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1 Pilots interface for short-term inputs to FMGC is:

(a) MCDU.

(b) FCU.

(c) Overhead panel.

2 Flight path director and vector are displayed on PFD:

(a) if APPRoach is selected on FCU.

(b) if HDG/VS is selected on FCU.

(c) if TRACK/FPA is selected on FCU.

3 What are the Flight Guidance functions?:

(a) Performance management and predictions.

(b) Autopilot, Flight Director and Auto Thrust.

(c) Rudder control and flight envelop protection.

4 Two autopilots can be engaged:

(a) any time, 5 seconds after lift off.

(b) in cruise.

(c) when approach has been selected.

5 When does Auto thrust become active in a usual flight?:

(a) During take off, when thrust levers are placed at TO/GA detent.

(b) At thrust reduction altitude, when thrust levers are placed at CLB detent.

(c) When the slats are retracted.

6 The basic functions performed by the Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC) are:

(a) flight management and flight envelope protection.

(b) rudder control and flight envelope protection.

(c) flight guidance and rudder control.

7 Autopilot engagement on the ground is:

(a) not possible.

(b) possible only when the engines are running.

(c) possible only when the engines are not running.

8 FMGC interface with the CFDS is via a Fault Isolation Detection System which is located and active in:

(a) FMGC 1.

(b) FAC 1

(c) FAC 2

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9 Which transmission key would you use on the ACP to communicate on the Service Interphone?:

(a) INT

(b) CAB

(c) PA

10 What is the major function of the AMU?:

(a) Automatic tuning of communication transceivers.

(b) Integrating the audio of all communications and navigation systems.

(c) Controlling the service interphone.

11 No smoking zones can be programmed on:

(a) MCDU

(b) PTP

(c) FAP

12 The flight interphone function is implemented by:

(a) the CIDS Director.

(b) the Audio Management Unit (AMU).

(c) the Audio Control Panel (ACP).

13 The signals exchanged between the Audio Control Panels (ACP) and the Audio Management Unit (AMU) are:

(a) audio signals.

(b) audio and digital signals.

(c) digital signals (ARINC 429).

14 The cabin loudspeakers are connected to:

(a) the Audio Management Unit.

(b) the Directors.

(c) the Type A Decoder-Encoder Units.

15 When the CAPT 3 position is selected on the AUDIO SWITCHING selector, it enables the:

(a) captain to use the 3rd occupant audio equipment.

(b) 3rd occupant to use the captain audio equipment.

(c) captain to use the 3rd occupant Audio Control Panel.

16 A call from the ground mechanic to the cockpit is indicated by a buzzer and:

(a) an ECAM message.

(b) the MECH light flashing on the captain ACP.

(c) the MECH light flashing on all ACPs.

17 If a High Frequency (HF) transmits continuously for more than 1 minute, it will result in:

(a) display of a HF 1(2) EMITTING amber message on ECAM.

(b) automatic shutdown of the HF tranceiver.

(c) a 1000Hz tone being heard in the headset.

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18 DDRMI digital distance window shows dashes in the event of:

(a) DDRMI failure.

(b) DME interrogator failure.

(c) tuned station being out of range.

19 Radio altimeters are located in:

(a) avionics compartment.

(b) stabilizer compartment.

(c) aft cargo compartment.

20 Which antenna comes with four radiating elements and colour-coded connectors?:

(a) ATC and DME

(b) VOR

(c) TCAS

21 A red square on ND indicates:

(a) Proximate traffic.

(b) Traffic Advisory.

(c) Resolution advisory.

22 In back-up tuning, VOR 2 can be tuned on:

(a) RMP 1.

(b) RMP 2.

(c) RMP 1 or RMP 2.

23 Where does ADIRU 3 receive TAT information from?:

(a) Captains TAT sensor

(b) FOs TAT sensor

(c) Standby TAT sensor

24 Weather radar display is not possible on:

(a) Rose NAV mode.

(b) Arc NAV mode.

(c) PLAN mode.

25 ADIRU is connected to:

(a) Static and pitot probes through a pneumatic line.

(b) Air Data Module through an ARINC 429 data bus.

(c) TAT probe through a pneumatic line.

26 Which is not a part of the MMR?:

(a) GPS receiver

(b) ILS receiver

(c) Marker receiver

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27 The Digital Distance Magnetic Indicator (DDRMI) can be supplied with heading information from Air Data Inertial Reference
Units (ADIRUs):

(a) 1 or 2.

(b) 1 or 3.

(c) 2 or 3.

28 The Air Data pressure line that is fitted with a water drain is connected to the:

(a) standby static ports.

(b) Captain's static ports.

(c) F/O's pitot port.

29 If FMGC 2 has failed, the VOR2 receiver can be tuned by the:

(a) FMGC 1.

(b) Radio Management Panel (RMP) No.3.

(c) RMP No.1

30 Present Position can be entered for ADIRU alignment on:

(a) a CDU on overhead panel only.

(b) a CDU on overhead panel and INIT page on MCDU.

(c) Flight Plan page of MCDU.

31 The VOR antenna is located on:

(a) lower fuselage.

(b) upper fuselage.

(c) vertical stabilizer.


32 In pre-FANS configuration, which function is active in ATSU?:

(a) ACARS function.

(b) ATC function.

(c) Both AOC and ATC functions.


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