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Origins of Fencing Pedagogy at Accademia di Scherma Classica


Tommaso Bosco e Fucile, 18th century Neopoitan Andrea Gianfaldoni, active beginning of the
master and teacher of 18th century, teacher of Angelo Malevolti
Tremamondo and father and teacher of

Raffaele Parise (1773-1851), master at Collegi Giuseppe Gianfaldoni, defeated St. George in
della Nunziatella e della Marina in Naples and Paris, 1776 (see Aylward, pp 14-15)
father and teacher of

Achille Parise, master in Naples and Turin, Michele Gianfaldoni, younger brother of
international champion in paris and London Giuseppe and teacher of
(1854) and father and teacher of

Masaniello Parise (2Nov,1850-Jan 1910), ? Bellinconi, contemporary of A. Marchio and

Neopolitian master, member of the Accademia teacher of
Nazionale di Napoli, author of the Tratto di
Scherma di Spada e Sciabola (Roma: 1884), and
first director of the Scuola Militare Magistrale in
Rome. Maestro Parise held this position for 26

Giuseppe Radaelli (? - Giuseppe Pini, master at the R. Accademia

1882), Director of Scuola Navale in Leghorn, active ca. 1847 and father
Magistrale Militare di and teacher of
Scherma in Milano, he was
a Milanese

Carlo Pessina (? 1933, Eugenio Pini (1859-1939), master at the R.

34) successor to Parise, Accademia Navale in Leghorn, professional foil
professional sabre champion in Paris and London (1892), first
champion, co-author with director of the military school of fencing in
Salvatore Pecoraro of La Argentina, author of the Trattato Pratico e
Scherma di Sciabola Teorico sulla Scherma di Spada (Livorno: 1903)
(Roma: 1910), father and and teacher of
teacher of
Giorgio Pessina (? 1977), Beppe Nadi (22 Sept 1860 2 Feb 1945), master
member of Italian Olympic in Leghorn and father and teacher of Nedo Nadi
teams (1924, 1928, and (1894 1940), amateur and professional
1932), Roman Master, champion in foil, sabre and pe (six Olympic
director of the fencing gold medals),master in Rome, and president of
masters course, istituto the Italian Federation of fencing, and father and
Superiore di Educazione teacher of
Fisica, co-author with Ugo
Pignotti of Il Fioretto
(Roma: 1970) and La
Sciabola (Roma: 1972), and
president of the Italian
Fencing Masters
Association, and teacher of

Antonio Pomponio (? 1977), master at the Aldo Nadi (29 Apr 1899 13
Scuola Militare Magistrale, professional pe Nov 1965), amateur and
champion of (1914) and teacher of professional champion in foil,
sabre and pe (three Olympic
gold and one silver medal),
master in Paris, New York and
Los Angeles, and author of On
Umberto Di Paola (? Ettore Spezza (? Fencing (New York: 1943) and
1989), Roman master, 1977),Roman teacher of William Gaugler
director of the fencing Master and teacher
masters course, of
Istituto Superiore di
Educazione Fisica, and
teacher of

William M. Gaugler (5 Aug 1931- 10 Dec 2011), holds a fencing masters diploma from the Academia
Nazionale di Scherma in Naples (1976), the first director of the Military Fencing Masters Program at San Jose
State University, California, USA., author of Fechten (Mnchen: 1983), Fencing Everyone (Winston Salem:
1987), Fencing Terminology (Laureate Press: 2004), The History of Fencing (Laureate Press: 1998), and The
Science of Fencing (Laureate Press: 2004), and teacher of

Ralph K. Sahm, who holds a Military Master-at Arms diploma from the Military Fencing Masters Program at
San Jose State University, California, USA. (1986), and second director of the Military Fencing Masters
Program at San Jose State University, California, USA., and teacher of