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When American Students Are Raped & Raped & Raped

in Florence, Italy
This article is dedicated to my beloved Sarah who has been an unfailing inspiration in the creation of it...

I am sick and tired of hearing about American students, studying for a year or
so in Florence, Italy, being sacrifced upon the altar of a Big Educational
Business, and having to undergo traumatic emotional and physical sexual
excruciations. This tragedy has been going on and on and on now for just too
long (see Drunken, Drug-Sotted American Students, written in 2007, on, and there appears to be no measure of
good senseon the parts of the Italian and United States' governmentsto
bring the disgraceful state of affairs under some sort of control.

Most recently, two American university students were driven to their

apartment in the center of Florencein a patrol car!by two on-duty
carabinieri police offcials who then allegedly raped the two drunk and
drugged (hashish) young ladies in the apartment's elevator and in front of
their apartment door which the victims had refused to open for the two
offcers of the law. The scandal shocked the whole of Italy, and newspaper
and television reports led off with the sordid story for days on end. There was
no mention of the dreadful event on CNN or the New York Times, but it is said
The Washington Post covered the case.

It has to be understood that Italy is an economic disaster, and is in deep

fnancial trouble with no hopes of it, like Greece, ever being able to get a
2,400,000,000,000 debt off its backa very good reason for Britain to have
wanted to leave the European Union. Italians, slow-motioning to Tragedy, are
desperately trying to launch their economy, and relations with the DisUnited
States are important in this seemingly insurmountable effort. The DisUnited
States' consulate in Firenze (Florence) has been habitually ready to look the
other way when the citizens they represent in Florence, might embarrass the
Department of State and cause further friction between the vivace American
students and the staid, conservative Florentine community. Italians crave the
credit card transactions the American youth effectuate with daddy's credit
card, and shops, airlines, restaurants, discos, ad infnitum, are on the lookout
for that American touch.

For their part, American scholars automatically do not ft into the

Florentine scene for a number of reasons. Firstly, they do not speak Italian
nor even give the impression they are interested in doing so. (Stuck-up
Florentines rarely speak English.) Away from their parents and dormitory
referees, the kids go wild, and being Americans, vaunt a snot-nosed attitude
not to be matched by the Florentines. The mix is standoffsh with the
Florentines having to put up with the fact that the Americans are an
important economic introit, with the Americans releasing their home-born
tensions and post-adolescent behaviors, with the Americans showing
themselves off on the Vecchio Continente.

What a vicious cocktail! And so when the American girls show up at a

Florentine disco in short-shorts and revealing tops, they become sexual prey.
Illegal drugs are easily available in Florentine discoshave always been and
will always be. American women-kids might be invited by Italians, Albanese,
or Moroccans (Americans cannot distinguish among them) to dwellings where
three or four of their friends are waiting to join in the gang abuse of the
unsuspecting, yet carousing, often sweet juvenile persons. Rapes are not all
reported to the police. What American girl wants to write home and tell her
mother and father that she was gang-raped by four Italians or Albanese who
took advantage of her drunk and drug-sotted?

I'm disgusted...

Bill Clinton once threatened to close the Florentine consulate down. I only
wish he had done so. The consulate staff is always at the ready to keep alive
the status quo: business is business and let's hope there will be no more of
this embarrassing nonsense.

Authored by Anthony St. John

15 September MMXVII
Calenzano, Italy
* * *