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Health Nursing
Philippine Nurses
38th Founding Anniversary
, Annual Local Convention
and Research Forum at
Acacia Hotel

Submitted by:
Czarina Isabela p. Tuazon
Submitted to:
Ms. Bernadette D.C Ilagan
Last Friday (August 11, 2017) We attended a
PNA Seminar entitled 38th founding anniversary,
Annual Local Convention & Research forum about
Filipino Nurses: A voice to Lead, Achieving
Sustainable Development Goals held at Acacia
Hotel Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
We are fortunate to be part of this anniversary
because it discusses experiences of different
professional leaders in Nursing profession. We
were able to meet this different well known
institutional leaders such as the Governor of PNA
NCR Zone 6, Ms. Yolanda T. Canaria,
Undersecretary of DOH, Hon Roger P. Tong-an,
different well known institutional deans and many
more. The seminar was composed of Nurses
leaders which inspires me to be like them.
We as nurses whether what nationality we
have, we are born to lead and inspire others
especially us Filipino nurses who are really
dedicated and passionate in achieving our goals to
promote health, giving quality care to our patients
and community and to prevent the occurring of
That day also we experienced a situation that
we will never forget. We experienced an
Earthquake in the 16th floor of Acacia hotel. That
moment it seems like the time was so slow and the
only thing you can feel was the shaking of the
ground. I thought that time the earthquake will not
stop immediately because it continues to increase
its intensity. Because of that we forgot the most
important thing to do when experiencing an
earthquake is to duck, cover and hold but at least
we prayed as one and the earthquake subsides as
we end the prayer. Really the power of prayer
really moves mountain thats why we must always
pray whenever we go, as we start our work and
especially as we start our day.
Another topic that I will never forget and
enjoyed the most was discussed by Ms. Maria
Lourdes Bernadeth V. Manipon. She is the infection
control nurse of UP Philippine General Hospital
and she discussed about her experiences as a
nurse entitled Creating joy, Meaning and Safer
Healthcare: The heart of our Art and the
Conscience of our Science in Nursing. It was and
inspiring and motivating topic because she is
encouraging us to not give up and even though
she is still young she was able to motivate other
people because of that it inspires me to be like her
N ur se s ar e QU IC K t hi n ke r,
C RITIC A L t hi n ker
NOT THINKING how full their bladder
Hon. Roger P.. Tong-an
Filipino Nurses: A voice to
lead, achieving Sustainable
Development Goals

Ms. Maria Lourdes Bernadeth

V. Manipon
Creating Joy, Meaning and
Safer Health Care