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First Periodical Test

I. Identification Type. Identify the correct answer for each item, then, write it on the
line before the number.
_____________________1. Refers to a system of acquiring knowledge through observation
and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena.
_____________________2. It provides a common framework that is effective in
discovering, organizing and applying new knowledge.
_____________________3. It is a step in scientific method which states the problem to be
solved or the question to be answered.

_____________________4. It is a step in scientific method which is gathering or obtaining

facts or ideas or information related to the problem.
_____________________5. It is a step in scientific method which you propose a solution or
best guess that will help guide your experimentation and attempt to answer the problem
_____________________6. In this step you will conduct an experiment that will give you
information or data that supports or not your hypothesis.
_____________________7. In this step you will determine whether your data or results
from the experiment support or not your hypothesis.
_____________________8. In this step, you will formulate an answers to the original
question from step one and share the results to others.
_____________________9. It composed of many independent segments called plates.
_____________________10. Is a part of the Earths crust that covers the ocean basins and it
consists of dark-colored rocks made up of basalt.
___________________11. Is a crust which covers 40% of the surface of the Earth and it is
made up of granite rock which is light in color.
___________________12. It comes from the Greek word meaning a twisting refers to
deformation of the Earth's crust, and more especially folding and faulting which can be
considered part of geotectonic.
___________________13. It refers to the gradual movement of the continents across
the earth's surface through geological time.
_____________________14. It is the circulation of material caused by differences in
_____________________15. It is a measure of the size of an earthquake motion.
_____________________16. It refers to the measure of effects.

II. Enumeration type- Give what is being ask.

a. Give the two results of Convection
1. __________________________
2. __________________________
b. According to Alfred Wegener the tectonic plates are in:
4.____________________________ e. Three Kinds of research
c. Values of Research to Man 18.___________________________
6.____________________________ 19.____________________________
7.____________________________ 20.___________________________
f. Problem Solving:
d. Characteristics of Research 1. Given f=1.3x104 khz
11.____________________________ Find the Wave length, Energy