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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza

Category: Agriculture
Author: Alex Mendoza

Cattle Health Management


The operational director needs a solution to control and to forecast the health of the cattle
on the farms.

The operational director is interested in knowing the health status of the cattle on the farms
in order to prevent and to reduce the loss of animals by disease. He, the farm manager
and the veterinary staff needs to be notified as soon as possible if there are animals with
symptoms of any disease. For example, if any animal presents changes of temperature or
changes heart rate, these changes are symptoms of infections. It is required take actions to
solve the infection and to protect the healthy animals, in order to minimize the impact over
the cattle of the farm.

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza


Name: Alejandro Job Title: Operational Director

40 years old, married, Master on Business Administration
15 years working experience, Operational manage
Manage 20 managers and 10 farms
Good communication and team work skills

Job Responsabilities Main Goals

Main tasks and frecuency Improve and increase the
Oversee daily logistics operations production of godos
Oversee daily fams operations Improve the quality of the goods
Oversee daily cattle status Reduce the loss of animals by
Handle significant risk operations disease
Handle significant cattle issues Maximize the resources of the farms
Handle significant farms issues Improve the logistic chain and time
Manage logistics and farms performance
Sponsor of projects to improve
operations and automation
Needs Pain Points
Reduce non value add activities Significant loss of animals by
Real time insight of cattle, farms disease
and logistic chain Late insights of cattle healthy
Better collaborative cross processes Excessive time is spent on non value
add activities to prepare KPIs of
farms and cattle

Casual user X Power user
Proactive X Reactive
Work in team X Lone figther
Global focus X Local focus
Innovative X Conservative

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza

Point of View (POV)

Alejandro, the Operational Director

Need to have a quick overview of the status of animals health so that he can
perform the actions to prevent, solve and separate the animals with symptoms.

Need to have a quick overview of the heatmap of zones of the farm by status of
animals health so that he can perform the quarantine of the critical zones.

Need to have a symptoms alert with automatic warning to the farms managers
and the veterinary staff so he can to monitor the advance of the actions or

Need to have a health patterns on base to the farms and the weather so that he
can to take actions over the care of the cattle.

Need to have a health patterns on base to the locations of the farms and their
areas so that he can take actions over the locations of the farms or their inside

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza

UX Journey

The operational Alejandro The farm The chief of The chief of The director
director, sends a email manager farmers and the farmers and and the
Alejandro, is to the farm receives the chief of the chief of manager are
looking through manager in email and veterinary veterrinary notified about
the cattle order to ask forwards it to the analyze the staff prepare a the cause and
productivity in which are the farmers chief causes and quick plan to the solution of
each farm. causes of the and veterinary define the diagnose and the problem.
ACTIONS loss of cattle chief. solutions. heal the sick
The cattle of one productivity. animals. Farmers and
farm have Veterinary staff
productivity realize the
below average. diagnostic,
treatment and
isolate of the
animals sick.
Why is that farm The farm The most How we can to We need to The solution is
not have good manager will to common cause know that an assign all a reactive
cattle inform about is cattle sick. animal have resources of action and it is
productivity? the causes and symptoms the farms near not preventive
the actions to We need a before it be sick. in order to action. Must
The statistics and solve the loss of solution that help identify as be preventive.
MINDSET dashboard are cattle us in order to soon as
not real time productivity. detect an possible all the
information. animal with sick animals.
The most symptoms
common cause before it be sick.
is cattle sick.


Cattle Inventory Inventory Last health Inventory Equipment

productivity statistics statistics of the status statistics, statistics. and staff
statistics. farm. are not real time responsible to
Cattle Health information. Most recent diagnose and
Cattle inventory Status. Farm Health diagnostics. isolate sick
TOUCH statistics. Status. More recent animals.
POINTS Farm diagnostics.
productivity Farm
statistics. productivity Daily report of
statistics. the farmers and
the veterinary

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza


Prototype Architecture

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza

This prototype is available for navigate on BUILD.ME

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Cattle Health Management Alex Mendoza

Location HEATMAP

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