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Rujia Qiu

Professor Chita Espino-Bravo


1 November 2016

Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

From the movie Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, I have seen a totally different culture

comparing with Chinese Culture, which is my own culture. Comparing to Chinese, Spanish

people are more likely open. Here is what I saw the differences between those two countries.

First, the greeting culture is different between the two countries. Friends and relatives in

the movie greet each other with a kiss or a hug while friends and relatives in china greet each

other with only greeting words like how are you. In China, most children would not kiss their

parents but greet with them with a hug. This does not mean Chinese kids do not love their

parents. Under the control of traditional Chineses thoughts, most of Chinese children are still

conservative, which causes the result of conservative behaviors. Kissing even the face of other

people including parents is an inappropriate behavior for most of Chinese.

Second, I have found that there is clothing difference between Spain and ancient Chinese.

The clothing of the women in the movie seems like a little bit revealing. In west counties, it is

considered be one of the womens rights. However, women in ancient Chinese are not allowed to

wear revealing clothes in their whole lives under the control of conservative ideas. People

thought the women who wear such kinds of clothes are vamps. Women who wear those kinds of

clothes would be criticized by the people in this country.