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Volume 125, Issue 23 Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Student simplies with yellow City vows

First-year no coal,
sticks to a
color scheme
no oil by
to declutter 2050
his life The Hillsborough Board
By Preston Lennon of Commissioners voted
Staff Writer
for energy efficiency.
Outside of Graham Residence
Hall on a weekend afternoon, By Caroline Levine
Benjamin Davis answers a ques- Staff Writer
tion the same one that hes faced
countless times: Why do you do it? The Hillsborough Board of
Davis, known by close friends as Commissioners voted to become
Benji and by strangers as The Yellow the first town in North Carolina
Guy or a synonymous identifier, to commit to 100 percent clean
handles these encounters regularly. energy by 2050.
A self-described intellectual with This gradual transition will
an affection for mathematics and work toward powering the city
efficiency, Davis is by most standards with different types of clean
a normal college student just not energy like wind and solar.
when it comes to his sense of fashion. After considering Hillsboroughs
Its my favorite color. It wakes me limited capabilities as a small
up in the morning, he said. It makes town, the board plans to create
me feel energetic. It really just gives a task force of citizens, many
me something to look forward to. of whom have backgrounds in
Davis said he associates the color energy efficiency, to help plan
with happiness and started wear- DTH/ALICE HUDSON the path for the town.
ing yellow shirts as a senior in high Benjamin Davis, the campus yellow dude, sits among his yellow belongings in his residence hall on Sunday. Hillsborough Commissioner
school. This summer, as Davis pre- Jenn Weaver said complete
pared to enter his first year at UNC, most days he wears his UNC ball A close friend of Davis, Erica khakis and a yellow shirt once energy efficiency is not an easy
he decided to fully commit, combin- cap, also yellow. Chen, said people are always looking he started his first year at college. task, and it will take community
ing his obsessive passion for the The origin of Daviss repetitive for a deeper meaning behind Davis If he was going to start over in engagement to meet their goal.
color with his fixation on individual- wardrobe his dorm room closet repetitive outfit choice. college, he was going to go all out, She said this dedication to coun-
ism and productivity. houses several duplicates of each I dont know why people dont said another one of Davis friends, ter climate change will hopefully
Since his first day on campus, item is associated in part with his believe that, Chen said. A lot of Shreya Madasu. I dont think hes push other towns to follow in
Davis has sported suede-yellow fascination with a philosophy attrib- people see him as an attraction, not ever wanted to be normal or fit in. Hillsboroughs footsteps.
Vans, tall yellow socks, soft-neon uted to visionaries like Einstein and a person. After a week of enjoying his new It feels like we are in a very
shorts, a faded yellow belt and a Steve Jobs: wearing the same thing She wasnt surprised by his deci- urgent time where we are expe-
solid colored t-shirt or polo. On every day declutters ones life. sion to ditch his senior year ensemble SEE YELLOW, PAGE 7 riencing ill effects of climate
change and feels very important
for local governments to act,
she said.

Surratt: First a Blue Devil, now a Tar Heel The unanimous vote by
the board for this resolution
emphasizes their commitment
to make Hillsborough a pro-
Chazz Surratts picture is coach Keith Heckendorf said of
quarterback Chazz Surratts recruit-
gressive and energy efficient
town. The first step will be
clearer two years after his ment.
Heckendorf, who spearheaded
deciding what kinds of energy
the town will use while stay-
flipped commitment. the redshirt first-years recruitment, ing in a budget. As the cost of
talks to school administrators, teach- renewable energy decreases,
By Alez Zietlow ers and janitors on his visits. And this commitment becomes more
Assistant Sports Editor Surratts case was no different. feasible for smaller towns.
I remember talking to a security Clean energy also brings
Evaluating a quarterback recruit is guard one night at a football game, the prospect of new jobs to
like building an image in Photoshop. Heckendorf said. The leadership Hillsborough, as thousands
It isnt the most glorious task, and that (Surratt) had within his team, of young students from the
it certainly doesnt happen in a single within his school ... everybody within Triangle graduate.
stroke of a brush. But every interaction the school had nothing but great Hillsboroughs dedication
with a player that may very well be the things to say about him. to clean energy comes just
face of your schools program one day By the end of Surratts high school one week after Orange County
and every conversation with people career, hed been named North affirms the same pledge. With
who know him well adds to the can- Carolinas Gatorade State Player of the same goal in mind, the area
didates portrait. Pixel by pixel. the Year in football. He won state hopes to draw in those seeking
We talked to pretty much every- titles in 2012 and 2014 and broke to make a change in energy effi-
body, anybody that we could run DTH/SARAH REDMOND ciency.
into, North Carolina quarterbacks SEE SURRATT, PAGE 7 Quarterback Chazz Surratt (12) prepares to take a snap against Old Dominion. Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen
Ferguson said the resolution
was spearheaded by residents

Pride Place provides community and home for LGBTQ+ students that have suggested the resolu-
tion since the beginning of the
summer, when the Paris agree-
ment unfolded. Feedback has
Residential learning had to be assigned a specific housing
placement based on their individual
shown that the resolution is
well supported by the towns-
program enters second needs.
Pride Place residential adviser
year of LGBTQ+ pride. Cameron West received the same
Sustainability is critical
for long term quality of life,
training as other RAs, but he is also
Ferguson said.
By Marine Elia responsible for creating a curriculum
Innovation and creativity
Staff Writer for bimonthly meetings. At meetings,
continue to push the agenda
residents discuss TED Talks, labels
for the Hillsborough Board of
Before Pride Place, junior and other topics.
Commissioners. When they
Brennan Lewis was unsure if they Pride Place stresses community
reconvene to discuss the reso-
would have a normal first-year immersion with monthly meal and
lution further in October, the
experience in their dorm room. As a movie nights, allowing non-LGBTQ+
board hopes to establish a basic
non-binary student, they wondered members of Cobb Hall to participate
outline for future energy plans.
if their physical safety and mental every other month.
Hillsborough hopes to be
health would be in jeopardy. It gives me great satisfaction to
the guiding example and to
With other LGBTQ+ students, know that every member has some-
show that energy efficiency is
allies and the support of the thing in common, West said. They
feasible for other towns across
Universitys administration, they have something they can relate on, to
the state, Ferguson said, and
decided to create a safe space for a certain extent, which allows them
the townspeoples dedication
LGBTQ+ students to live and study. to connect with one another.
to a clean and healthy environ-
Pride Place, now in its second Sophomore Janae Gamara dis-
ment represent their investment
year, is a residential learning pro- covered Pride Place when browsing
in the continuing progress of
gram in Cobb Hall dedicated to the housing website prior to her first
forging relationships within the year. Coming from a high school
Before Pride Place, each student SEE PRIDE, PAGE 7 Janae Gamara sits in her hallway at the Pride Place Residential Community.



You can tell a whole story in six seconds.

2 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Two years, second new album
Established 1893 By Nicola McIrvine
124 years of editorial freedom Staff Writer

TYLER FLEMING The band spent two years

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF writing, rewriting, col-
EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM laborating, practicing and
JESSICA SWANSON perfecting, and on Aug. 4,
MANAGING EDITOR Ellis Dyson & the Shambles
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM released their second full-
length album, Henhouse.
The album features 10
tracks, including the albums
namesake Circlin the
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE For two years we were
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM writing songs, practicing
KIANA COLE them, playing them live,
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND tweaking them almost daily,
INVESTIGATIONS front man Ellis Dyson said.
LEAH ASMELASH album is the product of that
The band celebrated the
release of their album on
REBECCA AYERS Sept. 2 at the album release
CITY EDITOR party at Cats Cradle in
ANA IRIZARRY There was no short-
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR age of excitement with five
STATE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM bands and a circus group
from Raleigh all perform-
ing. Dyson said that the
band hired Raleigh-based
circus troupe, Imagine
CHAPEL FOWLER Circus, along with Durham-
SPORTS EDITOR based brass band called the
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Bulltown Strutters for the
COLE DEL CHARCO performance.
AUDIO EDITOR The vibe of the audi-
ZSOFIA VOROS show was so great, said fan Saxophonist Danny Abrams (left) plays beside Ellis Dyson (right) on the banjo during a 2016 live performance at Cats Cradle.
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR Laura Mindlin. You could
feel the excitement. People to a jazz combo in which guitar and a rhythm section, today. is currently undergoing a
were all just running to the saxophonist and 2015 UNC I just knew I needed some We started this thing five transition period as they say
NATHAN KLIMA merchandise table to get graduate Danny Abrams horns. years ago, and its slow and goodbye to members who
PHOTO EDITOR the album. It was just super played. Dyson said that soon after steady but weve seen incre- have graduated and moved
PHOTO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM I had a banjo and I had he and Abrams formed their mental growth, Abrams away, while welcoming and
SARAH LUNDGREN, Dyson, a 2016 UNC grad- written a couple of songs, duo, others became inter- said. Weve been playing integrating the new ones at
uate, said that Ellis Dyson Dyson said. Instead of ested in joining their group, bigger places, weve been the same time. All the while,
and the Shambles formed doing the classic thing eventually forming the six- going to new towns and the band is busy touring and
in 2013 when he showed up where you look for a bass, a member ensemble that exists states. Thats really the long performing various venues
range story mode of grow- frequently.
ing it and going further and Were learning as we go,
further. said Dyson. Were just doing
Abrams said that the whatever we have to do to
band has played in ven- keep the ship rolling and
ues in Asheville, Alabama, keeping those committed who

Your Sunday Philadelphia and New York

City, to name a few.
Playing in a band in
can and want to be.
Henhouse is available on
iTunes and various streaming

Brunch which college students

come and go can be diffi-
cult, Dyson said. The band

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The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, September 20, 2017 3

Upholding an ancient, Biblical rule

look to aid
By Emma Boggess
Staff Writer

North Carolina churches

are coming together to offer
sanctuary to immigrants and
families facing deportation.The
United Church of Chapel Hill
hosted a workshop this past
weekend introducing partici-
pants to ideas about the sanc-
tuary movement and ways to
help immigrants. Church lead-
ers, American Civil Liberties
Union members and other
community members attended
the workshop.
Susan Steinberg, head
of staff at UCCH, said she
thought the most valuable
part of the weekend was learn-
ing about the variety of ways
congregations can support
people facing deportation.
Hosting someone in our
congregation is only one part
of that spectrum, and there are
a variety of other ways support
can be provided, she said. DTH/ALICE HUDSON
Jennie Belle, program direc- The United Church of Chapel Hill, located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Chapel Hill, NC, hosted a workshop on establishing and navigating immigrant sanctuaries.
tor for farm worker and immi-
grant rights with the North usually provide sanctuary for and schools. interviews, searches and together. narrow, Steinberg said. We
Carolina Council of Churches, one immigrant and their fam- The policy provides guid- surveillance in schools and Steinberg said the people must go back to that ancient
said churches are providing ily at a time. They have to live ance to ICE officers, but it does churches, barring critical cir- of God are called by Biblical law: What does it mean to love
sanctuary when they host inside the church 24/7, so good not have binding legal author- cumstances or prior approval. mandate to protect strangers thy neighbor?
immigrants and their families. volunteers are needed to sup- ity, she said. It reaffirms poli- Belle said the goal of provid- within their land. Immigrants UCCH isnt currently pro-
Belle said the focus is to keep port them, she said. cies that treat places of worship ing sanctuary is to allow immi- have made many contribu- viding sanctuary. Steinberg
these people safe while they Deborah Weissman, a UNC as sensitive locations and sug- grants to stay in the United tions to communities in many said they are still in the pro-
fight their deportation cases. law professor specializing gests conduct that should be States while they argue their ways, and immigration policies cess of determining the best
(Providing sanctuary is) in immigration law, said an displayed, but it does not offer cases in court. must be measured against this way to help.
very public and focused on the Immigration and Customs absolute protection. Many of these people have Biblical law, she said. We keep trying to pay
media, she said. Were high- Enforcement policy dealing The 2011 policy, called lived in North Carolina for a The breadth of their con- attention to policy proposals
lighting the case and trying to with sensitive locations advises Enforcement Actions at long time, she said. They have tribution is so deep and wide, and measure them against the
draw support for these people. ICE agents against conducting or Focused on Sensitive jobs and families here, so we and yet the pathway for them law of love, she said.
Belle said congregations raids in places like churches Locations, restricts arrests, want them to be able to stay to become full citizens is so

Top universities see little UNC offers resources to

growth in diversity help LGBTQ+ athletes
UNC scored 80 out conduct, accessible resources
on campus and the presence of
of 100 on LGBTQ+ LGBTQ+ student-athlete groups.
Athlete Ally also analyzed news
inclusion in athletics. reports, social media and more
to assess how effectively each
By Charlie McGee program enforces these factors.
Staff Writer UNC received a score of 80 out
of a maximum score of 100 on the
In the world of sports, physi- AEI. The University gained points
cal talent is often the only thing in the Pro-LGBTQ+ Inclusion
fans see from the stands. For Statement/Campaign category
Stephen Bickford, a former after its part last year in pushing
UNC mens soccer player who for the removal of all ACC cham-
was a first-year in 2005, a secret pionships from Charlotte over
loomed over that talent in a way House Bill 2.
he felt no one could understand. The Universitys score reflects
There was definitely always a definite effort to lead the push
pressure feeling like I couldnt for change, but Cricket Lane,
be part of the team for some- assistant athletic director for stu-
thing no one knew, Bickford dent-athlete development, feels
said. When you go into an exam there is room for improvement.
and something is affecting your Lane cited a recent partnership
mindset, you dont do as well as between the Universitys ath-
you could. letic department and the LGBT
Bickford, a forward for SportSafe Inclusion Program
UNC mens soccer, concealed as something that will greatly
his homosexuality from the improve inclusion on campus.
public until five years after he SportSafe recognized UNC
transferred from the University. last year as meeting their
Many college athletes in the required standard for excellence
LGBTQ+ community can relate in inclusion policies and practice.
Across the nation, top from that of 1980.
Similarly, the analysis found the gap
students who identify as other than
white than in 2007 or 1997.
to his story where fear of
being shunned for who you
They will provide the Universitys
athletic department with work-
schools saw little change in between college-aged Hispanic students
and Hispanic students at top universi-
Wilson said she is a proud benefi-
ciary of affirmative action herself, and
truly are keeps you from fully
embracing a passion.
shops and policy advice on the
issue and effects of discrimina-
diversity since 1980. ties had widened since 1980. In 2015, that affirmative action has been effec- Athlete Ally, an organiza- tion to athletes and staff.
Hispanic 18-year-olds made up 22 tive in increasing access and oppor- tion dedicated to ending anti- Along with this, Lane ref-
By Emily Davis percent of college-aged Americans but tunities for disadvantaged students LGBTQ+ sentiment in athletics, erenced the Gender Spectrum
Staff Writer made up only 13 percent of the years who otherwise might be looked over to recently released the Athletic program as a testament to
incoming first-year at elite schools. attend certain schools. Equality Index, a comprehensive the Universitys commitment.
Minority representation in the Erika Wilson, a UNC law profes- I think while affirmative action report that assesses LGBTQ+ Spectrum is a program for stu-
nations top universities has declined sor, said she was not surprised by the has been effective in providing access, inclusion policies and practices dent-athletes at the University
in the last 35 years despite affirmative trend, citing issues in educational sys- theres still work to do, said Wilson. for every athletic program in the with an interest in social justice
action, according to a New York Times tems that minority students face long Steve Farmer, vice provost for enroll- NCAAs Power Five conferences. to promote inclusion and diver-
analysis. before college. ment and undergraduate admissions, The AEI is the first report of its sity of all kinds, including the
The analysis, published on Aug. Weve seen efforts at racial integra- said that these declining trends at uni- kind to provide fact-based data LGBTQ+ community, to their
24, looked at the fall enrollment data tion and desegregation sort of disinte- versities can be improved by encourag- on the progress made by each fellow athletes and students.
spanning from 1980 to 2015 at 100 of grate in many ways, Wilson said. ing students early-on in education to major NCAA program in this Many schools across the nation
the nations top schools. Those schools The reports analysis of UNCs start looking at college. effort. Liam Miranda, research gave encouraging responses to
ranged from Ivy Leagues to public incoming first-year classes from 1980 Its important to strengthen the and program manager at Athlete Athlete Ally about their AEI
flagship universities including UNC. to 2015 exhibited a decline in black advising that students receive as Ally, sees it as a major step for scores, indicating a similar com-
The data showed minorities are incoming first-years, from 11 percent theyre deciding whether to attend col- improvement in the future. mitment to improving inclusion
more underrepresented at elite schools in 1980 to 8 percent in 2015. This rose lege and where to go, Farmer said. We designed it because policies as the University has
than they were in 1980. Graphs for to 11 percent with the incoming first- Farmer said UNC Admissions has we really wanted to make a undertaken. Bickford looks at this
the 100 institutions that were studied year class of fall 2016, according to been trying to help address the trend resource that schools can use to response as an encouraging shift
mostly showed trends of either decline UNC Admissions class profile. for 10 years now through the Carolina better their institutional com- from what he saw as a closeted
or stagnation in the percentage of col- The percentage of Hispanic first- College Advising Corps, which helps mitments to LGBTQ+ inclusion athlete a decade ago.
lege-aged minority students entering years at UNC raised from zero percent high school students in under-served in the athletic space, Miranda I wish Id had someone to
as first-years, even though minority in 1980 to 8 percent in 2015, according areas search for, enroll in and succeed said. We not only wanted to talk to back when I was a player
students now make up a larger major- to the NYT analysis. In fall 2016, UNC at colleges and universities. highlight the great work schools because things could have gone
ity of college-aged demographics. had the second highest percentage of This year the Carolina Corps will are doing, but also to bring a lot differently. Its great to hear
Despite making up 15 percent of African-American students among the be serving roughly 15,000 high school transparency to where theyre at that the school is providing edu-
college-aged Americans, the analysts top 25 national public universities and seniors across our state, Farmer said. on a list of policies and practices cation and resources, and I hope
found that black students were par- had the highest percentage of American The vast majority of these students will and give them a road map for it means that other students fac-
ticularly underrepresented. According Indian students, according to the UNC identify as low-income, first-generation future work to be done as well. ing the same struggle that I did
to the NYT analysis, black students Office of Undergraduate Admissions. college, underrepresented minority or Each program included in the can feel accepted and not want
consisted of just 6 percent of incoming According to data from UNC some combination of the three. study received a score based off to hide whats really going on
freshmen at top schools in 2015. This Admissions, the current first-year class @emilykdavis1 factors like nondiscrimination with them, Bickford said.
percentage was almost unchanged has a higher percentage of enrolling policies, inclusive fan codes of
4 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Housing The Daily Tar Heel

3D printing, BeAM technology to find new home in Carmichael

The makerspace will space, and outside speak-
ers coming in to talk about
for students to come
together and brainstorm
be part of the Blue Sky how to pursue new busi- new products and busi-
ness ventures. nesses. An entrepreneurial
Innovation Community. The Blue Sky Innovation focused, free-flowing
Community currently lounge outfitted with
By Neecole Bostick houses 21 students in BeAM (Be a Maker) tech-
Carmichael, but is hoping nology, Bradley said.
Carmichael Residence to grow. Students are wel- At the same time, the Be
Hall is set to house the come to join and partake in a Maker program had been
newest makerspace at UNC the experience of the mak- going through the process
and the first in a residence erspace whether they live of opening the makerspace
hall. in the community. in Murray Hall, after hav-
The Carmichael mak- The new space will be ing them open in Kenan
erspace will open Oct. 4. the conjoining of entrepre- Science Library and Hanes
When it opens, it will serve neurship and applied sci- Art Center.
as a entrepreneurial space ence, said Richard Bradley, Carmichael was chosen
and new business incuba- associate director of to house the makerspace
tor. Students using the Carolina Housing. Students and entrepreneurial hub
space can brainstorm new can take an idea cultivated combination.
ideas and then bring those on the entrepreneurial It will have the larg-
ideas to life. side over to the maker est print farm on campus,
The makerspace is side to build a prototype of holding 24 printers,
part of the new Blue Sky their ideation. Bradley said. DTH FILE PHOTO/NATHAN KLIMA
Innovation Community, The space will also
the newest Residential The Makerspace in Murray Hall opened in Fall 2016 featuring sewing machines, machine tools and other tech-
Formation of the offer the first embroidery
Learning Program that nologies. The space in Carmichael will open in October.
makerspace machine on campus, along
UNC Housing offers. with a Klic-N-Kut machine. Important Dates: program. p.m.-10p.m.
Blue Sky Innovation The concept for the space The Klic-N-Kut is similar to On Oct. 14, UNC Housing For more informa-
Community was designed started more than a year a laser cutter, but without The Carmichael will also have an open- tion about the Blue Sky
by Kenan-Flagler Business ago when Bradley met with the fire risk. Makerspace will have two ing for alumni, faculty Innovation community,
School. Ted Zoller, director of the Hand tools and robotic opening dates. On Oct. 4 at and staff to view the space visit the Carolina Housing
Students involved in Center for Entrepreneurial equipment used for cre- 8pm, they will have a stu- before the UNC vs. UVA website,,
the program will live in Studies. ation of prototypes will dent focused introduction football game. and click on residential
Carmichael, have classes Bradley and Zoller also be available to students of the space, encompassing The space will be open learning programs under
and workshops held in the wanted to create a space in the makerspace. the first-year experience Sunday through Thursday 4 residence life.

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6 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Author examines disparities in tenure

Patricia Matthew, associ- of that, there was a conference tenure had a pretty astonishing
ate professor of English at that gathered information thesis. And so my question was,
Montclair State University and to show that (University of) if women studies, (which has) in
author of the recently published Michigan had a history and a theory been this more progres-
book Written/Unwritten, vis- pattern of denying people of sive radical space that was sup-
ited Chapel Hill on Tuesday to color tenure, so I wanted to posed to dismantle hierarchies,
host a lecture on Diversity in know if other people were hav- was a problem, then, you know,
the Public Arena. ing the same problem across that was a pretty big problem
Staff writer Hannah Lang the country. There were books I thought, Well, if its happening
spoke with Matthew about her out there that talked about it. in this progressive, supposedly
work, her hope for change and But I was less interested in tell left-leaning corner of the acad-
how students can help. me your story of discrimina- emy, then theres a much bigger
This Q&A was shortened tion and more interested in problem than I had realized.
for print space. Please visit what was your experience for the full like And I wanted to hear DTH: What connections, if any,
interview. from different people around do you observe between racial
the country. I didnt want it to tensions in the academic com-
Daily Tar Heel: How did you just be the Northeast, or the munity and racial relations on
start studying discrimination South or the West; I wanted a national level?
in the academic community? to hear from as many kinds of
What made you want to pub- academics and different kinds PM: I dont see (racial violence)
lish a book on this subject? of institutions and different so much as a kind of general
walks of life as possible. apathy. You can contribute
Patricia Matthew: I was con- to an environment thats not
cerned about the story I heard DTH: What issues did you inclusive by bullying faculty of
about four women of color at notice that you thought mer- color (and) being dismissive of
the University of Michigan, ited the most focus, out of them in all sorts of ways. But
who had all been denied tenure everything you came across? you can also contribute to the
from the same joint depart- problem by just thinking its
ment. It was weird, because PM: I was really shocked that not your problem. PHOTO COURTESY OF PATRICIA MATTHEW
there were five people who womens studies had denied Like thinking, Oh, isnt it Patricia Matthew, a professor from Montclair State University, writes about diversity at universities.
went up, four women of color a woman of color tenure. I unfortunate that the students
and one white man, all people think theres this narrative that of UVA had Nazis and white have always been there, but I But its not the same as see- the president of our country
of color (who) were denied womens studies, you know, is supremacists, now let me go really think its a kind of gen- ing what you could do with saying both sides... Thats
tenure by their department women, and theyre fighting the back to my corner and not eral apathy, as in, This is bad your work and your teaching more than tension, and I think
I thought, Thats really odd, patriarchy and that doesnt think of it as my responsibil- that its happened. Were in and your service to combat (combating the mindset), thats
thats odd, you know four at mean they dont have standards, ity I know that there are agreement that Nazis should the mindset that leads to that something that has to happen.
the same time. And as a result but the woman they denied the micro-aggressions that not march. kind of behavior, that leads to

Panel attracts large crowd to discuss DACA

Students and The auditorium in the
FedEx Global Education
from Chancellor Carol Folt
addressing DACA, which
The final two members
of the panel, UNC alum
administrators talked Center was nearly full.
Students, professors and
said, We will be working Emilio Vicente and senior
closely with UNC General Rubi Quiroz, appealed to the
about DACAs future. administrators came out to Administration and others to crowds emotions by offering
listen and learn from the pan- more fully understand yester- stories of the adversity they
By Preston Lennon elists about what the policy days announcement by the faced growing up as undocu-
Staff Writer change might mean for the president and will keep you mented Americans. They
future. updated. framed the issue as humani-
As the political climate in Students arranged the We were hoping that you tarian rather than political.
both the United States and grassroots-style event to can update us right now, We are human beings first
the University becomes more ease the stress felt by their Sostaita said. and foremost, Vicente said.
volatile, UNC students are peers and UNC workers who Strauss assured the audi- Quiroz tried to convey the
continuing to fight for their may face blowback from the ence that the University stood anxiety she and students in
beliefs. administrations decision. with its workers and students. her position cope with. As
Last night a group of UNC One critical goal for the It was a statement of soli- someone who benefits from
students, bound by nothing organizers of the panel is to darity and thought, he said. DACA, she is especially ner-
except a common school and establish safe spaces for stu- The elimination of the vous about the road ahead.
a passion for the rights of dents that feel uncomfortable DACA program will force Its almost like your expi-
undocumented Americans, or in danger, or need someone the more than 27,000 North ration date you wont be
held a panel to discuss the to talk to. Carolinians who benefit from able to move forward past DTH/NATHAN KLIMA
consequences of the Trump UNC administration was it to explore other options. that, Quiroz said. UNC senior Rubi Franco Quiroz speaks about how to support the
administrations decision put on the spot in the early Two of the panelists, Raul Pinto, one of the immigra- undocumented and DACAmented community on Monday evening.
to end Deferred Action for stages of discourse Ronald Pinto and Yesenia Polanco- tion attorneys, then jumped
Childhood Arrivals. Strauss, executive vice provost Galdamez, are immigration into the conversation. Lucia Mock, A Ph.D. of the trust that these young
Were not an organiza- and chief international offi- attorneys. They talked to the No one in this country who candidate in the School of people have put in our gov-
tion, said Barbara Sostaita, cer for UNC was a panel audience about ways undocu- has been working, who has Education, was particularly ernment and in our future,
the events head organizer member and fielded one of mented Americans and their been going to school, who has enraged at the Trump admin- she said. Its cruelty personi-
and moderator of the discus- Sostaitas first questions. families can reduce their risk been paying taxes, should have istrations decision. fied.
sion. Were individuals. She referenced an email of deportation. an expiration date, he said. Its a fundamental betrayal

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The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, September 20, 2017 7

UNC professor pens third poetry book

Gabrielle Calvocoressi Its a poem that is really
sad and funny and scary all
cide when Calvocoressi was
13. And yet, this experience is
spends a great deal of time
teaching her students how to
like in her room the last time
I saw her, and you and I can
North Carolina to New York
in the coming months.
finds inspiration in at the same time, and thats
a real North Carolina poem,
what prompted her to begin
writing, although she did not
create theirs. She doesnt like both look at that glass, and
we can both have our experi-
Im doing wild things
because I dont want to miss
to place her own works on
students and readers. Calvocoressi said. Its a originally classify her work display, as she views teaching ence, but if we dont get to class, Calvocoressi said. Im
poem I could not have writ- as poetry. She believed that as a time to help others write the same place, its OK. What flying out on a Tuesday morn-
By Kate Karstens ten had I not lived rurally, by realm of writing belonged to poems, not learn about hers. matters is that we were both ing at 6 a.m., reading in the
Staff Writer a ravine. her father, who is also a poet. I have unbelievable poetry in that room. evening, then flying back at 6
Calvocoressi has been I write a lot about my students, Calvocoressi said. Calvocoressi truly embraces a.m. on Wednesday to be with
With bright eyes, crossed working on the 96-page family, Calvocoressi said. I have yet to have a class that the reader-response side of students.
legs and a bow tie loosely work since 2009. Her choice When my mom took her has not been full of rockstars. literature and opens her work As Calvocoressi takes the
linked around her shirt col- to work at UNC encour- life, I didnt have language They have this kind of pas- to any audience member who literature world by storm with
lar, creative writing profes- aged her to finish this book, for that and there was a lot of sion and openness to experi- will listen and read. her third book, she begins
sor Gabrielle Calvocoressi as Calvocoressi longed for silence about mental illness in ence and learn that I really She wants all her readers to working on her fourth, The
spoke about her newest book, a return to a rural feeling my house, and so I was kind felt like I could learn from. feel welcome reading Rocket New Economy. Preparing for
Rocket Fantastic: Poems, similar to her upbringing in of left to my own devices to Calvocoressi sees herself as a Fantastic and believes that this coming year of traveling,
featuring her favorite charac- Connecticut. figure out how to make sense companion to her students on if they do not feel welcome, teaching and writing, she
ter a talking fox. This upbringing was far of it. Gosh, there are so many their learning journey. then perhaps they dont truly illustrated her current dis-
The fox is from her from easy, as she recalled things that happen to us every I used to really need the wish to be reading the book position with a common and
favorite poem in the book having no friends, eating day but we cant figure out reader to understand what at all. appropriate phrase:
and wouldnt exist had lunch in the bathroom and how to say it. a poem was about, she said. Calvocoressi will be read- Poetry is the wealthiest
Calvocoressi not moved to grappling with a mentally ill Aside from focusing on Now I can say, This was ing selected poems aloud to way to be broke.
North Carolina. mother who committed sui- her own poetry, Calvocoressi what the water glass looked audiences everywhere from

YELLOW when people approach him,

they sometimes ask how far
because of a desire to satisfy his
dedicated, habitual personal-
low items are scattered around
Davis side: a yellow alarm
be more to Davis decision
than efficiency.
mindset. He relishes the
small conversations he has
FROM PAGE 1 the preoccupation with the ity, under pressure from both clock, backpack, fan, Starbucks Im not terribly introspec- with his fellow Tar Heels, day
college persona, Benjamin color goes, wondering if he internal and external sources. tumbler and more. In the clos- tive, Davis said. I do what I after day, regardless of the
shows no signs of plateauing. has this or that in yellow. Davis shares a room split et, identical shirts and shorts do. I dont think about why Im fact that most of them dont
You cant do something People remind you of the vertically down the middle. are held up by yellow hangers. doing it, it just kind of comes. dip beneath the surface.
like this and be shy about it, things you are missing, he The division is obvious Most students that come When he was younger, When I started doing this,
he said. said. because his side is bordered up to Davis with the intention Davis said he was relatively I became a person who wants
Additionally, social pres- He said those questions by a stark yellow rug. of asking why? are dissatis- anti-social. Embracing his to meet and talk to people,
sure is feeding into the snow- influence his outlook, and hes The bed is the most striking fied with the simple response new routine has inadvertently he said.
ball effect. Davis said that expanded his yellow arsenal feature, but many other yel- he gives, assuming there must helped ease him out of that

SURRATT and its the first time Surratt

will face the school that he first
the hysteria surrounding the
North Carolina academic
the next two years. Then, one
night in the East Lincoln gym,
Cutcliffe of his decision to
flip his commitment from
for three touchdowns. Against
Old Dominion last weekend,
FROM PAGE 1 declared he was attending. scandal was at its peak. Surratt answered his phone. Duke to its lighter blue adver- he took all meaningful snaps at
North Carolinas total yardage On April 21, 2016, and for But UNC head coach Larry UNC basketball head coach sary. He wasnt on the roster quarterback.
(16,593) and touchdown (229) about two months after that, Fedora said he remembers Roy Williams was on the other when the Tar Heels brought I think deep down in his
records. In basketball, the Surratt planned on being a that Surratt wasnt really line. He offered the dual-sport Chapel Hill its sixth basket- heart, this is probably where
kid from Denver, N.C., led his Blue Devil. sure about his decision to go star a walk-on spot on the bas- ball national championship he really wanted to go the
team to two title appearances. Choosing Duke made to Duke at the time. ketball team. mainly because he was whole time, Fedora said. He
And this Saturday, in his sense. Surratt knew Duke He wasnt 100 percent, so It was pretty surreal focused on competing for the just had to find the right time
first true season, the former head coach David Cutcliffes we just felt like if they wanted talking to Coach Williams, starting quarterback job after to make that decision.
four-star commit will take the history with quarterbacks like us to continue recruiting him, Surratt said. It wasnt a long Mitchell Trubisky entered the Game by game, pixel by
field against the undefeated Peyton and Eli Manning. He we would, Fedora said. They conversation, but it was a NFL Draft early. pixel, North Carolina fans are
Duke Blue Devils. His fourth also knew the Tar Heels were said they would, so we contin- good conversation. Through three games in his learning who their new quar-
career game will hold weight recruiting one of the highest- ued to do that. Not long after, he talked UNC football career, Surratt terback is. On Saturday, theyll
for two reasons: Its an in-state, ranked pocket passers in the So, Heckendorf continued over the decision with his has thrown for 588 yards and see the clearest picture yet.
conference rivalry matchup, country in Logan Byrd. And checking in periodically for family. They collectively told four touchdowns and rushed

PRIDE Place that you wouldnt get to

know elsewhere.
that if you have a transgender
guy coming into campus,
ends of the hall, making stu-
dents cross the hall to use the
a space that would permit
gender-neutral bathrooms
on campus in terms of hous-
ing, Lewis said. I think Pride
FROM PAGE 1 With all the progress you cannot house him with bathroom that matches their directly next to the rooms. Place is a step in the right
with few LGBTQ+ students, the University has made in another male student, he gender identity. Doing so If students are interested direction, but without over-
Gamara knew that coming to its quest toward inclusiv- would have to be placed with exposes their gender identity, in living at Pride Place, they turning the decision by the
UNC would be a big adjust- ity, obstacles still lie ahead. a woman, Lewis said. which some students may not can submit an applica- Board of Governors, its really
ment. In 2013, the UNC Board of Even within Pride Place be comfortable sharing. tion found on the Carolina hard to find people a place
It just feels like home, she Governors voted to ban gen- there are improvements to As an RA, West believes Housing Website. We cur- where they feel theyre being
said. There are a lot of dif- der-neutral housing. be made. The bathrooms in the ultimate goal of Pride rently dont have any good seen for who they are.
ferent identities within Pride The problem right now is Pride Place are at opposite Place is to gain access to options for transgender folks

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present coupon at time of estimate. Expires 10/12/17. warranty work. Expires 10/12/17. 919-933-6888

games I got the power!

Hillsborough strives for
100 percent clean power by
Level: 1 2 3 4 2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved. the year 2050. See front for
The devils lettuce
Complete the grid Sen. Thom Tillis co-
so each row, column sponsored an act that
and 3-by-3 box (in would make it easier for
bold borders) contains studies on medicinal mari-
every digit 1 to 9.
A U.S. Marine, a Combat Photographer, juana to be conducted. Visit
Solution to our website for story.
and Their Journey Back from War last puzzle Memeology
The creators of UNC
Memes for National

SEPT. 25 @ 7 P.M. Champion Teens explain

the method to their meme-
ness. Visit our website for
the story.


Services, Inc.

SHOOTING GHOSTS Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle All rights reserved.

Across call, perhaps ... and a way 46 Broadway

1 Hubbys better half hint to this puzzles 13 Skaters maneuver performers
upstairs lounge of the student stores 7 Metaphorical china
shop culprit
65 Imitate
18 Head honcho
23 Carbon compound
48 Equiangular
11 Rest area? 66 Commentary piece 25 Sign of a sore throat geometric figure

(books available at bulls head) 14 Bring to light

15 That makes sense
67 Eight-time Best
Actor Oscar nominee
26 Expressed
27 Stage coach?
49 The Mod Squad
16 __ paper who never won 28 Hunger for 50 You said it!
17 Literally, Ireland 68 Unfavorable 29 Sign of an 52 Food and shelter, for
forever 69 Sundae crunch impending merger? two
The authors will also appear at the School of 19 Swelling reducer
20 Pie __ mode
70 Squeezed (in)
31 Sleep problem from
the Greek for
53 Pequod captain
54 Rollin stone, in a
Media and Journalism on Sept. 25 and 26. 21 Figured out
22 Ward off Down
absence of
Motown classic
57 Enthralled
24 Accident 1 Uno e due 32 Like lemons, e.g. 58 Brazilian soccer hero
COMBAT 11 a.m. Monday, Sept. 25. investigation site 2 Wife of Zeus 33 Chaz Bonos mom 61 The Simpsons
Reese News Lab 28 Vacuums, say 3 See no __ ... 34 Dropped 60s drug storekeeper
JOURNALISM Carroll Hall 30 Meteorological light
4 Endangers
5 Word after dust or do
38 Date with the doc
39 Roomy bag
62 Fulfilled, as a
33 Ill-mannered 6 America Runs on 40 Musician Ono 63 Wolfed down
HOW WE GOT 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26. 34 You might get a bad Dunkin, e.g. 43 Diamond of song 64 Embarrassed
N.C. Newsroom Coop one in the rough 7 Beginning
A BOOK DEAL Gridworks 35 Cosmetic surg.
8 Born in the __
9 Stocking stuffer?
36 Leias love 10 MacNeils longtime
BREAKING THE 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26. 37 Gently towels off co-host
Reese News Lab 41 Safari beast 11 Unlock a cellphone
MARINES UNITED STORY Carroll Hall 42 Equal
44 Protective housing
screen, perhaps
12 Show anxiety, in a
45 Survey choice
47 Need for a

REGISTER NOW: return, usually

49 Crazy Horse,
for one 51 Eavesdrop
53 Speed skater
For more information about the book, visit: 55 Put a stop to
56 Sound from a toy
59 Possesses
60 Umps
8 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

Were not allowing other people to speak,
to be said.
Bridgette Cyr, on UNC hosting a screening of An Outrage
A real boycott would include withdrawing
from UNC and going someplace else.
Kirk Kovach
Moderately Annoyed
A senior political science and com-
marcedward, on Alexander Peeples column on UNC Boycott
munications major from Salisbury,
Email: LETTERS TO He defends a centrist
ideology by criticizing


Amy Fowler will run
a violent offshoot of the
political left instead of
engaging with the anar-

down for Board of Education

chist, communist, and
anti-fascist thought he
claims to knock down.

Dear UNC Community, Additionally, dismissing
I wanted to announce my anarchist and communist
candidacy for Chapel Hill thought solely because

Try again
Carrboro School Board. they challenge our current
I have served local chil- institutions espouses a
dren as a pediatrician, par- brand of centrist accom-
ent volunteer, and leader of modation that fosters,

ver the course of the the local Orange Chatham rather than combats, racist
dialogue surrounding Chapter of the Autism and authoritarian violence.
Confederate monu-
ments, the motivations of
EDITORIAL Society of North Carolina and
of the Chapel Hill Carrboro
The article concludes by
discouraging empathy.

Boycotting is your choice

those calling for their removal City Schools Special Needs Given the current socio-
have varied widely. Advisory Committee. economic and political
To truly take a sober Now I would like to situation, one in which the
analysis of the question before step up to advocate for a nations most vulnerable
us, we should differentiate
between the various motives Protests, boycotts tive to provide a balanced
take on the action for our
of the boycott took great
care to provide alternative,
broader group of students
and the community.
groups are subject to state
sanctioned violence and far-
and rationale and see which
pass muster.
this is how we peers and classmates to affordable food options. While Chapel Hill
Carrboro City Schools have
right ideology enjoys main-
stream appeal, it is alarming
decide to engage or pass Nourish-UNC will pro-
The most obvious, and I can be heard. for themselves. vide low-cost meals near
served many students well, that anyones ideal solution

think legitimate, argument for there are still important would involve eliminating
removing Confederate monu- he aims of the UNC Our biggest concerns the Eve Carson memorial areas needing improvement. anti-fascist organizers and
ments is what they represent. Boycott are clear: lay with how the boycott behind the Campus Y for Equity, the achievement curtailing empathy.
It is irrefutable that the to put pressure on could negatively affect the duration of the boycott. gap, and appropriate sup-
monuments explicitly memo- the N.C. General Assembly UNC staff and workers. Vimalas Curryblossom ports for students with dis- Andrew Clark
rialize the Civil War, and the and Board of Governors, According to the UNC Cafe is also offering a 10 abilities still demand atten- Senior
Confederacy in particular. to implore Chancellor Folt Boycott FAQ, strategy percent discount for stu- tion, as does the mental Physics
The room for debate within to explicitly request the meetings were held in dents who bring proof of health of students.
this line of reasoning focuses removal of Silent Sam and conjunction with repre- their signatures on the We must ensure that all Sidarth Iyer
on the difference between to mobilize students across sentatives of staff and the Boycott UNC petition. students feel safe and ready Senior
honoring the Confederacy and campus. workers union. There is no one perfect to learn. And if we want Statistics
honoring the men who fought to avoid losing students to
From Sept. 18 to Oct. The boycott will not form of protest. However,
under its banner. I do not
18, many of the Editorial affect students with pre- the planning and pointed-
charters and private schools, DTH article mistook
think a distinction is merited. we must work hard to main- nature of DACA letter
Though the number of Board members will be paid meal plans, though ness behind Boycott UNC tain excellence in terms
slaves may have been great, participating in this boy- students with flex or plus compelled many of our of rigor and breadth of TO THE EDITOR:
many were concentrated in the cott. Others of us will not. swipes are encouraged to members to join. courses, including the arts Thank you for covering
hands of the wealthier planta- Even though we could avoid using their accounts Hopefully, youll know and STEM classes, teacher the Deferred Action for
tion owners, ergo the saying not reach a consensus in for the remainder of the enough about the boycott quality, and facilities. Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
a rich mans war and a poor endorsing UNC Boycott, protest in solidarity. and your values to decide I am ready to serve. I event held Monday evening
mans battle. the board found it impera- However, the organizers if you want to too. welcome folks to view my in the article UNC students
But does this absolve the website at committeeto- united and outraged over
rebel soldier? I think not. to DACA announcement. The
Treason is treason, and we learn more about me. turnout in support of our
should not soften history
by forgetting that it was the EDITORIAL Please contact me at com-
students and employees was
impressive and heartfelt. I

Protect your data

Confederacy that sought to to ask ques- was pleased to participate
dissolve the Union. tions or to share your own on a panel with immigration
Under these arguments, thoughts and concerns. attorneys from our commu-
I think that the removal of nity as well as with articulate
Confederate monuments could Amy Fowler MD MPH, students and community
be soundly defended.
What I fear as too much of a
Your information is the major credit monitor-
ing companies Equifax,
of financial institutions
taking advantage of cus-
Candidate for CHCCS
Board of Education
organizers who are working
to inform our campus on the
reach is the movement toward a gold mine, keep Experian or Transunion tomers who trusted them. effects of the rescission of
condemning Silent Sam and Not My Liberals DACA.
similar monuments as racist track of it! and pay a little fee to per-
manently freeze your credit
Credit monitoring agen-
cies arent something we demonizes the left Chancellor Folt and many

statuary. re you sure your file. Once you do that, these opt in to; theyre a facet of our senior leaders have
Again, circumstance is para- personal informa- credit monitoring agencies of the financial machine TO THE EDITOR: spoken publicly in opposi-
mount. As a soldier engaged in The Aug. 29 opinion tion to President Trumps
tion (social secu- wont be able to send your that we cant escape
secession and open rebellion piece Not my liberals decision to end the DACA
against the United States, I
rity number, name, birth- information to any com- (unless you decided to buy shows a lack of empathy, protections. Following the
think the justification is obvi- date, etc.) is safe given pany that does not already gold and bury it like Ron hypocritical reasoning and announcement rescinding
ous. But if we try and frame its the recent Equifax hack? have you as a customer or Swanson). a poor understanding of DACA, we wanted to imme-
removal as a reaction to rac- Probably not. without your consent. We know this sounds leftist thought. diately reach out to our com-
ism, specifically the defense of Even if youre certain Equifax is also offer- like it wouldnt affect you, The piece misrepresents munity. The campus email
slavery, I find it more tenuous. that the hack hasnt com- ing one year of free but most students with the left as inherently vio- underscored our solidarity
Opponents of Confederate promised your data, you credit monitoring for bank accounts will have lent and treats anyone left with those who have been
monument removal have made should probably protect all Americans who may files at Equifax, Experian of the Sanders campaign put in a vulnerable situa-
the argument that removing it. Your data is valuable, have been affected by the and Transunion. The credit as militant and politically tion. I regret that the article
statues simply because of per- and a hack like this one is breach. You can choose to score youre building now undeveloped. implied that our statement
ceived racism would inevitably likely to happen again. The phrase [w]e was hastily thrown together.
take advantage of that ser- affects your ability to get
lead to a slippery slope. should seek to distance This misrepresents my feel-
To safeguard your per- vice. Whether or not you jobs, loans and buy a house
This argument clearly has ourselves from radical ings about the situation and
merit: students at UVA cov- sonal information, you do, they will take advan- for the rest of your life. and potentially danger- our statement; I was trying
ered the Thomas Jefferson want to place a freeze on tage of you. The failure of Freeze your credit now, ous groups on either side to convey the urgency of the
statue in a black shroud amid your credit. To do this, go Equifax to protect its cus- and youll thank yourself of the spectrum engages situation that my colleagues
signs calling Jefferson a racist to the website of one of tomers is but one instance later. in the same Both Sides and I care so deeply about.
and a rapist. rhetoric used in response The most important mes-
Students of history know to Charlottesville. sage about the Universitys
the context of these accusa- The author also recom- response is that we are
tions, but it is hard to see mends placing faith in the dedicated to supporting
where exactly the criticism COLUMN police, ignoring the fact and assisting students and

You Asked for It

would end. that those citizens most staff affected by the sud-
How can you quantify one in need of protection, the den rescission of DACA by
persons actions relative to people who work the hard- President Trump. Carolina
their life as a whole and then est to guard their commu- takes seriously our responsi-
decide if that justifies removal nities from violent far-right bility for educating all mem-
of their statue? I dont think In which Derek has strep throat and its Perrys time to shine groups, are the same class bers of our student body,
you can. of citizens who endure daily and we reconfirm that com-
All conversations are worth Perry Carter (strep nega- shirt and her forearms were and systematic abuse by mitment to students who
having, but there must be tive) and Derek Fulton (strep super jacked like the Brawny American police. are DACA participants.
some distinction, some clear positive) are the writers of paper towels guy. The author criticizes
metric for this. UNCs premier (only!) satiri- Just because we dont the use of straw man argu- Ronald Strauss
How can we reasonably cal advice column. Results know why the trees went ments to score political Executive Vice
impose the morals and beliefs may vary. away doesnt mean we cant points, but does just that in Provost and Chief
of a 21st century America on
You: Dear Just Perry, say how we feel now that the preceding paragraph. International Officer
our forebears from a remark- Perry Carter and Derek Fulton they are gone.
Your column last week
ably different time and place? One day soon, you and
about the arboretum made Senior English and communica-
I do not write this column to
belittle the issue of racism, or
me think about how it feels tion major from Raleigh
some friends should find a
time to meet up at Polk Place
like there are way fewer trees Senior quantitative biology major WRITING GUIDELINES
slavery especially. It strikes me (or the Quad if youre not an
on campus than last year. from Charlotte Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
that delving into the intricacies Admissions Ambassador).
Whats the big idea? Email Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
of this debate are necessary What do we still have on
Thanks, questions with YAFI in the subject! Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
and useful. this campus that hasnt been
Holy Smokes Where Are Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
Broad generalizations campus is ~brickier~ and pulled up yet by crews? You
All the Oaks Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
abound regarding the motives ~more exposed.~ bet your ass its grass! And letters to 250 words.
behind removal, and a You Asked For It: Over the last 12 months, good news: the Quad has
nuanced defense is necessary Dear H.S.W.A.A.O., lots of it! SUBMISSION
UNC and the Town of Chapel Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
for the camp calling for Silent Im really glad you fol- Hill have felled trees near the All you and your tree-
lowed your nose on this one NC 27514
Sam to come down. Pit, on Franklin Street and hugging friends need to do
and wrote in because DING Email:
in other areas. Why this is is lay on the Quad and use
DING DIGGITY: you were happening is not yet known, your bodys to spell a new

9/22 LENS OF ONYX right! There are fewer trees and poignant motto for the EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
but I will say that the last few resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
Cameron Jernigan writes about this year than last year. Its times Ive seen Chancellor University:
social issues and solutions. not all in your mind that opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
Folt, she had on a flannel Lorax Libertas members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.