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Foundation Course Lesson 8

What is Water Baptism?

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name
of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things
that I have commanded you; - Matthew 28:19-20

Water baptism is a command to all born again believers by Jesus Christ. When someone is baptised
they are saying to the world that Jesus has cleansed the inward man and is their Saviour, by showing
it outward by baptism.

Who can be Baptised?

Only someone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour can be baptised, also they must
have some understanding of what baptism is before they are baptised. Matthew 28:19-20. This
means children cannot be baptised as they cannot make a decision to follow Jesus and be baptised
because they dont understand. Only when that child comes of age then they must make that

Not being baptised does not mean that you are not a Christian. Being cleansed by the blood of Jesus
having him as our Lord and Saviour does. The thief on the cross wasn't baptised Luke 23:42-43,
and those in Acts 10:44-48 got the Holy Spirit before they were baptised. This does not give
someone the excuse not to be baptised as it is a commandment from the Lord, James 4:17 tells us
that if we know we should do something good and do not do it it's sin.

Why do I need to be Baptised?

We need to be baptised because Jesus was Mark 1:9-10, and told us to be baptised Matthew
28:19. Also the disciples taught it Acts 2:38. And buy doing so we are publicly saying I belong to

What does it mean to be baptised?

When someone gets baptised their full body is put under water and raised back out. Baptism is more
than just going under water, it's what it represents. Let's have a closer look what baptism is.

In Romans 6:3-5, this means when we are being baptised and go under water we being into his
death and when we come out, just has Christ was raised from the dead we to can hold onto the
promise that one day we will rise also.

It is a very strong testimony when you are baptised, because when we are telling others about Jesus
and they ask if you have been baptised, and you say I have not, when you answer no, you lose that
strength in your testimony as the unsaved think, why should I listen to him, when he doesn't
believe what Jesus says to do himself?

Also when we go under the water we are saying to the unsaved world, the old man is buried, he has
been put to death. And when we come out a new man comes out of the water someone cleansed by
Jesus. It shows that our sins have been washed away when the new man comes up.
Foundation Course Lesson 8


1) Read Acts 2:38. Have you been baptised? If not, why not? If we have been saved a number of
months or years and not been baptised, we should ask ourselves what the reason is. Jesus
commanded us to be baptised and John 14:21-23 tells us that if we love Jesus we would do what
His word says. If you haven't been baptised, have a talk with you pastor to know more and to help
you if you struggle about this.

2) Read Romans 6:3-5. If you have been baptised, are you living like you belong to Jesus? Are you
acting like the new man coming out of the water? or the old man that was put under the water? Our
testimony is the main thing people see, some will never read a bible but they will read you, when
they are reading you, what type of Christian are they reading? A godly or worldly Christian? If you
are worldly repent and walk in Christ, if something you are struggling with talk with your pastor so
he can help.

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