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Volume 125, Issue 20 Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Champion turned high school coach

David Noel
returns to
Durham High
By Alex Gailey
Staff Writer

DURHAM Although he didnt

know when, why or how it would
happen, David Noel was certain hed
coach one day. And he was right.
The call came in late August.
Kendrick Hall, the mens basketball
head coach at Southern Durham
High School, had stepped down.
The school wanted Noel to apply.
After all, it was his home.
Fifteen years ago, Noel was
a football and basketball star at
the school. As a senior, he was an
all-conference selection in basket-
ball and averaged 17 points, eight
rebounds, four assists and three
steals per game.
Despite his dominance on the
hardwood, Noel was initially noticed
and recruited by UNC to play foot-
ball. But within his first year on
North Carolinas campus, the then
6-foot-6, 216-pound athlete walked DTH/ALEX GAILEY
onto the Tar Heel basketball team. David Noel, who won a national championship in 2005 with UNC, returned to his former high school, Southern Durham, as head basketball coach in late August.
And now, over a decade after the
end of his four-year career at North Ms. Massenburg gave me the oppor- multiple applicants, Southern interim Massenburg, who also attended changed. The wall paneling was a new
Carolina which included a nation- tunity to not only come back, but to athletic director Crystal Massenburg UNC, said the athletic department is color. And the desk thats now his? He
al championship in 2005 and be a part of a program that I was a said. Me and Mr. Len sat down and ecstatic to have Noel in the program. sat on the other side of it years ago.
professional stints in Spain, France part of for so many years. thought really hard about everything. David has hit the ground run- Its surreal, Noel said. Just
and Slovakia, Noel took the chance We both agreed that David was the ning, Massenburg said. He has watching the kids walk up and down
to come back. The hiring process perfect fit for our program. lots of ideas and is not afraid to ask the hallways. It feels similar, but it
To be frank and honest, I thought Noel gladly accepted the position questions. We are here to support definitely feels different.
I wanted to do college coaching, From the get-go, Noel knew there and fully acknowledged hes a novice him 110 percent. Noel said his inspiration to coach
Noel said. But when this opportu- would be stiff competition for the to coaching. stems from the impact his previ-
nity presented itself, it was just hard position. He was one of more than It couldve definitely been a Glimpses of nostalgia ous coaches Levi Beckwith at
to turn down. Im just thankful that 40 applicants the school considered. deterrent but they believed in me, Southern Durham and Roy Williams
(assistant coach) Len Curington and We thought long, hard and went he said. Im going to try to make the Noel sat in his new office with a
through the process interviewing most out of the opportunity. humble presence. The school had SEE DAVID NOEL, PAGE 7

Carrboro: evolving Diversifying the local schools

for over a century
Carrboro was not progressive town. Ellington said it
wasnt until students began mov-
always the progessive ing off campus and into Carrboro
that the town started to change.
town it is today. In the 1970s, the Carrboro
Community Coalition was created
By Lauren Talley by a group of citizens to modern-
Staff Writer ize the town. They began running
candidates and weeding out many
Carrboro has changed a lot of the older Aldermen members.
since its incorporatation in 1911. The coalition focused specifically
It wasnt even originally named on the student population liv-
Carrboro, but Venable, after ing in Carrboro and could now
the UNC President at the time, vote with the passage of the 26th
Francis Venable. Amendment in 1971.
Carrboro board of Aldermen In the 1980s the Association
member Damon Seils said Venable for a Better Carrboro the ABC
wasnt happy to have the town was organized as a response
named after him at the time it to the Carrboro Community
was a poor, small community. Coalition. Ellington said the ABC
In 1913, the town was renamed
after Julian Carr who provided the
was a more conservative group
and ran their own slate of candi-
Chapel Hill-Carrboro honors-level world history class, the
racial breakdown was entirely differ-
the Campaign for Racial Equity in
Our Schools, a local coalition working
town with infrastructure improve- dates against the coalition. schools aim to lower ent, Murray said all but one or two
students were white.
to improve racial equity in CHCCS.
In terms of career and college
ments including streets and elec- Before this, everyone ran
tric power. He also had a notorious independently, Ellington said. achievement gap. Now a senior at East Chapel Hill readiness, as determined by end-
past for his racist actions. It made for a lot more conten- High, Murray said these imbalances of-year exams, there is a more than
Seils said Carrboros governing tion but also more fairness you By Molly Horak in the classroom remain prominent. 50-point difference between white
board, the Board of Aldermen, is actually had to listen to the dif- Assistant City Editor Its very clear to see that theres a and African-American 3-8 graders
a common term for municipali- ferent candidates. huge difference, she said. according to the Youth Justice Projects
ties in North Carolina. Chapel The CCC and ABC faded away When Eleanor Murray walked into Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools State Racial Equity Report Card.
Hill Town Council used to be the over time, but Carrboro has been her standard level math class dur- is consistently ranked among the top We have the honor of being seen
Board of Aldermen as well, and a dynamic community since then, ing her first year at East Chapel Hill school districts in the state, according as the best school system in the state,
before that they were the Board said Ellington. In 1977, Carrboro High School, she felt part of a diverse to the North Carolina School Report but we also have the dubious honor of
of Commissioners. elected its first African-American classroom community. Sitting in the Cards. But the achievement gap having the worst achievement gap in
Current Mayor Lydia Lavelle mayor, Robert Drakeford. chairs was a mix of African-Americans, between white and non-white students the state, Hunter said.
said that the conversation comes He had a pretty progres- Latinos and students new to the school is also one of the largest in the state,
up periodically to rename the sive reputation at a time before district. But when she entered her said Wanda Hunter, an organizer for SEE EQUITY, PAGE 7
Board of Aldermen to the Town Carrboro had really taken on that
Council, but said the current board reputation, and he was sort of our
would consider it if it becomes an
issue among residents.
Carrboro is regarded as having
first bicycling mayor and made a
lot of advances for cycling infra-
structure in the town, Seils said.
Joan Gillings acted on helping the arts
the first openly gay mayor in the
south, Mike Nelson, who served
Another prominent mayor,
Ellington said, was Ellie Kinnaird
The philanthropist thropist and recipient of the William
Richardson Davie Award, donated
on the University and the community.
Folt detailed the deep history of
from 1995 - 2005. He is not only who was mayor from 1987 - 1995
and was named a Town Treasure
donated $12 million to the $12 million to the department of the
dramatic arts and the PlayMakers
the PlayMakers theatre and the rich
tradition of excellence in the arts
the youngest mayor of Carrboro,
but is the longest serving as well. by the Chapel Hill Historical dramatic arts. Repertory Company. departments. She noted the original
Richard Ellington is a life- Society in 2010. Kinnaird was a A reception was held in honor of PlayMakers Company that toured the
long resident of Carrboro and is strong advocate for the arts, envi- By Carter Hurley Gillings and her gift, where faculty state performing the works of Thomas
the president of the Chapel Hill ronment and the community. Staff Writer gave a brief overview of how they plan Wolfe and other student writers.
Historical Society. He was even Now, Carrboro has evolved to honor the history of the arts at Folt also said that the gift enables
delivered as a baby by a former into more than just the town The Department of Dramatic Carolina and expand the program. Arts Everywhere to have a greater
mayor of Carrboro, Braxton Lloyd. next to Chapel Hill. Art and the PlayMakers Repertory The reception commenced with impact on the community.
Mayor Lavelle is the first openly Were the only Carrboro in Company celebrated their history and an introduction from Dean of the Vivienne Benesch, the producing
lesbian mayor in a Southern town, the whole world, Lavelle said. If future thanks to the largest gift from a College of Arts and Sciences Kevin artistic director for PlayMakers, laid out
Ellington said. you Google Carrboro, you get us. living donor in UNC performing arts Guskiewicz and Chancellor Carol Folt plans for the company enabled by the
Carrboro was not always a @LaurenTalley13 history. Joan H. Gillings, noted philan- who both spoke on how PlayMakers and the arts at UNC have an impact SEE GILLINGS, PAGE 7

PG-13 horror, I just dont watch that.

2 Wednesday, September 13, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Meantime still going strong
Established 1893
124 years of editorial freedom
In just one year, The Its about giving
TYLER FLEMING Meantime Coffee Co. back to Carolina,
has achieved a latte. one coffee at a
By Kate Karstens Lauren Eaves
Staff Writer
RACHEL JONES To celebrate its first year
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR of operation, The Meantime shop really emphasizes the
ONLINE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Coffee Co. served a birthday fact that in college we fret
COREY RISINGER cake latte on Tuesday, Sept. 12. about what our next step is,
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE Purchasing one, or any of the but instead we should be giv-
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM drinks they sell, puts money ing back while were here.
toward scholarship funds and Eaves and barista Patty
study abroad experiences. Matos both mentioned The
Molly Ewing, a second-year Meantimes donation of
graduate student, was at The $10,000 to fund two students,
Meantime the day it opened. Kaitlin Galindo and Araseli
LEAH ASMELASH She said the shop has expand- Valverde, through Bridge
UNIVERSITY EDITOR ed their selections since their Year Fellows to go abroad
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM opening, but still has the for a year and take part in
REBECCA AYERS same vibe despite its growing social programs in Berlin,
CITY EDITOR popularity. Italy and Brazil. Despite their
CITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM The people who work clear focus on giving back to
here are students and have Carolinas community, The
engaged themselves, talking Meantime staff is working to
about what is going on in become an option for the aver-
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM the world and school, Ewing age coffee shop goer. DTH/EMILY CAROLINE SARTIN
KARYN HLADIK-BROWN said. You wont see that if The Meantime has a part- UNC senior Samantha Paisley pours coffee at The Meantime Coffee Co. in the Campus Y.
ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR you go to any coffee shop. nership with Carrboro Coffee
ARTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Lauren Eaves, senior and Roasters, a coffee producer I think were a good coffee classes are nearby during the shop can still improve.
CHAPEL FOWLER co-founder of The Meantime, that focuses on sustainable shop, and I think we could day so I come in the after- We need to improve on
SPORTS EDITOR said Ewings perception is farming practices and local be a really good coffee shop, noon for an iced or hot latte communicating our values,
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM exactly the goal of the shop. partnerships. The Meantime Eaves said. with almond milk. Eaves said. Were a coffee
Eaves sees giving back to the is one of their biggest whole- Although some patrons Scalise said it was com- shop about empowering
students as one of many social sale partners, but Eaves hopes have been yearlong advocates forting to know about The Carolina and engaging ethi-
justice aspirations she and to strengthen the partnership for The Meantimes values and Meantimes charitable con- cally and consuming ethically
her fellow founders, Keegan more by working with them. contributions to Carolinas tributions and sustainable and that is what were work-
ZSOFIA VOROS McBride and Scott Diekema, Carrboro Coffee Roasters campus, some are simply there measures. ing on making sure people
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR hope to accomplish. director is a nationally for a pick-me-up. Eaves believes the values know. Its about giving back
DESIGN@DAILYTARHEEL.COM I hope that we can begin to renowned barista, and Eaves Im here maybe three or behind The Meantime are to Carolina, one coffee at a
NATHAN KLIMA expand on our social impact, thinks his help could take four times per week, senior ones students and faculty alike time.
PHOTO EDITOR Eaves said. The name of the them to the next level. James Scalise said. All of my can stand behind, but that the

COPY CHIEFS The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac-
COPY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Someone reported an Someone possessed The person shoplifted two at 10:24 p.m. Monday. The
curate information published as
affray and fighting at 112 cocaine and drug parapher- bottles of Barefoot wine, two person had a verbal argument
soon as the error is discovered.
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.
Ashley Forest Road at 12:10 nalia at 1801 Fordham Blvd. 24-packs of Corona brand with someone else in the
Editorial corrections will be
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 a.m. Saturday, according to at 1:24 a.m. Sunday. beer and four sirloin steaks, street, according to Chapel
printed on this page. Errors com-
Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief, 962-4086 Chapel Hill police reports. The drugs were found in a valued at $111.92, accord- Hill police reports.
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 mitted on the Opinion Page have
vehicle, according to Chapel ing to Chapel Hill police
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 corrections printed on that page.
Someone disturbed the Hill police reports. reports. Someone sang and
One copy per person; Corrections also are noted in the
additional copies may be purchased online versions of our stories.
peace on the 500 block of The person used personal played loud music on the
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. West Franklin St. at 12:45 Someone committed weapons (hands and feet), 100 block of Justice St. at
Contact Managing Editor Jessica
Please report suspicious activity at a.m. Saturday. The person larceny at the Harris Teeter reports state. 1:13 a.m. Tuesday morning,
our distribution racks by emailing Swanson at managing.editor@
did so by having a misunder- on Martin Luther King according to Chapel Hill with issues
standing, according to Chapel Jr. Boulevard at 1:02 a.m. Someone disturbed the police reports.
2012 DTH Media Corp. about this policy.
All rights reserved Hill police reports. Monday. peace at 700 Pritchard Ave.
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, September 13, 2017 3

Student Stores celebrated with cake

The event
the stores
new layout
By Jerry Jiang
Staff Writer

UNC celebrated the grand re-

opening of the newly designed
student stores with a ribbon-cutting
event on Tuesday, complete with
a colossal, multi-layer cake for the
campus community.
The re-opening marks the end
of the $3.8 million renovation,
transforming the store into a com-
munal hot spot. Lloyd Kramer, UNC
history professor and director of
Carolina Public Humanities, said
he envisions the space to be a cradle
of intellectual vitality, where ideas
among community members and
books clash together.
Its already becoming a buzzing
center of student and faculty activ-
ity, Kramer said. Every time I come
through here, there are just lots of
people sitting at tables and drinking
coffee, talking about the meaning of
life and why we are here all of the
things that are supposed to happen
at a university.
As part of a 10-year agreement,
Barnes & Noble invested $3.8 mil-
lion in the Student Stores renova-
tions. Brad Ives, associate vice
chancellor for campus enterprises,
said sales are on track to exceed the
minimum payment guarantee to the DTH/CHRISTINE DEQUITO
University, which is $3 million for Attendees of UNC Student Stores grand reopening cut a celebratory cake at the event on the afternoon of Sept. 12. The event celebrated the stores new layout.
the first two years.
Additionally, UNC predicts the rangement of previously scattered The University decided to part- the Pit. The new design makes the find the new cosmetic and care bar:
new Student Stores will quadruple shops on the third floor. ner with Barnes & Noble College bookshop more of an attraction, the Glossary.
the originals net scholarship con- Having a lot of students that to address their declining sales and while still preserving its cultural The fruitful work of planning
tribution, which was $400,000 work in the store keeps us a vibrant increase the financial contribution vibe. committees, management and con-
annually. and young company, Maloney said. to need-based scholarships for stu- Recent renovations also included struction workers won the fondness
Paul Maloney, the executive Most of our executives in the com- dents. The University transferred an expanded caf area, called Stone of many students.
vice president and chief operating pany all started as student workers, management of the store from UNC and Leaf Caf a reference to North Among the crowded shop-goers,
officer of Barnes & Noble College, so 80 percent of our upper manage- to Barnes & Noble College in July Carolina author Thomas Wolfes junior Rumman Nasiri perched in
spoke about the companys efforts to ment all started at different schools 2016. book, Look Homeward, Angel. the cozy caf.
promote student input when decid- at one time or another. Barnes & Noble re-imagined the For shoppers looking to add to This is my first time studying
ing how the new store will operate. However, the renovation is not 92-year-old Bulls Head Bookshop, their UNC attire, the Student Stores here, he said. This never existed
He specifically mentioned working just a operating change, but part of moving it to the top floor, doubling added a Nike and Jordan shop on before, Ive been here for two hours
with student groups to decide on a larger effort to boost revenues that its book selection and adding a new the second floor. Just a short ride and I really like it.
the clothing collection and the rear- fund affordable education. lounge and event area that overlooks down the escalator, shoppers can

New comedy club hopes to fill a hole in Chapel Hill

The club is owned by Community is possibly the most integral delighted to welcome in over
40 residents, eager to learn
assuring the attendees that
he has zero tolerance toward
are so essential to life, just in
terms of saying yes to other
a former SNL writer part of it about the new space. employee misconduct. peoples ideas and having a
The PIT is named after the Community is possibly the positive attitude to things,
and UNC graduate. Ali Farahnakian
Founder of The Peoples Improve Theater
speaking area on campus of most integral part of it, because Purpura said.
the same name. Farahnakian from the community comes Some attendees such as
By David Saffclose described his walk through the craft, Farahnakian said, in Drew Vollmer, a member of
Staff Writer Improv Theater (The PIT). along with other comedians campus earlier that day as a response to the overwhelming the UNC comedy troupe False
His resume includes expe- like Amy Poehler and Matt river of memories. attendance to his event. Profits, spoke their minds
Ever since DSI Comedy rience with nationally recog- Besser. Then he moved on to In his improv workshops, The turnout assured him about the potential to inte-
Theater closed due to allega- nized names. write for Saturday Night Live he said he teaches performers that he will not have to start grate students into the local
tions of sexual misconduct After graduating from for nine years. After being let to say, Yes, and until they from scratch, but he is excited comedy scene.
against its owner, Chapel Hill UNC in 1990, Farahnakian go, he founded the first incar- must say, No, thank you. to breathe new life into the With the opening of the
residents have not had a site moved out to Chicago, where nation of the PIT in New York Addressing the crowd, existing comedy scene in new theater, this is a great
dedicated to teaching and he became more involved City in honor of his and many Farahnakian said, This was Chapel Hill. opportunity to improve on the
performing comedy. in improv comedy. He other comedians personal going to be an office space, Will Purpura, who will be relationship between the town
UNC graduate Ali started out performing for mentor, Del Close. recounting when he heard in charge of the space when and campus, Vollmer said.
Farahnakian has returned to well-established theaters, On Monday, he set up 12 about the vacant building. Farahnakian returns to New Farahnakian and Purpura
Chapel Hill to re-establish a such as Second City and chairs and invited the com- It was very hard not to say, York, said improv has had a hope to have the theater up
comedy presence on Franklin ImprovOlympic. munity to come voice their Yes, and to this, he said. positive effect in his life. and running by late October.
Street. He hopes to fill the He was a founding member questions and concerns about He quickly got past the I do believe that the sim- @david_saff
hole DSI left with The Peoples of Upright Citizens Brigade, the new theater. He was elephant in the room by ple things we learn in improv

North Carolina shelters open arms to those fleeing Irma

The Red Cross Rest areas have been pretty full, so we want
shelters will provide to provide additional places.
basic health services. Mike Sprayberry
Director of North Carolina Emergency Managment
By Mitra Norowziclose
Staff Writer County. vide mental health support
The newest shelter in and spiritual services.
North Carolina is ready Greensboro is capable of The Red Cross has five
to accept Hurricane Irma hosting 500 evacuees. more shelters on stand-by
evacuees heading north from Greensboro City Council should they become necessary
Florida, Georgia and South member Sharon Hightower to accommodate evacuees.
Carolina after opening five said the city recently pur- We wanted to be ready,
new Red Cross shelters across chased the building, which is she said. Weve been part-
the state this weekend. close to the highway, police nering with North Carolina
The shelters will be wel- department and grocery Emergency Management,
coming those displaced by stores. the state of North Carolina
flooding and damage done Its an ideal location to and of course the counties
by the hurricane. use as a shelter, she said. I in which the shelters are
Shelters in Gaston County, know the people coming in located.
Henderson County, Johnston will feel safe and welcome as Director of North Carolina
County and Mecklenburg they have a place to go from Emergency Management
County opened on Saturday the storm. Mike Sprayberry said the
and an additional Guilford Mary Donny, regional state is ready to help.
County shelter in Greensboro disaster program director for Rest areas have been
opened Sunday. the Red Cross, said the shel- pretty full, so we want to
The state asked a num- ters are fully prepared to help provide additional places
ber of jurisdictions to open shelter evacuees. where people can go, he
up shelters that were right Donny said the shelters said. We have cots and PHOTO COURTESY OF DONALD CAMPBELL
along the highway for evacu- will provide clothing, toi- blankets and things like The Greensboro Red Cross set up a shelter for Hurricane Irma evacuees and those displaced.
ees coming out of Florida, letries, meals and water, that.
Georgia and South Carolina, along with basic health care The Greensboro shelter, as can donate money or volun- ested in contributing to the ably remain open until
and they identified the plan services. well as the four other shelters, teer hours at clubs efforts can email unc. Wednesday morning, but
based on the major arteries We generally have a nurse will remain open until evacu- UNC has a UNC Red Cross or thats still flexible depending
that come out of those loca- on hand or access to a nurse ees are able to return to their Club, a student organiza- visit its Facebook page. on the needs of the evacuees,
tions, said Don Campbell, and health services, she said. homes. tion that provides Red Cross With the storm just now Campbell said.
emergency management And depending on the event, If students want to partici- services to the University and hitting Georgia, I would @MitraNorowzi
division director for Guilford we always have access to pro- pate in Red Cross aid, they community. Students inter- anticipate the shelters prob-
4 Wednesday, September 13, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

A 2013 80-point Art inspiring discourse

outburst versus ODU on race and politics

Former UNC players Bug Howard (84) and Ryan Switzer (3) celebrate during a 2013 game against ODU.

By James Tatter The Monarchs, who were Kapilovic reminisced. T.J.

Assistant Sports Editor in their first season as an FBS Logan and Lucas Crowley,
team, did pull ahead of the all those guys. That was at
North Carolinas last Tar Heels in the first quarter. the end of the season. Those
football game against Old Approaching the 10th minute guys had finally gotten a
Dominion remains a moun- of the game, ODU led, 10-7. season under their feet, and
tain amidst the landscape of UNC took the lead by they started performing at a
the programs history. the end of the first quarter, higher level.
Scanning the record books, setting up one of the most One more familiar name
its impossible to miss. And incredible 15 minutes in the on the box score that day was
with the Tar Heels set to face schools football history. Kanler Coker. He came in
the Monarchs for the first time It went like this: T.J. at quarterback at the end of
since the historic game, its Logan one-yard touchdown UNCs 80-20 win, which was
worth reminiscing on the show run. Marquise Williams to shortened by five minutes
that UNC put on in Kenan Ryan Switzer for a 43-yard by mutual agreement of the
Stadium on Nov. 23, 2013. touchdown pass. Williams coaches. DTH/NASH CONSING
North Carolina accumu- to Switzer again, this time Coker would later go on Peter Williams discusses his artwork as a part of the Hanes visiting artist lecture series on Sept. 12.
lated 80 points on 721 yards for a 57-yard score. Logan to play for basketball team,
of offense. The Tar Heels had on another one-yard run. winning a championship as a By Cy Neffclose police brutality and falling in to believe that human beings
11 touchdowns five passing, Williams to Kendrick senior in 2017. The rest of the Staff Writers love with Libertas, the goddess did these things and they did
four rushing, one kick return Singleton for another passing football team had basketball of liberty. Some attending the them often and they did them
and one punt return. The 80 touchdown. on its mind that day as well. About halfway into his talk found Williams focus on across the United States. And
points were the most UNC Those 35 points set a UNC The basketball team had speech Tuesday night, painter social issues and use of history if they dont know about them,
has ever scored in a game and record for most points scored defeated Richmond, 82-72, Peter Williams projected a to be thought-provoking. its because our history has
tied for the second most ever in a quarter. And if the names the same afternoon. Williams, photo of a tree with multiple I thought it was really been scraped clean.
scored by an ACC team. above sound familiar, they aware of the basketball game lynching victims hanging inspiring to see race issues Some found Williams
Entering the matchup, should. score, implored head coach from its limbs. that are pulled from historical refusal to shy away from
UNC was just looking to All 11 touchdowns that day Larry Fedora to call for a This was not uncommon references and contexts and unsettling material important
become bowl eligible in its were scored by either first- field goal in the dwindling in the early 20th century. As see them transformed into for fostering discussion.
second to last game of the years or sophomores. Players moments of the game to push blacks prospered, entire towns something thats so relevant The work is incred-
season. such as Logan, Switzer, the football team over that were wiped off the map, today, sophomore Aubrey ibly relevant and I think its
Going in, we were con- Williams, Quinshad Davis, 82-point mark. But Fedora Williams said. Because a lot of Knier said. It just goes to really important for artists
cerned, said offensive line Bug Howard and Lucas refused. people saw it as you got too big show you that even though to engage in really current
coach Chris Kapilovic, who Crowley were budding young I wish we could have got- in life, youre coming down. we think we live in a post-rac- and difficult topics because
has been with the team since talents who would come to ten 83, Williams said after Williams gave the lecture as ism society, issues that were thats the role of art, to engage
2012. They had a really define the program over the that game. So we could have part of the Universitys Visiting going on during slavery and people in discourse, said
explosive offense. They had next four years. bragged with the basketball Artist Lecture Series. He was whatnot are still relevant, and Hong-An Truong, associate
done a nice job on defense. Switz and Q and Bug boys. brought by UNC assistant pro- were still battling today. professor of studio art.
They took chances all over the all look like these skinny @James_Tatter fessor Jina Valentine, who met Williams recalled an Williams encouraged
place with special teams. little freshman out there, Williams at an artist residency. episode at an art gallery in societal conversations about
NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS FOOTBALL IN 2013 AND AGAINST ODU Williams talk spanned decades Detroit where he saw African- race throughout his talk. He

11 409
of his career, and included Americans admiring Dutch stressed the need for a national
2013 regular season record Touchdowns against ODU Passing yards by Marquise
recent pieces of his work which
will be on display in the Hanes
paintings from the era of the
Transatlantic slave trade.
dialogue on race, but decried
the lack of clear leaders in the
Art Center until Sept. 28. Williams said that he saw no conversation. In regards to the

Grim scenes and dark histo- mention of slavery in the gal- major racial debate currently
2013 ACC regular season Yards gained in Kanler Cokers 5
ry have helped shape Williams
artistic style. His paintings use
lery, despite its role in build-
ing Dutch wealth. Professing
raging on UNCs campus,
Williams stance on Silent Sam
vibrant colors and a style that an interest in both history was unequivocal.
record completed pass as QB Unplayed minutes due to
first appears comical to address and the black experience, All that imagery needs
coaches agreeing to stop early
disturbing and divisive issues. Williams sees Americans fail- to come down, he said. We
In response to a series of ing to acknowledge the dark need to finally just face up
police shootings of people history of slavery in the coun- to it. Its kind of frightening
of color in 2015 and 2016, trys past. because it means so much to
Williams painted multiple As you begin to study some so many people in so many
works of a superhero dubbed of whats going on in the histo- different ways. I think we live
N-Word. N-Word can be seen ry of slavery, its so outrageous, in a time right now where you
in Williams paintings violently Williams said. Its so beyond got to take a stand.
saving people of color from the pale, its almost impossible

Thomas Willis Lambeth

Distinguished Lecture In Public Policy

Destined for War? COMING THIS FALL:
Will Hoge Jukebox The Ghost
Joyner Lucas Royce Da 59
Guided By Voices Snow Tha Product
Max Kelela The Districts
Randy & Mr. Lahey (from Trailer Park Boys)
Graham Allison
Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, Harvard University NO BS! Brass Band Algiers Daley Beach Slang
Advisor to Secretaries of State and Defense and Director of the CIA
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Planning
Cold Specks MAX Nikki Lane
AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad)
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 | 5:00 p.m. Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real Kelela Bully
Moeser Auditorium, Hill Hall The Districts Murs & 9th Wonder Lil Debbie
Blitzen Trapper Cindy Wilson (of The B-52s)
Also presenting MAC DEMARCO,
JEN KIRKMAN (at Carolina Theatre)

17-5037-PPA_Lambeth_Lecture_Poster_Update_final.indd 1 8/30/17 1:10 PM

The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, September 13, 2017 5

Rumor has it: thrift store hits 4 years

Rumors Boutique Our style grows and changes to meet the
pulls in customers students that are here.
with unique vibes. Ben Daughtry
Manager at Rumors Boutique
By Karlton Tate
Staff Writer From the moment one store is what keeps people
walks into the store, shop- coming back each week.
Rumors Boutique is not pers will notice posters Rumors has higher quality
the average thrift store in strung up on the walls, art things, what you get here is a
Chapel Hill. covering the shelves and nice selection, Stroud said.
Located behind Als loud indie music blast- We want to make sure what
Burger Shack off of North ing over the speakers. Ben we get here is worth selling.
Graham Street, Rumors Daughtry, a manager at Rumors website allows
offers high-quality vintage the store, believes that the customers to browse
clothes, sunglasses and unique flair generates the curated goods online and
accessories to students will- stores appeal. offers nationwide shipping.
ing to leave the comfort of We definitely have a look The Chapel Hill locations
campus. about the store that I think Instagram page also attracts
Owners Casey Longyear a lot of people like, its what customers from across North
and Marshe Wyche opened draws people in, Daughtry Carolina who come into the
the first Rumors store in 2007 said. store to scoop up featured
in Richmond, Virginia, offer- Daughtry said one of the items.
ing local and international strengths of the store is the Everyday we take about
indie lines of clothing. After a ability to quickly adapt to new 20 to 30 pictures and try to
year, the budding store tran- fashion trends. set up the really good stuff on
sitioned to become more of a Our style grows and there, Stroud said.
thrift boutique with a focus changes to meet the students First-year Grey Silverman,
on high quality, vintage items. that are here, Daughtry said. who was in the store in DTH/GABRIELLE THOMPSON
Longyear and Wyche For students looking for search of Hawaiian shirts Katie Mullett, a sophomore psychology major at UNC, browses the clothing section at Rumors.
opened their second location clothes over atmosphere, the for an upcoming fraternity
in Chapel Hill in 2013, offer- boutiques buy, sell and trade social, first heard about the Its kind of like an Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. competition.
ing the same types of vintage business model allows for an store during a professors Asheville atmosphere, he While Raleigh and Around here, theres not
finds to UNC students. ever-shifting supply of mer- office hours. Silverman said said. Durham have seen a rise in many other stores following
The store celebrates its chandise. Rumors employee he agreed that the vibes of Despite the success of the thrift boutique model, the same model, he said.
four-year anniversary this Mason Stroud believes that the store are what attract Rumors, there are not many Daughtry said he does not @karltontate
month. the quality of the items in the people. other stores like it in the worry about the potential

Bands support right to equality, equity and rocking out

Cats Cradle will host Its in support of a really good organization the ACLU, especially for stu-
dents. She wants students to
and his wife came up with
the idea for the concert after
We feel its a worthy
cause, said Riley. The Cats
an ACLU benefit that is there to protect our civil rights. realize their role in protecting deciding that they needed to Cradle is an outstanding
civil rights. make a personal effort to help venue we are excited to
concert this Saturday. Tommy Schopler
Guitarist for The Whiskey Honeys
Students first and fore- their community. In their play there and just are look-
most have an important voice efforts to protect the rights of ing forward to everyone hav-
By Olivia Clark on college campuses and can individuals, they reached out ing a great time.
Staff Writer suppressors of free speech. voting rights to LGBTQ equal- use their voices to speak out to the ACLU. Schopler said he also hopes
The goal of the ACLU is ity to reproductive freedom to on a lot of different issues not Its in support of a really the energetic atmosphere and
Five bands will perform not only to protect, but also criminal justice reform. just affecting students, but good organization that is the events great cause will
at Rockin the Rights at Cats to advance the rights of all The benefit concert starts just as North Carolinians, there to protect our civil attract students to Cats Cradle.
Cradle on Saturday in order to North Carolinians, said Molly at 7 p.m., and while admis- she said. There are certainly rights, Schopler said. We Students will be exposed
raise money for the American Rivera, the communications sion is free, donations are laws passed at the state leg- need to support that organi- to some bands that they may
Civil Liberties Union. associate of the ACLUs North encouraged. The lineup islature that affect UNC stu- zation, especially during these not be aware of in the area
The money will go to further Carolina branch. will consist of The Whiskey dents, so its important to stay interesting times now. that are really fun, Schopler
the ACLUs mission of protect- We are here to defend the Honeys, Too Much Fun, informed and to contact their Mike Riley, who plays elec- said. In general its not about
ing the civil rights and liber- Constitution and the laws of Butcher and the Tin Man, representatives to make sure tric guitar for Butcher and the the music its about ACLU,
ties of all people. Their efforts our state and our country, and Cyril Lance Band and The that the interests of students Tin Man, said their band was but music is a fun way to get
include defending the discrimi- through that, we work on a lot Allen Boys. are being heard. immediately on board to play there.
nated, lobbying, litigating in of different issues, Rivera stat- Rivera said that the event Tommy Schopler, guitar- at the event after they heard @_oliviaclark
courts and trying to silence ed. Including everything from is a great form of publicity for ist for The Whiskey Honeys, about it.
6 Wednesday, September 13, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Two representatives goofed on brief

By Emma Boggess
Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows,

R-N.C., and U.S. Rep. Walter
Jones, R-N.C., removed their
names from a brief to the U.S.
Supreme Court last week after
mistakenly supporting a pledge
to end politically motivated
Allison Tucker, Jones com-
munications director, said the
congresspersons name was
added to the brief due to a
misunderstanding. The brief
now includes signatures from
34 current and former rep-
resentatives from across the
country pledging to support
actions to eliminate partisan
gerrymandering in the forma-
tion of voting districts.
Amici are united in the
belief that removing the most
extreme forms of partisan
manipulation from the leg-
islative redistricting process
is consistent with principled
and constituent-first repre-
sentation, the brief said. PHOTO COURTESY OF N.C. GENERAL ASSEMBLY
Among the briefs signa- The N.C. House of Representatives released this proposed state House map on Aug. 19. The districts needed be drawn after a court declared the old map unconstitutional.
tories is David Price, D-N.C.,
who said in a press release that nalism professor who focuses Thomas Carsey, a UNC Guillory said there are Thats not an election at all. supermajority can override the
politically motivated gerry- on the relation between poli- political science professor three core issues with the way The second issue is that governors veto, it takes power
mandering has systematically tics and the media, said the focusing on political represen- Republican representatives in the way districts are drawn away from the statewide leader.
stifled the democratic process. issue is not that Republicans tation, said the controversy North Carolina have drawn affects the outcome of legisla- Guillory said the real ques-
It is time we put an end are drawing districts to main- surrounding North Carolina district maps. The first is that tion. Guillory said one-party tion now is how the Supreme
to a system where politicians tain their majority its the district maps could have played elections must be competitive dominance may lead to legis- Court will handle the redraw-
have the ability to cherry pick way theyre doing it. a role in the legislators deci- for democracy to work. lation that may not reflect the ing of district lines. Federal
their voters, the release said. Redistricting has to take sions not to support the brief. In North Carolina and else- wishes of the state as a whole. courts will either send the issue
My home state of North place because the population is They could be worried where, dozens of congressional The third issue with parti- back to the North Carolina
Carolina has been ground- always growing and changing, that criticizing politically and legislative districts are san gerrymandering in North legislature, redraw district lines
zero for hyper-partisan ger- he said. At issue here is the motivated gerrymandering drawn so that one party will Carolina, according to Guillory, themselves or appoint a special
rymandering, and I am proud extent to which Republicans could be construed as criticiz- win by such a wide margin that is that a veto-proof majority commission to draw legislative
to add my voice to this effort. have drawn districts in order to ing the Republican legislature the opposition doesnt even in the state legislature weak- districts.
Ferrel Guillory, a UNC jour- remain in the majority. that drew the maps, he said. contest the election, he said. ens the governor. When a

Amazon might be opening shop in Raleigh

Raleigh meets the The new headquarters,
which the company calls HQ2,
requests for proposals from
those big transformative
ed in Seattle when Amazon
was in its early years there.
can think of few other places
in the country where there
There will be a period of
adjustment, but I think that as
criteria for Amazons will be equivalent to Amazons
Seattle campus and will create
projects that grab headlines
to the many projects you
Raleighs position on the
East Coast would balance out
is a similar combination of
long as we manage the infra-
structural and economic effects
new headquarters. up to 50,000 jobs in the area dont hear about beforehand, Amazons West Coast pres- One area where Raleigh well, then I can only see it ben-
they pick as well as $5 billion North Carolina Secretary of ence in Seattle, Washington, falls short of other locations is eficial for the area, he said.
By Olivia Slagleclose in capital investment. Commerce Anthony Copeland Feldman said. in public transportation. Feldman said empty build-
Staff Writer This is the deal of the cen- said in a statement. Sridhar Balasubramanian, One thing that hurts ings left behind by IBM and
tury, said Maryann Feldman, a Feldman said Raleigh is a a marketing professor in this region is that we dont GlaxoSmithKline in Raleigh
Amazon announced professor in the Department of viable candidate. the Kenan-Flagler Business have great transit in place, could also be resources for
Thursday that it will be build- Public Policy at UNC. Its hard Raleigh is a large (metro- School, said the Raleigh- Feldman said. Adding 50,000 Amazon.
ing a new headquarters in a to imagine a bigger economic politan statistical area), but Durham International workers and 50,000 cars on I think that the best thing
U.S. metropolitan area. deal than this one and theres Durham and Chapel Hill in Airport is another big advan- the roads is significant. that we can do is to respond
Raleigh and Charlotte both such potential for growth here. combination with Raleigh tage of the area. The area is Balasubramanian said to this proposal and do it in a
meet several of the require- Amazon has asked cities to would be a lot more attrac- also ideal in terms of location, 50,000 people moving into way that brings in Durham and
ments for the location of the submit proposals by Oct. 19. tive, she said. There are a lot climate and resources. an area would become like other places in the (Triangle)
new headquarters, including We relentlessly pursue of interesting things going on All of that coming together their own ecosystem mean- because combined, this is a
having a population of over 1 every opportunity to bring in Durham, and theres great is what I think makes us a ing they would generate very attractive area, she said.
million and an international new jobs to (North Carolina), entrepreneurial energy and compelling proposition, enough economic benefits to @OlivinOnAPrayer
airport within 45 minutes. and every day we respond to the kind of edginess that exist- Balasubramanian said. And I accommodate themselves.

DTH office is open TODAY from is

DTH office 9am-5pm DTH9:00am-5:00pm
open Mon-Fri office will re-open at 8:30 on 8/13/14
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Announcement CHILDCARE WANTED 9-yr-old. Pick up BANNED UNC BASKETBALL poster,
PART TIME MEDICAL BILLING No ex- after school and help with homework, Return of the Roy. Limited quantity PET SITTERS NEEDED!
walk dog, occasional transportation available. 252-
perience necessary. $25/hr, 2 hours ev- 257-3542 Love animals? Need extra $ ? We need
ery other week. Before 11:30am, after to activity or tutoring. Good driving reliable pet sitters in the Carrboro, Cha-
6:30pm, or weekends. Contact Patricia record a must- have extra car to use 2001 HONDA CRV for sale 133K miles pel Hill and Southpoint areas. Must have
at 919-967-2744 for transportation or will pay for mile- Good condition $1500 or best offer Tom your own transportation, smart phone, If September 13th is Your Birthday...
age gas. Also 13-year-old less supervi- 919 796-5823 computer, and be able to pass a back-
sion -usually rides bus occasional pick Youre in the money this year. Save for a rainy
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ground check. Apply at PawsOnDurham.
com. day. Invest energy into home renovation. Begin a
FAMILY CHILDCARE HOME has an open- two-year phase of profitable communications this
ing for age 1-4. Experience, Licensed, 5 CHILDCARE NEEDED 12-5 M-F for two
boys, 8 and 4 in Chapel Hill. $15/hour.
SATURDAY & PT HELP WANTED Rooms autumn. Write, record or film. Consider plans over
star rated. Referrals provided. Convien- Formalwear Outlet is hiring Part Time winter before launching into motion. Express your
ant location. Affordable. 9199673789 Retail Sales Associates. Are you ener- ROOM FOR RENT in historic home in For- heart.
getic with a great personality? Would est Hills neighborhood in Durham. Large,
Child Care Wanted LIFE SKILLS TUTOR you strive to create a fabulous shopping elegant room, private bathroom. No pets
or smoking. 15 min from UNC campus by
experience in a fast paced environment?
SITTER for pick up from preschool on NEEDED We want to talk to you! Just 10 min from car. References needed. biondfury18@ To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.
Mondays 12-6, occasional Wednesday Help an active 17 year-old boy with campus. Apply in person 415 Millstone 919-381-6884
and Thursday afternoon care but flex- Autism in Durham, Chapel Hill develop Drive in Hillsborough. 919-644-8243
ible, located in Durham contact susan- leisure and academic skills, practice
GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: Chapel Hill Tutoring Wanted Aries (March 21-April 19)
Today is a 7 -- Talk with family about
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Today is an 8 -- Your work is attract- language, learn social, self help and in-
dependent skills, get exercise and go on Gymnastics is seeking energetic, enthu- NOW HIRING TUTORS domestic changes. Dont act until ing attention. Plan for two days in
DRIVER Southern Village family needs community and social outings. Seeking siastic instructors to teach classes and We have tutoring positions available im- everyone is on board. Strengthen the spotlight. Avoid resisting author-
driver for three kids, ages 10, 9, and 7, at a tutor who will keep him engaged and summer camps. Applicants with knowl- mediately for all subjects, Pre-K through home infrastructures. Creativity and
3:00 on M, W, and F afternoons to swim edge of gymnastics terminology and pro- ity. People depend on you. Allow
have fun doing activities such as swim- 12th grade. Excellent pay. Flexible hours. romance blossom through com- things to unfold naturally.
practice, and then back home. Practice is ming, cooking, and singing. Experience gression skills preferred. Send a resume Must have reliable transportation. Con-
3:30-4:30. Time to study or relax during to munication.
preferred, but extensive training is pro- tact us at or Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
practice. $15/hr. Text Darren at 919-641- vided. Supervision for ABA certification is EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NEEDED by
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DRIVER Needed to assist 2-4 days per
week picking up and dropping off jr.
individuals to be part of a strong behav-
ior-based home intervention program. A
ham/Chapel Hill area. Must be computer
savvy on current apple software, refer-
Volunteers sion projects flower today and Get into an adventurous phase.
high and h.s daughters. Occasional bab- 10-25 hour commitment for a minimum ences required, journalism and editing tomorrow. Postpone important Figure out how to make it happen.
ysitting. 919-309-5367 of 1 year. experience preferred. Will be transcrib- (919)951-7676 actions and decisions. Wait for an Take charge.
ing documents and text. Can contact at Help school age students, Chapel Hill- obstacle to shift. Gentle pressure
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with errands, meal prep, & light clean- Mon-Fri 3-6pm for 2 kids in Chapel Hill. DELIVERY DRIVERS NEEDED: Wings Student Union Room #3102 between Gemini (May 21-June 20)
ing. Please email hobbsknutson@gmail. Meet kids at bus, help with homework & Over Chapel Hill is growing fast and around rules and regulations could
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com. needs more delivery drivers. Must have or call 919-
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intellectual and developmental
valid drivers license, pass background and contemplation satisfies over the balance to minimize stress over the
Just a few homes left! Luxury yet af- check. Must be prompt and reliable. next few days. Clean, sort and or- next two days.
disabilities. This opportunity is fordable 1/2/3 bed apartments close Email
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with knowledge of gymnastics termi- TO LIVE? Today is an 8 -- Connect with friends
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Entry-level pay starting restored 3w/od. Engine rebuilt w/ twin 7:30pm, some weekends. Send a resume resources and strategies.
up to $11 per hour. Strombergs. Freshly painted in carolina
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blue. Asking $4,000 OBO Contact Bob: (c) 2016 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC. (804)840-6919 RECYCLE ME PLEASE!
The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7
DAVID NOEL realized how much his coach-
es did behind the scenes.
job he did and plans to con-
tinue the program by adding
players in top physical con-
dition and making sure the
reached out to universities
along the East Coast, letting
to whatever hes thrown.
Whether thats deciding to
FROM PAGE 1 Its definitely something some changes. team plays hard together. them know about his new play college basketball over
at UNC had on his own strenuous, but also enjoyable The coaching is going to We wont rely on one position and the program to football or returning to
basketball career. and fulfilling, Noel said. change a little bit, Noel said. or two people to shoulder see if any interest sparks with his old high school stomp-
I want to be able to help Im going to bring something the load, Curington said. I recruiters. ing grounds to coach Noel
young men get the potential Looking forward to the table these guys may think itll be a positive thing Hopefully well have a plans to get the most out of
out of them that is locked not have seen before. Im to make a cohesive unit that revolving door of coaches his players, just like his high
deep inside at times, he said. The team is in rebuild- going to ask a little more out relies on each other and not coming in, Noel said. school and college coaches
As a new coach, Noel is mode now since they lost a of them than they may be one or two individuals. In his first year coaching at previously got the most out
beginning to understand the few players in the last two used to (so they can) unlock Noel said he wants to push any level, the former Tar Heel of him.
workload that he has to take years, Noel said. their potential. his players to be the best they captain may not have a cham- And he can proudly say hes
on for his team. Noel pointed Noel thanked the previous Curington said their focus can be because it can create pionship on the horizon. But home to do it.
out that as a player he never coach Kendrick Hall for the is going to be keeping the opportunities. Noel recently Noel has proven he can adjust

EQUITY made the statement many

times that equity is not a
She said the motivation for
equity changes might include a
sions on equity to remain
a priority. But the biggest
FROM PAGE 1 thing, its not something you number of factors, like obser- hurdle to equity, Hitchcock
A shift in policy check off a box and say, OK, vations of classrooms or repu- said, might come from white
now were going to do equity tation of the school district. parents in the district.
Last April, members of the it truly permeates into The parents that dont
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City everything we do, Nash said. A local cry for action have to deal with these issues
School Board voted unani- If we want to change the dont want to deal with these
mously to approve a district- equity culture in our district, The issue of racial inequity issues they have a difficult
wide equity plan, aimed at then it impacts everyone: it within the schools is a problem time seeing equity as anything
increasing the academic impacts board members, cus- that began when schools were other than taking something
achievement of students of todians, bus drivers. first integrated, Hunter said. away from their own children,
color. Equity 101 classes are now a What were trying to do is she said. In a system with a
The Equity Equals required program for teachers to change the narrative around closed budget it could very
Excellence plan outlines and support staff, according to the achievement gap and well mean to achieve equity
objectives and action the plan. change the narrative around all were going to have to take
steps that address culture, We want this Equity 101 of the disproportionality of all some pie from this plate and
curriculum and instruction training to not just be in pro- the proportions in our system, move it to another plate. And
within the district. The plan fessional development sessions Hunter said. Schools are not that is when parents say no,
lists immediate priorities for teachers but to carry over unlike any other system not you can have someone elses pie
that include: implementing into lesson planning or testing unlike public health, criminal but dont take mine.
Restorative Practices and or whatever it is teachers are justice and racial gaps and Recent political rhetoric
Circles trainings; analyzing learning, Nash said. disproportionalities are every- makes the need for racial
discipline data; and developing Certain honors classes are where. equity more important now
diverse teams to review transitioning into hybrid class- On Sept. 16, the Campaign than ever before, Hunter said.
curriculums and provide es, Nash said. These will offer for Racial Equity in Our Its not just an achievement
trainings on culturally honors and non-honors credit Schools will hold an assembly gap, its a gap in every single
responsive teaching practices. in the same classroom envi- to address the communitys thing that you look at, she said.
Jeff Nash, director of com- ronment. At East Chapel Hill equity concerns and start find- There is no element of school
munity relations for CHCCS, High, world history classes ing ways to mobilize for action. life where race isnt determin-
said ultimately, the goal is are offered with a hybrid cur- Mandy Hitchcock, one of ing some aspect of education.
for strategies put into place riculum a step Murray said the event organizers and a Changing the narrative goes
through the equity plan to might help address the racial CHCCS parent, said coop- much deeper than whats
trickle down affecting every- divides shes observed, too. eration from the current located in families of color, its
thing that is done in the school The district is trying, and I school board and CHCCS located deep in a system that
environment. think thats the most important Superintendent Pamela weve named racism.
Our superintendent has thing, Murray said. Baldwin is allowing discus-

GILLINGS about a mobile touring pro-

gram that goes, just like the
The Joan H. Gillings
Center for Dramatic Art, with
her family and spoke of how
Chapel Hill, UNC and the arts
FROM PAGE 1 Carolina PlayMakers did one its excellent educational and departments have a special
donation. hundred years ago, across artistic facilities, is the crucible place in her heart. She empha-
Benesch plans for the state of North Carolina, in which the department and sized the opportunities provid-
PlayMakers to use the funds to connect with culturally PlayMakers transform learn- ed to the students, that many
to stabilize their educational under-resourced communi- ing into practice every single would not have otherwise.
programs, as funding had ties, Benesch said. day, creating world-class edu- PlayMakers member ser-
previously been unpredictable. Department of Dramatic cational and theatrical experi- enaded Gillings with a rous-
The program also emphasizes Arts Chair Adam Versnyi laid ences for students, faculty and ing rendition of Cole Porters
new works, which has been a out plans for the department audiences, Versnyi said. Youre the Top, arranged
tradition at UNC since Thomas to continue its teaching focus. Folt then announced that especially for Gillings.
Wolfe attended the University. Versnyi explained that the gift the Performing Arts Center Its for the kids, its for the
Since I arrived here 18 allows the support of pedagogy will be rechristened as the students they are all our
months ago, I have been and audience engagement by Joan H. Gillings Performing future, Gillings said.
dreaming and scheming hiring more professionals. Arts Center. Gillings thanked

find a job buy a couch sell your car

No cars in Carrboro
Carrboro wasnt always
a hip town. It once didnt
games even have electricity. See
front for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 Take it back now yall

Last time UNC played
Old Dominion, it wasnt
Complete the grid good for ODU. See page 4
so each row, column
for the story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Its electric (bus)
Solution to Electric buses are on the
last puzzle way. The future is here as
we speak. Visit our website
for the story.

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Across 45 Home Depot work 15 Shoulder protection 32 Do a favor for

1 Annual July 1 apparel 16 Imaging company 33 Sentence ender
celebration marking 46 Spicy meatless dish once big in film 34 Head turner
the 1867 signing of 50 Legacy Hartsfield- 19 Bugs 35 It helps you focus
the British North Jackson tenant 20 Ancient French 36 Many a Balkan
America Act 51 Thinking indicator region 37 Nautical
10 Some Australian 21 It flies off store 40 Plant-ruining genus
carvings Down shelves 42 Make believable
14 Elaborate sci-fi 1 Beardie, for one 24 Artist Picasso 43 Palindromic fellow
costume component 2 Former senator 25 Netanyahus 44 Palindromic bread
16 Supermarket count Specter predecessor 45 Rights org.
17 Old Andorran 3 Twizzlers pieces 26 CBers punctuation 47 Lunch holder
currency 4 Ancient history 27 Friend of Homer 48 In most mammals,
18 Arrive adjective 29 Harold and Maude the upper one has a
19 Dickensian 5 Completed co-star Bud groove called a
denouncement 6 This, that or the other 30 Mover of many philtrum
22 Guided 7 Not soaked yet 31 Misled 49 Memorable time
23 Get out of Dodge 8 Winglike parts
24 Australian Stock 9 Centuries-old Asian
Horses, perhaps wool sources
28 Annex 10 Off-topic
29 11 Out of order
musician 12 Catch from the pier
30 Having a short cut 13 Learners, hopefully
31 Like home, say
33 Hang
36 They may be
37 Didnt miss, as
a bus
38 Gr8 joke!
39 Unisex
40 4/8/74 record
41 Brie who
played Trudy
on Mad Men
8 Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

This change in federal policy is contrary to
ment to all members of our community
Carol Folt, In a statement in support of DACA recipients at UNC
It is nice for the DTH to give out free public-
ity for them. I look forward to them posting a
Claude Wilson similar story on the next NRA fundraiser
The Last Column on the Left
GordonTrenchard, on an article about a Cats Cradle event for the ACLU
Sophomore history major from
Chapel Hill, N.C.
LETTERS TO Chapel Hill-Carrboro Branch of the


Protect the Center for
Christian Legal Society
Conference on Race, Class, Gender and

about Civil Rights legacy

Death Penalty Project
Education Law and Policy Society
Entrepreneurial Law Association

Venezuela, On Friday, the UNC Environmental Law Project

Board of Governors imposed Faculty Forward Network
a policy banning the UNC Hispanic Latino Law Students
Center for Civil Rights from
engaging in advocacy for Immigration Law Association
clients. Invested Students of UNC Law
The ban on the Centers Jewish Law Association
henever I bring up work prohibits the Center Lambda Law Students Association
Law Students Against Sexual and

Phillips Hall should fall

socialism, whether from representing clients
in columns or in in any capacity. The policy
Domestic Violence
conversation, someone will forbids the Center from
Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Media Law Society
inevitably butt in with the act[ing] as legal counsel,
Native American Law Students
same tired point: But what meaning it wont be allowed Association
about Venezuela, Claude? Its just not a great that the door swings into
the staircase instead of out
hands are dusty after
using chalk, and your ears
to give any legal advice to National Lawyers Guild, Carolina Law
Everyone in Venezuela is starv- anyone. The policy also
ing because of socialism! Why building. Theres no of it. will keep ringing with the bans the Center from refer-
N.C. Conference of American
What sense does that excruciating sound of a
didnt you think of that?
So, what about Venezuela? other way to say it. make? It makes the tran- squeaky chalkboard for
ring clients to other lawyers
or helping them find legal
Association of University Professors

Progressive Faculty Network, UNC-
First of all, how socialist is ts creepy and its sition periods between the rest of the day. assistance in any way. This Chapel Hill
Venezuela? While the govern- kooky. Mysterious and classes even worse because Maybe what makes it so policy effectively ends the Rachel Carson Council
ment has been fond of fiery spooky. Its altogether people are simultaneously bad isnt its aesthetics or work of the Center for Civil Sexuality and Gender Alliance
left-wing populist rhetoric, ooky. Its Phillips Hall. getting hit by the door and its muggy smell. Maybe its Rights and the legacy of UNC Innocence Project
private businesses remain Julius Chambers at UNC UNC Siren
There are many things running down stairs. the challenging nature of
numerous within the country. School of Law. UNC Young Democrats Executive Board
In fact, private sectors
wrong with Phillips Hall Then theres the ever- the main disciplines in the Defenders of Civil Rights
share of the economy has that we dont know where so-dim lighting of every building (math, physics). and the undersigned UNC
to begin, literally. We dont corner of the building. Its enough to give some- Alert Carolina is here
remained at roughly two- student organizations and
thirds under the presidency of know where to begin in Coupled with that is a floor one a natural aversion to community partners con-
to keep UNC safe
Hugo Chavez, whose election Phillips because it is a box that gleams of shine, yet the place. demn this vote. There can TO THE EDITOR:
in 1998 marked the beginning with a million doors and sits on top of the bleakest C.C. Cook, dont take be no meaningful civil rights Almost every day we hear
of Chavist socialism in the entryways that one will grey floor in the world. this personally. When work for communities and about a new tragedy in some
country. Venezuela is probably inevitably get lost in trying Is there an academic you designed this build- no legitimate civil rights corner of the world. While
be better described as social to navigate. reason why we still use ing in 1919, Phillips Hall training for students at we hope a life-threatening
democratic; they retain a Then theres the stair- chalkboards? Call us mil- represented the peak of UNC Law under this policy. event would never occur on
mixed economy dominated by case. If you pay attention liennials with no culture, Collegiate Gothic archi- The ban will prevent UNC our campus, we must always
the private sector with a num- School of Law from fulfilling be prepared. Whether it is a
to the staircase on the left, but chalkboards are a tecture. Now it represents
ber of public service policies. its mission of public service tornado warning issued for
Prior to the beginning of back side, you will find thing of the past. Your some of our worst fears. to all North Carolinians Chapel Hill, a large fire rap-
the economic crisis in 2014, by depriving low-wealth idly spreading or someone
Chavist policies had been communities across the intentionally trying to harm
generally successful: poverty
fell, literacy rates rose and
EDITORIAL state of access to justice. It
also limits the educational
our community, Carolina is
prepared to communicate

Know how you know

numerous worker cooperatives experience of students at the those risks quickly and direct
and medical clinics were estab- law school, many of whom students, faculty and staff to
lished. Why did it take over came to UNC Law specifi- take immediate action.
a decade for these policies to cally to do the kind of civil Having an action plan in
lead to ruin? rights, social justice and
Venezuelas biggest eco- Studying how we edge, how we get there
and how we spread it.
feminist theory, encourage
thinkers to recognize and public interest work that the
advance can help save lives
during an actual emergency.
nomic problem since the 1970s
has been crippling overspe-
know what we Theories of knowledge criticize the values inher-
Center exemplifies.
The Board of Governors
That is one of the reasons
the University regularly tests
operate beneath any learn- ent in the established epis-
cialization in petroleum. The know is important. ing done by a student on temology of the academy.
policy specifically exempts our six emergency sirens

current economic crisis can be legal clinics from its cover- located across campus and
attributed to the oil glut that pistemology, or this campus. Different Critical theory empha- age. Any civil rights program in Chapel Hill.
started in 2014. how we know what disciplines call for differ- sizes first the need to see at UNC School of Law must Tomorrow, we are con-
This led to a massive drop in we know, sounds ent epistemologies, each mainstream epistemology include practical legal expe- ducting our fall semester test
the price of oil and when oil like a very complicated, with its own belief system as flawed and next looks to rience and direct representa- between noon and 1 p.m.
accounts for about 25 percent advanced philosophical baked in. For example, those who are oppressed tion of underserved commu- We want to make sure these
of a countrys GDP and over 95 concept. In some ways, it hard sciences depend on for alternative theories of nities. We call on UNC Law sirens and all equipment are
percent of exports, a crisis is definitely can be. But in the scientific method as knowledge. School administration and working properly, as well as
inevitable. other ways, it is fundamen- the main method through For most students, epis- faculty to make the Center ensure that our community
However, there are other for Civil Rights a clinical knows what to do when there
tal to every single learning which knowledge is jus- temology goes unexam-
sinister forces that have been project of the law school, to is a threat to campus safety.
exacerbating the food shortag- enterprise on this campus. tified and verified. The ined. But, this board urges ensure the continued legacy While no action is
es in Venezuela: an economic Epistemology is the scientific method is also students to really think of Julius Chambers and the required for these sirens tests,
war against the country. study of knowledge, and its present in social sciences, about the epistemology essential work of the Center we encourage all students,
Venezuelan corporations essential questions center like political science, eco- that underlies their chosen he created. faculty and staff to read the
have been hoarding food and on knowledge production, nomics and sociology. discipline. Alert Carolina email in your
withholding it from market, verification, justification, While easy to recog- Engage with the knowl- Tim Longest inbox detailing instructions
as well as engaging in fraudu- validation and dissemina- nize, this kind of scientific edge thats being produced Defenders of Civil Rights for what to do in the event of
lent import deals to siphon tion. In other words, epis- epistemology is not the around and by you. And Class of 13 a real emergency.
money and goods out of the temology is concerned with only one at work on cam- question the ways in We will also use all avail-
Venezuelan economy. whether or not we count pus. Critical epistemolo- which that knowledge is This statement is cosigned by able communication meth-
The billionaires of corpo- the following organizations: ods, including text messages
something as good knowl- gies, such as Marixst and justified and validated.
rations are the same people and social media, to try and
who are actively leading the Defenders of Civil Rights reach as many people as
opposition and blaming the UNC School of Law Student Bar possible. You may see some
Venezuelan government for SATIRICAL ADVICE COLUMN Association
Elizabeth Adkins, UNC-Chapel Hill
of these messages during
the food shortages that they todays sirens test. The most

You Asked for It

themselves caused. Student Body President recent safety-related infor-
This is the Venezuelan UNC-Chapel Hill Student Government mation and announcements
opposition that received mil- Undergraduate Executive Branch can be found at alertcaro-
lions of dollars in funds from American Civil Liberties Union, Carolina
the United States government In which we scam Campus Dining Services and keep your butt dry. Law Chapter
American Constitution Society, Carolina
We would like to thank
to destabilize Venezuela. The Daily Tar Heel for help-
But even if only Venezuelas Perry Carter (First ting from Harvey and Irma, it Law Chapter ing bring public attention to
left-leaning policies were to Citizens) and Derek Fulton hasnt been as enjoyable. Help Asian American Law Students
our Alert Carolina sirens test
blame for its collapse, wouldnt (Wells Fargo) are the writ- me reconcile my love for the Association
Black Congress and our efforts to keep the
we expect to see similar crises ers of UNCs premier (only!) arboretum with my not want-
Black Student Movement University safe.
in other Latin American social satirical advice column. ing to have a wet butt!
democracies? Results may vary. Black Law Students Association
You Asked For It: The Campus Y Jeff McCracken
A good comparison might You: Who are CDS? How transition from late summer Carolina Black Caucus Director and Chief of Police
be Bolivia: having been led by on earth do they lose money Perry Carter and Derek Fulton
to early fall really is a tease: Carolina Feminist Coalition
leftist president Evo Morales at $11 per swipe? Couldnt Senior English and communica- Derek Kemp
tion major from Raleigh
temperatures are moderate, Carolina Public Interest Law
since 2006. they pay a first-year CS the leaves on deciduous trees Organization Associate Vice Chancellor
But you dont hear about the major $50 to automate the Senior quantitative biology major for Campus Safety and Risk
are starting to do their thang. Center for Holocaust, Genocide &
successes of social democratic card swipers full-time job? from Charlotte
But its also hurricane season Human Rights Studies, UNC-Charlotte Management
policies in Bolivia because it Email
(tickets available at caroli-
hurts the pro-capitalism nar-
You Asked For It: To make questions with YAFI in the subject!
the most of your meal plan,
rative that media corporations
want to promote.
get ready to shake and bake. already lost that because you
and, sometimes, what ought SPEAK OUT
1. Get a few trusted to be great days spent out- WRITING GUIDELINES
The next time someone paid up front. side arent. Makes you want
friends, enough for an orga- Ok, now things get serious. Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
mentions who socialism has to exclaim: Darnt!
nized task force. You need to walk directly to Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
ruined Venezuela, ask them: The Tar Heel Tarp is
2. Live as close as possible the exit escalator. Then wait Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
where is the success of capital- exactly what it sounds like.
to Lenoir Hall, the base of 15 minutes. Look down, to see Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
ism in Latin America? Its a 16 x 20 tarp that
operations. the smiling face of one of your Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
3. Devise a schedule. I comes only in a shade of blue letters to 250 words.
This column has been edited companions. called Carol Folts Scarf.
personally only go during a Make firm eye contact SUBMISSION
to fit this print space. Its the perfect solution to
full moon, but this is up to and allow your One Card to Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
Find the full column online your issue in the arboretum.
your group. flutter down into the loving NC 27514
at Venmo me $80 real quick
4. Walk into the left door, and righteous hands of your Email:
so you can wait in line for as (find me at @canestick-
comrade. etscalper) and Ill send one
long as possible while dwell-

9/15 MISTRESS OF QUIRK EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
ing on the fact that youre You: I love to go to the directly to you. resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
Evana Bodiker writes about the Blue skies, dry arse, cant
about to lose $11 for a sub- arboretum, but with the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
humanities and humanity. lose.
par meal. Just kidding, you weather stuff weve been get- members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.