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Animal Research Student Rubric

Beginning Developing Accomplished Excellent

Areas Score
1 2 3 4
Beginning sentence clearly
Topic and Clear, interesting opening states the topic and draws
No opening or closing Opening and closing
but closing unclear or no the reader in. Closing
Conclusion sentence. sentence not clearly stated.
conclusion sentence summarizes
findings about research.
Sentences & 3 paragraphs, 8 3 paragraphs, and 9 or
less than 7 sentences 3 paragraphs, 7 sentences;
sentences; no words more sentences; no words
Paragraphs made; words omitted minimal words omitted
omitted omitted
0-3 sentences have correct 4-6 sentences have correct 7 sentences have correct All 8-9 (or more) sentences
Capitalization capitalization capitalization capitalization have correct capitalization.
0-3 sentences have correct 4-6 sentences have correct 7 sentences have correct All 8-9 (or more) sentences
Punctuation punctuation punctuation punctuation have correct punctuation.
The research sheet The research sheet
The research sheet includes The research fact sheet
includes less than 6 out of includes only 7 out of 8
Research 8 items of the information
only 6 out of 8 items of the
items of the information
includes all information
information requested. requested.
requested. requested.
The research sheets, draft,
Meeting the The research is not turned in The research is turned in late The research sheets, draft, and
and final paper, are turned
at all or was turned in late but but is complete or turned in final paper, are turned in on
Deadline incomplete.
in on the day (lunch or
on the day but incomplete. afternoon) of the due date. the morning of the due date.
The research is well
Research may be well thought out, neat, and
Research is sloppy and
thought out, but is sloppy complete, but may not be The research shows great
hurriedly completed OR a
and put together quickly. A unique and original. A thought and effort. Work is
Quality parent did the entire project
parent may have done most parent may have helped done entirely by the student. It
for the student. No originality complete the research. is attractive and
of the work. Research may
or creativity is present.
not be original or complete. Other researches may be
the same as this research.