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PPD/IPD Elements Set 2 11.

All bodies above absolute zero emit

radiation is according to what theory?
**Please prepare for a very short 300 item ANS: Prevost theory
exam on Friday. 12. Thermal conductivity of wood depends
1. One of the reasons for insulating the on?
pipes is: ANS: Moisture, Temperature and
ANS: Heat loss from the surface is Density
minimized 13. A fur coat on an animal will help the
2. The rate of radiant energy, that is animal to remain:
emitted by a surface at any ANS: warm in winter
temperature and in small wavelengths 14. The nature of flow of a fluid inside a
is found from the known rate of energy, tube, whether it is turbulent or laminar,
that under the same conditions will be can be ascertained by:
emitted from a black surface, by ANS: Reynolds number
multiplying with the absorptivity. The 15. What mode of heat transfer is the
above enunciation is called: Stefan-Boltzmann law applicable?
ANS: Kirchhoffs law ANS: Radiation
3. Which is generally used to measure the 16. At all wave lengths and temperatures
temperature inside the furnace? the monochromatic emissivity of a
ANS: Optical Pyrometer white body is equal to?
4. All heat transfer processes involves: ANS: Zero
ANS: Temperature difference between 17. The statement that the emissivity and
the bodies absorptivity of a surface is surface is
5. What is thermal diffusivity? surrounded by its own temperature are
ANS: A physical property of the the same for both monochromatic and
material total radiation called:
6. What is the unit of thermal diffusivity? ANS: Kirchhoffs law
ANS: m2/hr 18. A reservoir that supplies energy in the
7. Non-isotropic conductivity is shown by? form of heat is called:
ANS: Wood ANS: Source
8. For glass wool thermal conductivity 19. Flow of hot and cold fluids alternately
changes from sample to sample due over a surface occurs in what type of
changes in: heat exchanger?
ANS: Structure, density and ANS: Regenerator
composition 20. Least value of Prandtl number can be
9. What is the SI unit of thermal expected in case of ______________.
conductivity? ANS: Liquid metals
ANS: W/m-K 21. The boiling point of a solution is a
10. What is the value of the Prandtl linear function of water at the same
number for air? pressure. This statement is called:
ANS: 0.7 ANS: Dubrings rule
22. These are provided in heat exchangers 34. When the entire heat exchanger is
to avoid deformation of tubes because selected as control volume, heat
of thermal expansion. becomes __________.
ANS: Floating heads ANS: Zero
23. What do you call the first stage of 35. Heat is conducted in the direction of:
crystal formation? ANS: Decreasing temperature
ANS: Nucleation 36. The heat transfer term in the first law of
24. Dritus Boelter equation can be applied thermodynamics is due to:
in case of fluids flowing in: ANS: Conduction, convection and
ANS: Turbulent region radiation
25. A correction of LMTD is essential in case 37. All heat transfer processes require a
of: medium of energy exchange except:
ANS: Cross flow heat exchanger ANS: Radiation
26. Which of the following is used as 38. Thermal conduction is described by:
entrainer in acetic acid-water ANS: Fouriers law
separation? 39. Convection is described by what law?
ANS: Butyl acetate ANS: Newtons law
27. A type of radiation consisting of singly 40. Radiation heat transfer is described by:
charged particles that generate to ANS: Kirchhoffs law
intermediate distances. 41. The equivalent of ratio of emissive
ANS: Beta radiation power to absorptivity for bodies in
28. An electrically charged atom or radical thermal equilibrium is described by:
which carries electricity through an ANS: Kirchhoffs law
electrolyte is called: 42. The temperature potential between
ANS: Ion temperature at the two ends of a heat
29. The energy of a body that can be exchanger are given by:
transmitted in the form of heat. ANS: LMTD
ANS: Thermal Energy 43. Transfer heat from one fluid to another
30. In an isometric process, the heat is a function of:
transferred is equal to: ANS: Heat exchanger
ANS: Change in internal energy 44. Exchange heat to increase energy to the
31. A substance that is able to absorb flow is a function of:
liquids or gases and is used for ANS: Superheater
removing them from a given medium or 45. What is the series of processes that
region. eventually bring the system back to its
ANS: Absorbent original condition?
32. Radiant heat transfer is described by: ANS: Cycle
ANS: Kirchhoffs law 46. A theoretical body which when heated
33. A reservoir that absorbs energy in the to incandescence would emit a
form of heat is called __________. continuous light-ray spectrum.
ANS: Sink ANS: Black body
47. What is the reason for insulating the 56. What do you call the effectiveness of a
pipes? body as a thermal radiator at a given
ANS: Heat loss from the surface is temperature?
minimized ANS: Emissivity
48. Heat transfer due to density 57. The natural direction of the heat flow
differential: between two reservoirs is dependent
ANS: Convection on:
49. The passing of heat energy from ANS: Temperature difference
molecule to molecule through a 58. Why are metals good conductors of
substance: heat?
ANS: Conduction ANS: They contain free electrons.
50. The radiant heat transfer depends on: 59. In natural convection, a heated portion
ANS: Heat rays of a fluid moves because __________ is
51. What kind of heat exchanger where less than that of the surroundings.
water is heated to a point that ANS: Density
dissolved gases are liberated? 60. In order to emit electromagnetic
ANS: Deaerator radiation, an object must be at a what
52. Heat transfer processes which include a temperature?
change of phase of a fluid are ANS: Above 0K
considered ________. 61. The rate at which an object radiates
ANS: Convection electromagnetic energy does not
53. A hot block is cooled by blowing cool air depend on its:
over its top surface. The heat that is ANS: Mass
first transferred to the air layer close to 62. The vaporization of a solid without first
the block is by conduction. It is becoming liquid refers to:
eventually carried away from the ANS: Sublimation
surface by _________. 63. In the process of freeze drying, ice goes
ANS: Convection directly into water vapor. What is the
54. A body that is hot compared to its temperature at which this process can
surroundings illuminates more energy take place?
than it receivers, while its surrounding ANS: Below the triple point of water
absorbs more energy than they give. 64. What happen when a vapor condenses
The heat is transferred from one to into a liquid?
another by energy wave motion. What ANS: It evolves heat.
is this mode of heat transfer? 65. In a cooling tower, the water is cooled
ANS: Radiation mainly by:
55. Which requires the greatest amount of ANS: Evaporation
heat per kilogram for a given increase in 66. How do you classify a body that has an
temperature? emissivity factor of 0.7?
ANS: Water ANS: Gray body
67. At what particular condition that no
more heat can be removed from a
substance and the temperature can no transfer through cylindrical wall in the
longer be lowered? radial direction is expressed in what
ANS: Absolute zero function?
68. What refers to the heat transfer ANS: Logarithmic
wherein the heat is transferred from 78. The law which states that the ratio of
one point to another by actual the emissive powers to absorptivities
movement of substance? are equal when the two bodies are in
ANS: Convection thermal equilibrium is known as:
69. The ratio of the radiation of actual body ANS: Kirchhoffs Law of Radiation
to the radiation of a blackbody is known 79. It refers to the ratio of the internal
as _________. thermal resistance of a solid to the
ANS: Emittance boundary layer thermal resistance or
70. What is the usual geometric view factor external resistance of the body.
for a black body? ANS: Biot number
ANS: One 80. It refers to the ratio of the rate of heat
71. What happens to the heat transferred transferred by conduction to the rate of
radially across insulated pipe per unit energy stored.
area? ANS: Fourier number
ANS: Decrease from pipe wall to 81. A hot block is cooled by blowing cool air
insulated surface over its top surface. The heat that is
72. What do you call a change of phase first transferred to the air layer close to
directly from vapor to solid without the block is by conduction. It is
passing through the liquid state? eventually carried away from the
ANS: Deposition surface by:
73. What is the Stefan-Boltzmann ANS: Convection
constant? 82. It is the term used to describe the
ANS: 5.67 x 10-8 W/m2-K4 energy of a body that can be
74. What is the usual value of transmissivity transmitted in the form of heat.
for opaque materials? ANS: Thermal energy
ANS: 0 83. The mechanism of heat transfer in
75. A body whose emissivity is less than 1 is which there is no medium required for
known as a real body. What is the other the heat energy to travel is:
term for real body? ANS: Radiation
ANS: Gray body 84. What refers to a form of energy
76. What refers to an ideal body that associated with the kinetic random
absorbs all of the radiant energy that motion of large numbers of molecules?
intrudes on it and also emits the ANS: Heat
maximum possible energy when acting 85. How much is the part of light that is
as a source? absorbed by the body that transmits
ANS: Black body and reflects 80% and 10% respectively?
77. The thermal resistance for one- ANS: 10%
dimensional steady conduction heat
86. In convection heat transfer, what 95. What heat exchange device provides
happens to the heat transfer coefficient heat transfer between the exhaust
if the viscosity of the fluid increases? gases and air prior to the entrance of a
ANS: Decreases combustor?
87. How do you call a phenomenon ANS: Regenerator
wherein the heat is transferred by 96. What transfer of heat is involved in the
motion of fluid under the action of changing of boiling water to vapor at
mechanical device? the same temperature?
ANS: Forced convection ANS: Convection
88. In conduction heat transfer, what 97. What is known as the science of low
happens to the heat transfer per unit temperatures?
time when the thermal conductivity ANS: Cryogenics
decreases? 98. What thermal state of the body
ANS: Decrease considered as reference to
89. What is the driving force in heat communicate heat to the other bodies?
transfer? ANS: Temperature
ANS: Temperature gradient 99. The true mean temperature difference
90. What is the measure of the relative is also known as:
effectiveness of momentum and energy ANS: LMTD
transport by diffusion in the velocity 100. What is the geometric view
and thermal boundary layer? factor of a gray body?
ANS: Prandtl number ANS: Greater than zero but less than
91. What is the property of the solid that one
provides the measure of the rate of
heat transfer to the energy storage?
ANS: Thermal diffusivity
92. In convection heat transfer, what
happens to the heat transfer coefficient
if the viscosity of the fluid decreases?
ANS: Increase
93. What do you call theoretical body
where absorptivity and emissivity are
independent of the wavelength over
the spectral region of the irradiation
and the surface emission?
ANS: Transparent body
94. What is the structure designed to
prevent the spread of fire having a fire
resistance rating of not less than four
ANS: Fire wall