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Savannah Barber

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Serving the children of Central Alabama

September 2017
In this Issue:
Support Raising Process
Summer Outreach Results
Good News Club Growth
Ministry Reports and

2017 Current God is at work, and He can be trusted.

Support Level
I am so excited by all the good things God has done in the past
few months. I know that it is Gods will that children be reached
with the gospel of Jesus Christ, discipled in His Word, and
established in a local church. I know that no enemy can stand in the
way of Gods will, for this ministry or for my life. So let me start by
saying a deep, deep thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
There is so much exciting news to share in this newsletter. But
I want to pause and share just a little bit of what God has been
doing that may not be as obvious. Behind the scenes is my efforts to
raise full support that will maintain my full time work with CEF of
Central Alabama. In the midst of that journey, I have had weeks
Support Raised: $997/month that were packed with appointments and presentations, and I have
had weeks where I felt like not a single person answered the phone.
Support Needed: $1907/month
On one particularly discouraging day, I took a break, closed
my computer, and opened my Bible. In my reading that day, Job,
Contact Info: despite all the struggles he faced (and all those I felt like I was
facing), reminded me that even when I can not see him, God is
working. At the moment I needed it most, God was there to speak
to my heart the truth I needed most. So continue to pray for me as I
obediently pursue the financial support that I know God will
Local address: provide in his perfect timing. If you would like to know more about
PO Box 240704 what part you can play in this support raising, never hesitate to call.
Montgomery, AL 36124
(205) 541-1458 On the left hand when he is working, I do not behold him;
he turns to the right hand, but I do not see him.
Address for support:
CEF PO Box 348 But he knows the way that I take;
Warrenton, MO 63383 when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.
Designate: My foot has held fast to his steps;
Barber HQ00 1462
I have kept his way and have not turned aside. Job 23:9-11
Summer Outreach
Christian Youth In Action and 5 Day Club
Summer is a time of great opportunity. School
is out. Its vacation time. More daylight hours allow
for more time with friends and family. For Child
Evangelism Fellowship, summer holds a unique
opportunty to reach children with the gospel of
Jesus Christ right where they are. Churches,
daycares, camps, recreation centers, YMCAs, even
parks and apartment complexes are common
settings for 5 Day Club. Children gather for songs,
memory verses, Bible lessons, mission stories, and
CYIATM teens gather to share testimony and to pray for review games. They come running at the sight of the
each other and the children in their first day of clubs..
team, and cling to the teachers who come to serve as
hands and feet of Jesus. Its a fast paced and
exciting form of CEF ministry.
Each year teens from all over the state of
Alabama come together for a week of Christian
Youth In Action Training, this year held at
Southeastern Bible College. They not only learned
and studied together, but served, worshipped, and
prayed together as they prepared to give their
summers into the Lords hands. Central Alabama
Francie Parker, CYIATM, partners with Gateway Baptist
Church to teach 5 Day Club. sent 10 summer missionaries to training, who then
served various weeks until the end of July.

This year summer ministry included the local

church in a capacity it never has before. Much like
the Good News Club model works during the
school year, local churches were invited to receive
training and materials to adopt near by locations
and to teach 5 Day Clubs with the assistance of
Christian Youth In Action summer missionaries.
The church team took on the responsibility of much
of the actual teaching, as well as the follow up with
Volunteers from Gateway Baptist Church teach 5 Day Club in their own communities when clubs were over .
at a near by day care.
CEF of Central Alabama partnered with six
churches in the Montgomery/Wetumpka area, as
well as various local ministries and churches as far
out as Alex City and Selma. Between the fourty five
5 Day Clubs facilitated, we reached over 1,300
childre. Among those, 24 children turned their lives
over to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord! God is
so good! He is able to do far more than we are able
The partnership between CEF and Gateway served to to ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20) Thank you for
strengthen relationships between the church and ministries your constant prayers over our summer ministry
in their own community. and missionaries.
Good News Club begins!
Chapter-wide Trainings and Interest Meetings
Prayer Requests
Pray for the churches and
their teams as they prepare
to begin established Good
News Club Ministry.
Pray that new teams will
commit to take Good News
Club into new schools.
Pray for the hearts of the
School buses, new back packs, and Good News Club ! All children attending clubs.
part of the August scene. Our annual Pancake Breakfast and
Pray for the administration
Good News Club Training saw over 60 volunteers from various
and staff of Montgomery
churches come together for fellowship, encouragement, and to
Public Schools during a
explore the curriculum for this year. We are still meeting with
time of intervention.
current and potential church partners. We are also planning
meetings with the superintendent and local principles to gauge Pray that CEF of Central
interest and openness to Good News Club in new schools. If Alabama will see ministry
you are interested in volunteering in Good News Club , or your established in every county
church may want to pursue starting one, please give us a call at within our chapter.
the office at (334) 213-7388.

Answered Prayer: Selma Ministry Ministry Reports

Did you know that the Central Alabama chapter of CEF
actually covers 15 counties? To see our chapter outlined on a I have recently been blessed
map is to realize our potential, as well as the work ahead. From with the opportunity to go into
Dallas to Lee county, from Coosa to Crenshaw, there are some of our partnering
churches who may have never heard of CEF, and children who churches and give reports on
may have never head of Jesus. We are prayerfully targetting what God is doing within the
each county in search of partner churches, club locations, ministry. Churches such as
volunteers, and committee members. In August, we held an Young Meadows Presbyterian,
informational meeting in Selma, where at least five different Eastwood Presbyterian, and
churches were Zoe Christian Fellowship have
represented welcomed and greatly
amond those encouraged me. If your church
interested in or small group would be
seeing Good News interested in a brief ministry
Club started in report about CEF of Central
Selma. We believe Alabama, please feel free to
that God is going give me a call.
before us into
Selma and our (205) 541-1458
JB at Elkdale Baptist Church brought together some of other counties.
his friends and neighboring ministers to discuss Good @GMAIL.COM
News Clubs in Selma, Alabama.
In this issue: Support Progress, Summer Ministry, Good News Club Training, and More!

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