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Venture Capital Syndicate

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Access to venture capitalists made easy

The growth of funds chasing a few good ideas, while on one hand has more first
generation entrepreneurs to get their hands into innovative ventures, it has also created an
enormous demand on VC/PE funds – typically with very small teams. vcSyndicate
addresses this market need by facilitating discussions of qualified entrepreneurs with
venture capital firms across the world, providing a clear value proposition to both
entrepreneur and investor communities.

Hyderabad, AP, India, June, 23, 2008: An able team, startup capital, strategic advice and
network, these are the nutrients upon which an idea moves to execution. Often big ideas
get killed even before they germinate by societal pressures and lack of startup capital.
Considering that the typical timeframe for a marriage between a great idea and the startup
capital from investors is more than 6 months, there is an imminent need to shorten this
lag. vcSyndicate (Venture Capital Syndicate) endeavors to connect promising
entrepreneurs with the best of venture capital firms across the world.

vcSyndicate is a collaborative effort of a group of professionals interested in supporting

high potential startup ventures. The website is a platform for
individuals from different countries to interact and exchange high potential ideas. With
current registrations of over 60 investors, 80 Entrepreneurs along with more than 15
opportunities in various stages of discussions, all within just 4 months of launch,
vcSyndicate is surely the go to place for both investors and entrepreneurs. The advisory
board of vcSyndicate comprises of members with huge experience such as Varadharajan
(Peepul advisors), Srinath Sridharan (Wadhwan Holdings Pvt Ltd) and Aaron Fernstrom
(Four Seasons Venture investments) who provide guidance and set direction for the
activities of vcSyndicate.

Operating on the concept of a pure play virtual office with active engagement of
professionals from Market Research firms, top PE funds and high networth investors, the
team behind vcSyndicate provides pre-screening of ideas to increase qualified deal flow
to venture capitalists with sector focus on Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma and technology.
Entrepreneurs could further gain from customized consultative services, which include b-
plan formation, idea valuation, identifying target investors, presentation drafts and a
mock presentation audience.

On the other hand, a VC/PE firm and vcSyndicate could gain synergies by
(a) partnering in deal screening
Venture Capital Syndicate
(b) Utilizing vcSyndicate's talent base to perform research and due diligence activities
(based on set criteria from VC Firms)
(c) In addition to the above, a VC fund, at some stage, may play the role of a lead
syndicator of capital (either because of high capital requirement or to hedge risk). In this
case, VC firms could utilize the services/network of vcSyndicate to ease & quicken

The current portfolio of deals, in various stages are a hybrid ethanol manufacturing plant,
an online sourcing solution for BPO industry, a market research firm and a full service
speaker bureau - one of its kind in India, a patented device to reduce electromagnetic
radiation from cell phones along with a few other innovative high potential ideas.

Vithal Donakonda, the man behind the concept sees the whole model of venture financing
to get more and more dispersed, rather than be limited to a select set of institutional
investors. The progress of vcSyndicate is a good precursor to the latent demand for
SEBI’s new stock exchange for SMEs.

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Founded by Vithal Donakonda (MBA from Indian School of Business) and Oksana
Beregova (MBA from Chicago GSB), vcSyndicate is an online platform to connect
entrepreneurs and investors. The website endeavors to be the go to resource for all
players with the ecosystem of venture capital investing.

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