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Needs Improvement Satisfactory Good Excellent
1 pt 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts
Student was difficult to Student was able to express Student was able to express Student was able to
understand and had a hard their ideas and responses their ideas and responses express their ideas and
time communicating their adequately but often fairly well but makes mistakes responses with ease in
ideas and responses because displayed inconsistencies with their tenses, however is proper sentence structure
of grammar mistakes. with their sentence structure able to correct themselves. and tenses.
and tenses.

Student was difficult to Student was slightly unclear Pronunciation was good and Pronunciation was very
understand, quiet in speaking, with pronunciation at times, did not interfere with clear and easy to
unclear in pronunciation. but generally is fair. communication understand.

Student had inadequate Student was able to use Student utilized the words Rich, precise and
vocabulary words to express broad vocabulary words but learned in class, in an impressive usage of
his/her ideas properly, which was lacking, making him/her accurate manner for the vocabulary words learned
hindered the students in repetitive and cannot situation given. in and beyond of class.
responding. expand on his/her ideas.

Student had difficulty Student fairly grasped some Student was able to Student was able to
understanding the questions of the questions and topics comprehend and respond to comprehend and respond
and topics that were being that were being discussed. most of the questions and to all of the questions and
discussed. topics that were being the topics that were being
discussed. discussed with ease.

Knowledge Student was lacking in Student showed decent Student displayed well Student presented
background knowledge which background knowledge of knowledge of class excellent background
hindered his/her responses to class material, making information and topics. knowledge from class
the questions regarding class his/her responses topics and was able to
materials. incomplete. add more information in
their response.

Speech is very slow, Speech is slow and often Speech is mostly smooth but Speech is effortless and
stumbling, nervous, and hesitant and irregular. with some hesitation and smooth with speed that
uncertain with response, Sentences may be left unevenness caused primarily comes close to that of a
except for short or uncompleted, but the by rephrasing and groping for native speaker.
memorized expressions. student is able to continue. words.
Difficult for a listener to