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Causes and Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

There are many types of cancer, some are known and the rest are unknown. One of the known female
cancers is what we call Uterine Cancer (Endometrial Cancer). Uterine cancer exists in a womans uterus,
sometimes you can feel symptoms of it, and oftentimes you cant, which makes it quite peculiar. Now
here below are some facts which may guide you in understanding better the causes and symptoms of
this unfamiliar type of cancer.


The following are some of the causes why a person develops uterine cancer.


Women who are obese have a higher percentage to have uterine cancer. This is because
fatty tissue in women produces large amount of estrogen and continuously do that.

Menstrual and Reproductive History

Women are at a higher risk of uterine cancer if their first menstrual period started
before the age 12 and went through menopause after the age 55, and they do not have had

Taking of Tamoxifen

This is a medicine that prevents you from having breast cancer; if a woman takes this she
will have a higher risk in having cancer.

Family History

Women with a family member or relatives with uterine cancer have a higher risk of
developing the disease. Also, women in families who have an inherited form of collateral
cancer, known as Lynch syndrome have a higher risk of having uterine cancer.

Radiation therapy to pelvis

Women who exposed themselves in radiation have a higher risk in developing uterine

Abnormal growth of Endometrial Hyperplasia

Hyperplasia is not cancer, but sometime it will develop into a cancer. An abnormal
increase of cells in the lining of the uterus can increase the risk of developing uterine cancer.

Hormonal Changes
Changes that affect the balance of estrogen and progesterone can result in the thickening of the uterus
lining and can increase the risk of developing cancer diseases, such as uterine cancer.


A person should develop a sense of sensitiveness in order for them to feel the symptoms of this
disease. Listed below are some of the symptoms of uterine cancer that will help you if you are
experiencing the causes of the disease.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding

Pain in Urinating
Pain during sexual intercourse
Pain in the pelvic area
Menorrhagia, or abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), for premenopausal women)
Bleeding in between periods or having periods that lasts longer than usual
Thin clear or whitish discharge if youve been through menopause

Cancer is really dangerous; in order to protect ourselves from having this kind of disease one should
really take care of their body. If you have this kind of disease you should make sure that you talk to your
doctor regularly to assist you in recovering from the disease. There is new medical equipment that will
cure you from cancer. The only thing important is that you consult with them ahead of time. If you feel
any symptoms of cancer you should directly talk to them by all means because the late you act the more
difficult the cancer to cure. Dont make it to the point where you cannot do anything about it.