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1 Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs in the box.

have eat stay join travel phone

1 I ______________________________ two new clubs since last week.

2 She ______________________________ by public transport for the last three years.

3 You ______________________________ a lot of chocolate since this morning!

4 He ______________________________ you three times since yesterday.

5 He ______________________________ a bad cold for three days.

6 They ______________________________ at the same hotel for the last 30 years.

2 Complete the sentences with the present perfect or past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Last week Sarah ____________________ (buy) some new shoes.

2 I ____________________ (know) how to write computer code for years.

3 ________________ you ________________ (see) that amazing film on TV last night?

4 For the past two years, they ____________________ (play) in the same band.

5 Yesterday we ____________________ (make) our first video blog!

6 She ____________________ (have) her cat, Millie, for two years.

3 Write questions using How long and the present perfect.

1 you / like / hip-hop? ____________________________________________________________

2 she / live / in this city? ____________________________________________________________

3 he / work / at this caf? ____________________________________________________________

4 you / be / a member of this band? ____________________________________________________________

5 he / have / that camera? ____________________________________________________________

6 you / know / your best friend? ____________________________________________________________

4 Rewrite the sentences using just.

1 Wow, theyve seen Lionel Messi! ____________________________________________________________

2 Bens performed on stage for the first time. ____________________________________________________________

3 Weve finished our first aid class. ____________________________________________________________

4 Ive posted a great new video blog! ____________________________________________________________

5 Amy has sent you an email about the problem. ____________________________________________________________

6 Hey, Ive heard the good news! ____________________________________________________________

5 Rewrite the sentences using yet or already.

1 Sorry, I havent baked the cupcakes. ___ _________________________________________________________

2 Weve seen that new sci-fi film. ____________________________________________________________

3 Its only five oclock, but Ive done all my homework. ____________________________________________________________

4 The project is due tomorrow and I havent edited the photos. ____________________________________________________________

5 Dont worry, Ive written my history essay. ____________________________________________________________

6 I can ride a unicycle, but I havent learnt to juggle. ____________________________________________________________


1 Complete the sentences with the correct past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

1 They ______________________________ (find) four more survivors before it got dark.

2 The victims ______________________________ (receive) compensation by the time we interviewed them.

3 Several countries ______________________________ (send) international aid after they heard about the disaster.

4 By the time I got there, the paramedics ______________________________ (not / arrive) yet.

5 We wanted to help, but my sister ______________________________ (already / call) the police.

6 Lots of people ______________________________ (join) in the rescue effort before the search and rescue workers got there.

2 Complete the sentences with the past simple or past perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

1 The fire ______________________________ (start) before he _____________ (fall) asleep.

2 Before she _____________ (tell) me, I ______________________________ (not hear) the news.

3 They _____________ (offer) to help, but Mum ______________________________ (already /save) my brother.

4 The brakes on his car ______________________________ (fail) before he _____________ (crash) into a wall.

5 We _____________ (run) to the field but, unfortunately, the animals ______________________________ (already / escape).

6 By the time we _____________ (arrive), they ______________________________ (close) the airport.

3 Circle the correct words.

Last week we wanted to visit a nearby town by train. Unfortunately, we were late and (1) already / by the time we got to the

station, the train had (2) already / after left. We were very hungry because we hadnt eaten (3) before / after we left home. We

went to the station restaurant and ordered a meal, but (4) already / after we had finished our food, we realized that we didnt have

any money with us. I ran home to get some money and then took a taxi back to the station. (5) Already / When I got back, my

friends had (6) before / already gone. It was a terrible day!

4 Write complete subject and object questions.

1 How many firefighters / you / see on Saturday? ___________________________________________________________________

2 What / happen / to Richard yesterday? __________________________________________________________________________

3 What / you / do / after the accident? __________________________________________________________________________

4 Who / start / the rescue mission? __________________________________________________________________________

5 How many times / she / call? __________________________________________________________________________

6 How / the building / catch fire? __________________________________________________


1Match the sentences 16 with the correct future tense situation, af.

1 Youll do really well in the interview tomorrow. a) ____ prediction

2 Im going to learn Japanese next year. b) ____ possibility

3 OK, Ill email my essay to you now! c) ____ intention

4 They might start their own business after university. d) ____ intention

5 Thats a great idea Ill ask my dad to help us! e) ____ spontaneous offer

6 Zoe is going to go on an exchange in France next year. f) ____ spontaneous decision

2 Circle the correct words.

1 The class finishes / finishing at 4 oclock.

2 Were leaving / leave in an hour.

3 Her exams start / starting tomorrow morning.

4 Miguel is cooking / cooks dinner for Kelly tonight.

5 Jane is having / has a piano lesson this afternoon.

6 Theyre come / coming home next week.

3 Circle the correct words.

My sister is (1) studying / study politics at university next term. When she (2) graduates /graduating this summer, (3) she goes to /

shes going to apply for a job at the European Commission. Its not easy to get into the commission, but I think (4) she was / shell

be successful because she works very hard. My sister really wants to live abroad so (5) shes going to / shell go to move to Brussels. I

might (6) visiting / visit her there next year.

4 Write answers for these questions.

1 When does the concert start?

_________________________________________________________________8 oclock.

2 Where are we going to meet Oliver?

_______________________________________________________________train station.

3 Do you think shell pass her exams?

Yes, ______________________________________________________________________.

4 What are you doing tomorrow?

____________________________________________________________work on my blog.

5 Will the library be very busy this afternoon?

No, _______________________________________________________________________.

6 When is she taking her driving test?

________________________________________________________________on Thursday.

8 Complete the sentences with the future continuous form of the verbs in the box.

practise wait swim apply not go finish

1 This time next week, you ______________________________ in the Indian Ocean!

2 We ______________________________ our pronunciation tomorrow if you want to join us.

3 Sorry, she ______________________________ to the party later because she has to study.

4 Theyre so lucky, they ______________________________ their exams in five minutes.

5 Your parents ______________________________ for you after the concert this evening.

6 I ______________________________ for work experience next week.


1 Complete the sentences with the correct time expression. Do not use the same time expression more than once.

1 Hes had that MP3 player ____________ four years.

2 Weve ____________ seen an amazing new film!

3 Vicky has ____________ written her new blog post.

4 Ive known Matthew ____________ I was four.

5 They havent played any songs ____________.

2 Complete the sentences with the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in the box.

have speak design visit make

1 He ____________ a new website with Darren last week.

2 I ____________ French since I was a child.

3 Jackie ____________ a video blog when she lived in London.

4 Jeremy ____________ a car since he was 17.

5 We ____________ our cousins when we were in Mexico.

3 Complete the sentences with the past perfect and past simple form of the verbs in the box.

open / tell start / notice read / go leave / start break / be

1 The problem ____________ already ____________ before anyone ____________.

2 When Harry ____________ his leg, he ____________in hospital before.

3 Had they already ____________ the house when the storm ____________?

4 I ____________ already ____________ the letter before he ____________ me it was private.

5 She ____________ about the hurricane before she ____________ to New Orleans.

4 Write questions for the answers. Use the information in bold to help you.

1 _______________________________________________________? Gillian saw a capsized ship.

2 _______________________________________________________? Mr Madsen called the firefighters.

3 _______________________________________________________? They found the survivors in the basement.

4 _______________________________________________________? Melanie feels nervous.

5 _______________________________________________________? Paramedics are helping the victims.

6 _______________________________________________________? A problem with the brakes caused the accident.

5 Complete the blog entry with the phrases in the box.

were going to stop we wont be leaving Ill be backpacking well spend

I might change well be leaving well go Im not going to the flight leaves

So, (1) ________ write any new blog posts until September because (2) ________ in Thailand with my friends during August! I cant

believe (3) ________ London in a few days! Oh, and (4) ________ in Germany on the way. I think (5) ________ a few hours in

Frankfurt, but (6) ________ the airport. Once we land in Bangkok, (7) ________ straight to our hotel were going to be exhausted!

The next morning, well go back to the airport for a local flight to a small island. Actually, (8) ________ at 7am. Gosh, thats early!

I think (9) ________ to a later flight. Bye, everyone!

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