning or renewing
transactions will be books or textbooks
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Transaction Rules
Look after what you borrow
For any lost or damaged books:

Student will be charged for the current replacement

If the book is found, money is refunded.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
District/School Network use

Please follow district/ Inappropriate use of

School AUP (Appropriate computer network could
User Policy lead to cancellation of
access for a time limit or
the year.
Please use your own Please use your network
login folder to save documents
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Learning Commons computer loans and use
Teachers reserving computers for class use have priority
for use.
No games on library computers during class time
The school can view your computer screen during use
and the district can track your computer/online
activities. Infractions can lead to:
Being logged off
Your account being disabled
Your access to the Learning Commons restricted to class
activities only.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
WIFI Access at REMSS
WIFI access is done through your own device, desktop
computers, school laptops (MacBook or PC) or Ipad
Only teachers or administrators can print on school laptops.
Students can print on PC desktops and IPads.
To save your work or documents on a portable computer or
Ipad when using WIFI:
Email the documents to yourself
Use the cloud i.e. Dropbox
Save using a USB/Memory stick or personal external drive
Use Google Docs (Google Drive)
To print a document on a school Desktop open file from
email, flashdrive or cloud storage
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Accessing your files on school/district network
From your own device Use visitor WIFI or Shaw network
For Login information please see info posted in Learning Commons,
school hallways or TV monitors

From school desktops, portables, or IPads:

Student User ID: Student number 123456
Password 1st two letter of your name: Paul = pa
Plus + 1st four numbers of student ID = 1234

Plus + $$
Example - So it should be pa1234$$
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Saving your work on a desktop computer:
Email work/document to your email account
Save on a flash drive
Use cloud storage

Save to your own folder on the R.E.MSS network

Save as >Computer > double click your your student number to open
your folder

Never <save> to the desktop or anywhere on C: drive (the local
computer. All content saved during the day will be erased when computer
is shut down at the end of everyday.

Mr. Shelbys lab is on a different network so students cannot access their

folders from his class.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Students get 50 free credits ($5.00) at the start of
each year for printing off the desktop computers.
When students exhaust their free credits they must
notify Mr. Beaudry or Mrs. Thomas to add credits to
their accounts.
Printing = $0.10 cents a page.
Photocopying = $0.10 cents a page.
Students can buy credits using only cash.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Book and e-book searches
The R.E.MSS catalogue is online. It is accessible
anywhere on the Internet.
The Library homepage:
The school district website:
If the book or resource you want is out, you can place a
hold on it by logging into the catalogue using your
student number.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons

REMSS Learning Commons Website:
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Book and e-book Searching
Students can search by Keyword, Author, Title,
Subject, and Series

Type in the Search Term first, then click on the type

of search you would like to start with.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
Book & e-book searching

Click on details to see a synopsis of the book

Check to see if a copy is available at the REMSS Learning


Write down the CALL NUMBER (Dewey Decimal Number) The

books are arranged on the shelf by CALL NUMBERS written
on the spines of the books.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
To see the REMSS e-books you need to do a search
with Material Type set to electronic books.
Please see us about creating an account so that
you can sign out e-books and read them at your
leisure at home.
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons

Destiny Quest! Get the APP!

Login to the library catalogue to:

Look for books

Place a hold on a book
Check when books are due
See what textbooks and library books you have taken out
On the Web

http:// > Click on Catalogue

With the app Destiny Quest: Add the URL:

Your student number is BOTH your UserID and your password

R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
newspapers, encyclopedias
Use them at school OR at home
Ask for the USER NAME and PASSWORD to gain
access from outside the school
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
EBSCO Databases:
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
SD 35 Digital Resources
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
MyBlueprint is the easiest way to plan your
education career
R.E. Mountain
Learning Commons
To facilitate your assignments/homework/research
please come to the R.E.MSS Learning Commons.
We are here to assist you in person or online.

Good resources help you get good marks.

Google can bring you back 100,000

answers. A (teacher) librarian can
bring you back the right one. Quote
by Neil Gaiman, author.
Developing Better Web-
Based Research

Students are assigned a specific research task and

asked to apply their skills in:

generating search terms

identifying quality websites
extracting relevant information from these websites
applying this information to the research task