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Day Wednesday

Date 13th September 2017

Syllabus English KSSR Year 2

Topic Unit 16: Reuse, Recycle

Focus Reading

Theme World of Knowledge

Content Standard 2.1 By the end of the 6- year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to apply knowledge of sounds of letters to recognise words
in linear and non- linear text.
Learning Standard 2.1.1 Able to recognize and articulate initial, medial and the final
sounds in single syllable words within given context:
(g) (e-e) and (i-e)
Objectives Students will be able to:
i. Listen and articulate phonemes e-e and i-e on flashcards
ii. Read and articulate 12 phonemes of e-e and i-e correctly.
Time 60 minutes

Teaching Aids Flashcards, VLEFrog

EMK/CCE Contextual learning


Set Induction (5 minutes) Teaching Aids
1. Teacher greets Flashcard pictures:
students. -bike
2. Teacher shows -lime
flashcards of pictures. Question and Answer -kite
3. Teacher asks students -slide
what are the pictures.
4. Teacher corrects 1. Do you know what picture
students is this?
5. Teacher proceeds to
class activity.
Class Activity (30 minutes) Flashcards words
6. Teacher shows e-e:
flashcards of words to -eve
students. -theme
7. Teacher reads
flashcards to students. i-e:
8. Students repeat sounds -ride
after teacher. -bike
9. Teacher explains -slide
definitions of words to -kite
students. Learning Through Fun -rice
10. Teacher asks students -lime
to sit in a group of 4. -hide
11. Teacher pastes pictures -time
on whiteboard.
12. Teacher writes words Expected Questions
with blanks under each
13. Teacher asks students
to write the correct
14. Teacher reads the
words with students _i_e
one more time. Answer: bike
15. Teacher proceeds to
class exercise.
Class Activity (20 minutes) A Day with Pete and Mike
16. Teacher asks students Fill in the blanks with the
to login their ID to correct letters.
VLE Frog.
17. Teacher asks students Reuse, Recycle
to answer quiz A Day Read the questions carefully.
with Pete and Mike. Choose the correct pictures.
18. Students fill in the Technology (VLE Frog)
blanks with the correct
19. Teacher asks students
to answer quiz Reuse,
20. Students choose the
correct pictures
according to the
Closure (5 minutes)
21. Teacher recaps the Summarizing
i. Able to listen and articulate
phonemes e-e and i-e on Observation
flashcards clearly. VLE Frog Quiz
ii. Able to read and articulate
12 phonemes of e-e and i-e
1. Teacher guides
students articulating Guidance
2. Teacher guides
students when using
Supervisors Evaluation

Teachers Reflection

Supervisors Reflection