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Lawrence N. Lavigne* *Certified by the NewJersey
Admitted in NJ. & N.Y Supreme Court as a
Civil Trial Attorney
Jignesh J. Shah
Of Counsel

September 14, 2017

Christopher Johnson, CEO/Chairman

NY Jets, LLC
1 Jets Way
Florham Park, New Jersey 07932

Re: Erin Henderson

Dear Mr. Johnson:

The undersigned has been retained to represent Erin Henderson concerning the wrongful
termination of his employment with the Jets in violation ofN.J.S.A. 10:5-1 to -42. As the Jets
and doctors retained by it are aware, Mr. Henderson suffers from bi-polar disorder. He had been
treating for this condition with Dr. Derek Suite, MD, a physician retained by the Jets.
It appears that Mr. Henderson was mysteriously placed on the NFI list without any
explanation and subsequently cut from the team. In fact, to date, there has been no reason or
basis provided for Mr. Henderson being placed the NFI list. The Jets maliciously did not provide
any reason for placing Mr. Henderson on the NFI list or identify the alleged non-football injury.
Knowing Mr. Henderson's history of alcohol abuse which importantly was known to the team
before it signed him, the Jets knew that most teams would assume that the NFI was related to the
history of alcohol abuse. This has essentially destroyed Mr. Henderson's career.
As egregious is the timing of these events. The Jets placed Mr. Henderson on the NH list
just days before he was due to be paid a $250,000.00 roster bonus. In addition, the Jets deprived
Mr. Henderson of $580,781.00 in salary for the remainder of the 2016 season and $2,225.000.00
for 2017.

Monmouth County Office: 710 Tennent Road, Suite 101 Manalapan, NJO7726

We enclose a copy of a Complaint which we intend to file in the Superior Court of New
Jersey. We wanted to provide it to you in advance of filing it in the event that the claims
outlined therein might be disposed of without the need for litigation.
Violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination may result in damage awards
for past and future lost wages, emotional distress as well as attorney's fees which may be
enhanced by a court and costs of suit.
Mr. Henederson would prefer to have these claims resolved quickly and privately.
Kindly have your legal representative contact the undersigned.
Please note that we intend to file this Complaint by the end of business on September 29,
Thank you for your consideration.

CC: E. Henderson