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Planning effective


1. What experience do you have of learning a second or

foreign language? How would you characterize the
teachers teaching method(s)? How effective did you find it/

2. With a partner, brainstorm for a few minutes and draw up a

list of five methods according to which you think foreign
languages can be taught.
!Learning and teaching EFL
!Resources for EFL in primary school

Scope !Contents, competences and learning

outcomes are interrelated
!Prcticas escolares en lengua inglesa
! Help students acquire detailed explicit knowledge of
concepts, key ideas and terminology in language
! Raise students awareness of the connection between
language learning theories and ELT.
! Develop an understanding of approaches, methods and
techniques in ELT with respect to their underlying
Course theories and principles.
goals ! Provide students with knowledge of a variety of
teaching techniques related to teaching the four
language skills and the components of the language
! Develop the students critical understanding of ELT
methodology and eclecticism in ELT
On completion of the course, students will be able to

- a clear understanding of basic ELT concepts.

- an understanding of the basic theoretical background behind teaching

and learning languages.

- a critical understanding of basic practical approaches, methods and

techniques involved in teaching EFL.

- the ability and skill to plan and a lesson

- the ability to use different ways of teaching language skills, grammar,

vocabulary, etc.

- the ability to evaluate EFL course materials

Course outline

!Introduction and course overview

!Module 1: Planning teaching:
foundational principles
1.Introduction !Approaches, methods and techniques
Theories of learning
A historical review of different
approaches to TEFL
Communicative Language Teaching
Course outline

!Syllabus design: a historical

2. Syllabus & !Notions, skills and functions
curriculum !Competences
!The Common European
Framework of Reference
!The Aragonese Curriculum
Course outline

!Effective teaching
!Aims and objectives
3. Effective and
reflective !Assessment
teaching !European portfolios
!Reflective teaching
Course outline

!Teaching sequences
4. Lesson !Tasks and activities
planning !Planning teaching and learning
!Design of units of work.
Course outline

!Classroom interaction
5. Classroom !Classroom management
!Cooperative learning
Course outline

6. Catering !Multiple intelligences
for diversity
!Teaching thinking skills in EFL
Course outline

!Planning lessons for CLIL

!Assessment for CLIL
Materials for
the course Handouts + compulsory reading texs
Optional reading texts
Extra materials
!Guided learning and research
!Interactive discussion of readings and
Methodology contexts
!Group work

A Continuous assessment
13 Peer-graded Assignment
1 Quiz 25% Essay (1000-1,200 words) 25%
7 Forum entries
Unit of work 25%
Written examination 50%

B Final assessment
Unit of work + Presentation 50%
Written examination 50%
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Wednesday: 10:30-13:30 h

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