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Fans of my film company, as a result of their ages and interests, are likely to be active on social media

sites. Therefore, my film company will have to do the same if it wants to succeed. As well as this, YouTube
My Reader Profile is key for spreading any film trailer as it is through this website that I will be able to share my film trailer
anywhere else. For this reason, it would be ideal for my magazine to have pages or accounts on the
following websites:
Based off of the analysis of my surveys, I was
able to put together a reader profile and
discover more about my audience. Here I have
put together a rough idea of the type of a
person who would be interested in my film. I
also looked at the social media, gender, age, Most of my viewers are not religious so it
religion, race and other film companies. At the would not be wise to put in any religious The gender and age of my viewers mean that I should attempt to use
end of this I created an individual who in my themes or undertones in the film. As well actors that are of similar ages and genders. With this information, my
mind represents an average possible member as this, there were a variety of races main actor should be a male aged either 17 or 18, and my film should
of my audience. included in my results, so it would be in the include both male and female actors of around the same age. I am only
best interest of my audience if the same selecting one protagonist as a result of this being a choice made in my
Our magazine target audience is mostly males representation was shown in my film. With second survey by the prospective audience.
between the ages of 17 and 18. Although this in mind I should aim to include a
there may be some female/other viewers, variety of races. My readers would also be interested in films by companies such as:
there are not many and it would therefore be
wise to target the film more specifically
towards young males.
Under 16- 2
Viewer's Age and Gender 16- 2
17- 11
7 18- 10
5 Over 18- 5
A possible viewer:
Median- 17.5
3 Nick is a 17-year-old white male who loves drama films. He
2 Genders watches 2 drama films a month. He likes realism in films
1 and his favourite film is The Imitation Game. He makes
0 Female- 13
small independent short films with his friends in his spare
Under 16 16 17 18 Over 18
Male- 15 time. He doesnt follow any specific religion. He spends a
Male Female Other lot of time on social media and is subscribed to various film
Other- 2 makers on YouTube.
Most common-