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Instrument Pengaruh Gaya Hidup terhadap Food Related

No Factor name Item A/I/O Yes No
Shopping scripts
1. Importance of product To me product information is of O
information high importance.
I need to know what the product I
I compare labels to select the most A
nutritious food.
compare product information A
Intrument labels to decide
ini diperoleh which
dari brand
jurnal yangtoberjudul
buy. Food-related life style:Development
2. Attitude towards I have more confidence in food
of a cross-culturally valid instrument for market surveillance O yang disusun oleh Klaus G.
advertising products that I have seen advertised
Grunert, Karen Bruns, dan Sren Bisp. Kuesioner ini terdiri dari 5 bagian yang terkait
than in unadvertised products.
dengan pemilihan makanan . bagian-bagian tersebut antara lain shopping scripts, higher
I am influenced by what people say A
order product attributes, meal preparation scripts, usage situations, desired consequences.
about a food product.
Jumlah pertanyaan yang diajukan
Information pada kuesioner
from advertising helpsini adalah
O 21 item yang terbagi dalam lima
bagian. Setiap mebagian memiliki
to make jumlahdecisions.
better buying item yang berbeda. Kriteria penilaian hitung
3. berdasarkan skala
Joy of shopping Likert dan
Shopping fordibagi menjadi
food bores me.lima bagian. O
I just love shopping for food. I
Shopping for food is like a game to I
4. Speciality shops I do not see any reason to shop in O
speciality food stores.
I like buying food products in I
speciality stores where I can get
expert advice.
I like to know what I am buying, so A
I often ask questions in stores where
I shop for food.
5. Price criterion I always check prices, even on A
small items.
I notice when products I buy I
regularly change in price.
I watch for ads in the newspaper for I
store specials and plan to take
advantage of them when I go
6. Shopping list Before I do a large food shopping, I A
make a list of everything I need.

Higher order product attributes

1. Health I try to plan the amounts and types A
of food that the family consumes.
To me the naturalness of the food O
that I buy is an important quality.
I try to avoid food products with I
2 Price-quality-relation I always try to get the best quality A
for the best price.
I compare prices between product
variants in order to get the best I
value food.
3. Novelty I love trying cooking recipes from I
foreign countries.
I like to try new foods that I have I
never tasted before.
4. Organic products I always buy organically grown A
food products if I have the
Meal preparation scripts
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