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Get lots of feedback Journey ot the Center-of-the-World (S.

LVL 8-10) A crater that holds the bones of a
Random Thoughts for DUNGEON: thousand generations.
The TOC Blurbs have gotten immensely
better over the years and are now actually Issue #52
useful for DMs to help search out Spirits of the Tempest (LVL 9-10) Spirits
adventures and probably help shoppers bound and unbound conspire against you.
too at game stores. Some newer issues Pakkililir (LVL 1-3) Cut-off, marooned, alone,
DUNGEON INDEX still have a couple notable exceptions a renegade struggles to survive.
for issues 50+ with blurbs when the author refers to you. You, Welcome to the Kryphome (FR; LVL 1-3)
meaning the players..players reading Wild magic: need we say more?
Compiled by Jay A. Hafner, DC Dungeon The Hurly-Burly Brothers (LVL 3-5) Click,
( click, click, click
Revised: 1-1-2004 The Table of Contents should list the My Ladys Mirror (LVL 6-8) Seven years bad
C.Threats and Agents & Allies with their luck is just the beginning
This list was compiled to help DMs sort CRs, just the same way that adventures Laughing Man (RAVENLOFT; LVL 5-9)
through issues more rapidly and have more are listed with their levels. The Adaptable Laughing all the way to the graveand
time to do what we really want-play the game! levels for the adventures would also be beyond
nice to see again.
Some information was gathered from online Issue #53
sources, including Solomons Dungeon Index I miss the Encounter Level (EL) Spellbook Masquerade (LVL 3-5) uncover
and then completely re-updated. Thanks to summaries at the end of the scenarios. It masks beneath masks, and plots beneath
Todd Landrum for contributing. My apologies was easier to plan for encounters and plots
to the authors, I will be adding your names variations in PC levels. Clarshhs Sepulchre (LVL 1) Someone or
later. Comments and corrections are welcome! something still waits within the catacombs
Serenade Before Supper (GREYHAK LVL 3-
DUNGEON is published by Paizo: 5)Music to lull the most savage adventurers heart.
Elexas Endeavor (bD&D; LVL 4-7) And you
Some Searchable DUNGEONs: The Wyrms thought Richard the Lion-hearted had trouble
Hoard: when he returned from the Crusades. Steelheart (FR; LVL 7-9) Two great evils that
go great together.
The Index
Regular indices used to be produced in
Issue #54 (Editor Dave Gross)
DUNGEON magazine. You should copy them
nd Unhallowed Ground (LVL 2-4) Murder in the
from there and attach to this list if you wish to 2 Edition Adventures monastery.
reference those older copies. They appeared in
Fetch (S.Trek; LVL 3-5) A simple game of
the following issues:
fetch leads to quite an adventure.
#24 (1-24)
Fiends of Tethyr (FR; LVL 6-8) Fiends are
36 (25-36)
Issue #50 dangerous enough, but something even more
48 (37-48)
(Editor Kim Mohan; Poster map of D&D card dangerous plagues Tethyr.
61 (49-60)
sets insert) The Witchs Fiddle (LVL 2-5) If you ever
72 (62-72) Note 61 was not originally indexed
The Vakas Curse (LVL 2-4 or 7+) Sail thought musicians were tempermental, wait
beyond the realm of the living until you meet the critics.
Format Key to Listings for Issues #50+ Back to the Beach (LVL 1-2) Sound the Alarm Redcaps Rampage (bD&D; LVL 1-3) Rats,
[Name] ([world if specific]; LVL of Danger Comes! cats, and double-drats.
[levels/adaptable]; sometimes author(s); The Object of Desire (bD&D; LVL 5-8) Eyes of the Iceborn (S.Trek; SOLO; LVL 4-7)
sometimes pages) Mirror, mirror on the wallWhat does the Fear is coldest when you face it alone.
[Blurb/convention-style enticement] sultan want most of all? Dark Thane Macbeth (LVL 9-10)
Felkovics Cat (Ravenloft; LVL 6-9) This cat Oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the
Inserts (maps, CDs etc.) are noted next to the likes its meat cooked, and youre on the menu instruments of darkness will tell us truths.
issue number. C.Threat=Critical Threat;
S.Trek=S.Trek; A&A = Agents & Allies; Issue #51 Issue #55
bD&D = the old D&D set (non-advanced); Nbods Room (SOLO; LVL 4-5) Just one door, Savage Beast (LVL 1-3) This mom gives new
Titles of S.Treks, A&A, C.Threats are but lots of exits. meanint ot the term left overs.
italicized but not bold Ailameres Lair (LVL 6-9) The sages deal is Umbra (PLANESCAPE; LVL 6-9) A custody
simple: The more you learn about the dragon, battle in the Cage becomes a job for the PCs.
TO DO LIST the richer you get. Tulips of the Silver Moon (LVL 5-7) When the
Enter older issues with their levels and The Bandits of Bunglewood (LVL 1-2) No citizens of Tangreen say, Dont pick the
blurbs one will admit who the bandits really are. flowers, they mean it.
Will enter noted errata from forum PRN The Last Oasis (AL_QUADIM; LVL 1-4) Sea Wolf (RAVENLOFT; LVL 4-6) A pleasant
Update authors, pages, etc. PRN When your shadow vanishes, its too late! little sea voyage turns deadly.
Maps of Mystery PRN The Witch of Windcrag (bD&D S.Trek; LVL 2-
Poly, and LGJ will not be indexed here 3) Guaranteed to ruffle your feathers. Issue #56 (Editor in chief: Pierce Watters)
Briocht (LVL 10-12) Dont mistake this wily NEMESIS (Planescape; LVL7-12; Christopher to ravage the forest town of Charlotte unless
dragon for a bookwyrm. Perkins; 30p.) Heads will roll if our heroes the heroes can awaken the druid Leander from
Janxs Jinx (LVL 1-2) Sick as a dog takes cant find a quartet of stolen swords. Come to his magical hibernation.
on a whole new meaning. think of it, heads will likely roll anyway. GNOME DROPPINGS ( SPELLJAMMER;
A Watery Death (LVL 7-10) Theres no place IASC (CELTIC CAMPAIGN; LVL 3-4; Willie LVL 3-5; Christopher Perkins; 8 p.) A strange
like hoem for a summoned elemental. Walsh; 10p.) Theres something rotten in the metal cube plunges from the night sky, within
The Bigger they Are (LVL 2-4) Sometiems highlands. Iasc means fish in Irish-Gaelic. which the heroes find the remnants of several
its the little things that get to you. autognomes.
Grave Circumstance (DARK SUN; LVL 5-7) Issue #61 HUZZA'S GOBLIN-O-WAR ( FORGOTTEN
Take a first journey into the new lands of STORM SEASON (RAVENLOFT-Masque of REALMS; LVL 4-7; Paul F. Culotta; 4 p.) The
Athas. the Red Death LVL 4-6; DeFazio & Christina heroes' ship is attacked by Huzza, a notorious
The Land of Men with Tails (LVL 5-7) A. Stiles;20 p.) A female scientist's sinister hill giant pirate, and his crew of gargoyles and
Explore the Dark Continent, meet strange new creation thwarts her attempt to start a new life. goblins.
people and let them have you for dinner. STORM SEASON (FORGOTTEN REALMS; INVISIBLE STALKER ( SideTrek; LVL 1-2;
LVL 7-12; Paul F. Culotta; 16 p.) Mysterious Johnathan M. Richards; 2 p.) Sometimes,
Issue #57 thunderstorms fill the night, heralding the what you can't see can hurt you, as the
To Cure a Kingdom (LVL 8-10) The Kings arrival of the sinister Night Parade. adventurers soon discover when they try to
question is, Do you make housecalls? TO SAVE A FOREST (LVL 4-6 protect a hysterical woman from an unseen
The Rose of Jumlat (AL QUADIM; LVL 3-7) Dovjosef Anderson; 14 p.) A terrible curse assailant.
In the desert, old hatereds die hard. preys upon the Emory Forest. The heroes ally BLOOD & FIRE ( AL-QADIM; LVL 7-9
Carcass Fracas (S.Trek; LVL 1) This roadkill themselves with the ancient treant Silverbark John Baichtal; 21 p.) The heroes must travel
isnt as harmless as it looks. to find whatever's responsible for the blight. to the Valley of Mist and confront the evil
The Murder of Maury Miller (LVL 1) Only NIGHT SWARM (LVL 5-7; Lorri E. Brotherhood of the True Flame in their flaming
two things in life are certain. Hulbert;10 p.) A vampire preys upon the palace.
Cloaked in Fear (S.Trek LVL 3-5) Dont be citizens of Rhorton's Grove, draining their BEAUTY CORRUPT (LVL 4-5; Kent Ertman;
afraid of the dark-be afraid of whats in it! blood in a most unusual fashion. 12 p.) Trade Negotiator Gelling has gone
missing, and Spraye the sirine has lost her
Issue #58 Issue #62 voice.
A Bad Batch of Brownies (SOLO-DRUID; DRAGON'S DELVE (LVL 3-6; Christopher
LVL 1) The brownies would have been fine, Perkins; 24 p.) Something has seized control Issue #64
except for the addition of one unexpected of Thunderdelve. The heroes must rid the GROTTO OF THE QUEEN ( FORGOTTEN
ingredient. fortress of its evil menace to free an enslaved REALMS; LVL 6-9; Paul and Shari Culotta;
Caveat Emptor (LVL 3-6) Sometimes you crystal dragon. 16 p.) Clerics of Umberlee have stolen a
should be afraid to visit the dentist. BLOOD ON THE PLOW (SideTrek; LVL 4- magical boat capable of travelling underwater.
Challenge of Champions I by J. Richards 6; Lance Hawvermale; 2 p.) The heroes help To retrieve the craft, the heroes must penetrate
(LVL any) You too can be a contestant on an elderly woman with the harvest, protecting the Bitch Queen's underground temple.
Adventuring Gladiators? her from the ravages of an evil scarecrow. BZALLIN'S BLACKSPHERE (LVL 12-15;
The Ghost of Silverhill (S.Trek; LVL 1-4) The GRIMJAWS (LVL 5-7; Jennifer Tittle Stack; 4 Christopher Perkins; 24 p.) An expanding
story tells of a kings ransom in silver. But p.) Characters travelling through the vast sphere of annihilation is obliterating the city of
what restless spirit haunts those hills? swamp stumble upon Sutholo, a sickly lizard Horizon. To save the city from destruction, the
The Barons Eyrie (RAVENLOFT; LVL 3-7) man shaman stalked by his own dread heroes must undo the dark magic of the lich
creation: an undead crocodile. Bzallin.
Issue #59 RAT TRAP, THE (LVL 6-10; Timothy Ide; 18 LAST DANCE ( RAVENLOFT; LVL 2-4; Jeff
Seeking Bloodsilver (BIRTHRIGHT; LVL 2- p.) The city of Carn Perrin has a large rodent Crook; 16 p.)
4) You must brave the perils of the Shadow problem. Wererats have taken over the local Madame Tuvache's house has a life all its
World to keep a Tighmaevril weapon from the thieves' guild and are running the city into the own. Heroes must escape the house before
wicked clutches of the Gorgon. ground. they become part of its giant mechanical dance
The Mothers Curse (LVL 3-5) Its a blessed WILD IN THE STREETS (LVL 1-3; Jason ball, composed of the corpses of other victims.
even t only if you can end the curse in time. Peck; 4 p.) Monsters have been unleashed in THE MAD CHEFS OF LAC ANCHOIS
Wedding Day (LVL 3-7) its up to you to the streets of Thenwick. To make matters (LVL 6-9; Jennifer Tittle Stack; 10 p.) Two
make sure this is the happiest day of their worse, they're not quite housebroken. cloud giant chefs are preparing a feast.
lives-not the most embarrassing! ESMERELDA'S BODYGUARD (LVL 6-9; To satisfy their customers, they're serving frog
Voyage of the Crimpshrine (LVL 1-4)Just sit Paul F. Culotta; 7 p.) A monster lurks in the legs made from the captured members of a
right back, and youll hear a tale, a tale of a basement of Lady Esmerelda's villa. grippli tribe.
fateful trip Unfortunately, a malfunctioning automaton
refuses to let the heroes investigate. Issue #65 (Survey insert for the future of the
Issue #60 (Chief Editor: Pierce Watters; Index THE GHOST AT WIDDER SMITHER'S D&D game)
for this issue moved to #61) ( SideTrek; LVL 1-3; John Baichtal KNIGHT OF THE SCARLET SWORD (LVL
SHARDS OF THE DAY (-NIGHT BELOW; 2 p.) A spectral apparition appears in Widder 4-6; Jeff Crook; 16 p.) A sleeping lich
7-9; Randy Maxwell; 24p.) Seek he scattered Smither's house, but the real danger is trapped prepares to awaken while the Lord of
pieces of a powerful magical item in the Night in the old woman's cellar. Bechlaughter, a lawful good fighter, persecutes
Below. innocents for practicing black magic.
CENTAUR OF ATTENTION (S.Trek; LVL 2- Issue #63 FLOTSAM (LVL 6-8; John Baichtal; 2 p.)
3; 2 p.) You have to see a man about aer, HUNT FOR A HIEROPHANT ( 6-8; Chris The heroes rescue two passengers stranded
nevermind. Doyle; 14 p.) An army of bullywugs threatens
aboard a derelict ship: a doddering mage and EYE OF THE STORM ( SideTrek; LVL 6-8; things are a-slither in Wolfhill house. The first
his mysterious female companion. Lance Hawvermale; 3 p.) A terrible storm adventure of THe Mere of Dead Men series.
ICE TYRANT, THE(DRAGONLANCE: threatens to destroy the village of Lonethistle. CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS II (any
FIFTH AGE-Adaptable to (stats listed); LVL TRAINING GROUND ( FORGOTTEN level; Jonathan Richards; 18p.) Competition
5-7 Christopher Perkins REALMS; LVL 5-8; Rick Maffei; 20 p.) always brings out the best - and worst - in
Plains/Forest/Mountains, arctic; 23 p.) Heroes explore the lost dungeon of a everyone.
Gellidus holds Ergoth in his icy clutches, yet Netherese mage. STUMPING THE PARTY( SideTrek; LVL 3-
Silvanesti renegades continue to evade his LITTLE PEOPLE, THE ( SideTrek; LVL 1-2; 5; Christopher Pomeroy; 4 p.) Drop in for a
tyranny. Matthew G. Adkins; 3 p.) Doliver the quick bite.
REFLECTIONS (LVL 3-5; Lisa Doyle; 3 p.) leprechaun has been captured within a dead SLEEP OF AGES( Forgotten Realms; LVL 5-
An encounter with the gibbering mouther has magic zone by two greedy brigands, and it's up 8; Eric Boyd; 30p.) The forces of good, evil
some unexpected consequences. to the heroes to rescue him. and neutrality clash beneath the Omlarandin
LVL 3-5; Jason Kuhl; 13 p.) An evil Red Death; 1st-level;
scarecrow brings murder and mayhem to James Wyatt; 16 p.) A train ride ends in Issue # 70 (AD&D Fast-Play game insert)
Crawford Manor when he mistakingly believes disaster when a restless spirit causes the train HOMOCULOUS STEW(LVL 2-4; Andre
a flock of wereravens stole his amulet of to derail, leaving its passengers stranded DiFiore Jr.; 6 p.)
protection. outside a small West Virginian coal town in the Hostage negotiations can be tricky business,
BEAST WITHIN, THE ( FORGOTTEN dead of winter. especially when they involve a wizard and his
REALMS; LVL 1-3; Paul Hamilton Beattie, UZAGLU OF THE UNDERDARK (LVL 5- pet.
Jr.; 4 p.) A priest of Ilmater is afflicted with 10; Christopher Perkins; 4 p.) Deep in the THE MAZE OF MORKOTH (LVL 4-6;
the curse of lycanthropy. Underdark lies the Kraal Nexus, and guarding James Wyatt; 14 p.) In the deep, no one can
this cavern from intruders is the undead hear you scream.
Issue #66 myconid king Uzaglu and his undead minions. BOULDER DASH ( SideTrek; LVL 6-8; Andy
ENORMOUSLY INCONVENIENT (LVL 2- Miller; 3 p.) Danger is just a stone's throw
3; Kent Ertman; 9 p.) A shattered beaker of Issue #68 away.
plentiful potions wreaks havoc in the forest, THE ARTIST'S LOVING TOUCH (LVL 2-4; SSSCALLY THINGS ( Forgotten Realms;
tainting the river and randomly enlarging the Charles C. Reed; 9 p.) Romero Selejian, the LVL 3-6; Kent Ertman; 14 p.) Can you stop
indigenous life. renowned but aging sculptor, uses gloves of the raids of the Three Towers Tribe? The
AVENGING MURIK ( SideTrek; LVL 4-6; petrification to create new sculptures from second adventure of The Mere of Dead Men
Christopher Perkins; 2 p.) An evil werebadger living people. series.
uses a dwarf's thirst for vengeance to steal the CONVERGENCE (ALTERNITY Star*Drive KINGDOM OF THE GHOULS
treasure of a reclusive stone giant. adventure; Christopher Perkins; 20 p.) Two ( GREYHAWK; LVL 9-15; Wolfgang Baur; 29
SUNKEN SHADOW, THE (LVL 1-3 rival stellar nations attempt to retrieve a stolen p.) Grave danger awaits heroes in the gloomy
James Wyatt; 17 p. ) A terrible curse besets alien archive. depths of Deep Oerth.
the captain and crew of the Ocean's Call. The ONE WINTER'S NIGHT ( SideTrek; LVL 1-
secret of the curse lies at the bottom of the sea, 2; David Zenz; 2 p.) Traveling through the Issue #71 (AD&D Fast-Play game insert)
amid the treasures and wreckage of a sunken forest in the dead of winter, the heroes PRIESTLY SECRETS ( GREYHAWK; LVL
pirate ship. encounter a young and a woodcutter hunted by 2-4; Jason Peck; 20p.) A plague of giant rats is
SWING SHOT! (LVL 4-6; Chris Doyle; 2 p.) goblins. the least of Restenford's worries.
Orcs rig a subterranean chasm with a deadly THE TROUBLE WITH IN-LAWS (LVL 1-3; WILDSPAWN (LVL 6-8; Paul Culotta; 16 p.)
trap to prevent surface dwellers from William Kenower; 11 p.) The daughter of a No one returns from Revular's Island, and for
penetrating the deeper reaches of the prominent merchant has been kidnapped and good reason.
Underdark. hidden in the dungeons of ruined Fillmore HOW DO YOU STOP A RHINO FROM
REALMS; LVL 6-9; Paul Culotta; 19 p.) AL-KANDIL (AL-QADIM SideTrek; LVL 5- SideTrek; Steven Stan! Brown; 2p. )
Heroes slip onto the Dragonisle, determined to 10; John Baichtal; 3 p.) The heroes find a Nevermind the title, beware the punchline.
rescue a Sembian spy from Immurk's Hold. magical lamp and summon forth its occupant, DREADFUL VESTIGES ( Forgotten Realms;
PETRIFYING PRIESTESS, THE (LVL 5-7; unaware that the "genie" isn't all he claims to LVL 4-7; Steve Johnson; 14 p.) Some haunted
Brian Corvello; 7 p.) A magical mace vanishes be. houses are best left unexplored. The third
from an elven temple, stolen by a medusa and STEPPING STONES (LVL 6-8; Lisa adventure of THe Mere of Dead Men series.
her maedar consort. Smedman; 9 p.) Buried among the standing DARK MAGIC IN NEW ORLEANS
ORANGE AND BLACK (LVL 1-3; Peter C. stones of Murkstone Hill is an ancient dwarven ( Ravenloft The Masque of the Red Death;
Spahn; 6 p.) A tiger threatens the village of crown, but to find tit heroes must contend with LVL 5-7; Randy Richards; 16 p.) A forgotten
Launise. Heroes track the creature to its lair to an ancient riddle and much worse. terror has resurfaced in 1890's Louisiana.
save a young boy and discover that the tiger is BY MERKLAN'S MAGIC (LVL 5-9; Brian
more than what it seems. Corvello; 9 p.) Issue #72 (AD&D Fast Play game insert)
An evil wizard Merklan has died, but an evil No Stone Unturned (LVL 3-5) Why are
Issue #67 (Alternity Players Handbook Insert) treant has the dead wizard's wand of the forest zombies appearing in the sreets of Jevid?
WITCHES' BREW ( FORGOTTEN bane and uses it to animate plants. Youll have to dig ot find the answer.
REALMS; LVL 3-5; Steve Johnson; 20 p.) Deep Trouble in Telthin (LVL 10-12) Dive
An herbalist needs brave heroes to retrieve Issue #69 into the Elemental Plane of Water.
some magical potion ingredients, all of which SLAVE VATS OF THE YUAN-TI ( Forgotten Under a Pale Moon (Dragonlance Fifth
are found in the woods around Woody Glen. Realms; LVL 3-5; Jason Kuhl; 18p.) Strange Age/AD&D, LVL 2-4) Two opposing forces
unite against a common enemy.
Mistress on the Mere (Forgotten Realms, Mertylmane's Road (LVL 5-7) A cold death encounter with the Enclave of the Twisted
LVL 5-7) The fate of brave heroes is written awaits you in Kalorias arctic wasteland. Root.
in the stars. The fourth module of the Mere of Crusader (LVL 3-6) The search for a paladins Cloudkill (LVL 4-8) Nature clashes with
the Dead Men series. sword leads to a wizards trap-laden lair. industry when a noxious cloud threatens the
Plundering Poppof (LVL 1-3) This wizard Earth Tones (LVL 7-9) Not all music soothes Sky Realm.
has a few skeletons in his closet. the savage beast. The Akriloth (Forgotten Realms, LVL 10-12)
Fruit of the Vine (LVL 2-4) A [sic] old friend One year after Iakhovass rampage across the
Issue #73 needs help with some housecleaning and Sea of Fallen Stars, the mer-city of Voalidru
Quoitine Quest (LVL 1-3) The search for a gardening remains in the clutches of evil. Can you free
magical stone requires sharp swords and even the city from Qolintaroq?
sharper diplomacy. Issue #77
Eye of Myrkul (Forgotten Realms, LVL 6-8) Visiting Tylwyth (LVL 1) A spurned witch and Issue #80
Retrieve the bones of a dracolich to save the her kobold henchmen make life difficult for Fortune Favors the Dead (LVL 5-7) Finding
life of a paladin. The epic conclusion of the poor Uncle Tylwyth. the lost treasure of Salamanca is easy.
Mere of Dead Men series! A Feast of Flesh (S. Trek; LVL 3-5) Visit an Retrieving the map-now thats hard.
The Setting Sun (Greyhawk, LVL 5-7) A Idyllic village with some dreadfully boring The Frothing Miscreant (Forgotten Realms,
community trapped in a war-torn land faces problems. LVL 2-4) An ill-tempered gnome takes
even greater threats from within. Wind Chill (LVL 4-6) A howling wind revenge to new heights and proves to the
Faerie Wood (LVL 1-2) The sprites are not just beckons travellwers ot a quick and painful world that hes no small threat.
afraid of Bark Wilder-theyre petrified! death. Challenge of Champions III (all LVL) Your
The Necromancer's Pet (S.Trek; LVL 4-6) Ex Keraptis Cum Amore (Greyhawk, LVL 8- honor and reputation are at stake. Are you
Mans best friend is sometimes his worst 12) If you thought the legacy of Keraptis bold enough to test your adventuring acumen
enemy. ended with White Plume Mountain, think against the best of the best?
again! Sarfion's Collection (S. Trek; LVL 7-10) The
Issue #74 Stage Fright (S.Trek; LVL 1-3) its all in the Academy of the Arcane Arts is looking for
The Scourge of Scalabar (LVL 1-3) An delivery. new members.
undersea menace has the merchants of To Walk Beneath the Waves (LVL 3-5) A Head for Business (Alternity) The hunt
Scalabar up in arms. Danger arises from the deep. Have the vicious begins for an elusive arms dealer and his
First People (LVL 4-6) A mysterious new sea devils returned? mysterious associate.
world awaits you just beyond the mountains. The Trouble with Trillochs (S. Trek; LVL 6-9)
Night of the Bloodbirds (LVL 3-7) Winged Issue #78 (Chris Perkins takes over as Chief The necromancer is dead, but his handiwork
maurauders are preying on the local cattle, but Editor/Designer) lingers on.
who is controlling these bloodsucking bandits. Lear the Giant-King (LVL 9-11) The storm to The Scar (LVL 1) To defeat the orcs, you must
Preemptive Strike (LVL 10-15) Brave heroes end all storms heralds this epic tale of love, first escape the orcs.
face unfriendly fire as the war in Lungardy woe, madness, and betrayal.
takes to the skies. Veiled Threats (S. Trek; LVL 4-6) The baron Issue #81 (Sleeping Dragon Inn map insert)
The Vale of Weeping Widows (S.Trek; LVL 4- has an important quest for you-but first, a A Race Against Time (AD&D, LVL 1-3) A
6) For whom do these statuesque widows message from our sponsors mad bomber terrorizes the city of Red Fern.
week? They weep for thee. Peer Amid the Waters (LVL 1-2) The nixies Can you unravel the string of clues and bring
have found something strange in their lake. this criminal to justice?
Issue #75 Unexpected Guests (S. Trek; LVL 4-6) Need a Divisions Of The Mind (AD&D, LVL 8-12)
Non-Prophet Organization (LVL 4-7) safe place to spend the night? Try this bag on Confronting the beholder is just the beginning.
Dreams become reality as a sinister prophecy for size! Find out what the eye tyrant has unearthed
unfolds. Trail of the Frog (S. Trek; LVL 3-4) deep in its underground lair!
The Amulet and the Underdark (LVL 5-7) A Becoming the Tribe Mothers concubine is no The Door To Darkness (AD&D, LVL 1-3, 4-6,
symbol of peace between two feuding simple task! 7-9) Uncover the terrifying secret of the
fiefdoms falls into the wrong hands, and brae The Winter Tapestry (LVL 5-8) A tapestry Sleeping Dragon Inn.
heroes are needed ot win it back. holds clues to a dead dragons hoard, but on Ashtar's Temple (AD&D, LVL 1) Bandits has
The Forgotten Man (LVL 6-8) One mans the boldest heroes can penetrate the dragons seized the temple, but even greater dangers
destiny-and the fate of the realm-is in your icy lair. lurk in the dungeons.
hands. Deepstrike (Alternity, LVL 6-8) Grab your Khazefryn (AD&D, LVL 9-14) The Underdark
Into the Nest of Vipers (Forgotten Realms, flippers and your speargun-youre goin is no place for the timidor the weak.
LVL 1-3) A Priest of Talona has concocted the fishing! Skulking Below (AD&D, LVL 1-2) Finding
deadliest poison, and this Assassins Guild is the local thieves guild can be more difficult
willing to kill for it. Issue #79 than you think!
Keep for Sale (LVL 1-3) I am offering to sell
Issue #76 (Black-Isle CRPG insert) the deed to my keep for a modest sum,
The House on the Edge of Midnight claimed the dwarf. However, there is some
(Ravenloft, LVL 4-6) Tragedy haunts the risk involved.
Ransay family and all who stumble into their The Best Laid Plans (S. Trek; LVL 1) The
domain. criminal exploits of Bruiser Holloway are cut
A Day at the Market (S.Trek; LVL 2-4) From short by a string of bad luck and a band of
horned behemoths to belching blobs, this fledgling heroes.
markets full of wonders. Bad Seeds (LVL 1-3) A brief stopover at the
Hawks Shadow Inn turns into an unforgettable
Lord of the Scarlet Tide (LVL 9) A foul plague Rivers of Blood (RED SAILS Drg#290; LVL
rd in the Realm Below threatens to destroy all life 4) Can you defend a besieged village from
3 Edition Adventures in the world above. invaders in 10th century Russia?)
Flesh To Stone (S. Trek; LVL 7) Meet a pair Headless (LVL 12) Hundreds of souls are at
of giants with some unusual and unhappy- stake as heads continue to roll.
garden statuary Rage (LVL 7) What happens when a barbarian
Issue #82 (All adventures now 3rd edition Natural Selection (LVL 5) Ridding a forest of loses his nasty temper and bad manners?
D&D system and set by default in the World monsters is tricky business, especially when Wedding Bells (LVL 4)You are cordially
of Greyhawk; Sherwood forest map insert) the druids like the monsters where they are! invited to a wedding in Dockalong.
Evil Unearthed (D&D, LVL 1st;l 1-7) Can you Apparently, so are a few of the local monsters.
solve the mystery in time to save your friends? Issue #86 (Adventure Design Tips; Monster
Playing With Fire (D&D, LVL 2nd; 1-8) Tokens-Set #2) Issue #90 (Polyhedron Flip format instituted;
Follow a half-forgotten legend to treasures Anvil of Time (Dragonlance LVL 5) Trapped Monster tokens set #5)
untold and a fiery doom. inside an ancient dungeon, youre [sic] only The Elfwhisper (LVL 8) Elves and forests
Dark Times In Sherwood (D&D, LVL 3rd; 1-9) hope of escape lies somewhere in the past. dont always get along.
The Sheriff of Nottingham and the outlaws of Rana Mor (LVL 6) Survive the perils of a Totentanz (LVL 4) Even death cannot keep the
Sherwood Forest share a common enemy. Will fallen temple to capture the jungles greatest citizens of Luzern from dancing in the street.
and unlikely alliance end this newest threat to prize: and elusive Rain Tiger. Prey for Tyrinth (LVL 5) She lives in the
the land? Stormdancers (LVL 3) Battle the elements to depths. She lives in the darkness. She lives to
Eye For An Eye (D&D, LVL 3rd; 1-8) A stole save the Evergreen Forest from destruction. kill
jewel leads to the heart of the swamp, where Mysterious Ways (LVL 7) A treacherous Tears of Twilight Hollow (FR LVL 7) A
one mans thirst for vengeance threatens to knight and his otherworldly conspirators paladins demise brings pain and despair to the
destroy an entire town. threaten to unleash a dreadful terror upon the village of Twilight Hollow.
land. Oblivion (C.Threat; FR; CR 11) This
Issue #83 (voted Dungeons ugliest cover art; lycanthropic cleric savors the taste of infidels.
Monster Tokens-Set #1) Issue #87 (Bonus CD adventures!)
Deep Freeze (LVL 2) Its been buried under Raiders of Galalth's Roost (FR LVL 1) The Issue #91
the ice for a millennia, waiting to be found. secret ot the raiders sinister plot lies amid the Challenge of Champions IV (all LVL) It
Iriandel (LVL 4) The secret to ending a ruins of a forlorn keep. doesnt matter how skilled you are-its how
unicorns curse lies in the tomb of a barbarian The Cradle of Madness (LVL 6) Madness you finction as a team!
king. grips the Danwick family and threatens to Bogged Down (LVL 1) Terrible secrets buried
London Calling (Dark Matter Campaign awaken a sleeping god. in the bogs around Beardens Hollow are rising
adaptable for D&D; LVL 4) An investigation Glacier Season (LVL 15) A half-dragon exile to the surface.
into a series of grisly murders takes a seeks revenge against his draconic father, and Sloth (S.Trek; LVL 6) A slovenly conjurer
supernatural turn for the worse. youre drawn into the feud! makes a mess of things and learns that irony is
Depths of Rage (LVL 3) Entering the goblins Valley of the Snails (LVL 1) What strange fate without mercy.
lair is easy. Getting out alive is the tricky part. befalls creaturs that trespass in the valley of The Legend of Garthulga (LVL 1) A monster
Alterations (LVL 1) When a science the Slithering Snails? form elven forlklore proves bad for business.
experiment goes awry, who will be left to The Shalm's Dark Song (LVL 5) A roadside Kambranex's Machinations (LVL 9) Nothing
clean up the mess? sanctuary turns into a roadside dinner. good ever came from the Belching Vortex of
CD- Tinderbox (LVL 1) The flames of Leuk-O!
Issue #84 vengeance threaten to consume a frontier Gnarlcrown (C.Threat; CR 16) Say, what
The Harrowing (LVL 15) One sacrifice could town. happened to the tree that was just standing
spell the end of Lolths supremacy in the CD-Gorgoldands Gauntlet (LVL 1) Not all there?
Demonweb and the beginning of a whole new dragons are evil. Some even possess a sense The Vortex (C.Threat; CR variable) The
order. of humor. swirling pit of doom or the maw of some
Demonclaw (LVL 5) A wizards hideous terrible beast? You decide!
transformation seplls trouble for the kingdom Issue #88 (Monster Tokens-Set #3) The Rock and the Hard Place (S.Trek; LVL
of Nyrond. The Door from Everywhere (FR LVL 6) 16) Sometimes its hard to tell the good guys
The Dying of the Light (LVL 10) Sharpen Behold the lost secrets of the Netherese form the bad.
your stakes and shine your mirrors: The hunt empire, and explore them at your own peril.
begins at dawn. Thirds of Purloined Vellum (FR LVL 1) In Issue #92 (Cover of Githyanki; #94 also
Dungeon of the Fire Opal (LVL 3) Was it Athkatla, nothing is more dangerous tha a labeled #92)
destiny or something worse that destroyed the merchant with a bee in his britches. Interlopers of Ruun-Khazai (Stronghold
Order of the Opal Fist? A remake of the The Seventh Arm (LVL 7) A demonic Builders Guidebook; LVL 13) An ancient
classic dungeon from the 1st ed. medallion is the key ot a tyrants hidden trove- githyanki stronghold is ripe for the picking-or
Dungeonmasters Guide. and your horrible doom is it.
Armistice (LVL 7) The war in the mountains Make It Big (S. Trek; LVL 9) When you hang Lord Flame (C.Threat; CR 3) He fights, he
might be over, but theres still one more enemy with hill giants, a little creativity can go a long burns. What else is there?
to fight. way. The Swarm (LVL 1) its never too late to
savor the sweet taste of revenge. Supports the
Issue #85 Issue #89 (Monster Tokens-Set #4) new novelThe Savage Caves.
Ever-Changing Fortunes (LVL 2) A brave Honor and Eta (Oriental Adventures; LVL 1) Return of the Blessed Damozel (S.Trek; LVL
kobold needs your help to free his dwarven Even those of unclean spirit deserve the 11) A restless spirit pleads for a troubled soul
friends. Thats right-a brave kobold. chance to perform an execution in peace. dot mend his ways.
The Razing of Redshore (LVL 20) Can the Plane. This super agent is prepared to betray
city of Redshore be saved from utter anyone to further the lich Queens cause. Issue #98 (Issues go monthly; Monster Tokens
destruction? This adventure is your gateway Lust (S.Trek; 4th; 2-6)Heredity can lead you to set Issue #9)
to EPIC-level play. a dangerous and dark deeds, especially if Flood Season (Adventure Path: Shackled City
youre a half-fiend. 4th) The second installment in the Adventure
Issue #93 (Monster Tokens-Set #6; Writers Keershaz the Imp (C.Threat: CR6) This once- Path series has arrived! As winter approaches,
Guidelines) mighty demon lord has fallen far, but his the rains begin to fall on Cauldron. In the past,
Vanity (LVL 5) An ancient temples guardian passion for slaying adventurers can make him this season has been a cause for alarm, but the
hides the secret of one mans great hubris. a deadly and implacable foe. last few years, it has become a reason for
The Statue Gallery (S.Trek; LVL 9) Soemthing celebration. Suddenly, a prominent
has the peaceful Broken Axe Clan of lizard-fok Issue #96 (adaptable levels no longer listed in Cauldronite is brutally slain, and the rains start
riled up. the TOC; Under the arena map insert; paired to fall. Some dark power is linked to these
Swamp Stomp (LVL 4) Sadie & Her Lair with arena map in Drg#303.) recent events, and the acclaimed new heroes of
(C.Threat; CR 7) This drider has something to Provincial Prior Cause (1st) Cultists of Cauldron are beseeched once more to find a
prove, and the means to do so. Gruumsh have subverted one of the Soldiers of solution.
The Storm Lord's Keep (EPIC LEVEL the Sun, and the PCs must track the traitor Gluttony (S.Trek: 4th) Blood-sucking evil-
HANDBOOK; LVL 21)The Storm Lords down. doers have been terrorizing remote farms. The
daughter has been slain, and no force in the Pandemonium in the Veins (Gladiator: 5th) locals claim a vampire infestation, but are the
world can keep him from his vengeance-except Life as a gladiator is deadly enough inside the fanged, unholy undead really responsible?
the PCs. arena. So its just unfair when something Wings, Spikes, and Teeth (S.Trek 8th) Lions
starts killing the prize fighters outside their from the mountains have suddenly come to the
Issue #94 (Labeled Issue #92; Purple Illithid matches. Its up to the PCs to go undercover lowlands and begun attacking travelers. What
named Barney on the cover; Monster Tokens as gladiators themselves and solve the fell influence has come over the normally
set Issue #7) mysterious deaths. Paired with Dragon #303. reclusive beasts?
Spiral of Manzessine (11th; 9-15) Few can Beyond the Light of Reason (13th) The town
imagine a prison more terrifying than one run of Rutherton has lived in peace for years Issue #99- Dungeon Dressing set Issue #1
by illithids. Welcome to Manzessine. thanks to the protective flame of the light of Quadrapartite (14th) A minion of chaos as
Bloodlines (7th;4-10) The long-forgotten reason. When the flame is extinguished, the come to the Prime Material Plane form the
monastery to the lord of winds hides a secret PCs must race against time ot re-light it or the void of the Far Realms to terrorizeand conquer
of immense evil. town will be destroyed. in the name of its masters. The PCs must act
The Last Hunt (4th; 2-8) Lord Algen rides Cold Storage (C.Threat: frozen room) This icy quickly to assemble a legendary artifact
again, but can he survive his final quest chamber will chill your PCs to the bone. powerful enough to weaken the minion so it
without aid. Hollow Threats (S,Trek; 1st) A dragon turtle is can be defeated.
Worms in the Exchequery (15th; 11-19) A headed the PCs direction, having terrorized Fish Story (Bonus Subscriber: 5th) Locathah
mysterious order of thieves have stolen the towns up and down the coast. Is the small have invaded, or so it seems. But why, after
Infantas jewels, but all those who have faced fishing hamlet of Fogly next on its menu. all these peaceful years, have the fish creatures
them have perished. abandoned their home? The PCs must
Nakhti (Critical Threat: CR 10) Is it possible ot Issue #97 journey to the flooded village of Waterford and
be more devoted ot Nerull than if youre Heart of the Iron God (13th) A 185-foot iron delve into the past to discover the cause of the
already dead? giant has appeared out of the ocean to terrorize current commotion and uncover the secret
Larnyth (Critical threat: CR19) Size no longer the coast. Its metal skin hides many secrets history of the region.
matters whn you walk tall and ride a giant and only the PCs can find a way to halt its Phyx (C.Threat: choker CR 16) The drow train
stone beetle. path of destruction. marvelous servants, but when one fo their
The Excavation (S.Trek; 3rd; 1-7) The fall of ba Lifes Bazaar (Adventure Path: Shackled City; minions grows a spine and escapes, it makes
blackguards tower left a little something 1st) This Dungeon Magazine ADVENTURE for a deadly encounter. The choker Phyx is
behind for the unwary to discover. PATH begins! Enter the city of Cauldron, a just such and enemy. His assassin training
metropolis recently besieged by a rash of combined with his natural choker abilites
Issue #95 (Monster Tokens set Issue #8) disappearances. The population of the city is make him a potent foe.
The Jackals Redemption (9th; 7-14) Strange, nervous, but the disappearances became Colossal Crypt (C.Threat: room) This tall
red-armed devil ceatures are kidnapping personal when four orphans were taken from chamber is composed of rings of ancient
innocent townsfolk, and the towns guardian is their beds three nights ago. The Lord Mayor is crypts. Do they hod the heroes of old? Or
missing. stumped, and the city needs new heroes to possibly the villains? Maybe the giant
The Witch of Serpents Bridge (3rd; 1-7) uncover the mystery of the lost Cauldronites. headless statue that serves ast he crypts
Sabotage! Workers on the new temple of Kord Demonblade (16th) The legendary demonblade centerpiece holds the key.
are bing injured or killed at an alarming rate, has resurfaced and claimed the prince of
but is the witch of serpent bridge to blame? Manderaun. Only the intrepid PCs can rid the
Porphyry House Horror (BOOK OF VILE land of the former inhabitant ot the
DARKNESS; sealed section: 10th; 7-15) Only demonblade, as well as its foul minions.
the depraved survive the streets of Scuttlecove Blind Mans Bluff (S.Trek; 6th) A pair of
for long,b ut now a dark force has surfacedin leprous mountain dwarves plead for the rescue
the towns most popular attraction, making of their compatriots form a deadly ettin-wight.
even this city crave calmer days. Xollox (C.Threat: CR 19 beholder) He rules a
Yuthiol Mansecho (C.Threat: CR unlisted- kingdom of deceit and subterfuge, and his
Githyanki Rog4/Ftr2/Ill4)The githyanki pursue paranoia makes him deadlier than the average
goals alien to most on the Prime Material beholder.
PCs must pay the price. This D&D adventure (Dungeon Adventure Player Rewards! Take
is a Revised 3rd edition conversion of a module advantage of the RPGAs Player Rewards
that originally appeared in Dragon #131. program by scoring points with the adventures
3.5 Edition Adventures Issue #102
from this issue of Dungeon Magazine! Each
adventure is worth 2 D&D Player Rewards
Cry Wolf (2nd) A rare breed of wolf has points, and remains active until 1/29/03[sic].
apparently been staging daring attacks on Drop by for more details and
citizens of Rendrick. A group of hunters seek use the following adventure codes:
to claim bounty on the beast, but as the PCs Racing the Snake (6th) (105TS1DN) A
Issue #100 (All adventures now 3.5Edition quickly learn, the wolf isnt all it appears. merchants daughter faces an assassination
D&D format; giant Incursion map insert.) Something sinister lurks in the woods near threat. Will you lead her would-be killer on a
Old Embers Never Die (Flame, the Dragon town, and the PCs must act quickly to save chase through the treacherous Yatil Mountains
from Issues 1 & 17 returns; 12th) The red innocent lives. while she makes good her escape?
dragon Flame, from Dungeon issues #1 and Zenith Trajectory (Adventure path: Shackled The Stink (4th) (105RS1DN) The city of
#17, returns to the Western Moutnains-Twice! City; 6th) The third installment of the Dungeon Suncliff has so much trash theyve devoted an
This adventure also feathres an exclusive Adventure Path is here! The PCs action sin entire quarter t it, naming the reeking ruins
preview of the D&D Draconomicon, releasing the city have gained the attention of local the Stink and piling garbage as high as the
this fall. aristocrats. One of these wealthy merchants eye can see. But sanitation workers have been
Woe to Mistledale (8th) The sequel to issue seekst he return of his son so he can be fre of a vanishing form the Stink at night, and only
#87s Raiders of Galayths Roost returns to powerful curse thats destroying his body. The your heroes hold the key to solving the smelly
the PCs to the Dales region, where they must heroes must undertake a perous journey mystery.
uncover a plot to destabilize the region. through the Underdark in pursuit of the Warduke (C.Threat; CR20) Heirarch of the
The Lich Queens Beloved (Githyanki; 18th) prodigal son, but when they find him, Horned Society
The Incursion has begun! Dungeons returning him to Cauldron might be the last of
contribution to this three-magazine project the PCs worries. Issue #106
sends the PCs to the Palace of Whispers in the (Dungeon Adventure Player Rewards! Take
githyanki capital city on the Astral Plane. Issue #103 (Erik Mona new editor; flip format advantage of the RPGAs Player Rewards
There the characters must brave the githyanki eliminated; Polyhedron reported to be program by scoring points with the adventures
lich queens deadliest tricks and traps to stop shrinking somewhat) from this issue of Dungeon Magazine! Each
her quest for godhood. Glacial Inferno (7th) The evil wizard adventure is worth 2 D&D Player Rewards
Beast of Burden (6th) A massive behemoth Huhueteotls flame mages threaten the Duchy points, and remains active until 2/29/04. Drop
from another plane stalks the land, destroying of Urnst! Track the curs to their fiery lair, take by for more details and use the
everything in its pathi with the aid of an army a dip in liquid hot magma, and prepare following adventure codes:
of gnolls. yourselves for a chilling surprise. Tammerauts Fate (6th) (106TF1DN) A sunken
Lone Tooth (A&A: Dire Lion/Mnk12; CR14) Forest of Blood (FR: 5th) While relaxing at the ship, an island hermitage, and martial arts
This reincarnated monk guards a natural Berlingford Sprin Faire, the heroes stop a pack zombies give your heroes the fright of their
paradise, but under the right conditions, he of wild dogs form savaging innocent revelers. lives.
might join a worthy caucs. But these are just the latest in a long line of The Black Egg (12th) (106BE1DN) When an
Derthan Kaderas (A&A: CR9) This cunning, unnatural animal attacks. Investigation leads ill-favored orb drops form the sky and
mysterious NPC hides a dark secret. to a wide-ranging plot hatched in the depts. Of devastates the countryside, only the PCs stand
Master Thest (C.Threat: Weretoad CR 10) This the treacherous Forest of Blood. between an ambitious wizard, a cult of
weretoad likes hi victims like and kicking, Sinkhole (Subscriber bonus: 4th) After a long dragons, and a dark ambition that could bring
preferably in his belly days travel, the PCs take refuge in a safe little an army of fiendish worms into your campaign
Hungash (C.Threat: hobgoblin CR9) Wizards village inn ofr an honest nights sleep. Fate world!
make potent foes, espcisally when all they care intervenes when the inn falls into a deep self- Dantalion (C.Threat; CR 15) Dark Champion
about is ensuring your death. sealing-sinkhole, and the heroes must help of the Sword Lord
surviving patrons out of a complex cave Volkag (C.Threat; CR 12) Summoner of Death
system without accidentally stumbling into the
Issue #101- (Subscriber section: Bonus map of Plane of Shadow.
mystery and The Chasm Bridge Monster
Matrix card insert) Issue #104
Prison of the Firebringer (FR: 13th) From the Dragon Hunters (7th; p.16-43) Fort Akor has
author of issue #86s Rana Mor this come under attack by a dragon, but when the //
massive Forgotten Realms adventure takes the PCs seek out the beast in the surrounding
characters on a quest in the Silver Marches. A jungle they discover that the dragon may be
powerful evil force, long ago imprisoned by a the least of the forts troubles.
cabal of wizards, seeks its vengeance against The Demonskar Legacy (Adventure Path:
the realms. Shackled City; 8th;p.44-81) The Shackeled City
The Chasm Bridge (Subscriber bonus: Adventure Path continues! After a riot erupts
originally appeared in Dragon Issue #131; 7 th) in the streets of Cauldron, the CPs must track
An important chasm crossing in the Underdark down a missing paladin before the mob tears
has been claimed as the territory of a power- the city apart.
hungry wizard. He has taken to charging
exorbitant tolls to any who would cross the Issue #105 (C.Threats not listed in TOC)
bridge. Either way they chose-pay or slay- the