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The provision of medical leave will be provided to the student in case of serious illness during the semester. The
student proceeding for Medical leave for more than 1 week must inform concerned Academic Coordinator/HOD
through email or telephonically in between the duration of the leave so that his name may not be struck off from
the university rolls.

Following points are considered for availing the medical leave:

1. The student must maintain 65% of the aggregate attendance in order to avail medical leave.
2. The maximum benefit granted in the overall attendance of the student in lieu of medical leave is 10%.
3. The medical leave has to be availed only for serious illness like hospitalization for minimum three days
or in case of special treatments like chicken pox, dengue, swine flu, accidental cases etc. Moreover, the
student suffering from Viral fever and Typhoid and advised for rest for more than 3 days should
also be given compensation after checking all the reports of medical prescription.
4. No compensation will be provided to the students availing medical leave on the account of headache,
cold, cough and body pains etc.
5. The student is required to deposit medical leave with proper doctors prescription within three days after
returning from the leave of illness.
6. The medical practitioner must be of MBBS or higher qualification and the prescription should clearly
indicate the registration number of the medical practitioner. In special cases where the student has
taken prescription from Homeopathic or Ayurvedic Doctor (Non-MBBS), the registration number
of the practitioner is a must.
7. The student should get the whole medical prescription along with the details of the tests reports approved
from the Chief Medical Officer of Chandigarh University before submitting it to the concerned HOD for
availing the benefit.
8. The student is also required to deposit fitness certificate from the same medical practitioner and approve
it from CMO.
9. The medical leave of the student has to be entered on UIMS only through HODs Login ID.
10. The medical certificate as well as the fitness certificate should also be uploaded as scanned copies on
UIMS in students account.
11. The benefit of 10% attendance should be visible in the overall aggregate attendance of the student.
12. ERP Module on Medical Leave Policy is uploaded on CUIMS portal. The students should follow the
policy and apply online to get the medical benefits.