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SoluForce High Temperature

The true high temperature flexible pipe
solution for the oil and gas industry

Ambient resistant
white HDPE cover

Reinforcement layers
for strength

Fluid-tight, corrosion
resistant HDPE liner

Cutaway of the SoluForce HT

As the technological leader in the manufacturing of RTP (Reinforced Advantages:

Thermoplastic Pipe) SoluForce now introduces the SoluForce High Very high operating pressures, up to 150
Temperature (HT). A unique, high temperature, plastic pipe qualified for barg / 2250 psig
high pressure gas, hydro-carbon, water, and multiphase applications. Max ambient and/or fluid temperature
85C / 185F
Typical applications of the SoluForce HT pipe are: Resistant to inorganic acids like HCI, H2SO4
High pressure water injection lines Resistant to alkaline materials including
Oil and gas transportation flow lines NaOH, KOH and NH3 solutions
Gas and oil gathering lines Maximum partial gas pressure of 21 barg
/ 305 psig
With a uniquely manufactured HDPE high temperature layer it is now Up to 0.3 barg / 4.35 psig partial pressure
possible to transport fluids up to a temperature of 85C / 185F with the H2S applications
SoluForce HT pipe. With a track record in the oil and gas industry, Easy and fast installation
SoluForce takes the next step in flexible RTP solutions. No scaling / No erosion
Maintenance free
Design life up to 50 years

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SoluForce High Temperature

Technical specifications SoluForce Heavy HT
H415 HT H515 HT


Nominal diameter 4 100mm 6 150mm

Inside diameter 4 100mm 5 125mm
Maximum Allowable Operating
2250 psig 150 barg 2250 psig 150 barg
Pressure Hydrocarbons and Water
Maximum Allowable (Partial) Operating Pressure Gas 305 psig 21 barg 305 psig 21 barg
Maximum fluid temperature 185F 85C 185F 85C
Minimum fluid temperature -40F -40C -40F -40C


Surface installed, exposed to direct sunlight 20 years 20 years

Buried or protected from direct sunlight 50 years 50 years


Length of pipe per coil 721 ft 220 mtr 721 ft 220 mtr

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