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Task 1. Write a description based upon the information in the diagram. (Page 45)
A Classification of Drinks
Drinks may be classified into two main groups: alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol, commonly known as alcohol, which has
psychoactive and, sometimes, addictive effect. Spirits, wine, and beer belong tothis
group. Non-alcoholic drinks contain little or no alcohol. Based on how it is served,
non-alcoholic drinks can be sub-divided into hot drinks and cold drinks. A hot drink
is usually served hot, by the addition of a heated liquid, such as water or milk, or by
directly heating the drink itself. Examples of this type of drinks are tea, coffee, and
cocoa. Cold drinks are commonly served in low temperature, by adding ice, cold
water, or by putting it in the refrigerator before it is drunk. Cold drinks may also be
grouped into two types: aerated and non-aerated. The criterion for classifying it is
whether or not there is additive agent in the drinks. A drink containing water (often,
but not always carbonated water), usually a sweetener, a flavoring agent, and other
additive substances, such as coloring and preservative agent is called an aerated
drink. Lemonade, tonic water, soda water, and cola can be the examples of it. A
drink that contains only few or no additives is called non-aerated drink. Non-aerated
drinks consist of: squashes or cordials, that is diluted with water; fruit juice, that is
normally undiluted; and others, like milk.

Task 2. Write a classification of a subject.

A Classification of Sentences
A sentence may be defined as a collection of words which form a complete meaning.
It is concerned with expressing a statement, question, exclamation, request, or
suggestion. According to the structure, sentences are divided into two types, namely
simple sentence and complex sentence. A simple sentence is a sentence that consists
of only one subject, while complex sentence composed of two or more single
sentences. Complex sentences can be sub-divided into equivalent complex sentences,
compound complex sentences, and mixed complete sentences. In equivalent
complex sentences, the relationship between elements of the sentence are equal. It is
different than complex compound sentences in which the relationship between those
elements are inequal. And the other type is mixed compound sentences. This type of
sentences is a combination of both equivalent complex sentence and compound
complex sentence.

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