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LEVEL 5 Speaking Quiz Second MidTerm

A meeting Speaking Quiz

Goal: According to Case Study given by the teacher, the student must discuss the strategy of marketing.

Task Description: Role-play. Work in groups of three. Freestyle has developed a new tennis racket called
Worldbeater. It is light but gives players increased power and control. It will be launched in the US. The Marketing
Department holds a meeting to discuss the strategy. Each student should have one of the following role: one
Chairperson and two participants
Assessment criteria
The following table contains the assessment criteria for this task.

Students name: __________________________________________ I.D: _________________________

Criteria Descriptor Score (1 to 5) & Comments

Use of key vocabulary from the case study

5 Vocabulary
Use of vocabulary learned in this course

Pronunciation of key vocabulary pertinent to

5 Pronunciation the case study
Pronunciation of vocabulary learned in this

Use of language concepts learned in this

course (verb conjugation, verb tenses, word
5 Grammar order, auxiliaries, food vocabulary )
Use of language to make questions,
suggestions, express opinions, agree,
disagree, advantage and disadvantage,.

The student speaks fluently and naturally; he

or she doesnt read from notes or repeats a
memorized text
Interaction and The student answers coherently to questions
Listening and employs English language correctly to
complete the task
The other student and the teacher understand
the students interventions and there are no
(or few) errors in their interpretation

The student has clear and coherent

Task arguments
5 The student demonstrates clear knowledge of
the task.
The student reaches a satisfactory conclusion
of marketing.