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Deficiency of To construct or
available public install terminal
transportation Lack of tricycle Affects productivity of facilities on
routes terminal local residents existing terminals
and develop
loading and
facilities on roads.

Drainage Due to drainage The main causes of Establishment and

Problems infrastructure clogging of the improvement of
deficiencies and drainage system in Poblacions
compound flooding the area are the drainage system
presence of
obstructions above
and along the
drainage systems;
and narrow drainage
Flooding Rapid development resulted to loss or Improvement of
of urban reduction of natural drainage system
settlements has led waterways that were and development of
to the replacement either blocked due to sewerage
of vegetation-dense reclamation. development plan
and forested areas shall be a
with permanent significant priority
structures on the annual
investment planning
Increase in Indiscriminate
population in disposal of garbage
Poblacion, the and other solid
accumulation of materials into drains Proper waste
garbage and their and rivers, management
disposal along contributed to the system
water streams also worsening of floods
Large traffic Deficiency of Among of the causes Traffic impact
volume during central planning include narrow right of studies must be
afternoons along database leading to ways and sidewalks, conducted
major roads of conflicting results of inefficient bus or periodically
poblacion. planning exercises jeepney terminal including public
facilities, poor transport surveys
pavement structures, and parking
inadequate traffic surveys.
management system

No identified Available identified Difficulty in Construction of

evacuation site evacuation sites addressing the evacuation
for possible are suitable only for emergency/immediate center outside
victims of high relocation of fire needs of the affected critical barangays
PEIS 8.5 ground and flood victims victims
shaking within
the area

Increase in Availability of Increase in Implementation
commercial area vacant lot for commuters and of the Caloocan
commercial vehicular traffic City Investment
development Code
requirement for
additional financial

Uncompetitive No venue in the Big events are Allocation of land

tourism facilities: area to cater conducted outside of for the
special events that the area and the city establishment of a
Absence of can accommodate convention center
museum and huge crowd for conferences,
convention center concerts and other
special events to
accommodate huge

Organizational Management
barangay hall are Barangays No permanent Retrofitting of
expose from affected with operations center existing
several hazards moderate to high during barangay halls
liquefaction disasters/calamities