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Aridra Nakshatra The Head

1. Aridra (6.40-20.00 Gemini) is the seed of the Rahus energy and contains a single
bright star. Aridra Nakshatra comes under the ruler ship of Rahu, body less node. It
eats like anything and everything since it has no body to store!
2. Ardra is ruled by Rudra, the fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva, who emblematizes
thunder. This nakshatra is translated as green, moist or fresh. Moisture is the
aspect that endows the earth with life.
3. Those born in the Ardra star are soft, stable minded, strong, earning by sacrifice,
afflicted by sickness, fear and angry. They are bereft of money and corns. Ardra born
people can behave very coolly during the times of extreme hardship and plan their
actions accordingly and they get employed in professions that are related with travel
and foreign places.
4. Aridra is said to stand for the behavior of a child, and hence the Aridra natives
experience extremes of happiness and sorrow, or the in between stage in a matter of
minutes. This nakshatra makes the natives undergo transformation, producing
knowledge or confusion in its wake.
5. Aridra is Due Point or Diamond Point also! I mean it is so crystal clear like Due
point and also very strong like diamond.
6. So Aridra people are very strong people. Their communication skills are marvelous! It
is because the ruler is Mercury, the lord of Gemini since Rahu comes under Gemini
7. Mercury itself is for the intelligence, interpretations, business, mixing in the society,
making friendship with all and so on. Rahu is treated as big or for the expansion
planet. Hence Aridra people are for the expansion. They are not satisfied with one
house! They go for 2,3 4 and so on! Or in the same house, they are going on
expanding it.
8. Aridra-1 Navamsha falls in Sagittarius, 2nd in Capricorn, 3rd Navamsha falls in Aquarius
and the last pada of it falls in Pisces. For your remembrance, both Sagittarius and
Pisces are falling in Jupiters house, one is Firy Tatwa rashi and other is Watery Tatwa
9. The first pada falls in the Sagittarius Navamsa and is governed by Jupiter. it is
associated with curiosity and the spirit of exploration. Planets here have a relaxed
disposition, although they are susceptible to material excesses. It is the starting point
of the storm and conditions are not too bad.
10. The second quarter falls on the Capricorn Navamsa which is ruled by Saturn. It
stands for every kind of material pursuits and frustrations. The negative attributes of

the nakshatra are usually manifested through this quarter. The storm has increased
here and hence planets bring misfortune and trouble.
11. The third pada falls on the Aquarius Navamsa which is ruled by Saturn. It stands for
scientific, electrical and result oriented nature. The storm resembles its highest
lightning stage and hence planets provide short and sudden raptures of inspiration
with immense mental activity.
12. The fourth pada falls on the Pisces Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter. It stands for
sensitivity and compassion. There is a strong desire to help the less fortunate souls.
The storm has attended conclusion here and the effects are mild as compared to the
previous quarters. Planets here usually generate positive results.
13. This Nakshatra struggles to balance the mental with the emotional. Ardra natives
have a large face, curly hair and sullen expression. Their instant memory allows them
to respond easily to facts and figures. Their lives are characterized by changes and U-
turns. Unrelenting observation makes Ardra natives impolite and critical, which can
make them sarcastic as well. Generally, softer people are easily scared.
14. Career:- 1. Electricians, electrical engineers, computer and electronic industry; sound
engineers, software developers, technicians, musicians, electronic music experts,
weapon experts, linguists, photographers; special effects staff; manual laborers;
computer game designers, Wi-Fi experts; virtual reality and 3D experts; thinkers &
philosophers; mathematicians, researchers, physicists, sci-fi novelists and writers;
surgeons, homeopaths; allopathic doctors; people involved in mental sports including
scrabble, chess, bridge etc.;
15. Career-2:- Pharmaceutical industry; professions that include handling poisons;
psychotherapists, psychoanalysts; chemical and fertilizer experts; morticians; nuclear
workers; eye and brain surgeons and specialists; people who cure brain and head
disorders; detectives; investigators; analysts; lighting experts; X-ray specialists, radar
workers; people involved in producing canned and frozen food and junk foods; legal
or illegal druggists; thieves; sales people who do double talk; chemotherapists;
politicians; biotechnologists; hitmen, snipers & manipulators.
16. One born under this nakshatra is economical, dishonest, ungrateful and sinful and at
times they will spend foolishly. They are flexible and open to change, and often make
attempts to change their negative traits. Those born under this nakshatra will suffer
from heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.
17. In fact today is Aridra Nakshatra, 22/07/2017 in which date 22 is Rahus number
of 4 and also today is Saturn, which also Lord Venkateshwaras day and it is
Rahus Vara!

Dr. P.Surendra Upadhya, M.Sc.; Ph.D (Astrology)