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Homework 03072017

Civilizational narratives of the teaching of mathematics in the School in Colombia

The mathematical knowledge is related with the progress and enter to the scientific world in the
school in Colombia.
To begin, the mathematical knowledge is applied to the Physics and others champs that the
Economics, Engineering and Human sciences. Makes of this knowledge, important for social and
cultural development.
In the second place, people that have this knowledge are competent for the intellectual work in
technical areas that engineering and economics. On the other hand, the mathematical abilities give
to the people the possibility, as in the case of the statistics, to understand, through of hypothesis,
of valid and objective knowledge about social and cultural reality.
Moreover, this knowledge is of universal character. It allows to make generalizations to diverse
natural and social phenomena.
To conclude, in the school, this knowledge is considered the most important for the curriculum. It
hierarchizes individuals between apt and unfit for the progress in the society.
In other words, as societies evolve, a characteristic feature is progress and thus a growing process
of expansion of the civilization. The mathematical knowledge is privileged device in this process.
Therefore, if it is considered to the mathematical knowledge as fact of progress, the alternative is
the development technical and social abilities in the children, in the school, for solving problems
in contexts as others sciences, daily life and own mathematics.
By contrast, if the societies are not evolved, a characteristic feature is the underdevelopment or the
barbarism. The mathematical and scientific knowledge are absent.
In this context, under certain circumstances, people have many difficulties their daily lives. For
example, in the primitive communities as aborigines. Of course, we call mathematics to all
knowledge which historically comes of Europe.
After all, the mathematical knowledge of those communities had not value in the process of the
civilization. In the colonization process, in the last centuries disappeared the trace of the entire
indigenous ancestral culture.