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Serving UNC students and the University community since 1893

Volume 125, Issue 19 Monday, September 11, 2017

BOG approves litigation ban Humanities

events try
to cater to
Carolina Public Humanities
carries on its mission to
create campus conversations.
By Madeleine Fraley
Staff Writer

Communities, conversation, creativity:

these are the three legs of Carolina Public
Humanities mission. Then theres con-
nection and collaboration, which is how
the organization achieves that mission.
Located within the College of Arts and
Sciences, Carolina Public Humanities
serves as the public outreach of the col-
lege, serving both the University and
state of North Carolina through pro-
grams in the humanities since 1979.
The program was founded by late
philosophy professor Dr. E. Maynard
Adams, who believed there needed to be
a program that connected faculty in the
humanities and the arts with the people
of North Carolina, said Lloyd Kramer,
Director of Carolina Public Humanities.
DTH/NATHAN KLIMA Originally called Program in the
UNC-system President Margaret Spellings (left) sits next to chairperson Lou Bissette (right) during the UNC Board of Governors meeting Friday. Humanities and Human Values, Adams
wanted to create an extension between

The ban leaves the Civil Rights Centers future unclear the University and the community an
extension that would provide a conversa-
tion about humanities, as well as histori-
By Ana Irizarry ban would affect all academic damage the Universitys reputation is the University itself, she said. cal and philosophical context for contro-
State & National Editor centers, but the Civil Rights Center and students legal education. They Nelson along with board versial issues of the day.
is the only one of its kind in the also argued the ban would shut members Pearl Burris-Floyd, He believed that our social and
After months of protest school system. down the Center. Walter Davenport and Darrell political and cultural life depends on a
and debate, the UNC Board of Proponents of the ban argued liti- Board member Anna Nelson, Allison voted against the knowledge of history and philosophy and
Governors voted to ban litigation gation at academic centers is against chairperson of the committee ban. UNC-system student body ideas, Kramer said.
at all UNC-system academic cen- UNCs mission to do legal work which proposed the ban, said the President Tyler Hardin said he So thats always been our mission to
ters Friday. against other government entities. policy was inappropriate. would have voted against the ban if serve the people of N.C. through public
The ban leaves UNC School Board member William Webb said I regret that we are having he had a vote on the board. programs that feature the humanities,
of Laws Center for Civil Rights he would vote to prevent any center this conversation at the Board of Burris-Floyd said she had the he said.
unable to do legal work for low- from suing the government. Governors For me I feel there Rachel Schaevitz, who serves as
income and minority groups. The Critics of the ban said it would is something larger at risk, and that SEE CCR, PAGE 7

9/11 survivor reflects on Lamar Jackson cuts up defense

escape from South Tower
Joe Dittmar remains I remember thinking to
committed to preserving myself, this doesnt hap-
the memory of victims. pen in the United States,
this doesnt happen here.
By Mark Burnett Joe Dittmar
Staff Writer
Head of the Always Remember Initiative
Sitting in a conference room on
the 105th floor of the World Trade He never forgot the sounds from
Centers South Tower, all Joe Dittmar that day.
and his colleagues noticed when The unmistakable sound of the
a plane hit the North Tower was a twisting steel and the crumbling con-
flicker of the light. crete of what was the South Tower
An announcement came over the PA the building that we had been in just
system: the incident in the North Tower eight minutes prior coming to the
was contained. South Tower occupants ground, he said. Even more gruesome
would be safe where they were, but was the sound of hundreds of thou-
could evacuate if they wanted. sands of people on the streets of New
Dittmar was the last person to leave York all screaming the same voice-cur-
the room. He chose evacuation, taking dling scream, all at the same time.
the fire stairwell instead of the eleva- After the attacks, Dittmar went
tor. He was in the fire stairwell when home to Aurora, Ill. He now lives in DTH/TARYN REVOIR
the call for evacuation came. Chapel Hill, and gives back by host- Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) scores a rushing touchdown on Saturday September 9th.
When the plane hit the South ing free presentations 50 to 60 times
Tower, he was fewer than ten floors
below the impact.
a year to ensure people dont forget
about September 11th.
Reigning Heisman selves jumped off the page. The
junior quarterback completed 25 of
things happen today that most
people cant do.
That fire stairwell that we were Thats how I feel I can pay this Trophy winner had 525 39 passes for 393 yards and threw
three touchdowns. He was just as
Knowing it would need to
improve in nearly every aspect
inside just started to shake back and back in some way, shape or form, so
forth in ways it shouldnt shake back thats what I do, Dittmar said. Im yards in 47-35 win. dangerous on the ground, string- of its game following last weeks
and forth, Dittmar said. You see okay with that because the catharsis ing together 132 rushing yards and 35-30 loss to California, the UNC
the concrete start sputtering out, the that I need to overcome the horrors By Brennan Doherty adding three more scores. defense more or less had an idea
handrails are breaking away from the of that day you dont really overcome Senior Writer His 525 total yards represented of what to expect from Louisville
wall. The steps were like waves in the it to be honest with you, you just basi- the most ever by an opposing play- (2-0) and Jackson. The Cardinals
ocean, fluctuating underneath our cally manage it. Thats what I need to At 8:57 a.m. on Friday, Lamar er in a single game against UNC. would base everything they did
feet, and we felt a huge heat ball blow do is manage it. Jackson issued the warning in the The previous record of 479, set by around their elusive quarterback
by us. We smelled jet fuel and rocked @markburnett1234 form of a Dragon Ball Z reference. Arizona State quarterback Andrew while also getting their top wide
for what felt like forever. It was prob- Better have that same energy Walter, had stood for 15 years. receivers and running backs
ably seconds or a minute, but it just
felt like forever.
9/11 CASUALTIES when you see me cause Im going
super Saiyan! he tweeted.
But even without the numbers,
Jacksons play told the story.
involved in the action.
In the end, thats what hap-
Dittmar made it out of the South
Tower in 50 minutes. At approximate-
ly 9:59 am, 56 minutes after impact,
Persons in North Tower
On Saturday, he did just that.
Facing a North Carolina defense
that struggled against California the
It did when he twisted corner-
back Patrice Rene twice with juke
moves on the way to a 43-yard
pened. UNC (0-2) saw what was
coming, but couldnt do anything
to stop the Cardinals from racking
the South Tower collapsed. Twenty- week before, the reigning Heisman touchdown run and when he up 705 yards of total offense. It
nine minutes later, the North Tower
Dittmar and his colleagues were
Persons in South Tower
Trophy winner had a performance
for the ages as No. 17 Louisville
defeated the Tar Heels 47-35.
casually avoided a sack from an
unblocked defender before throw-
ing a perfect spiral for a 75-yard
was UNCs worst defensive show-
ing since the 2015 Russell Athletic
Bowl, in which Baylor recorded
only eight blocks away when they As if Jackson needed any extra touchdown pass. Even from three 756 yards against the Tar Heels.
heard on a local radio station that the
incident was a purposeful terrorist
Persons on airplanes
motivation, UNC linebacker Andre
Smith said on Wednesday that the
Tar Heels were just gonna stop
yards out, Jackson made a quar-
terback keeper up the middle for a
touchdown look impressive with a
They did exactly what we
thought they would do, safety
Donnie Miles said. They did
I remember thinking to myself, anything that he tries to do. split-second cut to the outside and exactly what (defensive coordina-
this doesnt happen in the United
States, this doesnt happen here. How
can this be?
Persons in the Pentagon
They might have tried, but to
no avail.
On paper, the numbers them-
a goal-line extension.
As head coach Larry Fedora
concisely put it: He made some
tor John Papuchis) said they were


In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.

2 Monday, September 11, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Hopscotch: a review of the festival
Established 1893
124 years of editorial freedom


Big Boi performs on Saturday at Flock of Dimes performs at Red Hat Escape-ism performs on Saturday at Tei Shi performs at Red Hat
REBECCA AYERS Hopscotch Music Festival. Amphitheater duringHHopscotch. Hopscotch Music Festival. Amphetheater on Saturday.
By Rebecca Ayers nated choreography the entire set.
Senior Writer She opened the set with Rise that
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR introduced the audience into slow,
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Raleighs annual Hopscotch music relaxing jazz tones. Eventually she
KARYN HLADIK-BROWN festival is never short on music. transitioned the audience into Mad
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR In fact, there were so many acts it and Dont Touch My Hair, which
ARTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM became difficult to choose between are both political statements from
which ones to see, which is a good her perspective as a black woman
sign for the growing music festival. and issues within the community.
The concert series had an eclectic She also included her upbeat, funky
mix of genres and artists to choose song Losing You and introduced the
COLE DEL CHARCO from, ranging from local artists to song by telling everyone to let go and
AUDIO EDITOR nationally renowned headliners dance like they were in middle school.
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Solange and Run the Jewels. Essentially Solange has my soul and
ZSOFIA VOROS Overall the vibes were energetic heart in her hands with her truly
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR and exhilarating, with countless cathartic experience of a concert.
DESIGN@DAILYTARHEEL.COM performers to choose from in a short Kaytranada, the Montreal-based
radius around Raleighs downtown producer, performed on Saturday at
area. Thursday night started off with 12:30 a.m. He also slayed with his
a moderate amount of festival attend- hour-long DJ set and stayed true to
ees, while Saturday night the down- his dance, electronic and rap style.
SARAH LUNDGREN, town area was packed with people His set had the entire audience
KAREN STAHL from all over the country rushing energetically dancing and jumping the
Heather McEntire, lead singer of Mount Angel Olsen closes out Hopscotch across the streets to see their favorite entire set with coordinating intense
COPY CHIEFS Moriah, at Red Hat Amphitheater. Festival on Sunday night at Red Hat.
bands. psychedelic visuals. Kaytranada
Solange was the headliner I was delivered his colorful two part song
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. the most psyched to see on Saturday Glowed Up which was a creative
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 CORRECTIONS night, and I am not lying when I say and effective collaboration between
Rachel Jones, Summer Editor, 962-4086 that talented artist brought me to him and Anderson.Paak., although
Advertising & Business, 962-1163
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 The Daily Tar Heel reports any inaccu- noted in the online versions of our tears. Her performance at the Red .Paak was not in attendance. Though
rate information published as soon as stories. Hat Amphitheater absolutely served Hopscotch didnt align with the
One copy per person;
additional copies may be purchased the error is discovered. Contact Managing Editor Jessica her excellence, and was amid a fiery typical music festival, like a Coachella
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. red backdrop. She also had an all red experience, it still was able to serve a
Please report suspicious activity at Editorial corrections will be printed on Swanson at managing.editor@dailytar-
color-coordinated band with backup variety of music tastes and helped me
our distribution racks by emailing this page. Errors committed on the with issues about this policy.
vocalists and dancers Isadora Mendez to discover new genres.
Opinion Page have corrections printed and Franchelle Lucas, who supported @rebeccaayers234
2012 DTH Media Corp. on that page. Corrections also are
All rights reserved Knowles performance with coordi-

The Exhibit Opens Sept. 14 at 7pm with a reception and artist talk
The Daily Tar Heel Opinion Monday, September 11, 2017 3

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

Im okay with that because the catharsis
overcome it to be honest with you
Joe Dittmar, on his evaucation from South Tower on 9/11
Politics over pedagogy. They cant simply
fire the law professors who said mean things
Alexander Peeples about them.
Locavore Politics
Ryan Geibl, on the Board of Governors litigation ban
Senior history and political science
major from Daphne, Ala.
LETTERS TO that, but only writing what
were interested in severely


Parallels in protest
limits what we cover.
Youre out in the
community more than

speech is and free speech

we are, and you probably
notice a lot that we dont.
We do our best, but

not just
I am very much in sym- were also students with
pathy with the DTH col- homework and other
umnist who, in your issue demands.

of Sept. 6, complains of the What makes a journalist
mistreatment of the Unsung special is they are a person
Founders Memorial. who doesnt mind spending
I note that she is in favor hours investigating a topic
This past Friday the UNC of silencing Silent Sam, that may or may not be
Board of Governors voted to which is her privilege. But a story. It is kind of an
effectively end the UNC Center might we not agree that impulsive habit people
for Civil Rights by barring it sauce for the goose is sauce like me have. Even in
from litigating. This was a dev- for the gander, and accord- conversations with friends,
astating blow to our state, but ingly that the mistreatment I am constantly looking
almost as concerning was that of any campus monument, to verify information and
the public wasnt allowed in the including Silent Sam, find out more context. Its
room when it happened. Prior should be discountenanced? honestly fun.
to the vote concerned com- The statue seems to be clut- Our passion, and
munity members, of which I tered with signs, sometimes dedicated time spent
was one, gathered to attend the affixed to the monument pursuing that passion,
Board of Governors meeting. base or the statue itself, of could be a great benefit to
When we arrived, the build- which your front-page pho- looking into questions you
ing the meeting was held in was tos offer an example. as readers have.
locked and guarded. As they What, it may be asked, Journalists have always
erased Julius Chambers legacy are the First Amendment asked for tips and leads
from this campus, the BOG privileges of those who pro- for stories, and were no
made sure that no one from the test and deface Silent Sam different. It is very useful
general public was there to hold with disfiguring signs? for organizations to connect
them accountable. Some years ago, in a with us and tell us about
The BOG is not the only pious cause now forgotten, what theyre doing. But
powerful voice impeding free protesters littered the south story tips only go so far
speech at UNC. The North edge of Lafayette Park, and might not seem like
Carolina General Assembly across Pennsylvania Avenue something anyone can send.
and even UNC-Chapel Hills from the White House, If youre curious about
own administration are all maintaining that theirs was something, and havent
playing a role. The NCGAs a form of protected First- seen an article about it,
newest front for these attacks Amendment expression. chances are that someone
is the deceptively named They were mistaken. else is thinking about it,
Restore/Preserve Campus Free After this clutter had too and it also probably
Speech act, House Bill 527. marred the park and means we should be
The bill restricts speech. the northern vista of the concerned about it, too.
First it mandates that the White House and annoyed So I am asking you to
University punish any member sightseers for some time, a reach out. I am going to
of UNC who disrupts any free judge ruled that they must create a folder in my email
expression with protests. This be removed as a public that will filter questions you
dangerously, and inaccurately, nuisance. The ruling, if all have. This isnt a request
assumes that protests and dem- appealed, was sustained. for more press releases; like
onstrations do not constitute I do not say that the two I said, we already get those.
their own form of free speech. cases are alike but they This is me asking for broad
This limitation on forms are parallel. Bill of Rights questions.
of free speech is mirrored in privileges are always and This could look like
aspects of the law that create everywhere subject to time, How long will the con-
an oversight commission to place and manner restric- struction project on my
measure universities neutral- EDITORIAL tions. Clutter, even when road last? or Where

Remembering, reflecting
ity, which according to one of high-minded, can be a should I go to get the best
the original authors of the bill, public nuisance and in man- prices for supplies before
is intended to discourage UNC ner an offense to the third an upcoming storm?
from divesting from fossil fuels. restriction. Something to Sure, those are pretty
This effort to prevent divest- think about in these sancti- basic and could probably
ment is dangerous primarily
because it tries to undermine As we mourn 9/11, on Libya, causing more
Arab-American busi-
Iraq War monious times. be solved with a Google
search, but you all are more
one of the primary aspects of
economic free speech.
we look at patterns ness to be vandalized in Iraq War is officially
underway, with over 500,00
Edwin Yoder
DTH Editor
creative than I am.
We will not have the
Dearborn, Michigan.
The efforts of the University of Islamophobia. deaths from 2003 to 2011 1955-56 bandwidth to answer every

administration are more subtle on the pretenses of weapons question, and maybe some
than this attack, but their our generations 1990-1991: Persian My previous column questions just wont have
of students ago, it of mass destruction.
impact is insidious nonethe- Gulf War left something out an answer, but I promise we
less. Their particular brand of was a clear Monday will see what youre curious
suppression, can be seen in the morning with no cloud in During the Persian Gulf Abu Ghraib FROM THE EDITOR: about and try to help you
recent confiscation of Silent the sky in New York City, War in the 1990s, there The Daily Tar Heel has find an answer.
Torture and humiliation
Sam sit-in materials, where Arlington County, Va., or were reports of 119 seri- made its mission to be the Like I said back then, I
at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq
students were told they were in Shanksville, Pa. ous hate crimes in 1991, community paper for UNC, want to be a resource for you
by U.S. military on Iraqi
violation of the usage restric- By 11 a.m. that same including arsons, bomb- Chapel Hill and Carrboro. all and this is just one way
prisoners comes to light.
tions for McCorkle Place. morning, it became one of ings and assaults. Doing so is a big task and that I can make that happen.
In a similar situation, the the grayest days in United one that were still learning Second, if you see an
Campus Y, of which I am a 2015: Anti-Muslim how to take on. article and want to know
States history. 1996
Co-President, put up banners on
On this day of collective
Attacks in Chapel Hill At the beginning of more, reach out. Its why we
our building that had phrases Following the mechani- the year I wrote a column put the email on the end of
like Defend the Center for Civil mourning and remem- Three Muslim students saying why I wanted to be every story so that you can
cal failure explosion of
Rights. The University decided brance, this board took time are shot and killed in their involved in this community, be heard. I only ask that you
TWA Flight 800, Council
to tear down the banners on the to reflect on the tragedys own homes in Chapel Hill. and why I wanted to see respectfully ask for more
on Islamic Relations
grounds that they supposedly legacy and its place within a this paper as a community context or lobby your com-
receives ten reports
violated building codes. larger timeline of American- 2017: Muslim Ban institution. plaint journalists are real
of anti-Muslim verbal
Weve continued to put up Muslim relations. I missed a key part people with real feelings.
banners in defiance of this harassment and threats of President Trump calls of what it means to be a That said, holding us to
censorship, and at the time of violence. for a Muslim ban from six community paper in that a higher standard is good
1980: ABSCAM
writing this the University has Muslim-majority coun- first column: I didnt ask for us. If our story needs
responded by tearing down 17 FBI conducts a sting 2001: Patriot Act tries. Its scope and legiti- for yalls feedback. more reporting, that should
total banners. operation called ABSCAM macy will be heard by the For too long, journalists, be a good thing it means
The most telling part of the Patriot Act is passed including at this paper, there is more we can inform
(short for Arab Scam) in Supreme Court in October.
Universitys action throughout following the 9/11 attacks, have disengaged with the the community on.
which FBI agents posed In 2016, after the elec-
was to leave a non-political ban- which has led to the community we claim to Were your paper, so be a
as wealthy Arabs to bribe tion of President Trump,
ner we hung to test the policy. detention and deporta- serve. News judgment is part of our process.
politicians. Pew Research Center
Despite a supposedly content- tion of thousands of Arabs still certainly a skill that
neutral policy, that banner hung and Muslims without due found that anti-Muslim were learning/teaching Tyler Fleming
until we took it down ourselves. 1985: ADC Office process. assaults are at 9/11 levels. at the DTH. There are the Editor-in-Chief
The powers that at UNC Firebombed This list only standards in journalism for Senior
eschew attendance at sit-ins, scratches the surface on
American-Arab War in Afghanistan
banners, protests, and boycotts Islamophobias prevalence.
because these are the tools of
the powerless.When free expres-
Committee is firebombed
War in Afghanistan kills If we tried to include every SPEAK OUT
over 100,000 people since Islamophobic attack or WRITING GUIDELINES
sion becomes only literal speech in Washington D.C. in 2001, with the war con- offense, the list would take Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
it ceases to exist for everyone response to after death of up the entire newspaper.
tinuing until today. Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
that isnt already being heard. Arab American activist Anti-Muslim sentiment Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
At the core, this is why the Alex Odeh.
NCGA, BOG, and UNC admin- 2003: No Fly List did not start at 9/11. It Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
istration are undermining free did not disappear under Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
speech on our campus. They Attack on Islamic No-Fly list is created a president whose middle letters to 250 words.
are afraid of what we have to Institute in Dearborn in response to 9/11 which name was Hussein. SUBMISSION
say, and even more what it will is meant to prevent ter- It did not suddenly Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
Windows of the Islamic rorists from flying in and NC 27514
mean if people start to hear it. appear at Trumps presi-
Institute in Dearborn, out of the U.S. Countless Email:
dency. Trumps term is
Michigan are broken. Muslim-Americans have over.
Anti-Arab sentiment

9/13: Moderately Annoyed been wrongfully placed on EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
And it will not
Kirk Kovach writes on divisive grew also in response to the list. resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
disappear on its own. opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
issues from the middle. the U.S.s 1986 bombings
members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.
4 Monday, September 11, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Paperhand puts on new puppet show

Puppeteers use a You can sort of bring anything to life if you
variety of materials approach it in the right way.
to craft the puppets. Donovan Zimmerman
Co-founder and director of Paperhand
By Sara Pequeo
Staff Writer DTH: Can you elaborate on seemingly holding that down
the multiple styles of puppetry? in this area of the world. We
The Paperhand Puppet get inspired by those groups,
Intervention performed Of DZ: So masks, giant puppets, and at this point, weve been
Wings and Feet at the North stilt walking, marionettes, rod around long enough that lots of
Carolina Museum of Art Sept. puppets, shadow puppets, people are being inspired by us
8-10. moving painted flats and pret- as well, just, you know, sharing
The troupe will perform ty much anything else we can different ideas and different
at the Carolina Theatre of think of to move around, bring ways of building things and dif-
Greensboro this weekend. to life, I guess, is what we do. ferent ways to approach solving
Staff writer Sara Paqueo We dont really like to limit different problems in the pup-
spoke with Donovan ourselves, but we tend towards petry and storytelling world.
Zimmerman, a co-founder papier-mch and cardboard
and director of Paperhand. masks and heads and giant DTH: What is the play about
things, but we use fabric in and what are some highlights
The Daily Tar Heel: What different ways. You can sort from the performance?
is Paperhand Puppet of bring anything to life if you
Intervention? approach it in the right way. DZ: The shows called Of
Wings and Feet, so theres
Donovan Zimmerman: DTH: What exactly makes quite a few birds and sort of
Paperhand is a giant puppets your program unique? these proto-humans that are
company, mask theater, shad- trying to figure out what it
ow puppet theater troupe DZ: I think all of the things means to fly and what wings DTH/KATIE WILLIAMS
out of Saxapahaw, North that I just said pretty much symbolize. But there are also Puppeteers perform Childhood as part of A Drop in the Bucket: the Big Dreams of Tiny Things.
Carolina. Weve been doing makes it unique for this area, some giant turtles along the
shows in the area for the past but it doesnt necessarily make way that sort of draw them in it The Living Land which swirling and epic, and the bird the piece dancing pigeons,
20 years, including all of it unique in the world. Theres a different direction. So theres is a huge Mother Earth thats and turtle part is more sort dancing flamingos, it just goes
those things I mentioned with a rich tradition of puppetry giant birds, theres giant turtles, like 60 feet wide and a giant of fun, but also quite beauti- on and on. Theres a lot of stuff
stilts and painted flats and and giant masks and things theres a big circus as sort of a sky-bird-god kind of a guy. ful and very energetic. Theres in the show.
multiple styles of puppetry. from all over the world, really. center act, and then theres sort So the circus is really fun, but a lot of great drumming and @saralizp
We just are sort of the ones of a giant pageant we call the pageant is more sort of great dance that happens in

Q&A with Pam Jagger, grant recipient

Pam Jagger is a UNC
professor of public policy
I teach classes on environment lic policy and crossed with
the environment and ecology
what countries to work in? access throughout the country.
So its a place where theres
and will be the director and development and food policy. curriculum. I teach classes PJ: Its really driven by the been a lot of change and peo-
principal investigator of a on environment development overall design on the project. ples access to energy has really
research program for energy
Pam Jagger and food policy. So it fits We wanted to work in mul- improved. Then Zimbabwe is
poverty in Southern Africa. Professor of public policy very well with my teaching tiple countries, and wanted an example where the oppo-
Shes been studying energy interests and the courses I am some variation between the site has happened, because
The Daily Tar Heel: How did in that group of 70s and had to
poverty issues for five years tasked with. I will be teach- countries. So the three coun- of the political upheaval that
you get this grant? submit another more detailed
and received a $4.8 million ing a freshman seminar in tries can be loosely described they have had there. They had
proposal. We found out in
grant from the National the spring focused on energy in the following ways: one is relatively good energy access
Pam Jagger: So we had an June that we were awarded the
Science Foundation to start a poverty in developing coun- Malawi and is quite far behind about twenty years ago. So
internal competition at UNC grant, and I think there were
program to increase access to tries. In terms of my gradu- in energy access. So they have people that used to cook with
to see who would get to put about 12 or 14 grants awarded
modern energy in Southern ate students and teaching, very low electricity coverage electricity and gas right now
forward their idea and my in the end. So it was a highly
Africa. The program will be many of my students have and lots of people rely on fire- are finding themselves rely-
research group won that com- competitive contest.
implemented in Malawi, an interest in this topic, so it wood and charcoal for cook- ing on collecting firewood
petition. We then submitted
Zambia and Zimbabwe. It provides another opportunity ing. So theyre deep in energy and burning charcoal. So we
a first round proposal to the DTH: How does this pro-
will start in January 2018 for them to do research and poverty and theyre contrasted wanted to understand the
National Science Foundation, gram tie into your work here
and continue for five years. be engaged in actual, real-life with Zambia, which is a coun- trajectories of change, which
and they received close to 300 at UNC?
Staff writer Ashley Cruz spoke research projects. try that over the past twenty are all different in the three
proposals. They advanced
to Jagger on her plans for the years has actually made very countries.
about 70 of them and we were PJ: I am a professor of pub-
program. DTH: What made you decide big leaps in terms of energy

Ready to make the

most of your world?
Do the unexpected.
Apply by October 1:
The Daily Tar Heel City Monday, September 11, 2017 5

Carrboro poet Bazaar gives craftspeople a

pens for public place to share their work
The craft show
By Gregory Hall
Staff Writer
featured a variety of
Gary Phillips was appoint-
handmade products.
ed Carrboros town poet
laureate in 2016, and has By Doug Dubrowski
accepted the job through Staff Writer
June 2018. His responsi-
bilities include organizing the Dozens of local businesses
West End Poetry Festival in set up stands and tents for
Carrboro, and leading weekly the Carrboro Bazaar on
meetings of the Carrboro Sunday morning, creating a
Poets Council. The Town of colorful display of handmade
Carrboro has weekly meetings crafts, clothes, jewelry and
that Phillips decided to pres- food.
ent poems at as well. Meghan Morgan
My charge was to bring co-organized the event with
poetry into the public life of her husband, Duncan, and
Carrboro, so Ive taken that said the Bazaar has been held DTH/MOLLY SPRECHER
really really seriously and its for the last three years, and is The Carrboro Bazaar Arts and Craft Market was held on Sunday
been a lot of fun and a lot of held three times during the afternoon. People from the community bought and sold art.
work, Phillips said. fall season.
Weve had good turnout
Daniel Mayer, ArtsCenter
representative, said he thinks with usually a steady stream Weve had a good turnout with usually a
highly of Phillips. of people, Morgan said. steady stream of people.
Ive attended Carrboro Its difficult to get an event
started, to get it rooted in the Meghan Morgan
town meetings where he has
read poetry and he was very community, but we feel like Co-organizer of the Carrboro Bazaar
insightful, and is very talent- we can sustain this.
ed as a poet also, Mayer said. Morgan said the event I really like it so far, interest and the vendors
Phillips has been writing CONTRIB/ GARY PHILLIPS has been popular among its cool to see all the local enthusiasm are causing the
poetry since he was 17 years Gary Phillips is a poet and conservationist from Silk Hope, NC. He vendors, who have continued vendors and products, Bazaar to consider growing in
old, and has been writing also serves as a pastor and an entrepreneur. to return to the Bazaar Adrienne Dominicali said. the near future.
since he was 11. He said it because it helps them to find Josh Dominicali said Were also possibly going
was hard growing up in Polk the direction I felt school was compilation of his poetry. new buyers, but said this the couple had been to to be expanding to do this
County, NC where he wasnt pushing me, he said. The poet laureate is also event was smaller due to Carrboro, but all of the local on Franklin sometime in
accepted because of his social Phillips returned to UNC a writer, a conservation- space concerns. businesses gathering was the holiday season, Morgan
and political views. and officially graduated with ist, an entrepreneur, a We decreased the number new for them. said.
My community rejected his diploma in 1998. He cur- naturalist, a pastor and once of vendors to about 35 The events popularity Yair Rodriguez co-owns
me pretty heavily, it wasnt rently resides in Silk Hope, chair of Chatham County vendors so theres more focus gives local vendors a unique Tierra Sol Studio with his
much because of my shyness, NC and is the founder of Commissioners. on the products, and so if it opportunity to market their wife Seana, selling plants
but it was the other, he said. Weaver Street Realty, which Alan Shapiro, an English rains, we dont get wet, she products. They can present such as cacti that require very
I entered the civil rights he started in 1982. professor at UNC, had said. their goods directly to their little water and are easy to
movement when I was 17, and Weaver Street Realty is ded- Phillips as a student during Jeremy Pinkham, owner customers and gain a better keep alive.
I was an outcast. It was really icated in their independence Phillips return to UNC. of Yee Haw Doughnuts, said understanding of what We hand-make planters
because I was an intellectual, and their conservation efforts. I think he is one of the he enjoys experiencing the consumers want and need. and we make the soil that
so you might as well chalk Were a triple bottom line, most down to earth people I local culture at these types of Judith Jones, owner of sits in with every plant, he
that up to poetry. b-corp style ecological real have ever met and one of the events. Good JuJu Herbal, which said.
He received the Morehead- estate company, Phillips said. most brilliant people I have He said he appreciates the sells natural and hand- Rodriguez said Tierra Sol
Cain scholarship to attend You wont find more than ever met, Shapiro said. And activity of the Chapel Hill- crafted soaps, said she Studio had been in business
UNC-Chapel Hill in 1972, but five other real estate agencies that combination of being Carrboro community and appreciates the Bazaars for four years and they had
halfway into junior year, he left like ours. really intelligent and just as has set up his doughnut cart opportunity to spread the been coming to the Bazaar
to pursue other endeavors. He said B-corp is a way accessible and easy to get at the Bazaar since March word about her business to since it began.
I felt that school was head- of managing business to do along with is rare. because he only goes to new customers. All of our friends are
ing me toward a life I didnt well for others and the local Im certain that I learned outdoor venues. I have been coming to here, Rodriguez said.
want, Phillips said. So, it was community, such as equitable as much, if not more, from Adrienne and Josh this market in particular for The other vendors are our
a good decision for me to quit salaries and sharing profits him than he did from me. He Dominicali, attendees of the two years now, Jones said. I friends, and there are so
school. I became an entrepre- with the town. was more like a colleague in event, said they enjoyed the love the Chapel Hill-Carrboro many lovely people that
neur; I did a lot of traveling. Phillips published a book, the classroom than a student. experience and the unique community. come out.
I just needed a break from The Boy The Brave Girls, a companies they discovered. Morgan said the customers

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6 Monday, September 11, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Lavelle holds first campaign event

Lydia Lavelle hopes Most of the times I ran I
had an opponent, and I found
representing Carrboro really
to tackle federal and that having someone running
with you on the ballot for a
Kalani Allen, a Durham
resident who works in
state government. particular seat actually helped Carrboro, said Lavelle has
make you a better messenger placed a standard of caring
By Sophia Wilhelm of your vision and your goals, for every citizen.
Staff Writer he said. Im excited to see Mayor
Lavelle is currently serving Lavelle be out and basically
Carrboro Mayor Lydia her second term as Mayor of vocalizing what she has done
Lavelle kicked off her elec- Carrboro after being reelected in the past and what she
tion campaign mingling in 2015. Previous to becom- plans to do here locally as
with community members at ing mayor in 2013, she served well too, she said.
Steel String Brewery Friday. on the Board of Aldermen in Though Lavelle has
Local residents will cast 2007 and 2011. improved Carrboros brand
their ballots this November For a long time, Carrboro as a town, there are still
and choose between Lavelle was just this small town next many challenges that persist,
or her opponent, Mike to Chapel Hill, but today, Kleinschmidt said.
Benson. under her leadership and How this community is
Lavelle said every in the past couple mayors going to continue to grow,
opponent should be taken (leadership), but particularly meet the needs of its citizens
seriously. Lydia, shes made Carrboro a and hold on to its character,
Mike Benson is my oppo- strong voice around regional theres a huge challenge for
nent, and hes born and bred planning, transit, land use, any leader, (and) its going to
in Chapel Hill and hes a environmental protection, continue to be one for Lydia,
local business owner, Lavelle clean air and solid waste, Kleinschmidt said.
said. He understands the Kleinschmidt said. Herrick said he thinks it
good and the bad about this Jeff Herrick, a Carrboro will be a good election, as
town and I expect hell run resident, said Lavelle has both candidates are running
a good campaign just like I focused on social justice great campaigns. CONTRIB/ALICIA STEMPER
want to. issues and has brought people I hope Lydia wins, I think Lydia Lavelle smiles with supporters at her campaign kickoff party on September 8.
Former Mayor of Chapel together over many different she will because shes really
Hill Mark Kleinschmidt said subjects. great for the town and shes for North Carolina and the policy that comes down not Lavelle said if more towns
that having an opponent Shes really passionate done a lot of things already, nation. just from the federal govern- were proactively aggres-
will give her the opportunity about a lot of different issues Herrick said. I hope I see us continu- ment but the state govern- sive like Carrboro, the state
to communicate more with in the town, shes welcom- Lavelle said she hopes ing to be a beacon for the ment that I think takes away wouldnt be in the shape that
Carrboro community mem- ing, and also shes on the Carrboro will continue mov- state, she said. We speak our authority at the local it is in right now.
bers. national stage a lot and shes ing forward by being a leader out appropriately against level.

Volleyball team nets victory in home opener against LIU

VOLLEYBALL We were just focusing on whatever we can Evans, who both didnt play
this weekend. Outside hitter
NORTH CAROLINA 3 do to get better. Taylor Borup was injured lead-
ing up the Carolina Classic as
LIU0 Beth Nordhorn
Senior Middle Blocker
well, and Sagula said shed be
evaluated on Monday.
By Keaton Eberly Battling through (injuries)
Staff Writer 25-16, 25-21) in front of 2,297 go a little bit, Leath said. I and keeping a positive mental-
spectators in their home think that this game was big ity throughout is going to be
After four games, it was opener. for not only me but for the critical for us Sagula said.
time for a homecoming. These three standout players whole team. I am confident in everybody,
The North Carolina vol- all tallied double-digit kills and Nordhorn had an equally and its a great opportunity for
leyball team returned to gave UNC the offensive fire- impressive showing. She deliv- other people to step up.
Carmichael Arena on Friday power it needed for the victory. ered 10 kills from the middle Nordhorn said the home
night after dropping its We had really good offense and had a .615 hitting percent- atmosphere helped the team
first four games of the sea- tonight from Nordhorn, age. Fricano excelled too, hit- play more energetically. After
son. The stretch was by no Fricano and Leath head ting .526 with 11 kills and just all, it was the first time theyd DTH/ BARRON NORTHUP
means an easy one three coach Joe Sagula said. To get a one error on the right side. experienced it all season. The North Carolina volleyball team huddles before its game
of losses came against No. 1 3-0 win at this point in the sea- Afterward, Nordhorn seemed Its really great seeing the against LIU Brooklyn on Friday in Carmichael Arena.
Minnesota, No. 2 Florida and son for us not just the win hopeful for the future. crowd here because not only
No. 6 Wisconsin. but to do it 3-0 will help us We were just focusing on do you have your team getting said UNCs difficult sched- We are training for a
Led by upperclassmen prepare for the next match. whatever we can do to get excited, but you see the whole ule will benefit the team Final Four, and you have to
Taylor Leath, Beth Nordhorn, Leath, the reigning ACC better, Nordhorn said, and I crowd erupting and we have greatly by the time the NCAA play those teams, Leath said.
and Taylor Fricano, UNC Player of the Year, had 16 think we got better tonight. the band playing, Nordhorn Tournament comes around. Whether it is a win or a loss,
captured a much-needed win kills, which included eight in Sagula said he was uncer- said. Its really great. We real- And with ACC play coming were learning and taking les-
in their home opener against the first set. tain on the exact timetables ly appreciate the community. around the corner, Leath sons from all of our failures.
LIU Brooklyn. The Tar Heels It feels good to have con- for star outside hitter Julia Even after a rough begin- asserted the teams improve- @keberly1996
swept the Blackbirds (25-23, fidence and to let your arm Scoles and setter Mariah ning to the season, Leath ment will continue.

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able. 252-257-
dent skills, get exercise and go on com- 3542 savvy on current apple software, refer- with obstacles and delays. Things Obstacles or breakdowns could divert
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The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Monday, September 11, 2017 7
CCR UNC Chancellor Carol Folt
said she was disappointed in
University Chancellor James
Anderson said it was a day
and supervising faculty as a
part of a separate law clinic.
Thursdays meeting pro-
poses possible changes
Board member Thom
Goolsby made a motion to
FROM PAGE 1 the boards vote in a statement. of reckoning for the UNC- After the meeting, Bissette BOG members questioned form a committee to move
chance to meet the late Julius I believe that the system. He said UNC would explained: The Center the way the board operates at UNC GA headquarters out of
Chambers the Centers University and the people be the only law school in the has more professional law- Thursdays meeting. Chapel Hill. Nelson daugh-
founder. She said her life was who testified on behalf of the country that doesnt provide yers there to do the work. Resolutions were passed to ter of former UNC system
greatly impacted by Chambers. Center made a compelling pro-bono work for low- Although students did pass create committees to review President Dick Spangler, for
There are poor people case about why the Center is income groups. through there, theres no the role, purpose, size and whom the GAs C.D. Spangler,
all over the state of North so important to the people Board member Steve Long question, but they never oper- scope of general adminis- Jr., Building is named for
Carolina who have benefited of our state. she said. I am praised the Centers work, but ated under the same require- tration as it relates to the said the proposal does not
from what the Center for Civil proud of the Center, its history said law clinics are the proper ments and protocols as the UNC-system including a align with UNC GAs mission.
Rights has done, Burris- and all who worked so hard to place for litigation, not centers. law clinics do. review of the size of President Many of the resolutions
Floyd said. answer the boards questions In a July 8 memorandum, Bissette said he agreed Spellings staff to possibly cut were proposed by new mem-
The Centers managing and provide important facts Long addressed these con- with Nelson about the ban positions in the future. bers. Most of the members
attorney Mark Dorosin stood about how the Center serves cerns by emphasizing the dif- not being on the top of his Bissette said board mem- that elected Spellings as pres-
and questioned the boards the needs of our citizens. ference between law centers priority list. bers want to understand the ident were not re-elected by
decision following the vote. He She said she will work and law clinics. Specifically, Its just not something we make-up of the UNC General the N.C. General Assembly.
asked how the board could say with University leadership to Long referenced his con- need, he said. We dont need Administration. The board also passed a
they support civil rights after determine the future of the versation with the interim this kind of controversy in our There are 265 employees, resolution to lower UNC-
shutting down the Center. Center. director of a similar center at system. he said. It services all of the system tuition and fees.
A board member asked Bissette said the ban was the University of Wisconsin UNC-system President university system campuses Senior writers Bailey Aldridge
the boards chairperson, Lou not meant to target UNCs Law School, the main differ- Margaret Spellings was at the in one way or another. I think and Danielle Chemtob
Bissette, to have Dorosin School of Law or the Center ence being that their center meeting to give her system its more of an educational contributed reporting.
removed for disrupting the for Civil Rights. does not litigate rather, all report, but did not comment effort for people to (learn @DTHStatNat
meeting. Fayetteville State litigation is done by students on the vote. what the staff does).

LAMAR and more often than not had

a myriad of open receivers to HUMANITIES about history and talking
about art and finding com-
Owre said its satisfying for
him, both as a professor and
philosophy, Owre, Kramer
and Schaevitz each stressed
FROM PAGE 1 choose from. Jaylen Smith FROM PAGE 1 mon ground and celebrating public humanist, to see stu- the importance of the public
gonna do, and at times, we finished with a career-high the postdoctoral fellow for differences, she said. dents at the programs along humanities for building a good
made plays. At times, we 183 yards on nine catches, Carolina Public Humanities, Executive Director Max with their main audience of campus, good citizens and
didnt. while Dez Fitzpatrick was helps to plan the different Owre said the one thing they lifelong learners, who are good communities, especially
While Jacksons final stats wide open on both of his events for the program. She are looking to add this year mostly retirees. in todays political climate.
were certainly impressive, touchdown receptions. said she applies the organiza- is student engagement.Every I think students often take We really believe so
this was not the typical per- Starting from Louisvilles tions themes of creativity, lecture and event offered by for granted what they learn in much that the way forward
formance in which he some- opening possession of the community and collaboration Carolina Public Humanities, their classes, he said. So to see is through civic dialogue and
times runs circles around an game, UNC was vulnerable to the program. with the exception of events people who are retired hungry listening to other people,
opposing defense. At least it on underneath routes, and They are huge big picture that are already sold out, are to go back and learn that stuff, and working together to face
didnt start out that way. there were several occasions ideas, but you can get at that free for students. Owre wants its important for students to our challenges that we share,
From the get-go, UNC where a Cardinal wideout with programs, with bringing more students to participate see that this stuff is important, but also through doing good
struggled to stop the hauled in a catch without a people together and talking in these events so that the full this stuff has value. together, Schaevitz said.
Cardinals from moving the defender nearby. community is engaged. Along with Adams original
ball up the field, but were I dont know if you can
at least able to finish drives say thats because of Lamar
well defensively. In the first
half, Louisvilles four trips
within UNCs 40-yard line
Jackson, Fedora said. We
have to do a much better job
on that back end.
Travel abroad. Fund a graduate degree.
Find the right award for you.
amounted to just 13 points, as Jackson aside, many of
the Cardinals scored a touch- North Carolinas defensive
down, but settled for a pair of issues were self-inflicted.
field goals and turned the ball Miles, Carney and linebacker
over on downs once. Cayson Collins, the three
But as the game went on,
Louisville found ways to
UNC defenders who spoke
after the loss, explained their Annual Information Session
exploit the Tar Heels, and it
started with Jacksons arm.
struggles by referencing the
defenses inability to com- For Nationally Competitive Scholarships & Honors Carolina Fellowships
While hes famous for what he municate well with each other
can do as a runner, Jacksons and properly implement the
ability as a pure passer was
evident on Saturday.
What Ive seen on film, he
calls and assignments coming
in from the sideline.
When asked what was
Wednesday, September 13
likes to tuck and run, defen-
sive end Malik Carney said.
Today he showed otherwise.
causing those communication
problems, Collins offered an
honest response.
12:00-1:30pm | Graham Memorial 039
He tried to show off his pass- I couldnt tell you, he said.
ing abilities. Thats a tough pill to swal-
Time and time again, low for a defense expected to All are welcome. RSVP: @ODS_UNCCH
Jackson looked comfortable be the strength of UNC in 2017.
in the pocket, had time to be @brennan_doherty Hosted by Office of Distinguished Scholarships & Honors Carolina Fellowships
deliberate with his decisions,
Web: |

Tech find a job buy a couch sell your car

September 13
3-6pm Survivor speaks
Great Hall Joe Dittmar, a survivor of
Student Union the 9/11 attacks, discusses

#Tech Fair
games his experience on the anni-
versary. See front for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 Facing Irma

Students share what
they did to prepare for the
Complete the grid hurricane. Visit our website
so each row, column
for story.
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and internship opportunities. Across

1 Bun or beehive
62 The Mammoth
Hunters novelist
11 Wonderful
12 Modern theft target
37 Lifts
38 Taxpayer ID users
7 Faux __: social goof Jean 13 How food may be 39 56-Across choices
10 Keep __: persevere 63 Dictator Amin seasoned 40 Bloody Marys solo
14 Free from stress by 64 Rain or snow, briefly 18 Med. scan 43 Chinese food
heating, as metal 65 Wee 22 Even score additive
15 Theater chain initials 66 Broadband option, 25 Ltr. insert 44 Unemotional
16 Golfers mulligan, briefly 26 Corleone family 46 Separately
Come prepared with several copies e.g.
17 Tendency to explode
67 Most elegant head
27 School break
47 Island verandas
48 Not subject to jury
in anger Down 29 Rum cocktail duty, say
19 Banjo ridge 1 Our Man in __: 32 No __, ands or 50 Fridge forays
of your resume and informed 20 Surrounded by
21 Rushed toward
Graham Greene novel
set in Cuba
33 White House foreign
51 Analgesic brand
52 Put to work
23 Genetic letters 2 Creature policy gp. 56 Birdhouse singer
24 Scottish denial 3 Instead (of) 34 Old Prizm 58 Furtive
questions for employers! 25 Demons and such
28 Graduates
4 Film critic Rex
5 Who __?: New
36 Removed from office
60 Sunscreen letters
61 Prefix with cycle
30 Deem necessary Orleans Saints fans via election
31 Performing chant
35 Issue a ticket to 6 Spanish cheer
36 Cover for mysterious 7 Like a visit from the
doings Bishop of Rome
40 Surprise from the 8 Congregational
This event is open to UNC-Chapel Hill students only. blue replies
41 Sharpshooters 9 Paper bits for collages
aiming devices 10 Response to Speak!
42 Top squads
45 Media revenue
49 Blue jeans
53 Roman
goddess of
54 Wash.
55 Needles
56 Beaujolais or
View participating employers at 57 Red __: spicy
59 Real-time
media transfer
8 Monday, September 11, 2017 The Daily Tar Heel

Switzer said to aim higher, so he did
Anthony know that guys put in effort
all week, all training camp,
just to get to that one point
Ratliff- where one guys running
down the field. It was like all

Williams of us scored at once.

It couldnt have come at a
better time for the Tar Heels.
scored his Louisville (2-0) quarterback
Lamar Jackson had just put

first TD
UNCs defense in a blender
and walked into the end zone
on a 43-yard quarterback
keeper up the middle. That
By Chapel Fowler pushed the Cardinals lead to
Sports Editor 27-14 with just under 11 min-
utes left in the third.
When Anthony Ratliff- Ratliff-Williams caught
Williams told Ryan Switzer the ensuing kickoff in stride
about his goals, Switzer told around UNCs 12-yard line.
him they werent high enough. He had almost burst loose on
The conversation, which his first return of the game,
happened last week over but a defender got off Brandon
Snapchat messages, started Fritts block just in time to
off pretty casually. The Dallas tackle him by the ankles.
Cowboys drafted Switzer in That frustrated him. What
the spring, so there was some didnt frustrate him was the
NFL conversation. But these fact that his first three kick
are two return men, so the returns had gone for 39, 18
conversation naturally shifted and 24 yards, respectively.
to what they love doing The gaps in Louisvilles cover-
running back punts and kicks. age were there. And Ratliff-
Switzer, who had an ACC- Williams saw them.
record seven punt-return Going into that kickoff
touchdowns in his North return, I was keeping it in my
Carolina career, talked about head, Theyre going to give
how many scores he wanted to you one, he said. Once I saw
get with the Cowboys. Ratliff- it for the fourth return, I just
Williams, who won the starting knew. Take it and go now.
job at kick returner for UNC in All the Cardinal defend- DTH/NATHAN KLIMA
fall camp, did the same. ers ran to the right. Ratliff- Wide receiver Anthony Ratliff-Williams (17) returns a kick against Louisville on Saturday in Kenan Stadium.
I was telling him I wanted Williams did, too. But with a
about two or three, Ratliff- sharp cut to the left, he saw for a score and turned back to 138 yards and catching three gasp and the Cardinal return- said that group was the only
Williams recalled. And he was open space and turned on the teammates he knew were passes for 21 yards. er run past him, he knew the one that played well enough
like, Youre aiming low. I was the jets. By the time he was right behind him. Thomas The former quarterback ball was still in the air. to win a football game.
like, All right. Say no more. at North Carolinas 30-yard Jackson and Carl Tucker were racked up more kick-return When I saw the ball, I just Everyone else heaped praise
No matter what his goal is line, there was only one man the first to latch onto him yards in one game on prayed it bounced up, he said. on their teammate, who theyve
now, Ratliff-Williams took a to beat. in celebration, but it quickly Saturday than he did all of And thats exactly what it did. nicknamed Ant. Quarterback
step toward it on Saturday. I knew I was gone the turned into a swarm. last year. And the same goes Even though officials had Brandon Harris called Ratliff-
The redshirt sophomore was second I got through there, I was happy to see him for receiving yards he to review the play and see if Williams one of the most ath-
one of very few bright spots for Ratliff-Williams said. But get one, quarterback Chazz snagged three passes against Ratliff-Williams really did letic people Ive ever seen in my
UNC (0-2) in its 47-35 loss to at the same time, in the back Surratt said. I know the Louisville for 41 yards. grab Sheldons 66-yard beauty life. Soon after the kick-return
No. 17 Louisville. He scored the of my mind, I was thinking, whole team was. Its all God, man, he said, right on the one, the receiver touchdown, Switzer tweeted
first touchdown of his career Dont get caught by the kick- It was pure jubilation for pausing for a few seconds. said he knew he was out of Its about time!!!!! and
on a 94-yard kickoff return in er. Dont be that guy. Ratliff-Williams, who was Just blessings. the end zone as soon as he tagged Ratliff-Williams in it.
the third quarter, and his 199 Louisvilles Blanton Creque the No. 1 quarterback in If all of that wasnt enough, downed the ball. When asked what he
kick-return yards broke North made his best attempt to do the state for North Carolina Ratliff-Williams also downed In his postgame press thought of Switzers tweet,
Carolinas single-game record that. He made a desperate when he committed to UNC a punt from Tom Sheldon at conference, head coach Larry Ratliff-Williams beamed.
that had stood since 1994. dive for Ratliff-Williams legs out of Butler High School in the one-yard line. As a gun- Fedora didnt have much I think hes absolutely
I cant even explain it, he around the 20-yard line, but Charlotte. He appeared in all ner, he was supposed to be praise for his offense or his right, he answered.
said of his touchdown. Its he caught nothing but air. 13 games for the team last focused on the returner. But defense. The special teams, @chapelfowler
unbelievable for me just to The wide receiver darted in year, returning seven kicks for when he heard the crowd though, got a nod. Fedora

Surratts early exit rehashes the big UNC quarterback question

By Alex Zietlow While on the field, Surratt put run down the side of his right expected to play a whole lot second half. He finished 17 asked since the ACCs football
Assistant Sports Editor together a solid performance, leg. And despite showing signs after getting a majority of the of 23 for 216 yards and one media day in July.
going 12 of 14 for 168 yards and of a quick recovery like reps in practice. touchdown, putting together a After nailing down two
Just when the North two touchdowns. hopping on a training bike The plan was to start Chazz redemptive performance after potential starters from the
Carolina football team looked But in the second half of throughout the second half and and to play it by ear from there his two-interception debut. four-man race it was at the
like it may have found its quar- the former Gatorade State telling Fedora that he thought Fedora said. We were going I was just playing relaxed, beginning of August and
terback for the next four years, Player of the Years first ever he was good to re-enter the to give (Brandon) a chance, Harris said of his improve- later assessing Surratts per-
head coach Larry Fedora was start, he was tied to the side- game at any time Surratt and he came out and did a nice ment over the last two weeks. formance in the opener as
thrown a curveball. line. Surratts absence could didnt take another snap. job. Chazz probably could have Again, and Im going to superior to Harris Fedora
First-year quarterback be tied to an in-game injury. I could have went back, gone. Not sure he wouldve repeat this and its going to and the Tar Heels thought
Chazz Surratt, who got the nod The very first time I ran but Fedora I guess (made) a been 100 percent at that time, be verbatim, but the thing is, they knew what was coming.
to start in the Tar Heels (0-2, it, I just got hit in the lower head coachs decision, Surratt so well just see how it plays this is my second time playing And now, two weeks into
0-1 ACC) second game of the back, and the rest of it got said. And I just supported out. with these guys. its so-far winless season, its
season against No. 17 Louisville worse as the game went on, Brandon as he went out, and In his place, graduate trans- Ironically, though, Harris fair to say that this North
(2-0, 1-0 ACC), had an abbre- Surratt said after UNCs he played well for us. fer Brandon Harris who relaxed play and impres- Carolina football team still
viated showing on Saturday, 47-35 loss to the Cardinals. Surratt learned that he started the Tar Heels home sive command of the offense has more cluster than clarity.
manning quarterback respon- The starting quarterback would start Saturdays contest opener against California a rehashes and re-complicates @alexzietlow05
sibilities for only the first half. said the hit he took made pain on Thursday, and he said he week ago played the entire the question Fedora has been

Taylor Leath leads UNC to victory despite dropping first set

VOLLEYBALL points while hitting .404, with allowing her to have a
good for second on the team. career day.
NORTH CAROLINA 3 Defensively, she was just
as stout, providing 12 digs
(Leath) was awesome,
Carlton said. When youre
LSU1 often spectacularly keep- a setter and your hitters are
ing plays alive to earn her on fire, your job is very easy
By Kirk Meyer second double-double of the so they all made my job very
Staff Writer young season. easy today.
Sagula was encouraged by After carrying the second
The North Carolina vol- Leaths breakthrough and her and third sets by 25-21 and
leyball teams season may not consistency in the win, calling 25-20 scores, respectively,
have started the way head it her best game of the year. the Tar Heels ran into trouble
coach Joe Sagula planned, as (Taylor played) great in the fourth, trailing 23-21.
the Tar Heels (2-4) dropped defense, passed well, was With the threat of a final set
their first four matches and intense, served well, Sagula looming, UNC rallied back,
won only one set in the pro- said. This is what I think punctuated by an emphatic
cess. shes going to be feeling good kill from Leath to even the
When Louisiana State about that she can play this score at 23.
(8-1) took the first set type of game throughout the Moments later, the Tar
of Sundays match at season. Heels finished the job as
Carmichael Arena, Sagulas Leaths 27 kills were a Taylor Bannisters attack was
squad seemed in for more of career high for the 2016 ACC blocked down by Madison
the same. But UNC rallied, Player of the Year. She said Laufenberg and Katharine
riding the hot hand of Taylor the Tar Heels shift to a 5-1 Esterley on Leaths service
Leath to a 3-1 victory over rotation gave more opportu- point to take the fourth set
the visiting Tigers. nities to hit out. 27-25. DTH/ BARRON NORTHUP
With returning All-ACC Our offense was pretty Sagula praised Leaths Taylor Leath (43) goes up for a hit against LIU Brooklyn on Friday in Carmichael Arena.
honoree Julia Scoles out due spread out and that helped leadership in the locker room
to concussion symptoms, the me get openings, Leath just as much as her play on and Leath understands that person that they can look to Heels to lean on.
pressure to lead the Tar Heel said. the court and Leath said that her role extends off the court. and ask questions. The first couple of weeks
offense fell on Leath, and the Redshirt first-year Holly she relishes the opportunity Theyre just a great group The first few weeks of the we all struggled, he said. but
redshirt junior came through Carlton also posted a double- to help her younger team- of girls and theyre all really season havent been easy for I think its very satisfying for
time and time again. double and led the Tar Heels mates grow. wanting to learn and theyre Sagula, but with conference her knowing she can be that
Leath seemed to be every- in assists with 51. Carlton On a team with 10 under- eager and we all have shared play coming later this month, go-to player and her play
where on the court. She led credited Leath and the other classmen, inexperience and goals, Leath said. I just like at least he knows that hes inspired others.
UNC with 27 kills and 29 hitters like Beth Nordhorn inconsistency can be an issue, being that role model, that found a player for the Tar