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The simulation of High speed rail-road transit by developing appropriate block diagrams and
implementation using user-friendly software. Thus analyzing its results.


The project shall be implemented in 5 phases:

Phase I: Study of the Project Aims

This phase would mainly comprise an extensive research and gathering of information
regarding High Speed Rail (HSR) and simulations to be used. I plan to use available books,
publications, papers and internet resources to broaden my understanding of the transit
system itself and the previous research done on the subjects. During this phase, I shall
define the scope of my study and create an outline for carrying out the research and
software implementation.

Phase II: Identification of Simulation Software

In this phase I plan to understand and study the basic of the simulation software MATLAB
and simulations, which is my primary choice. For this, I plan to use available books,
publications, papers and internet resources to broaden my understanding of the
networking and radio operations. I will try to get a freeware of Automation Studio and try
to implement the coding and present appropriate simulations.

Phase III: Simulation of scenarios

After understanding the functioning of various components present in the block diagram
we calculate the various system parameters by using both the Software and mathematical
tools. I will be using the information about the High Speed Rail (HSR), collected in phase 1
and I would proceed with the main objective of the project by developing the program and
simulating the High Speed Rail (HSR) using the selected simulation software. I will integrate
all the modules finally to produce the final output. I will also test the code using sample

Phase IV: Analyzing the Results

After having a complete understanding of the simulation and completing the procedure I
will then proceed to analyze the results and give a conclusion of my work. These will include
some of the possible scenarios Ive selected and give my understanding statement.
Phase V: Final Implementation and Submission

The last phase will mainly consist of preparation of Final Report for submission. I will also
demonstrate the step response for particular values using MATLAB. This final part of project
will include submission of the required documents and final seminar and demonstration.

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