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Bill would require local police officers to report abuse

Lawmakers say early detection is key to stopping cycle of domestic violence

Currently, Ohio law only Child abuse and neglect can cause irreversible trauma,
requires county and PTSD, and other mental health issues that no one
municipal peace officers should have to endure. With the passage of this
to notify a local child legislation, Ohio will add approximately 35,000 people
protective agency upon as mandated reporters, which means more trained
receiving a child abuse personnel are keeping an eye on the safety of children
report.1 In fact, Ohio in our communities.
stands alone as the only
state that does not Additionally, there will be little to no cost associated
require law enforcement with this legislation. I truly believe this bill will provide
to mandate child abuse reports.2 another layer of protection sorely needed in the wake
of the statewide opiate crisis, Ohio's abysmal infant
Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D-Columbus) moves to mortality rate and continued human trafficking.
increase safety for victims of domestic violence through
House Bill (HB) 137, legislation which will make By requiring more trained officers to report abuse in
municipal and county peace officers mandatory the home, we can save lives and help put a stop to
reporters of child abuse and neglect. domestic violence.
In 2015, police officers in Ohio were called to peoples 2
homes to address domestic violence situations 72,899
times.3 In many of those instances, children were 3
present and in potential danger. Services-for-Law-Enforcement/Domestic-Violence-Reports/

Sales Tax Holiday briefly lessens the sting from recent hikes
Temporary tax-free weekend extended to help families prepare for school year
Ohio families recently had the opportunity to ease the $3 million on almost $47 million worth of back-to-
pain of Republican-led sales tax hikes through the school purchases. That good news will continue next
second-ever sales tax-free holiday August 5-7. The year and hopefully for many years to come under
temporary tax-free holiday covered bipartisan legislation, House Bill 89,
many back-to-school items, including pending in the Ohio House.
clothing, school supplies and
instructional materials. Though I believe Ohio should rebalance
taxes to grow our economy and make
Not only did temporary holiday help taxes fair for working people, families
offset Ohios 4.5 percent sales tax and businesses, I am optimistic that
increase enacted by the 2013 state passing a permanent sales-tax holiday
budget, but for three days shoppers paid would help lessen the sting of recent
no sales tax on itemized purchases as increases on goods and services.
they prepared their children for the
coming of the new school year.
The first sales tax holiday was introduced in 2015 and,
according to an analysis1 conducted by the University Holiday-2015-Final-003.pdf
of Cincinnatis Economic Center, saved consumers over