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Engineer-Sappar B,tttdhons dre ltrtnd-picbed J)'om tl)a bast angineering troops auaildble. An Inzhenerno-saperniy
Bat/on is rate/ ds Fearless Ttned un/ess othertuise noted.

BAr-rAiloN HQ

. Add Arti-aicraft Platoon equipped with DShK AA
NIG on trucks lor +(r0 points.

.\ ..r,.e .lul lnq neer \rr\n.- Brrrr iul rr,lrrirc.l .p..i,li/ed

i't. frr, *.r. '.,ig'l,u lru"rrn..,'irr...irrglrrigade.v irh'n
,]! *re Soviet Amies. -lhese skills ceme from the spccializcd
f- .bar ior" .rr rr. hed u 'rh il e ,, \ br:g.rdc.
r aJ

1 Etryiuecr-Sdpptr Baffl;o H() t .q1t?!ed uith Sappet

Bodt' Annur (prge 1 1).


HQ Section with:

. Add Pioneer Supply ttuck for +25 points.

An Llnginctr-.\aper Caupdny, inclu,:/ing an1 attached

F1nr-throtter tns, h qttippel u.,ith Sapprr llolf
Arnour (pa..,e 1 1).

)ii Enginaer-Sapper Cr,m1an.y is unusn/ in ht thc

.atPo\ition of tbe paq, tan thangt Jiant gtne ta gtne.
Ezcb ,Lsau/t Sapper PLuoon cr rcll.. u! to ?iano
S,\IG team tuith tetns ftnn rhafollouting lit.
, ?iontr MG trtn
. PTRD anti tank nJle
. 82 BM-41 mrtr
. Pio rcr Fu|t)ikd te,t.t1
7Le teans ntap )e t n flr anoth,:r singb kn. E,:tth
Engiwer-Sap'er Com,tn1 cnnnot hare a total ol nore than
fottr tetms ofearlt 4,pe lste dbal)e.

You xntt choose the rolh?otti0lt of'lour Asau/t Sapper

Companiesfor each gtme hftn fuphytntnt begns.
. s
: :l
- '1G.*

HQ Section r.ith:
C.mmafd P oncer For.l GpA
SVTG team amplt b ols J-"ep

. Add an additional Fod GIA
each squad
amrhibious jeep to
for +5 poits fot the platoon. dtil itri ,rltlI lttli
Piofee piof ee
P feer proeer
llr.. "\ wrrc.r\\. '.,1.oy.,., , ,,t,...t..,ta.r) len
Sl\4G Sl\4G ter Sl\G ream S,4G leam
t' ro ,'. .' .,'errJ lnl...r ,.,, .,..", jt. .r pl,otl

f impcnding assaults. Tlev garhcred intcllieencc d'the lord GPA
Fod cPA
:Igineer sapper brigacle on Cleman clefences arph bio!s J eep mph
,rcl h., tJ oLts Jee p
J kcy rourcs lo Soviet aLLacks and srLspected Cierman
teanacks. Thcy also providcd demolitior
suppor! ro
5petstdz turit fbr enemy tnnsporrilrion
unicatiors hubs.

A Spatsntz l)lttoar tte the Slapptr lnjltration stttal rr/t,

A.'ipttsnaz l)/ttton is t llatnnissnta ltlttatt.
A ,lprtstaz P.ttoan is t t:(:cltt.)),o t/re C.)ttlin,d
. (.:o tra/ .lo.r';/tt. I/.tt-), r,/,"tte
,t nottnal phtoott.
A Sprtsnrtz ?lanat is rtl Itarle.- Veerdn.


fl l' l :1: i.i *R 3
'! 3

'' Ival *as bon inro a verv orditrarv peasant lantil,r' in August
: .1926 near ()dessa in the UkrinianSoviet Socialist Republic.
: ;,: rHis father was a bligadc leadel on a collective fatn rvhile his
1. morhe- r..r',..,111-ri e ldrnr m(r-rl'.r.
it Zabolotr)' joined thc milirary and became a plaroon com-
,- mander in ea1v 1944. He lcd his Plato.)n iir the libcration
ofshepetc,vLa, Krencncrs, Trnopc,l ard Lvov on his wav to I
the Poljsh bodct duling Opcration Bagtation.

Upon reaching Polancl his assault platoon, supported by

OT-34 aod PT-34 tanks, rvas initialiy repellecl bv siffGcrman
resistace. Z-abolotny horvever lvould not givc up end aftcr
repeered attcmpts linallv ovcrc:rme thc dclences ancl took his
objective wirh just seven membcs lefi in his plaroon Hc j:
accepted thcsc hearn- losscs s a Pert of combat oPcr?tiols. v
' Ivan eceived a For the Bravev nredl fo this success

.l kepr hirrr up front dur-ing most essaults.

his unit reached the Vistula Rive ncat Sanclonicrz-,
w:1s oncc gain called upon to asseult the (ierman On 26 January 1945, Ivan lvas assigncd ro temporay
. His actions in stormlng across the river resulted r derachmen that includcd rhiln' taks rvith six to eight
award ofhis sccond For the Bravery rrredal. Ivan rvas very riFr r'. r on e,lr ,1.. llri..lctr.l-rr.rr hr',1'. tr'rorrglr llr, .
ateful whcn, upon reaching dre othcr sile of the river. hc Celman lincs advaucing nearly forty kilonetr-cs into rhe-
rr Irli.rrr qnldier u rr" r^ L, h.,in"d o J md lrir! gu r. Gernan rea area. 'lhev elcicled ancl libcarcd a con
insteacl ofliirs. rrarion calp named Osvertsim. (Auschwitz in Geman). $
I-Ie rves arvarded with thc i"rClxs Ordc'r of Glory for this .
the last four months of t 94'i, his unit held he Sendomierz
-L- tiun.
ag.rinst Gern:rn cou n rer-lttlr(l<r,
lvan crossed the Oder Rivcr in Febluarv. There he was
rremndoLrs artillery bomblldment healded heir rcur1 r,vounclecl in rhc asseul on the Clerman city ol Breslau. ,,
the ollensive or allowed rhem to
12 January 1945. It lioocked unconscious by artillery', he alvoke in a hospital with
out of the bridgehcad and advace rowalds thc Polish numcous inju.ies. Thouih hc eventually fu1ly recovercd, his
of Krkow injulies endecl his combat clrreer in the Great Petriotic \Va.

Ivan Zaboloty is Recce SMG ream and'Slarior. He rcplaccs the 2iC Command tcatn in an Engincer-Sepper
,Bartalion for +3! points. Zabc,lotny is ratcd as Fealess Trined


was given the heroic task of fincling the r'eak spots lvan rvotld cquip himself *.ith thc rcquired smoke grenades
the Geman lines before an assault. He would select ro alert his battalion as to u4rere dre \\'cakest point in the
tearn and vetlrle forth to find the best place for rhe Gerran lines coulcL bc foirnd thus tclling the artillcty
ro launch irs assault. support whee ro lay their banagc.

Once 1,er gunc at tbt tnd ofanl,StartingStep' Iun tn a.'/ vlect Onc Iuan fctrns nn Engitter .\tptr Rccanrtnissancc
tun Pinrcr SMCi or I'ianrcr MG teann t'itlin CattLxnl P/taon, lt: ntlly tlct ttl n Oltcnter teattL .fir an1, Llorttt
D*tdrct tnd J'ortL tn Engineer Sapper RcL'onnissnce ['ldtoan in tb Eng)nrcr-Snpper Batrd/i.on.
P/toon. Itnn dnl h sclcctcd tuns Jlloa d/l n c: Ji,r Whcn lun's P/,ztoon t Jirntd, it nt4'indha n itrtndittt
Recttnntissant ort pagts l'19 r0 153 ofthe rulrbaolt. onnaL ntoutment befort btginning t/Le notntu/ XIu)a1|tt1lt .'
Inn bur,,ntts the ['/tarn Connan/ tenn Jir thk xeut Stey. 71is initit/ mot,enl(nt lars at count ,1s Lating rnouetl
pllto.)?t, crrlslg to fu an lnt/eVrndtllt Tea/]1 o
longcr ,:ourting as 2iO un. 77r EngineetSapper
Reconnaissanct llatoon counts n a /atttotr Jor all 'urposes

ComPa ! Morale Clecls.
All tLree vlf:prupdltd artillrr;, rtgi.ncnts uere tj0).11 into
Paritioji a/) th. d1st.t./t bdnltJbrfre ottr optn sights.'
,lIts l 1 Ch u i l ax, Ll a n n der 8'1, () ards
r A rn t1,,

tf Llagrtr zeu:, ll1 rL a b ri,.lgthtar|.

\7hile drc Sovic'ts called rheir hervy runs sclftpropellccl
atil]err', he Geruans c:rllcd them essault quns. ln reliw,
.lr. r, '.r.r ed.lernilb.. r,. aa.rr- .ril,lJ r ,^.1
tank hunrer r ole
'lhe heerr grurs of
rhc ISL,I l52 could be fbuncl support_
ing rssauhing inlantrv r,,ih cLir.ect 6re_ Their abiliv ro
ir .rn lr ,r.. ^. h|l,1.r.. ,.r.1,r e. r .l ,1.'., .i -,,
rions provicled t.xcellen lnlnnrl, srlrIorr.

The lSt,.-l2l rore often supporrccl:Ldvancing Sovict tank

bartalions by' pr-oviding overx.:rrchine firc. Thc, rvoull
gcncrall rahe up :r poslrion on rhc flanks ofrhe rank fbr-
nlrtioDs and us thcir larqe gLltrs ro ralget cnem_v allri ta]i
glrs. Lnk-hLLntcrs, and panzels.
Se(:proprlled Attllhtl, Rcginats art Guards ar1 tad Fealess Trained.

Soultt truops. l74, r,, nat,.ited l,t,t/r Ho trl Chtcles sptcial nt/r.



. Equip Cornrnancl IS-2 tanh *.ith .50 cal ,A,A. MG lo Conpn! Commd S 2 obr 1943

+5 Poirts
. Mount a lnkodesantniki SM(l team on the
( onrprr) (.omnr,rr,l l\-2 fbl l; puinrs.


Her'! As<u t GLrn Heavy Assault G!n
' Equip any or ISti-I22 or ISU 152 hea.vy assuh

tuns srh.S0 (J M MC lo +i poinrs lrer gun.

. trfount f'arkodesantniki SMC teams on all essaulr
euns fbr + l5 points per team.
Hery AssLr L Gr I llevy Assa! t Gun
HQ Section with:

. Add a Pioneer Supply Truck for +25 points.
. Add tucks fo +5 points for the cornpany.
,:'" I

a 122mm gun, our heaut IS tanhs uere partcularly -_:.- .. ,1':"'

:!. : 1,j.
in rcpelling nazi panzer counterttacks'.
Chuihou, B' Guards Army Commdnder
, gr.,du.,re ol the Chelr.bir'L T.rnL {.adcn' ;
6rst enreed combat at Sralingrad as a KV-1 heavy tank
Ratt unic was ordced to halt Gcman coutel_ r
attenpting to elieve the suounded citl'. His tank L
hir in rhc car nd the engine cornpar-tmenr caught frre, F

.br-r, in he crew managed to escape and return to

_rhe "u"tyona
' Br. tr4ach 1943, his unit had becn upgraded to the SLl-122
assault gun where he was in the lead elements during Kursk.
- For destroying a Ferdinand with his SU-122, he earned his
, fist Ode o[the Red Sa. His tank had managed to hit the

Ferdinand in the tack causing it to stop- The crew bailed out

fled, giving Vasily rhe kjll and the medal.

also commanded an SU-85 assault gun before his

t finally upgraded to the ISU-122 heaq self-pro-
gun. His hardest batties were against the German
heary tanks in the Ukrainc and at Siedlice in Poland.
survive these deadly encounters, he developed a 'zig-zag'
and trained his platoon to LNe when facing German
This tactic ailowed them o advance while under Leytenant l.:at was credited with killing eight 'figer tanks,
greatly increasiDg his platoons chances for survival. and one Panther tank. He eceived 4000 ubles (about one
montht wages) for the eight 'Iiger kills and a second Order
tactic was also found to work well against German of the Rcd Star.
rank-hunters, ard aicraft. During one parricular
the regiment had lost many vehicles but all 6ve Alrer two years in combat Vasily rc.air'ed a. Leltenant.
s tanks survived due to his zig-zag tactic. was lore concernecl with leading his tnks thal
promotior.. Va. y ni"hcJ rh. *;r fighLi''g ir' f,'r l-u.'ia
suviving to r-eturn home to Russia a hero.
'His army taas polsetl fb action lihe a sledlehammar ouer the nuil' .1Mrshal Chuikau of Genetnl Bogdanoti 2" fhnh Arn!.
The 3,rTank Coips contained rhe i0', 51", and 10.1'd Tank h rvas this loce that iiri:rlly laced the nvo S S pan zer d ivisions
Brigades fully cquipped for Opcration Bagration n'irh 65 T- ol tte IV SS Pnzerharpr and rhe three Heer panz-ct divisions
34185 anLs each. By the end of July u'hen the Corps had ofthe laif1)l Panzerkorps nottheest of\trarsaw in il\ tt(n,pt
reached he outskirts of Varsa* thev had suiTelecl ncarly to secure a bridgehead over rhe Narerv fuve, Afer he initial
40%o casualties. In August, rbey receivecl the 6'r' Guads battles the 3'r Tank Corps wes reinforcecl with the other two
llcav-vTank regimenr u'idr 21 lS-2 tanks lor support. (8'r' and 16'r') Tank Corps liom rhe 2"d Tank Army-
,l Tntkot,.1, Bdtah,n .fion a Tiznlz Corps of the 2" TanL Arml are rtgular Red Anny n'oops ntel Confident Trained.



. \dd Anti-aicaft Platoon cquipped t-ith DShK AA
\IG on rrrrcks for +55 Points, o with ZSU Ml7
\lG\lC self-propelled guns for +75 points.
. Upgrade T-34185 obr 19'13 tar* to have a Cupola
tbr +i points.
. \lounr Tanlodesantniki SMG team on the
l- Companr ( omnrand tk lor +l i pointr.
batr.:tion ol T 3418! tanks provides suflicient lircpower
lia or1 a German panzer company regardless of *har
t rhel face.'Ihei arnou and 85mr guns can stand
-:o-roe rvith the medium panzers and rheir overwhelming
s ill flre well asainst the Patrther.



. Upgrade all -f-34185 ol 1943 tarks to have a
Cupola for + l0 points for the cornpan
. Ifount Takodesatniki SMG teans o all tanks fo
+ 15 points per tad<.

developing you lactics to overrlrn the enemy consider

rvhat the cncmy will be using against you. lfyou are
only armour, hen the more BJmm guns you can
to bear the better you chances ofsuccess

however you are facing infantry and anti-tank guns, up-

your tanks wirh cupolas and Tankodesantniki SMG
may be in ordet.


. Replace the AA MG on up to one armoured car per
section with a hull-mounted pTRD ati_tank rifle
at no cost,

Light Armaured Car Platoons are not subect to th"

Centra\^etl Contr/ nntl Hen and. Chick st,"rial ,rlrr.

A LightArmoured Car Platoon is ratedFearless Trained. Releasing your amoued cas behind enemy lines ro
out soft targets or fird hidden strongpoint, *ll r."p b.
A Light Armoured Car Platoon is a Reconnaissance .. beyond the size ofyour platoon. Stay clear ofanti-tank
Pktoon. tions and let the hear,y guns take care of rhem.

i,.' Morv,rtoN AND SKILL

Contpanes tt: rttLConfrde
tl't dd u'tl:cng Sou dt ttti:' Carps Suppatt
c:,trps Suport L)arn'ttnits cotupktntnt
'.-, , n) n*y
ii..' Tr.i.t".L rrl.rt otht: aie rLarcd



h, ':

MG for
. Arm an,Y or all 1S-2 tanLs with .50 cal AA
+5 Points Per tank
, M.*nt T"rtkod.santniki SMG teams on ll tanks for
+15 Points Per team'
Henuy Brea|thtough Gtttt
IS-2 anhs bcrtft f'om tbe
specitl nrle on Page 11'

ri Al./Ll"na-{1ta 11lL rn
Rortcmbcr ta u\t L/1' T, t,r

pagr 87 nf rfu rulebook

r,1r\ r'qu.ire' ' l'rtlr

onltuL'l;ng rhL L lrr'"r' l'irl I

1"" ''J1 .,'" '''l\' l\' l' l m'er' hor\

of \v-irh such lttglt ptopctttiatt tl ot'licer: irt tht L:anpany'
;";;""". Fiellilgio a.dtalcompanv
'ith it:],^ll5l
counterattacking Gr,t,ri, l*,'t':I ;,, * (lttntp't t i rs t$e l]tar v)l)h is t t?.'l
t.-ior.. ""...t 'L'ilii'ri",, nat bv tLt
,,,^t s,"''r 77''1'
't" 'iftcutl
panzels. ''oup:
Hrn dnd Chitb: sPctial tule
IS-2 also possessesexcellen capabiliry for essaulting
n A' :uth
tt) rt 'i't-1" c ln fr"re'r rh'- Gurr/s HttJ' 'lhr Conpanirs ate Gtttnl t nops
and bLerking througlr 'riH ' nc
a Pa n zer l nac k e r anti'tank rvcapons , I t'l Ferlesr Trined
i irr ro^i "t
yo kodetaLrzll subn.rachie-g"t *iT:
o\t^r :l:f::
your big tanks as
z ,"nkr. Th.r" br"u" u'arios can Potect
assault eneml' Positions'

\"* ":

f"'i'" '*. .i
' c'' " '/'
','I^ t t ,t
' r' "

|t .T

HQ Section with:

. Add Kornissa team for +15 points.
. Add Maksirn HMG tearns fo +25 poinrs pe ream.
. Replace all Rille/MG reams in one Rifle platoon
with SMC teams ar no cost.

the udan). Maksim hear.y nrachine,gun suppor ro

your casualties and allow them to 6ght again another

Udarny Stre//<ouy Conl)afiits are tbe best tsstu/r troo,s in

the Rad Arnt1. Assu t thel arr rated FearJess Trained.

HQ Section rvith:

. \{odel BM-13 I(aq'rrsba rocket launchers with five
or moLe crcrv and cort each ocket launche as two
*-eapons when 6ring a bomb.rrdment for +10 points
per Rocket Mota Plirtoon
. \LlJ \lrri- rir'.r'lr Platoon lbr'+40 oint..
. Replace ll DShK AA MG orr tucks *'ith two 37rnm
obr 1939 guns tol-ed bv trucl fbr +10 points fr
the platoon.

-fh< dense smolie aud ear-splitring scream ofa rochet barage

untold destrLrcrion LrPon thc cnemies of rhe Red
.. Tactics, horvever, have changed. 'lirrgets nccd to be
found and designatccl f'ol destluction as thc Germans have
ed rhat rhey need to be hiclde if thcy rvish to miss thc
nrrh of!'our r-ocket atacks.
addiional launchers ard crews increascs be destuc-
and ulimatelv allot's vour folces ro push on across any

Katlu.sha protid,es the massivc 6re supporr lor your of-
ve. Oncc they find their target little can withstand their

i,: Artillery, lSonbardnt*.firtd b:' r 0r 1'10ft ue?ons

:t: I2 "/-10on x 6"/ I 5on Arti //er1 I iltrykrc t0 de tertttt
:,, te'N / bt l,it nd rt-rolk failed Tit Hn rolls
A Gurds Roclrt L[trtar Blltlia h rtul Featless
:,' ,lrtillc), Bonbrdment frcd b1' .fturtrn or
tttort Trained.
tt,ii!aits Jei ,t tttnl,lat 12"/j0crn squart to dctt'nnna
:; icl., rns re hit arLd re-rulL Jiibd fo Hir n'//s


HQ Section with:

' Platoons for +/0 points fo both

i#"I:. "t-n'er
HQ Section with:

. Add Observer Rille team fo
+15 poits.
. Add PTRD art,tank ifle
teams ro How.irzer
Plaroons for - l0 poinr.per ream.
. Add hose-dawn wagon to carry the Staff
team at
no cost.
. Add hose-dawn limbes at no cosr.
. Add Stalinets tacors at no cosr_

, ase the Volhl Fire special rule on pdge

Soviet artillery banalions are available
ro support
oops.,They provide the n...r."ry 6r"p*..
rhe eneml in pla. e while you. lorce\ Ln

bombadmers rncrea\e your assaulring

rvabiliry This allows your infanrry ro
breach he
enemy line of defence and assault
the secon<l lie of

r ro-h"vc,an, ar r iJler) ob,err er 6p!lq

ol brrngirrg
upon borh delensjve positions
s gurls ca tur.n a foolish enemy assault
.ons into a nighrmare fo rhe att:cke,
Hou;tz', ['1ntoo,t, aq Att;tlt 1. Barta/)na
.i4 a71 ,1,,. ,
rog, rhe, o, a rpa..,, hatre,t
lo,"tOa;;lnerr apa"r.rtom the
tJu4 l/ Houjtz,, I'k,o,t
ttTal0attr. .a.v 6.e, nn aa;//e.1
bo'1,ibard,n?nt, ,,1/ Ct n t,/a,oo,j, ,nbr ;i .." po,t;.)pa
ta, the hm12p,/,,7,4!. .. t4nt i.teJ
.n,l,t ,o,,a,,/
Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes t, '.d
Range ROF Anti-tanb Firepouer t':

IjLrllv ackecl 7 5r Co-:u MG, Mine rolle Limiretlvision.
,j19!!l l /\arn 2
j.i Fullv racked 6 5I Co-r MG, Fasr rank, Liited vision, \Vide tracks.
32"/80.1 l
;TO-i2 Jl lraucl 4"/l1tn -6 Flam thnner Hull nouner/.

-- r. l!il rullv rnckcd 6 il Co-x ir'lG, HullMG. Fas rnh, Linircd vision, \\rlcraclo.
t /80/1 2 9 3+

f4.8i obr 19.13 Fully'tLacked 7 5l Co'r MG. Hull MG. Limired vision.
85nu D 5T pn 32 '/80cn 2 12 3+

:i I :,: l913 llully-racked 10 8l Co- NlC, TurLrL-er MC.. Slorv tenk.
.32"/80n l t5 2+


Hlfmcked l lt)
21 '/60tn ) lA 1+

Fnlly-tracked 3 t0 \lidercks
zls 3 32"/80cm 2 93+
l FLLlly tL.rcked t 5l
32'/80rn 2 12 .3+

FLrlh,nckcd 9 2 Slow ranh.
:::tu D )is gn .32 /8aot l t5 2+
Fully+rached 9 7 ). Sloiv ank.
112nn ML-20.5 nn 32'l8acm 13 l+ Brntrer buster H /naunx,l.

B.{r I..p 0 0 0 Ad MC;
'.1::t P rRD nti t.l I ilL t6'/10. 1 2 t +

B\1-l-l]\aush \lhee]erl
3't li t6 roclx kunchtt 4'/t60,:w 1
DSr r,1 \lC on rLuck Whcclcd ,\l,lsrard layour.
ts,.^,1A ,vG I 5l An;i ijrc)nli,I)orx.
Ml7 MGMC (11urd.s0 crl)H lF-rrrLed I 00
quad 50,a| MG t 6710cn 6 15+
lZ;:ii \1G t6"/1tun 26 ROt- t if atha at1i J;tr.
rI l/ehiclc MG 16"/40on I 5+ RaF t )fother anpa

e war progressed, both rhe German and Sovier armies used every vehicle
could 6nd to get their soldiers to the front line, often resoting ro captured
to transPor! thei troops.

Vbeneuer a pktaon has nu.cks, feelfrae to model it uith either Souiet ZIS-5 3,
ton, 215-6 4-ton, GMC 2 1/2-ton, Dodgr tA ton, Stu.ltbekket 2b-ton, Horch,
Krupp or Stey Kfz 70 tnrcls or Opel Blitz 3-tan truchs.
., .s'!,:;,. ,
" :1 .r,,', i{i

Mobility Range ROF Anti-tuk Firepower Notes

I'l-RD anri nk rifl 16 /40cnr 2 5 ir Tnh Aul 3
'l Maksim HN4C I{an-packcd 21"/60cm 6 )( ROF 2 when plnned dorvn.
' . S:-nlt +l n,,'.", NIan p.rcked .i0 /100 n, )6 i.:
1- 120-PN1 i8 nrotr Lighr 56 /l40cm 33r
_: DShK,{ l\1( l 14rn packed lh /.t0cnr 4i+ Ani alrcafr.'lirr nble '

: 37nrnr obr 1939 gLrn Imm,-bilc 2/"/60cr 1 61+ Anr-alcr ali, TrLrnablc
'15m ob, t9,11gun Light 24 /( (l t4+ Gun shiclJ.
57mm ZIS'2 gun Hcarr- 32"/80cm 3 11 1+ cun shictd
76mni ZIS I .tnLi,nli.eun Herr l2 /80c ) 9 (lLrn shield.
76mm ZIS-3 field gLLn l'lcn' 32'l8ocm 2 93+ Cun shicld.
Firing bonrberrlmcnrs 80"/200cr11 l6
8lnm obL 1939 gLrn .ll"i 80cr 2. 12 3+ Ilcn nLi ircrfi, Tublc.
l22mm obr 1938 ho'virzcr Immolilt 2,1'l60cm I 77+ CLLn shiclcl.
Firine bombardlnenrs t0"/200cr ,r"
l5lmrn ob, lI) 3 ho\!if?er lrnnrbilc l,l /ar0.m I t0 t+ Bunl<er bLrse, (;un shirld.
Flrin.s bonlb:,dmenrs 80 /200cl 5 l+

Range ROF Ati-tank Firpower Veapons lnd Notes

I{ille rc.u )6
l(,"/10cn ) )6
SX1(; rrar l i t0cn -l 1(, tull ROF rvl en u,virg
f i10cn 2 ll 5+ Tank Asulr 6. Cnnor shoo in Shootnrg Srcp if noved
lvlovement Srep. Faustnltra
Flanc-hLtlcr cr 10.i
:i"i .i 6
1"/l0cn 1 1 6
5lorcs s a I le.CLLn cn,


tcrs ae link Axaulr ,1.

Mobility Front Side Top Equipmenr ard Notes

F" a '1 Anrph br. ' (l

5 3 ton, 215-6 4 ron, Dodge li ron,
o (iMC/Smdebekker 21,!,ton rck \iheeled

Sralrnes I'Lrlh.Lacked
limb, V.rgon

Nf 3A1 arnoured rr.rnroncr l 0 0 Irscge -ftc.l.{A MC
BA-1Otr1 convened aoured .rnmorer l-p I 0 0 Pascnger'6red ivlG.
Captur.(l Sd Ktz 150 or li1 hltrach Hlf cked 1 0 0 lassengrr li red r\1(,.
liricr Hllrrck*l 0 0 0 Pasengcr fired ]t1G.

'Jleapon To Hit .rti-tk Notes

Il2 Shurmorik .l+ 9 5+ llling rank.
Ilo mbs 1+ j l+
Rochets J+ 6 J*
Tip 3M ShnLrmovik 3+ t2 4+ Flying tank.
Bombs 4!. 5 t+
Rockers 3* 6

Russian Green (894), or

Lufwaffc Camo Green (823)
lained meal

Flat Flesh (955)

Exposed 11esh

\ Flat Red (957)

f.paulcrrc pipine
Khahi (988)
t Gunmetal Grey (863)
I Cun reral, ool heads
! rt Beige Brown (875)
tullvood, tool hndles

Flat Earth (983)

S\lG Pouches

Khaki Grey (880), or

Kh"r.i (988)

USA Tarl Earth (874) Soviet Assauit Sappers used a

Greatcots, Ledrolls & Amoebi pattern camouflage unifoln.
To paint your Assauh Sappers, basecoat your
riniarures rvith Russian Uniform (924),
Black (950) and acld Amoeba' splotches of cithel Black
Boots, Belt (950) or Gcrman Caro Dak Green (!/!).
Alternativelv, basecoat youl niniarures with
Khaki Grey (880), with blorchcs of Black
lq<01 or Curmrn r mo Blrrck B.o\ r td//).

fou.nd in tbe F\anes Of Qualtermastes Painr Set, Soviet i)ainr Sit )zrl
Cerman SS Paint Set auaih-b/e f om tbe on/ire ttzr. dndF|rmes C)fWar stochists.
More comprehensiua pLlintng nd modellittg guides cart also be fotmd on the
uuttu. F/amesOJ\l' u b,I!t.

Tnb crew oueralls

Once undercoated, painr yor vehicle o gun wirh a
Tarh uzu belmets
Black (950), or basecoat of Russian Green (894). Drybrush a few coats of Black (950), or
Khaki Gey (880) Luftrvaffc Camo Green (823) over rhe rop of rhis ro have Beige Brown (875)
your miniatlrres ready for the table quickly and easily.
Vebicle and gun colour: Tool ltandles
Russian Green (894) Beige Brown (875)

AJternate velticle y'"

gun colour, Tlres & rond uheek
Luftwaffe Camo Green (823) Btack (950)

Tanh camouflage colour Ti.acbs

Flat Earth (983) Gunmetal Grey (863)

' - j