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1) Environmental lawyer killed

By: Leo Udtohan - Correspondent / @leoudtohanINQ

Philippine Daily Inquirer / 02:10 AM February 17, 2017

TAGBILARAN CITYWhat would have been a routine drive home for lawyer Mia Manuelita
Mascarias-Green on Wednesday afternoon ended in a brutal murder witnessed by her three
young children in this city in Bohol province.

The four gunmen did not just leave after shooting Mascarias-Green, 49, who was driving her
Toyota Innova. They also taunted her 10-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twins and the
childrens nanny, pointing their guns at them before fleeing on board two motorcycles, police

They even bullied the kids and the yaya, said Supt. Nicomedes Olaivar, Tagbilaran City police
chief. They made faces and then laughed at them, he added.

Olaivar said the gunmen had companions positioned in the area.

He admitted, though, that while the police had established the identities of the suspects,
investigators had yet to determine the motive of the killing, which he described as well-

Olaivar said police were not discounting the possibility that the attack was related to Mascarias-
Greens job as a lawyer.

We all knew Attorney Mascarias (Green), palaban unya (she fights) for the poor, he said.

Mascarias-Green was known as an environmental lawyer and was part of the Environmental
Legal Assistance Center. She also handled civil and criminal cases.

Olaivar said the suspects were familiar with the lawyers daily routine.

Mascarias-Green left her law office in Dampas District with her children and nanny at 4:27 p.m.
on Wednesday.

It was the usual route she was taking when going home (to Loon town) to escape traffic jams in
the city, Olaivar said.

When her Toyota Innova reached the corner of H. Zamora and J.A. Clarin Streets in Dao District,
two motorcycles blocked her path and fired at her.

Her children were unharmed as they were seated at the back passenger seat.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

Mascarias-Green had three bullet wounds in the head and four bullet wounds in the body. She
died at Holy Name Hospital Medical Center here.

Investigators recovered at least 27 spent shells from .45 cal. and 9mm pistols from the crime
scene, Olaivar said.

Mascarias-Greens husband, Stuart, a British, was in Bangkok for a conference and was
expected to arrive in Bohol on Thursday. The family had yet to issue an official statement.

Mascarias-Green was a student leader at Divine Word College of Tagbilaran (DWCT), now
Holy Name University.

She had excellent leadership skills and was articulate. She fought for the rights of students,
said Rosalinda Paredes, former director for student affairs at DWCT.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

2) Lawyer of suspected drug lord, teener shot dead in Leyte

By: Joey A. Gabieta, Robert Dejon - @inquirerdotnet
Inquirer Visayas / 07:04 PM August 23, 2016

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte The lawyer of suspected drug lord Rolando Kerwin Espinosa Jr.
and his 15-year-old companion were killed on Tuesday afternoon when unidentified men fired at
the pick-up they were riding in, in Barangay Lumbang II this city.

Rogelio Bato Jr., 48, and a resident of V & G Subdivision here, and Angelika Bonita of Barangay
75, were heading to the Robinsons Mall at about 2:20 p.m. when they were fired upon by men on
board a white pick-up and a motorcycle.

Police had yet to determine if the ambush was related to the drug cases being handled by the
lawyer, including those involving Kerwin and other suspected drug pushers such as Ricardo
Rondina who was detained and his cousin, Ferdinand Rondina who was out on bail.

Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr., father of Kerwin, didnt issue a statement on the death of
his sons lawyer.

But Albuera municipal administrator Daryl Menesis told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the
elder Espinosa could not talk because the mayor was crying when he heard about the ambush.

We will do everything we can to establish the motive and identify the suspects, said Senior
Supt. Rolando Bade, Tacloban City police director.

He said they didnt know where the victims came from but the two were heading to the mall.

Bato was driving the maroon Toyota pick-up (YHH 461) while the girl, who was wearing her
school uniform, was on the front seat. The girl was a fourth year high school student of the
Sagkahan National High School.

Witnesses told police that the pick-up slowed down because of the road construction in Lumbang

Bato, however, didnt notice that he was being tailed by men on board a white pick-up and

The perpetrators, who were armed with .45 caliber pistols and M16 rifles, then overtook the
lawyers pick-up and fired at the vehicle.

Both were killed on the spot due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Bade said the police recovered several empty shells of a .45 pistol and M16 rifles at the crime
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

3) Lawyers protest in Surigao over murder of colleague, retired judge

By: Tetch Torres-Tupas - Reporter / @T2TupasINQ / 06:28 PM February 07, 2017

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP)-Surigao del Norte chapter has decided to withdraw
their representation on drug cases in their jurisdiction to protest the killing of retired Surigao city
judge Victor Canoy early this week and the assassination attempt against Surigao city prosecutor
Manuel Tesiorna Monday.

We are protesting the shallow understanding of the legal process, which prompted the
accusation of our colleagues as alleged drug coddlers and protectors because of the drug cases
that have been dismissed in their respective officers. We withdraw our representation from all
drug cases starting today until all perpetrators are apprehended. We will not be able to do our
jobs if our lives and the lives of our families are in peril, said the statement signed by its chapter
president Atty. Noel Pangilinan.

The group said they took such action to call the attention of the authorities to the threats they and
their families are receiving since some of them started handling drug-related cases.

They added that as part of their protest, they will conduct a motorcade from the IBP Building in
Parola, Surigao City which will culminate in a rally and a brief program to be held at the citys
Luneta Park on Thursday.

The 70-year-old Canoy whose last position in the judiciary before retiring was as regional trial
court judge of Branch 29 in Surigao City was shot dead by riding-in-tandem suspects last
February 2.

Tesiorna, on the other hand, was attacked by a motorcycle-riding gunman outside the gate of his
house in Canlanipa Homes, Surigao City on Monday morning while he was washing his car.

He sustained gunshot wounds in his chest, neck and back and remained in critical condition at a
hospital in Cebu City where he was airlifted.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

4) Security guard indicted for murder of 2 lawyers

By Michael Vencynth H. Braga (The Freeman) | Updated January 9, 2017 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines - The suspect in the fatal shooting of two lawyers in Barangay Sta. Cruz,
Cebu City last month will now have his day in court after he was indicted for murder.

The Cebu City Prosecutor's Office has found probable cause or sufficient ground to hold
Jonathan Sanchez, a security guard, for trial for allegedly shooting to death lawyer Goering
Goerge Paderanga Sr.

The prosecution office did not recommend bail bond for the temporary liberty of Sanchez since
the offense charge is non-bailable.

Another murder complaint against Sanchez for allegedly killing Goering's son, Gerik, in the
same incident is still pending before the prosecution office also for determination of probable

Goering did not make it to the hospital following the shooting incident while Gerik died three
days later.

In her written accusation or "Information," Prosecutor Ma. Johanna Desamparado-Calustre

alleged that circumstances that constitute murder, such as treachery and evident premeditation or
aforethought, are present in the case.

The case stemmed from the complaint filed by Goering's other son, Goering George Paderanga

The younger Goering in his complaint affidavit maintained that the killing was planned by the
guard and that there was no confrontation that transpired between the suspect and the victims
prior to the incident.

"Sanchez applied treachery as the shooting was very sudden and unprovoked. There was no
confrontation between my father and Sanchez," he stated.

Goering was inside a rest room in their law firm when the incident took place outside the office
at 8 p.m. on December 22, 2016.

"The manner and place of shooting show evident premeditation. This Jonathan Sanchez waited
for my family to return to the law office and he then surreptitiously shot my brother, Gerik, at
close range, and waited for my father to come out of the law office to shoot him. It is very clear
that this Jonathan Sanchez carefully planned and carried out the shooting and killing of lawyer
Goering George Paderanga Sr. and Attorney Gerik Caesare C. Paderanga," he added.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

Sanchez is now under police custody after he was arrested in his parents' house in Barangay
Talamban, Cebu City last December 23.

Sanchez reportedly admitted shooting the Pade-srangas because he was angry at them for
blocking a cement mixer of a construction site he was guarding.

Prior to the incident, the victims were returning to their law firm from a dinner with their family.
Gerik parked the car in a narrow street near F. Ramos Street and his father went inside their

Witnesses said the guard got angry after the vehicle of the victims blocked the way of a cement
mixer truck and a heated argument ensued between him and Gerik.

Sanchez allegedly shot Gerik in the nape with a 9mm pistol. After hearing a gunshot, Goering
allegedly went outside to check and was also shot in the chest.

Goering Sr. was the husband of Judge Sylva Paderanga of the Regional Trial Court Branch 16.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

5) Lawyer murdered after attending court hearing

By Juancho R. Gallarde (The Freeman) | Updated September 30, 2015 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines Another lawyer, who has retired from the government service as head of
the Public Attoneys Office, was shot dead while on his way to his parked car after attending a
court hearing in Bayawan City yesterday morning.

Senior Superintendent Dionardo Carlos, OIC director of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial
Office, confirmed that a lone gunman shot at close range lawyer Ramon Elesteria. Before leaving
the scene, the killer fired more shots on the chest and head, while the victim was already lying on
the ground.

Initial investigation showed Elesteria was in Bayawan City for the scheduled hearing of a drugs
case, of which he was the counsel for the accused. He was last seen conversing with another
lawyer on his way out of the Regional Trial Court-Branch 63 and was shot dead before reaching
his car.

Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Negros Oriental chapter president Cyrus Riconalla condemned
the killing, and called for an emergency meeting of the organization today at the IBP office in
Dumaguete City to take up a resolution denouncing the dastardly act.

While mourning for the death of a colleague in the profession, Riconalla said he might urge
lawyers to skip attending their court hearings for one month to send a strong message of

It was not long ago when lawyer Archer Martinez was also murdered in his office in Dumaguete,
a case that remained unresolved until now.

Riconalla also cited the murder of Judge Orlando Velasco in 2007, then the presiding judge of
RTC Branch 63 in Bayawan City, and the killing of agrarian lawyer Eleazar Casipong.

The IBP-Negros Oriental urged the police to do what it can to bring the perpetrators to justice in
a number of shooting incidents, and the killings of lawyers as well.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

6) Husband kills Comelec lawyer in murder-suicide

By Nestor Etolle | Philippine Star | Updated June 5, 2008 - 12:00am

A pharmacist allegedly shot dead his lawyer-wife then killed himself in what police believe was
a crime of passion that occurred in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila early morning yesterday.

Crime investigators found the bodies of Benjie Mallen and his wife, Sunshine, both 33, several
feet apart at the ground floor of their residence on Araullo street.

Sunshine, who worked for the Commission on Elections, was sprawled on a portable mattress
with a bullet wound in the right temple. Near the mattress was the body of Benjie, who worked
as a pharmacist at the Bureau of Food and Drugs. He also sustained a single bullet wound on the
right temple. A 9mm pistol with three bullets was recovered near Benjies body. Three shells
from a 9mm and two deformed slugs were also found in the living room.

Chief Inspector Dominador Arevalo Jr. who heads the homicide section of the Manila Police
District, said he is ruling out the theory that an intruder had committed the crime since there were
no signs of forced entry in the house, which was well-locked from inside. Except for Sunshines
wedding ring that was reportedly placed on top of a television rack before she died, no other
valuables were noted missing at the crime scene.

Investigators said the couple had been at odds for several days before the shooting. However,
their quarrel was confined only to themselves, with both choosing to remain quiet, according to
the members of their household. There was no verbal confrontation between the two victims,
but their (kin) noted that they were not talking with each other, Police Officer 3 Jay Santos said.

On Tuesday night, Sunshine reportedly left their room on the second floor and slept downstairs
on a portable mattress, together with her 30-year-old brother Lex. Next to them were two
housemaids sleeping on a mat. All the lights were turned off in the living room.

Police said Lex was awakened by the sound of a gun being fired repeatedly, and when he turned
on the lights he saw the bloodied bodies of his sister and brother-in-law.

Investigators found that Benjie had bought his gun only a month ago and started to practice
shooting. Before the night of the shooting, Benjie was also observed drinking alone in the house,
with his gun placed on the table.

Neighbors were shocked upon hearing the news of the shooting. They are God-fearing couple. I
cant believe they can do such a thing, Santos quoted one of the neighbors as saying.

Arevalo ordered all the members of the Mallen household, except for the children, to undergo
paraffin tests, which would show if someone had recently fired a gun.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

7) Police probe lawyers death in Bukidnon

By: Ador Vincent S. Mayol, Apple Ta-as

@cebudailynews 02:04 AM October 8th, 2015

Police in Bukidnon province are investigating the death of 68-year-old laywer Pepito Suello,
which was initially reported as a case of accidental firing or an ambush.

But the chief of the Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7) said he doesnt believe
the Boholano lawyers death was accidental.

Chief Supt. Prudencio Tom Baas said there were indications that Suello was shot at close

Baas said according to the initial report, Suello was driving his SUV when someone fired shots
at the drivers side last Tuesday.

Police recovered empty shells of a 9mm caliber pistol inside the vehicle.

The empty shells were recovered inside, so it debunks the theory that the shots were fired from
the outside. The shooting happened inside the car, Baas said.

Baas said he was told by Supt. Henry Dampal, chief of the Malaybalay Police in Budkidnon,
that the circumstances surrounding the lawyers death remain sketchy.

Bukidnon police learned that Suello had two passengers on board lawyer Alvie Damasco and
Fernando Macalintal, a policeman from Pampanga.

Police said it was Damasco, who was seated beside Suello, who described what happened as an
accidental discharge of a firearm.

Suello was the legal counsel of Macalintal, who is facing charges in Pampanga.

Macalintal could no longer be located after the incident.

The gun which allegedly went off and hit Suello in the armpit was not recovered.

We will look into the background of the victim. If the family will seek assistance, we will help
them, said Baas.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Cebu Chapter expressed grief over Suellos death.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

It is with a heavy heart that we inform (you) of the untimely demise of Atty. Pepito Suello. We
urge everyone to offer their prayers for the repose of the soul of Atty. Suello, a message posted
on the IBPs Facebook account read.

Lawyer Gonzalo Malig-on, president of the IBP Cebu Chapter, called on law enforcement
agencies to go after the perpetrators and the mastermind.

We express sympathy to Atty. Suellos family. We hope to know the facts of what happened, he
told CDN over the phone.

Suello was a native of Loon town in Bohol. He was admitted to the bar on April 27, 1985.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

8) Lawyer killed, 2 wounded in Cebu ambush

By: Ador Vincent Mayol, Jhunnex Napallacan - @inquirerdotnet

Inquirer Visayas / 10:10 PM August 13, 2015

CEBU CITY, Philippines A female lawyer was killed while her law partner and office staff
were wounded when they were ambushed by still unidentified men in Barangay Looc, Mandaue
City, Cebu, past 6 p.m. on Thursday.

SPO2 Juan Calamba, desk officer of the Mandaue City Police Station 5, identified the fatality as
Amelie Ocaada Alegre, 35.

Wounded were her law partner, Briccio Boholst and an office staff, Antonio Pino who were both
recuperating at the University of Cebu Medical Center in Mandaue.

Boholst is a former Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Cebu City president and Mandaue city

Alegre died on the spot due to multiple gunshot wounds in the body. Boholst was hit in the leg
and Pino in the stomach.

Alegre was driving a grey BMW car with plate number ABM 5635 after attending a meeting
with Boholst and Pino in Mandaue

She was supposed to drop off Boholst in Barangay Looc but her vehicle was fired upon by one of
the two men on board a motorcycle when the car reached Catalino Street in Barangay Looc,

Senior Supt. Mariano Natu-el, Mandaue City police director, said they were looking into all
angles of the killing.

He said they were securing the testimonies of witnesses and would try to review the footage of
the CCTV installed near the traffic light located 100 meters away from the crime scene.

We cant give any conclusion now, he said.

But he said the police would invite Alegres husband for questioning.

Alegres mother Marieta, who rushed to the crime scene upon learning of the ambush, said her
daughter confided to her that she had been receiving death threats from her husband, Ryan
Alegre, a businessman.

The couple were sweethearts at the University of San Carlos. They got married in 2004.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

But their relationship turned sour four years after when the victim learned that her husband had a

Her husband eventually filed a petition to annul their marriage in court.

ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

9) 5 cops face murder raps for lawyers slay

By: Ador Vincent Mayol - Senior Reporter / @adorCDN

Inquirer Visayas / 01:06 AM April 21, 2014

CEBU CITY, PhilippinesThe National Bureau of Investigation has filed multiple murder and
frustrated murder charges against five policemen, including the chief, of the Highway Patrol
Group in Central Visayas (HPG-7), for the ambush and slay of lawyer Noel Archival and his
companions in Dalaguete town, Cebu province, on Feb. 18.

Named respondents in the complaint filed at the provincial prosecutors office on April 15 were
Senior Supt. Romualdo Iglesia, HPG-7 director; Senior Supt. Joselito Lerion; Chief Insp.
Eduardo Mara; SPO4 Edwin Galan, and PO1 Alex Bacani.

Separate charges for violating the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials
and Employees, and Antigraft and Corrupt Practices Act, and for grave misconduct were filed in
the Office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas.

The NBI said the respondents wanted to get back at Archival for filing a string of charges against
them and other HPG-7 officers for allegedly extorting money from his clients after seizing their

NBI Central Visayas supervising agent Jose Ermie Monsanto said Archival filed at least 15 cases
against the HPG-7 officers on behalf of his clients.

Archival and HPG-7 members, led by Lerion, almost came into blows in October 2013 after
the lawyer had an extortion attempt put in the blotter at the police station in Barangay (village)
Mabolo, he added.

Days before he was killed, Archival told his friends and relatives that he had received death
threats from the HPG-7 operatives due to the cases he filed against them.

Mara and Galan were impleaded in the case because they never lifted a finger nor objected to
stop the in-and-out of questionable vehicles at the HPG-7 impounding area that was under their
supervision, the complaint said.

Bacani was also included because he allegedly brought the gray Mitsubishi Strada, one of the
vehicles believed to had been used in the ambush, to a car shop to be repaired or altered after the

Bacani was seen bringing HPG-7 members to Dumanjug town for a courtesy call to Mayor
Nelson Garcia hours after Archival was ambushed, which proved that the respondents were
within the radius of 30 to 40 kilometers after the incident.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

Lawyer Inocencio dela Cerna, counsel of the respondents, said he would ask all the prosecutors
in the province to inhibit themselves from handling the case, since they might have already
prejudged his clients in the wake of the media coverage on the killing.

He added that he wanted the Department of Justice in Manila to conduct the preliminary
investigation on his clients.

Archival, along with his companions Candido Mioza, Alejandro Jaime and Paolo Cortes, was
ambushed in Dalaguete in the afternoon of Feb. 18 while heading to Cebu City.

Only Cortes, Archivals on-call assistant, survived the attack.

Investigation showed that the perpetrators used two vehiclesa red Toyota Vios and a gray
Mitsubishi Stradain the ambush.

Cortes said in his affidavit that he noticed a red car take over Archivals sport utility vehicle
before reaching the Dalaguete Municipal Hall.

We were tailing that red car for some time because the driver of that vehicle wouldnt allow us
to overtake. I even told Alejandro, our driver, never mind overtaking that car, Cortes said.

Upon reaching Barangay Coro in Dalaguete, he said the red Toyota Vios suddenly blocked their
way, prompting them to stop. He said a gray Mitsubushi Strada then came from behind their
vehicle, drove alongside them and fired several shots at their vehicle.

Persons inside the red car also fired shots at them, he said.

The two vehicles were later traced to the impounding area of HPG-7 in Sudlon, Barangay Lahug,
Cebu City.

The HPG-7 logbook showed that the red Toyota Vios was driven by Lerion out of the compound
at 9:42 a.m. on Feb. 18 and returned at 3:38 p.m. the same day.

The same logbook showed that a gray Mitsubishi Strada left the HPG impounding area at 3:36
a.m. on Feb. 17. It was not mentioned who drove the vehicle.

The Strada, driven by Iglesia, was returned at 4:22 p.m on Feb. 18.

The pickup was brought to Road Motorshop in Mandaue City for repairs on Feb. 24.

A forensic examination conducted by the NBI on the red Toyota Vios showed presence of
gunpowder nitrates residues on the front right window as well as the rear back window and the

A cartridge shell casing found underneath the backseat also matched the empty shells found in
the crime scene.
ENRIQUEZ, Josephine Angelica Beatrice M. Legal Profession

10) Lawyer, aide shot dead after dawn Mass in Isabela

By: Villamor Visaya Jr. - @inquirerdotnet

Inquirer Northern Luzon / 11:56 AM December 20, 2016

SAN PABLO, Isabela A 38-year-old lawyer and his security aide were shot dead by two
motorcycle-riding gunmen at 4:20 a.m. on Tuesday (Dec. 20) after they attended dawn Mass.

Arlan Castaeda, a former councilor, and Melito Binag, his 51-year-old security aide, were about
to leave the local church when attacked, according to Senior Supt. Leon Rafael, Isabela police
director. Three empty shells fired from a 9-mm pistol were found at the crime scene.

The former councilor died on the way to a hospital in Tuguegarao City. Binag died on the spot.

Castaeda widow, Joana, is a town councilor. She has not released any statement