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9/6/2017 Document 403762.

Entering Mass Absence Request In Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) (Doc ID 403762.1)

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Oracle Self-Service Human Resources - Version to [Release 11.5.10]

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The user needs to enter absence request for all the users using SSHR and starting AME process for each request.

Is there a way to enter the mass absence request into the self service using a quick method (something like API).


Referring to the system administration guide page 3-111

You can use HR_PERSON_ABSENCE_API for inserting , updating or deleting person absence.

For more information please reference the following notes:

1. Note 121964.1 Publicly Callable Business Process APIs in Release 11i

2. Note 216838.1 Oracle HRMS Product Family Publicly Callable Business

In self-service when an absence (or other function) is submitted and sent for approval, the absence details are not stored in
the PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDANCES table (which is where an approved absence is stored) but, instead, rows are created in API
stored here is the API name and all the parameter values required to enter the absence details into

Once the approval is complete, the API is run and the data in the HR_API tables is removed. So now the absence details are
held in PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDANCES. If the approval is rejected then the HR_API table data is removed without running the
API and all details of the absence no longer exist.

The API HR_PERSON_ABSENCE_API.Create_person_absence would be the API held in the HR_API tables when an absence
request has been submitted for approval. So when the approval is complete, that API will be run.

HR_PERSON_ABSENCE_API.Create_person_absence is the only absence API for customers to use. And as you can see from
what is written above, it will insert the absence data into PER_ABSENCE_ATTENDANCES.

So what is wanted now is an API to write into the HR_API tables and kick off an approval at the same time. But there isn't one
to do that. 1/2
9/6/2017 Document 403762.1
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