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|| Volume 2 ||Issue 11||JUNE 2017||ISSN (Online) 2456-0774



Eco-friendly Co2 Capture and Storage

(Review Paper)
Shubham Mahajan , Mr. Amresh kumar, Dr. Vikas Dhawan
CGC College Of Engineering, Landran, Mohali, Punjab

Abstract A System to capture the exhaust gases from Health Hazards Uncontrolled emission of Co2 in atmosphere
vehicles mainly co2 where gases from muffler enter into causes problems like difficulty in breathing, bad effects on skin
the catalytic converter where gases like CO(carbon etc.
Monoxide), HCs(Hydrocarbons) and NOx (Nitrogen III OUR INNOVATION (SOLUTION)
Oxide) gets converted into CO2, H2O and NO2 Innovation is done by first passing the exhaust gas
respectively. These gaseous mixture are then transferred releasing from the catalytic converter through the hydrate
to two small cylinder arrangements for separating the separation mechanism in which two separate cylinders are
CO2 from other flue gases via hydrate separation employed. Gas first passes through the first cylinder in which
method. At the end of day this stored CO2 is dumped Co2 hydrates are formed with the help of hydrate promoters and
into the artificial green house installed at petrol pump in the remaining exhaust gases are passed to the atmosphere
which natural conversion of CO2 to O2 takes place. through separate passage. Once the hydrates are formed, now
Keywords: Capture collect, Exhaust gases, Vehicles, the hydrate solution is pumped to the next cylinder where due to
Catalytic converter, Cylinder, Hydrate separation.. the pressure pumping these hydrates are broken and then Co2 is
I INTRODUCTION This Co2 is then stored in a 10 liter cylinder employed
Global warming is one of most alarming problem inside the car (because a car travelling an average distance of
that is increasing everyday and its can be seen anywhere in 10.1-10.3 liter of Co2) and at the end of day this Co2 is dumped
the abrupt atmospheric changes. One of the major reason of at artificial green houses which are situated at the petrol pumps.
the global warming is the Co2 emission from cars. A car Artificial Green House is a small covered area which consists of
which covers an average distance of 70-80 km daily, emits plants that are given suitable conditions artificially to promote
about 10.1- 10.3 liter Co2 daily . So, thousands of cars the growth of plants in it . Thus by using this technique and by
emits lacks of liters of Co2 in the atmosphere daily. employing artificial green house even at half of petrol pumps in
Catalytic converter is used to convert the harmful gases to India, it can lessen the amount of Co2 content in atmosphere by
less harmful gases by using the Palladium, Platinum and 60,000-70,000 liter per day.
Rhodium layer. But the efficiency of the average catalytic IV METHODOLOGY
converter is about 60-70%. So the gas now evolved from In this technique we operate all the functions externally
catalytic converter consists mainly of Co2, No2 and H2o. and there is no interference in the existing design. We collect
Now the separation Efficiency of the hydrate separation the gas by separating it from other gases and then store it. The
method is almost 80-90% under standard conditions. Now stored gases are then dumped in the artificial green house where
the separated Co2 from cylinders arrangement get stored in a all the Co2 gas is converted to the O2 directly.
10 liter cylinder . Now the stored Co2 is dumped into the Advantages
Artificial Green House. Artificial green house takes an area a) Reduces the amount of Co2 greatly from the atmosphere.
of approx 25 * 50 m2. In the green house there are approx. b) Helps in reducing the depletion rate of ozone layer,
8-10 plants and each plant consumes about 0.6-0.9 liter of adversing climate conditions.
Co2 on daily basis. There are total 45000 petrol stations in c) Making the vehicles more eco-friendly.
India and if this setup is available even in half of them, it d) Improving the environment conditions and more suitable
can stop the emission of Co2 by 60000-70000 liter per day. for living.
This technique can contribute largely to the prevention of Disadvantage
Ozone Depletion and the other effects that are threatening a) Solution is slightly costlier to handle.
the human life. b) Ideal conditions are difficult to maintain.
c) Constant heat generation during the process which makes it
difficult to maintain ideal conditions.
Environment Degradation -: Due to excessive emission of
Co2 by vehicles environment is more prone to cause
disasters in future.

|| Volume 2 ||Issue 11||JUNE 2017||ISSN (Online) 2456-0774

Flow chart

Figure1: Flow of Co2 Capture and Storage

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