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English as a Second Language Tutoring Report Template 1

Tutors Name: _____Xavier Williams______________________ Date: ____11/3/16__________

Time____9:00 am__________


Students Scheduled for Tutoring Session:

(List all students who were scheduled to attend the session.)
1. _____Leslie_______________________ 3. ____________________________
2. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________

Students in Attendance:
(List all ESL students who attended the scheduled session.)
1. ________Leslie____________________ 3. ____________________________
2. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________

Location of Session:
(Leslie and I met inside of Forsyth but decided to head to the union for our study session.)

Notes about Attendance:

(Zero issues.)


Materials Covered:
(I helped Leslie with some questions she might ask going into a job interview.)
English as a Second Language Tutoring Report Template 2

Individual Student Progress Report:

(I feel Leslie has a better idea of what to look for and what to be concerned with when
attempting to work for a new company.)

Additional Comments about Student Performance:


Materials to Cover During Next Session:

(I need to learn of what interactions outside of the class she has issues with.)

Suggested Action:
(None that Im aware.)

Suspicious or Unusual Behavior:

(All was well.)