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Reagan Dougherty

ATEP 410

Case Study 6.8

1. Due to Nadas swimming & Q-tip habits, she has otitis externa. This happened because of

the reoccurring damp state of her ear from being in the pool and allowed an infection to

settle into her cerumen. Her use of Q-tips only irritated the canal and made the healing

process slow.

2. Otalgia is ear pain.

Pruritus is a severe itch of the skin.

Another name for otitis externa is swimmers ear.

3. Has the patient been sick recently?

How bad, on a scale of 1-10, is the pain?

What has the patient done, if anything, about the pain/discomfort?

4. Pain with pulling on the pinna is usually associated with otitis externa. If there is no pain

when it is pulled, that points to the issue being otitis media.

5. If the ear was bleeding, Leisha would need to look at Nadas tympanic membrane for a

tear or rupture.

6. Otitis media would cause the eardrum to be inflamed with somewhat similar symptoms.