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4251 Garry St, Richmond B.C. 2017-2018
V7E 2T9 Telephone: (604)-718-4050

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Welcome to Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10! We will focus on

the following big ideas:
Proportional comparisons can be made among right triangles, using trigonometry
The meaning of each operation, including powers, extends to algebraic expressions
Rate of change is an essential attribute of linear relations, and has meaning in the
different representations, including equations
Operations between polynomial expressions are connected and allow us to make
meaning through abstract thinking
Analyzing simulations and data allows us to notice trends and relationships

Throughout the course, students will be given opportunities to develop reasoning,

analyzing, understanding, solving, communicating, representing, connecting and
reflecting skills while learning the content as outlined below.

Classroom Resources: Foundations and Pre-calculus 10 (Pearson, 2010)

What to Bring Every Class:

Math 10 Textbook
Binder with 3-hole punched lined paper and graph paper / or notebook
Writing supplies (pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters, ruler, etc)
school agenda (to record homework and important dates)

Course Content:
Math 10 can be divided into 7 major units:
Measurement Relations and Functions
1. Systems of Measurement 5. Relations and Functions
2. Trigonometry 6. Linear Functions
Algebra and Numbers 7. Systems of Linear
3. Factors and Products Equations
4. Roots and Powers
Unit tests will be written at the conclusion of most chapters. Test dates will be provided
well in advance, allowing significant amount of time to study and prepare. If you have
an unexcused absence (no note and not on the schools excused absence list) on test
day, you will receive a zero for the test. If you have an excused absence, you will write
the test when you return the following class.

Students can also expect to write 3-4 cumulative tests throughout the year. The
cumulative tests will cover multiple units and will allow students to demonstrate
growth in their learning and a deeper understanding of the content. Again, students
will be informed of the test dates well in advance.

In addition to unit and cumulative tests, students will be assessed using: quizzes
(announced and unannounced), group work, class activities, projects and in-class

You can expect homework on most days unless you work very efficiently in class. Class
time will be given on most days to start (or complete) assignments.

The purpose of homework is for you to check that you have understood the math and
can apply it to solve problems independently. Practice makes perfect! Homework will
be checked at the start of class and should be done before you come to class.

Extra Help:
It is up to you to seek help before it becomes a problem. I strongly encourage you to
ask me for help when necessary! You are also encouraged to make optimal use of class
time for help. I am more than willing to provide extra help to anyone who attends class
and uses their time in class well. Extra help is not a time to re-teach a topic or section
that students have missed, it is support for someone who is having difficultly with part
of the course theyve been working on and need some assistance.

For additional extra help students can:

1. See me outside of class time either before or after school.
2. Contact me via email:
3. Ask a friend in the class for help

Keys to Success:
1. Complete all homework assignments
2. Review materials review materials daily, for example, spend time reviewing
the notes that you took that day. Do not wait until there is a quiz or test to study.
Be proactive.
3. Ask for help ensure to ask for help immediately if you do not understand the
4. Right attitude remain positive, put in a consistent effort.
Class Rules and Expectations:

PRIDE In this classroom, we

Postive Attitude Creates and/or maintains a positive classroom environment
Are open to working with everyone in the class
Give and receive encouragement
Are actively involved in our learning by using classtime productively,
following instructions, and maintaining appropriate focus
Repectful Treats self, others, and the classroom with value and respect
Treat others the way we wish to be treated
Listen actively while others speak
Follow classroom rules and procedures. Respects the course and its
Keep the classroom and learning materials in good condition
Integrity Demonstrates honest, trustworthy and ethical behaviour
Do the right thing at all times
Take ownership for our actions
Diversity Treats all with dignity and respect
Celebrate individual differences
Learn from others who are different from us
Demonstrate co-operation, courtesy, and inclusiveness
Effort Demonstrates effort and perseverance at achieving goals
Arrive to class on time and with all necessary materials
Work to the best of our ability
Ask for help when needed
When absent, take responsibility for missed work and our learning
Give full attention to our learning
Note: This is just an outline and may be subject to change.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child and/or this course, please dont
hesitate to contact me at the school 604-718-4050 or email me

M. Salameh

please complete below, detach and return to Mrs. Salameh ASAP!

Please provide any necessary comments or concerns you have about your child this year in Math 10 that will help them
have a successful year and help me as their teacher.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read the course introduction and classroom expectations for Math 10 and
agree to meet the expectations to help create a safe and pleasant learning environment.

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